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Palisades Toys (2002)

In celebration of The Muppet Show's 25th annivesary Palisades Marketing released the most incredible line of figures ever. In the fall of 2001, product developer Ken Lilly joined our discussion forum and gave Henson fans an opportunity to help shape this line of action figures through daily discussions and brainstorming sessions. The results are simply astounding.

Each figure is approximately 5-6 inches in height. The characters are all in scale to one another so that their size is as accurate as possible. Every figure is poseable and has anywhere from 6-12 jointed areas. A black Muppet Show stand comes with each figure along with several accessories per character.

Series 1

Miss Piggy
Dr. Teeth
Dr. Bunsen
(included with the
Muppet Labs Playset)
Kermit in tux
Toys R Us / ToyFare Exclusive
(8,244 for Toys R Us, 2,004 for ToyFare)
Long-Haired Piggy
EB Games Exclusive
(limited to 10,000)
Dr. Teeth in Black Suit
Wizard World East Exclusive
(limited to 500)
Vanishing Cream
Beaker, Wizard World Chicago Exclusive
(1,000 in boxes, 500 in Invisible Beaker bags)
Muppet Labs Playset
with Beaker Figure and Gorilla Dector

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Series 2

The Great Gonzo
Fozzie Bear
Crazy Harry
Sgt. Floyd Pepper
Sgt. Floyd Pepper (Variant with Blue Shirt)

Animal (included with Electric Mayhem Playset)

Invisibility Spray Fozzie
San Diego Comic Con Exclusive
(limited to 5000)
Vacation Fozzie
with Red Shirt ToyFare Exclusive
(limited to 6144)
Vacation Fozzie
with Blue Shirt Musicland Exclusive
(limited to 6144)
Electric Mayhem Playset
with Animal Figure
Daredevil Gonzo
EB Games Exclusive
(limited to 10,752)

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2002 Promotional Figures

Throughout the year, several promotional figures were produced. Outside of the Dr. Teeth Wizard World East Exclusive, these are the rarest of the Palisades figures to obtain. In order to qualify as a promotional figure, the item must not have been sold in stores or at a convention.

Invisible Beaker
Wizard World Chicago Industry Giveaway
(limited to 1000)
Wedding Kermit and Piggy with Cake and Flowers (limited to 300 for Ken Lilly's wedding)
Holiday Tux Kermit
with green vest (624 with Palisades Card, 1088 with Henson Card)

Some of the figures would be repackaged in mini-Muppet lunchboxes. The first of these was the regular Kermit figure from series 1 given out a promotion party at Wizard World East. The run was limited to 500.

Palisades Toys (2003)

Palisades continued their incredible line of Muppet figures and playsets in 2003. Amazingly enough, in each series the quality of sculpts and rarity of characters increased. As of series three, Palisades no longer revealed their actual production numbers on exclusives. The numbers given here are only estimates to the best of our knowledge.

Series 3 Figures

Rowlf in black tux
Lew Zealand
(Variant with Red Shirt)

Superhero Scooter
ToyFare Exclusive
(estimated run of 10,000)

Swedish Kitchen
with Swedish Chef Figure
and more than 40 accessories
Tour Animal with Palisades T-shirt
(estimated run of 10,000)

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Series 4 Figures

Link Hogthrob
Dr. Julius Strangepork
Sam the Eagle as Mr. Samual Arrow
Rizzo the Rat
Rizzo the Rat
(Variant with Blue Jacket)

Koozebane Kermit
Target Exclusive
(estimated run of 15,000)

Wizard World East Exclusive: Bunsen and Beaker in Tuxedoes
(estimated run of 5,000))
San Diego Comic Con Exclusive:
Swedish Chef with Lobster Banditos
(limited to 5,000)
Wizard World Chicago Exclusive:
Vaudeville Statler and Waldorf
(estimated run of 5,000)

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Series 5 Figures

Gonzo in Purple Tux and Camilla
The Newsman
Pepe the King Prawn
Janice Repaint


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Series 6

Clifford Repaint
Patrol Bear Fozzie

First Mate Piggy
(included with the
Pigs in Space Playset)

Pigs in Space Playset with Removeable Consoles and Six Interchangeable View-screens
Vacation Pepe
with Blue Shirt
Musicland Exclusive
(limited to 6144)
Vacation Pepe
with Red Shirt
ToyFare Exclusive
(limited to 6144)

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2003 Promotional Figures

White Tux Rowlf
with gray vest
(limited to 300 for
Toy Fair)
Black Jacket Rizzo (estimated run of 300
for Wizard World East Industry Giveaway)
All-American Miss
Piggy PVC (estimated
run of 500 for Wizard World Chicago)

Ice Penquins
(estimated run of
500 for Wizard
World Texas)

Holiday Rizzo
(estimated run of 1,000 for Palisades'
Collector's Club)
Industry Repaint
Holiday Rizzo
(estimated run of 1500)

Several other lunchbox figures (previously released characters in mini-lunchboxes) appeared in 2003. These were sold through ToyFare's on-line store Wizard Entertainment including: a mini-lunchbox with red shirt Vacation Fozzie and a mini-lunchbox with Crash Helmet Gonzo. Each lunchbox is hand signed and limited to a run of 99.

2003 Mega Figures

Mega Beaker
Mega Animal

2003 PVC Figures

Set #1: Piggy with Towel, Gonzo with balloons and Two Snowths
Set #2: Sam the Eagle, Mahna Mahna and Thog
Set 3: Kermit as Bob Cratchit and Robin as Tiny Tim, Ice-Skating Penguins and Statler as the Ghost of Jacob Marley
Set 4: Fozzie as Fozziwig, The Ghost of Christmas Present and Waldorf as the Ghost of Robert Marley

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Section compiled by
Phillip Chapman and James Carroll


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