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    Muppets Most Wanted Box Office Numbers

    I loved the Lipton advertising and wished I had them on dvd ,they were so cute. The Toyota advertising was cute too. When I ask a friend to go with me to see the movie she ask "What are the Muppets?" I said they are on the new Toyota commercials and she said "Oh, these crazy furry things". YES...
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    Muppets Most Wanted Box Office Numbers

    I saw this movie on Sunday opening weekend and I had to go to another town because out small town theater was not going to show it. The weekend before this movie opened I want to see Peabody and ask the manage if he thought they would get the new muppet movie and he said probably not because...
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    Your Thoughts: "Muppets Most Wanted" Theatrical Film

    I loved the references back to all the other Muppet movies. When I got home after seeing the movie I tried to remember all the references to all the other movies but can't now. I thought for sure Miss Piggy was going to dive into the water and do a little swim thing. Question ---How come...
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    Your Thoughts: "Muppets Most Wanted" Theatrical Film

    Saw the movie last Sunday. I really, really liked it. I had to go out of town to see it because I was told by our local theater manager that it probably would not come to our town . I am sorry this movie did not seem to do very well in a critic review. Guess it needed more violence and junk...
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    Muppets Christmas Items at Walgreens

    I do not see the Kermit beanie baby or the candy !!!:confused: I am not near a Walgreens either and now I missed the beanie baby !!!!!! I feel sick ......
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    Muppets Christmas Items at Walgreens

    I got the Kermit that sings. Could not afford the moving ones. I am wondering what this Kermit is made of because as soon as I placed him on the kitchen counter my cats went crazy and attacked him . Then during the night poor Kermit must have put up a big fight with the cats because he was on...
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    Custom Muppet holiday stockings

    I also like your Grinch near the top of your Christmas tree. I never thought of having him in the tree but a good idea. My Grinch just sits around the living room at Christmas. The tree skirt is so cute........
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    Custom Muppet holiday stockings

    :crazy: I really, really LOVE your tree skirt!!!!!
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    Question on tacky paint

    Most of my figures are just fine but Rowlf's is so sticky that when I touch it with a rag it will stick to poor Rowlf. Also most of the figures sure do stink. The Sweetums I have really stinks. I even put him outside on a table to see if that would help but No . He STILL stinks....All that...
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    The most tear-jerking Muppet moment...

    Yes, Yes, Yes I agree with you about Gonzo's song. One of my favorite songs.:concern:
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    Jim Henson tribute

    Where is my box of kleenex ? You did a WONDERFUL , WONDERFUL job. :) I LOVE your pictures too.
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    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    Looking at all those pictures and remembering those people so sad. Don't forget the muppet performers and people who worked on the show now gone too. I thought some of the people shown were still alive...... time does fly.....
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    My Muppet Tattoo!

    The link from above would not work for me. So I am guessing your tattoo is of Jim Henson. I would get Fozzie or Gonzo.
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    Ask A Muppet: Kermit responds to fans on Disney Movie Rewards

    Man I missed asking a question....I do disney rewards too Booooo whooooo Do you want to know what I would have ask ???? Kermit you are doing such wonderful stuff and such a great frog, do you think your friend Jim would be happy with you and for you ?:jim:
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    The Jim Henson Hour Appreciation Thread

    That Lion is wonderful. So life like and just amazing to watch. I think I read where Brian Henson worked him but I am not sure.