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    Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero (aka Battle of the Bands)

    Guitar Hero World Tour. Fer Sure Like totally:flirt:
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    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Manhattan Project - RUSH:sing:
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    6.5 % unemployed

    I work at a local Pizza Factory in a small town here in Idaho. Although hours have been cut, I am very thankful I am still employed. I get minimum wage of 6.55/hr and work an average of 17 hours a week. NOBODY In my town is hiring so even though I only make 400 bucks a month, I have to be...
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    All of a sudden: CARDBOARD CD Cases!

    I guess it would be more environmentally friendly than plastic which takes more energy to produce. But some of the money you spend does go to the material the music is on. You can often download an album much cheaper than buying it from the store. I just haven't noticed any difference in price...
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    All of a sudden: CARDBOARD CD Cases!

    I have noticed lately that there has been an astronomical increase in the amount of CD albums being published with cardboard or paperback covers. This is insane! Metallica's Death Magnetic CD and AC/DC's Black Ice albums for example are paperback! ( I know that DEath MAgnetic was published in...
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    Your Thoughts: Kermit's Swamp Years: TV Airings and Opinions

    can anyone tell me some of the added features that are included on the DVD version? I only have it on VHS.
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    Froud talks PotDC

    My only concern with this sequel is that I think they will end up using too much CGI and end up making it very cheesey. Other Henson movies that have had CGI have been kinda lame. Hansel and Gretel, Jack and The beanstalk, Wizard of OZ, Mirror Mask, etc. I hope they emphasize traditional...
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    Your Thoughts: Kermit's Swamp Years: TV Airings and Opinions

    Kermit's Swamp Years It has been forever since I last watched this film. I thought it was a pretty decent movie. I just wanted to start a thread about this movie so that we could hear eachother's opinions. Personally, I thought this film had some flaws. One being that it conflicts completely...
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

    Personally, I did not like it at all. There was some funny parts but I did not like the sexual parts especially at the end regarding gonzo and that cgi woman. (Which was one of the crapiest cgi animations ever) I guess I liked the innocence of the muppets ago. I realize that they must stay...
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    Why does Oscar the Grouch have a line in the Chilly Down song?

    I think it is so funny to hear the same voices on so many different characters.
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    Dark Crystal sequel may be headed to DVD

    I have always dreamed of THC coming out with a sequel to this wonderful film. I am a little concerned about the fact that they are going to incorporate cgi into the film though. One thing that made the first DC so unique was that it took puppetry and the then popular film-making techniques to...
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    Bein Green vs. Rainbow Connection

    The rainbow connection i still catch myself singing it now and then while i work. WIERD
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    How's the weather where you are?

    Here's is my first reply in ages *clears throat* It's raining. Oregon weather:(
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    Miss Piggy on The Apprentice

    wish i could have seen it lol
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    What channel is Boomerang?

    comcast is 42 i think