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    Got a response from the Sesame Puppeteer Workshop...

    this thread is getting a little.. ridiculous. and bitter. lets move on, the workshop did, all of those puppeteers was chosen for a reason, while others were not chosen , instead of throwing a passive aggressive pity party, continue to work on your craft seriously. The puppeteers that work for...
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    Got a response from the Sesame Puppeteer Workshop...

    Your friend was probably an alternate, and some one who was originally chosen, may not have been able to make it. good for your friend.
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    TV Alert: Sesame Street on Good Morning America September 13

    Statements like "Sesame Street is really going down hill" are ridiculous, and far from the truth. Also, People...I get it, I understand that the "voices" of the characters are important to the integrity of the characters, but they are not the only thing that the performers are providing, they...
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    New Puppet fun on youtube!

    Great job! I really love the latex pieces, and the head, just fantastic!
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    Toodles the Horse!

    great work artistically and in the live puppet version! I get so excited when I see this type of personal originality. Congrats!
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    New Puppet fun on youtube!

    I had to come up with something for an Avenue Q audition
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    New Puppet fun on youtube!

    A couple of new characters I've created
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    Elmo Muppeteer Kevin Clash resigns from Sesame Street

    My heart is heavy with the whole situation, Mr. Clash was and still is one of my idols and heroes. I just pray for him and his family and hope that in the end there can somehow be a positive outcome for his life and wonderful career. As he served as an inspiration to myself and many others, not...
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    "BIRD CALL" Kickstarter!

    Im so inspired by what you do and what you are doing, just fantastic!
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    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Thanks , yes two of them, there are a few more.
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    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hello all, Ive been a member for a while, but never introduced myself. Im Anthony an up and coming performer(actor,singer,dancer, puppeteer) who has loved all things Henson since I was 3 years old. I am currently in South Korea on a performance contract for the next year, which is giving me...
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    Muppet man at the movies!

    love it!!
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    Dad hears a "racial slur" on Fraggle Rock

    I saw this story yesterday, I find the man so ignorant, its like he knows nothing of Jim Henson and his company and what they stand for. Its evident that Steve Whitmire is saying "Gee Gobo" but maybe through the excitement and character (voice and personality) it may sound different. As a...
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    TV Alert: Kermit and Piggy on Jimmy Fallon November 16

    They played Password with Martin Short and Michael Stipe, It was hilarious and was def a great throw back to earlier muppet days and was a classic muppet appearance!
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    New Puppet fun on youtube!

    the Common Roomsters are back for another fun filled episode-Finders Keepers- Tito has been making himself at home, Trixcksy always has something to say, and Boiysn Berry is always up for an adventure