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Recent content by DisneyNut

  1. D

    Beauty and the Beast song

    It was originaly added in the movie for the Imax release a couple years back and then was added onto the DVD. I saw it on IMAX and it was kinda cool although the sequence for the song doesn't really add anything to the movie...just more dancing tableware.
  2. D

    Batman Begins...

    I'm stoked. Batman was always my favorite comic to read and I loved the Burton movies (Michael Keaton is batman as far as I'm concerned) so I'm looking forward to this movie. Should be interesting since the director of memento is doing it, I'm thinking it'll be more like the burton versions...
  3. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    I buckeled and bought the new box set last weekend. I probably should've waited for my next paycheck but I bought it anyway. If you are a fan, I suggest buying it or the induvidual albums because the remastering sounds great. Gone Troppo, 33 1/3, and George Harrison all sound remarkable and...
  4. D

    Help to settle a bet

    Reporter Kermit was one of my favorites. This reminds me of a bet I had going at work one time that lasted a couple weeks. It was about the two headed monster on SS. The argument was what color their fur and noses were and I was 100% right but the argument lasted over a week until a book came...
  5. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    Living in the Material World is a good one too. I really like them all, but there are a handful that are absolutely brilliant. ATMP, LITMW, 33 1/3, George Harrison, Cloud 9, Brainwashed.
  6. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    So what are everyone's favorite albums/songs? One of my favorites (at the moment) is the 33 &1/3 album. From start to finish it's a great, peppy album with some great musicians backing him up.
  7. D

    All this talk about Disney...

    All this talk about Disney on this board, I thought I'd share a few good links with you all. Miceage - This is a great site full of editorials on the theme parks and current events in the Disney board room. It offers a lot of insight into what's going on with the company and helps explain...
  8. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    John and Paul were actualy both in New York watching SNL live as it was happening and almost jumped into a cab that night. Paul was visiting John at his home in NY. How funny would it have been if 3,500 bucks was what it took to reunite them while all those other fools were offering them...
  9. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    As a musician, every song I write takes a little piece from him. I can't even help it sometimes but I've studied and listened to his music so much in my life that it just happens naturaly. I think he is a brilliant song writer and tied with Clapton as the best guitar player ever (where Clapton...
  10. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    If you'd like to listen to some of his music, Radio@Netscape (or AOL) has an all George radio station celebrating his induction into the HOF. It's pretty limited as far as his catalogue goes (it plays off of Brainwashed, All Things Must Pass, and the two greatest hits discs) but it is featuring...
  11. D

    Henson sells Muppets to Disney

    Couldn't agree with you more there. I don't think Disney will tag their name onto the Muppets I think it will be a Disney Film Featuring Jim Henson's Muppets. Or, if they don't keep Henson, I'd imagine it would just be The Muppets. Disney does a lot of things that drive me crazy but all in...
  12. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    I love CFG. I watched it in the theaters when it was out and have watched the DVD a bunch of times. I haven't got the box set yet...have to wait for my next pay check. I can't wait though. I think with the missing videos, we can proably count on a future release of video material like the...
  13. D

    Any George Harrison Fans?

    Hello! Just wanted to see if there were any George Harrison fans out there on this board. There's been so much stuff to buy recently with "The Concert for George" and the reissues and the box set and all that. Plus the Grammy win and the Rock n roll Hall of Fame induction. I'm a huge fan of...
  14. D

    Who makes music?

    I am a musician. I write and record my own material, gig around the bay area, music direct shows, compose for shows, teach on occasion. I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, trumpet, trombone, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, french horn and am learning mandolin for a project I'm working on right now...
  15. D

    Where were you when Disney bought the Muppets?

    Actualy, I found out on the Disney Nuts board. I'm glad they got it. I think they can do great things with the Muppets (I hope they will start by pulling the Muppets out of Pizza Hut commercials)