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    Muppet Tiers on Stumptmas

    Muppets as roommates? Huh, now where have I heard that idea before. :shifty: You don't suppose that snowballed into something that used to dominate the Games section of this forum because the people here got together to discuss and plan the whole thing from dorm residency onwards? :concern...
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    Hensonville City 2011

    *In the personal tribute portrait gallery... The camera follows the trail of those who are honored in the halls of the building located within the James Maury Memorial Cemetery down one side, then curving slowly to travel up the opposite side. David Bowie. Jerry Parkes. Don Sallin. Jerry Jull...
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    Remembering Bob McGrath (June 13, 1932-December 4, 2022)

    To truly understand just what a golden voice Bob had, I recommend people find and listen to the song "The Boy From Indiana", the ending refrain will probably give you the same feels that listening to "Goodbye, Goodbye" sung by :smirk: elicits.
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    Remembering Bob McGrath (June 13, 1932-December 4, 2022)

    There are no words to express what finding out this news means. My thoughts are always voiced by that Sesame promo that used to air on Noggin, how through the various decades "there was always Bob!" At least he passed in his sleep surrounded by his family and loved ones. We'll ring the dark...
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    Muppet Movie Airings December 2022

    Hi, thought I'd post this here, if it gets a "We're moving this discussion here" message so be it. There'll be a few Muppet movies aired in December 2022. Beginning this Friday, December 9, the extended version of The Muppet Christmas Caroll will be added to Disney+. The week after, on Friday...
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    Non-Muppet MP3 Trade Page

    Hi, does anyone have MP3's of the following songs from The Corpse Bride? Cast A Spell. Moon Dance. New Arrival. Erased. Please LMK, thanks. :batty:
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    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    When listening to the MFC version of "Pass It On" and the interaction between the characters... :smirk: "What's a frog?" And you say, what do you mean what's a frog? Didn't your Uncle Matt send you one as a gift that :coy: had to chase down in the FR episode Space Frog Follies. Which aired one...
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    Custom figures and dioramas

    Actually... If using a DST S1 Scooter for Wayne, then a DST S3 Janice would be perfect for Wanda, no problem with their heights. But if using a Palisades Toys S3 Scooter for Wayne, how much height difference would there be between him and using a DST S3 Janice for Wanda?
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    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Unlike the Sesame appearance, this one left me disappointed. The float itself was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it type of deal what with being sandwiched between the Baby Yoda balloon and the Jenny-O's T-Day feast float that both got more coverage. Also, I heard the Fraggles introduce themselves...
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    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    So first of all, tie in promotion within this year's float for the upcoming Sesame Nutcracker special, good. The Sesame float did come in a smidge later than usual, but it still came within the first half hour of the parade so that's okay by me. The thing that made it more special this year...
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    Custom figures and dioramas

    Hmm, given my own visual handicap... Maybe use a DST S2 Animal for Lew? Either that or an S4 Dr. Teeth. As for the second DST S1 Scooter, you've got plenty of options like either Wayne or Chip just to name a few. Hope this helps.
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    Emmet Otter Action Figures coming soon!

    Hexcept for the fact I don't post any April Fools Day threads. Oh, and that one about Bear in The Big Blue House on Disney+ came true too. Still waiting for more details like pricing and figure size to add as special guest stars to my Muppet collection. :)
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    Emmet Otter Action Figures coming soon!

    Hey youuuuu guys!!! :news: This is a Muppet News Flash! Earlier today, reputable Muppet fansite toughpigs broke the news that toy company Plastic Meatballs will be producing and releasing action figures based on the beloved Henson Christmas special Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas. At this...
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    Help with News Feed Items

    Hi, I have a technical question I'd hope to get step-by-step help in resolving. You know how when you log into the forum's front page you get various news items at the top of the page like the start of Sesame Street's 53rd season or Music is Everywhere and so on? How do I get rid of those once...
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    Your Thoughts: Halloween Spooktacular on Muppet Central Radio

    After listening, I'm curious about a few instrumental pieces. Along with the instrumental version of Rest In Peace, I presume Hallways of Doom and Doin' The Bride Slide also come from Muppets Haunted Mansion? From Muppet Monster Adventure, Beware Of The Warebare (SP?), Croak Lahoma, Grave...