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    A few Project Puppet puppets

    I'm clearing out a few Project Puppet puppets I've built over the last couple of years. First there's Blue: Pretty plain, but the ostrich feather hair is cool. Here's Rusty: Fur is tough to work with! Lastly, here's the pantless Lumberjack: I'm proudest of him. His...
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    My most recent puppet

    Thanks! We're doing this particular number again in September, so I'll have plenty of time to properly finish the puppet (and probably add some rhinestones. After all, it's burlesque!) I'll be sure to post more pictures as the croc evolves! The puppets in her Monty Python Number are a...
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    My most recent puppet

    Thank you! I'm working on a goose marionette for another number Red has in the works.
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    My most recent puppet

    A crocodile built for an homage to Elton John and the Muppet Show! Here's my blog post about it, including a few "making of" photos. I would have liked to put more surface detail (scales, ridges, etc.) but ran out of time before he was needed on stage!
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    Taking Your Puppetry To The Next Level

    I couldn't agree more. I've noticed my propensity for getting discouraged. If I did "New Year resolutions" changing this attitude would be at the top of the list. (Followed by "lose 10 pounds.") I think it's great that there is so much good -- and consistently good -- work being done. I...
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    I have completed the Farrah 2.0 puppet!

    The eyes are incredible!
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    Pics of a raccoon puppet I'm building.

    I love the shape of the head. Can't wait to see the final product!
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    Taking Your Puppetry To The Next Level

    You make very sound points, Buck. I think the best way to bridge the gap is to just keep pushing through it. I ran across a great quote from Bill Irwin about the same time I read your post; and I've been ruminating on all of this since my last post about "The Felties" on my own blog. Here's...
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    Meet Octavius Fung!

    Great looking puppet ... lots of character! (Is it just me, or does he look a little like Michael Berryman?)
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    DESIGN YOUR OWN MONSTER for sale on Ebay

    Fantastic idea! Good luck in this endeavor!
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    Question about Project Puppet's Patterns

    I'd recommend you just go ahead and buy a pattern! The Glorified Sock Puppet pattern is devilishly easy to put together, even if you're not a strong seamstress (like me.) If you'd much rather purchase, you may try eBay. But nothing compares to the thrill of making your own puppet.
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    Disembodied Animal Head Theatre is BACK!

    Season Two has begun: A mysterious island ... tense relationships ... polar bears ... Is this "Lost" or Shakespeare's "The Tempest?" Tune in to find out!
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    Puppet Blog List ... all about my perennial quest to bring "The Felties" to life as a web series. I digress quite a bit, though. ... "Disembodied Animal Head Theatre" a webseries that started out as a way to teach myself the ins and outs of creating web...
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    Easy puppets?

    Sock puppets, dude.