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    For Sale: Muppet plush, figures and knick knacs

    would you happen to have the muppet motorcycle collection?
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    I'm an organ donor. LoL!

    i love the fact that you donate your hair i have before when it was long now i'm waiting for it to grow back again its really sad that your friend reacted that way when you were being a good person and doing a good deed guess you learn quickly who you need in your life and who never mattered and...
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    Any recommendations for visiting NYC?

    i would recommend for dining purposes that you should check out jekyll and hyde good food and good entertainment if this is your first time you might want to check out the toys r us in the city its huge and filled with cool stuff there is also a ripley's believe it or not if you're into that...
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    My Justin Bieber Rant and Rave

    no offense, but to the person that started this thread isn't it kind of the same thing what eddie van halen did by putting his son wolf gang in the band? fame and fortune came easy to him as well without really any hard work.
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    What is your favorite childhood toy?

    Its not much but i have a brown teddy named brownie that reminds me of fozzie's teddy. He's been through so much, he's patched up in many areas because my dogs got a hold of him and my mom fixed him a few times. I've had him since i was a baby and he's a trooper.
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    Hey, you guys who know about dogs...

    a bite sounds like what could be wrong but from my previous experience my shar pei kept whining and pawing at her ears and she ended up having an ear infection also if the vet is not able to touch him/her request a muzzle i always have to for my shar pei because shes territorial
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    Steve Whitmire contact info

    i haven't i was waiting to see if anyone got a response on here first
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    The Muppets Wacky Wobblers Available in July

    I think they are i'm not sure if they do international shipping
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    The Muppets Wacky Wobblers Available in July

    I found them on three websites and
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    The Muppets Wacky Wobblers Available in July

    unfortunately not but i'm hoping with this being series 1 there will be
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    Lots of Vintage Muppet Collectibles for sale

    I really want the pillow :p
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    Your Dream Muppet Collectible

    in interested how much
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    For Sale: Autographed Jim Henson Photo

    interested how much
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    How old were you when you started liking Muppets?

    i remember my mom buying me the movie muppets take manhattan when i was 5 or 6 and from that day on i was in love muppets galore muppet movies, muppet babies, muppet plushies, etc. whatever i could get my hands on and almost 20 years later still obsessed as ever :D
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    When a Muppet says...

    i love the new saying what the wocka? that gangster fozzie says in the muppets and i love when regular fozzie say no problem!! in the muppet movie