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Recent content by FlutterSnuggle

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    The end of Playhouse Disney Live at WDW

    From allears.net: "Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage!" A whole new cast of friends from Playhouse Disney fills the popular Playhouse Disney stage. Children will be on their feet singing, clapping and dancing to performing stars from "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Little Einsteins," "Handy Manny" and...
  2. F

    Bear 10th Anniversary Celebration

    great news for fans of everyone's favorite mouse! This is indeed good news. We are always worried when we visit Disney that Tutter and friends will be written out of the Playhouse Disney show since they are (sad to say) not exactly on the front burner. For Disneyworld visitors, keep an eye...
  3. F

    Your Thoughts: Final Bear in the Big Blue House Episodes

    "The View From You"/"To Clean Or Not To Clean"/"Great Ball Of Firefighters" "The View From You" - Tutter and the gang at mouse school have to come up with an art project expressing their point of view. Tutter thinks his point of view isn't exciting enough and wants to film "Mouse in Space" to...
  4. F

    New Bear episodes in April

    I can't wait!!!!!!! Does anyone know why these episodes were not aired before? Regardless, my Tivo is primed and ready to go!
  5. F

    Your Thoughts: Breakfast with Bear

    not what I had hoped for The Bear segments are OK, but unlike BITBBH, overall, it just seems like an avenue to package up segments of other shows. In contrast, I especially loved the newer BITBBH episodes focusing on Tutter. They had a lot of personality and energy. And they had a cohesive...