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Recent content by ashkent

  1. ashkent

    Mike Lisa: No puppet after 11 years

    When I first started building puppets, I think it was Creature Clones that pushed me into making it a business for one reason - his prices. Fair enough there are TV companies who have money to throw at exclusive rights to characters and such, but I know I would never be able to justify paying...
  2. ashkent

    New Blue Monster Puppet now up on eBay

    Hi guys, I now have a blue monster puppet up for sale on eBay. Check him out here. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blue-Monster-Professional-Muppet-Puppet-/152727370709
  3. ashkent

    Sideshow Muppet Busts on eBay

    As well as my Animal replica I also have three Sideshow Muppet busts for sale on ebay. These are Kermit (appears to have had damage to his fingers - pictures on the auction) #319 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152706383413 Rowlf #454 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152706381046 Miss Piggy #160...
  4. ashkent

    One of a kind Animal rendition for sale

    This is now on a new auction at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152705055135 with a starting bid of £500.
  5. ashkent

    Groovy cowboy half body puppet on eBay

    I have listed this puppet on eBay. He was actually built a couple of years ago now, but has been just sitting on a stand waiting for his opportunity to shine. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152695426517 He was originally inspired by a cowboy/ZZ Top combination hence the huge beard with dungarees...
  6. ashkent

    One of a kind Animal rendition for sale

    Hi all, It's been a while since i was last on the forum, but someone mentioned posting this here and it made me remember just how long it has been since i checked in. I'm not going to waffle on about hardships and such, I'm just going to say that there is something i need some money for that...
  7. ashkent

    Any Tips for Arm Fatigue?

    I've had both arm fatigue and very bad cramping in my hand many times. I've done a puppet video service for almost 4 years now, ranging from around 30 seconds up to 10 minutes. Sometimes there can be angle changes, sometimes not. For the first year, business was slow (although the building...
  8. ashkent

    My Homemade MissPiggy

    She looks really great for your first. It really reminds me of the first puppet I made which was my first Animal Replica - he looked good but had a head about 50% bigger than he should have which meant his body also had to be bigger. But her features are pretty much spot on.
  9. ashkent

    Any Tips for a Beginner in Monitor Puppetry?

    I know it always sounds like a cop out but the best thing you can do is practice practice and practice some more. There was a recent interview with David Goelz in which he said when he first started out his arm used to ache from holding the puppet up. I found a similar thing, along with...
  10. ashkent

    New Ogre Puppet

    As well as working on Kermit and a professor puppet, I have also started work on an orge puppet. Because i am trying to capture as much of the building process with these puppets prior to hopefully doing some video tutorials soon,These are the pictures of his head from basic skull to one with...
  11. ashkent

    Professor puppet and new Kermit replica

    Yes, after I posted that I remembered about a couple of others who have them in stock more often now. I tend to add a bulk order of them to any antron orders I put in with Out of The Box in the US. it doesn't make much difference postage wise, so at the minute I do have a fair few pairs dotted...
  12. ashkent

    Professor puppet and new Kermit replica

    The dome eyes are actually hard to find here in the UK to. There is only one seller who really stocks them, or I have to order from the US. I think the great thing about puppets is that you can use anything. I often see bits of packaging that i keep because it might look good as part of a...
  13. ashkent

    Help with Dr. Teeth's clothing?

    I think this is the one you mean. At an educated guess on something I have done in the past, I would probably think it will come under fringe material. If you search on ebay for something along the lines of pink fringe or trim material and there will be some come up - you will be able to...
  14. ashkent

    Professor puppet and new Kermit replica

    The eyes on both of these puppets are half dome eyes. They come with a stopper so can be attached to the foam like you would attach say a teddy bear's arm joint. They are really just like half a ping pong ball but are glossy and have the attachment on the back so you don't have to glue them...
  15. ashkent

    Professor puppet and new Kermit replica

    Here's the latest updates on both the professor - who has deliberately taken on the image of Albert Einstein - and Kermit. This is now the professor's head with all the parts loosely pinned in place. They eyes need to be focused later but this is him all ready to sew up. And after...