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Recent content by RugbyTiger

  1. R

    The Muppet Show Season 2 Amazon Sales Rank

    Ooh, #4! Nearly there :)
  2. R

    Fraggle Rock on Boomerang UK TV July 23rd

    I caught it this morning, and checked the evening showing to check it was the same episode (which it was). We started with 'Beginnings' so it looks as if we are going in order. It is the American version of the show, which I think is probably for modern screenings - I think the Captian...
  3. R

    Sesame Street S1 Final Packaging Pics!

    Don't even consider waiting to pick up series 1... Kevin's dead right - If we hesitate or put off buying anything until **** is made (Cookie, Prarie, Big Bird, whoever!!) the line will die immediately!! Retailers need to know there is support for the line straight away, not when the figures are...
  4. R

    Fraggle Rock Region 2 DVD to be released in April

    3 UK lighthouse keepers Hey BlueFrackle and everyone, I hate to correct you, but Fulton Mackay was definitely replaced twice, once by Simon O'Brien, then, as established in the 'fraggle reunion' thread,we think, John Gordon Sinclair. I'm *pretty* sure Gerry Parkes NEVER made it to terrestrial TV...
  5. R

    Fraggle Reunion

    UK Captains When the subject of UK captains has come up in the past, I don't think we've ever got a conclusive answer. Fulton Mackay , the first captain unfortunately passed away after either season one or two. There were then AT LEAST two additional captains...... The second, and this is...
  6. R

    Happy Birthday Joggy!

    Eeeeep, sorry man!!! Apologies for the belated birthday wishes Mr Jogmeister. Glad you got such wonderful presents (the bert and ernie motorcycle sounds fab!!!!) As for "going for thirty", Personally I'm trying to stay as far from it as possible!!!! All the very very best & take care...
  7. R

    Happy 5th Birthday Muppet Central!

    Happy Birthday (again!!!.... so Soon!!!) Congratulations Phillip!!! I've been pottering about for three years now and I can't believe how gorgeous the site now looks (Jamie, I was playing with the animated Fraggles on the banner for a good coupla minutes the other day- freakin' fantastic...
  8. R

    Happy Birthday BlueFrackle!!

    Happy Birthdays!!!!! Woah, The big one BlueFrackle; Happy Birthday matey!!! Hope ya got copius amounts of Muppet Stuff and are having a fantastic day! All the very very best for the year ahead (and the puppets you are building are fantastic btw - keep goin' man!!!) Humogus birthday greetings...
  9. R

    BITBBH comes to McDonalds UK !

    Honestly, you wait a decade for a Henson Happy Meal and two come along at once! Hi guys! (Hope you had a great Christmas btw!!!) Just got my first Bear toys from Mc Donalds and they look fantastic!!! It looks like there are NINE seperate packets to pick up BEAR STANDING BEAR SITTING...
  10. R

    Channel 5 gets 'Elmo's World' in the UK

    Hi Everyone!! Was just reading Animation Magazine Online, who announced a few new Sesame Workshop distribution deals, including Channel 5, who will be adding the 'Elmo's World' segment to it's line up in December. Whilst full Sesame episodes would have been amazing, it's great that Sesame...
  11. R

    Joggy's Puppetry Adventure - Part One

    Wahooooweee!! Congrats Joggy, you professional you!!!!! Hope everything else is going just as well; Good luck with the rehearsals and make sure you upstage 'em all!! Jamie B (currently meant to be sending out application letters too!!!) :D :D
  12. R

    One Hour Bear In The Big Blue House Special Planned For Week Of September 11th

    Hey Phil, and thanks! (Hope you are really well) I had seen the pic already, but it was certainly worth seeing it again as it's sooo good!!!! Take Care and all the very best Jamie B:D
  13. R

    One Hour Bear In The Big Blue House Special Planned For Week Of September 11th

    BEARTASTIC! Hey everyone!! (It's sure been a while!!!) WOW! I really can't beileve just how excited I am about the way new series of Bear seems to be developing. I have complete faith that the team will handle the themes of September 11th with the intellegence they've already displayed in...
  14. R

    Happy Birthday Guys !

    Make It Three!!!!!! Hey guys, Don't forget it's Michael Dixon's birthday today too!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIE AND MIKE!!!!!!!!! Hope you are having as great a day as I am!!! Thanks everyone *sooo* much for your wishes so far - I'll post longer later!!!! Take Care Jamie B:D...