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    DARK CRYSTAL Graffiti wall painting!

    That's stunning....:O
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    Great job! I made a Muppet Pumpkin too!!! (all of em on one pumpkin lol)
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    Fantasy world characters this Halloween

    WOW great job on that mask AMAZING! I dressed up as Kira and won a costume contest at my college WEEE!!! Here's pictuuuures! And I want to see...
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    Muppets go adult

    Honestly I will watch anything Muppet!! I say bring it on! :D
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    Kira Artwork

    don't click that link anymore, go here: :)
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    Legends of the DARK CRYSTAL Comic! Opinions?

    Amazing artistry, but the Gelflings don't look like gelflings to me..they need to look more innocent..I think he draws 'em really anime esk hehe..its good though!
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    Dark Crystal Animatic on YouTube

    Woah that was a strange animatic..I wonder if it's for the sequel as well..either way..I also wonder what the apple will do to him, sorta Snow White-ish lol
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    Kira Artwork

    New Gelfling Art! I made a "super deformed chibi" version of Kira and Jen...WOOH it took a while..all that detail & texture! *passes oot* Now I know why there isn't a lot of DC fan art out there! :concern: Here it is! ;)
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    Kira Artwork

    Hey everyone! Thanks again for the comments! I didn't think it was that great but I appreciate it a lot more and I need to stop being so harsh on myself, you only live once right? I noticed some people couldn't open the link, so I tried it and it didn't work for me either! Brina is right, I...
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    Kira Artwork

    THANK YOU all so much for your marvelous comments!! I appreciate each and every one of them!! I'll definitely try to make more DC art in the future!!!!
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    Kira Artwork

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    Dark Crystal/Labyrinth exhibit ...and more!

    I wish I could be there too!!!! I found some pictures that people took and posted it on Flickr: Those are wonderful pictures, Mistershow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kira Artwork

    Hey everyone! I did this drawing of Kira in 2 and a half hours, no pencil, just straight on marker and then a little bit of colored pencil! I just felt like drawing her and I wanted to capture that angelic face I remember seeing when I was just a little girl! She was, and always will be the most...
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    Kira 'stume!

    Thank you Laszlo!! Coming from someone as talented as yourself means a lot!! I'm constantly updating this costume, I want to add more details and things to it all the time hehe! I need to find a good wig, as well. (and maybe make a fizgig puppet woot!)
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    Hoggle Replica

    That is absolutely stunning! You are VERY talented!!!