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Muppet Show Action Figures Series 2

Boo, get off the stage!

Ben Greene (11-16-2002) - After looking at series two of Palisades' Muppet Show action figure line, these latest sculpts bring even higher levels of perfection to the characters so many of us know and love.

Series two includes many favorites: Fozzie Bear, The Great Gonzo, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, and Crazy Harry, not to mention The Electric Mayhem Playset with Animal and the chase variant Sgt. Floyd Pepper in blue shirt. There are also quite a few exclusive figures in series two including: Invisible Fozzie (now available from the Palisades Collector's Club), Musicland's Blue Shirt Vacation Fozzie, ToyFare's Red Shirt Vacation Fozzie, and EB Game's Daredevil Gonzo.

Ken Lilly, head of Product Development on the line, has said he feels Palisades slept through series one. Hard to believe as the series one figures are pretty amazing. However, he may be right as the series two figures are surprisingly superior overall.

In about three months we willl be getting series three, I don't know if I can last that long, in the words of Veruka Salt, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, "I want it now!" Still after seeing what Palisades can deliver, I think it will be worth the wait.


Fozzie Bear
Accessories: Funny Nose and Glasses, Microphone, Rubber Chicken, Hat, and Logo Base

Well the verdict is in. My official favorite figure of the series two crowd is a bear. Fozzie is all we could have hoped for and much more. Fozzie is extremely fun to hold, to run your hands over, feeling hardened, perfectly textured, fur. The sculpt is nearly flawless, the mouth seems to be shaped in the middle of a joke, rather than the end of a joke. I'd prefer a greater set span, forming Fozzie's, "Aaaaaaaah" as he looks around proudly to see the audience's reaction to his new, funniest joke in the world. Other than his mouth's position, Fozzie's face is perfect, from his flawlessly shaped ears to the raised eyebrows. Fozzie comes with his spotted neck tie permanently stuck around his neck. It's rather long in this version of Fozzie. Fozzie is one of two series two figures with a magnetic hat. Finally I can hang Fozzie upside down without any fears of the hat dropping, a calamity we all know too well.

Fozzie can interact with these wonderful accessories in so many different ways. Having him stand in front of the propped microphone gives a totally different feel than holding the microphone in his hands. With Groucho Marx glasses, Fozzie's face is totally transformed. Put his hat in his hands and suddenly Fozzie is nervously telling Kermit he lost the bag with the money that would pay for the Muppet theater, or just let Fozzie hold his rubber chicken, and test out some new jokes on it. The scenario is up to you, but Palisades helps us, supplying so much fun for Fozzie.

The Great Gonzo
Accessories: Cannon, Cape, and Logo Base

Almost everyone goes in wanting the Gonzo in tux more than this daredevil version. I've always liked "The Great Gonzo", the performer, but will forever love Gonzo, the deep, misunderstood, sweet, "weirdo". I found some flaws in this action figure, mostly in Gonzo's face. The thing that bothers me the most is Gonzo's nose, it should not curve upwards before it hooks, but should rather lie flat straight from his face and then curve. I feel Gonzo's eyes are slightly too crossed. Another big complaint is his hair. It looks as if a feather duster is growing out of his head. The Great Gonzo's hair is too tall and in too great a quantity. In terms of the paint, I believe the black in his fur would look better if it was blackish-blue, instead of straight black. Also Gonzo's nose isn't the right color, a blotch of aquamarine is planted above his nose and that's all. It should be a combination of colors. The rest of Gonzo is fine, I like his costume, and I'm content with his articulation, and the stance of his legs and arms.

Gonzo's cape is a great addition, drastically improving the flare of the figure. His main accessory is a colossal cannon! A really fun, interactive accessory. Palisades shows its versatility by modifying the packaging so it could fit this gargantuan monster of an extra. The cannon fires very nicely. It is painted for an all-American stunt jamboree, and has realistic working wheels. It would have been amazing had they included a ring of fire!

Sgt. Floyd Pepper
Accessories: Bass Guitar, Strap, Amplifier, Hat, and Logo Base

Floyd is another great success for Palisades. He is just as good as, if not better than Dr. Teeth. Floyd has very interesting hair, which must have been extremely hard to sculpt, but Palisades has pulled it off as well as they possibly could. The mustache, his head of hair, ponytail, and eyebrows are highly detailed. I might prefer a less solid orange for Floyd's mustache, but I don't think it hurts the figure. The light texture of his skin is great, as is the texture throughout on the figure, especially his jeans and boots. His entire outfit is striking; the gold on red is salient, without any paint blotches. My one complaint with the Floyd Pepper figure is his swivel elbows. With them, he only ever looks right while playing his guitar.

Overall the guitar looks awesome. I do wish it had separate strings as Palisades had originally planned. The guitar is attached to a very true to life amplifier; the speaker on it is authentic. It would have been nice to be able to unplug the cord from the guitar. Palisades has even added knobs to the back of the amplifier. Once again Palisades gets major props for its magnetic hats. Floyd's creased cap looks fantastic. Another cool little accessory is the guitar strap. The Floyd figure is an awesome addition to Palisades' Electric Mayhem figures. Bring on Zoot in series 3 and Janice in series 5!


Sgt. Floyd Pepper with Blue Shirt (Chase Variant)
Accessories: Bass Guitar, Strap, Amplifier, Hat, and Logo Base

Crazy Harry
Accessories: Gunpowder Barrel, Dynamite Sticks, Bomb, Dynamite Plunger, and Logo Base

Crazy Harry is absolutely dynamite! I've had such a blast playing with this figure. For such an ugly guy Palisades has bestowed upon us a shockingly beautiful sculpt. This figure is dead-on. I actually can't find any faults. So let me begin shelling out the compliments, starting with his head. Harry's hair is just right. His bulging sleep-deprived eyes have that special Muppet quality to them. Crazy Harry's cackling grin displays a wonderfully crafted mouth, a tiny army of teeth, and a multi-dimensional tongue. The skin tone and texture is spot-on, and the texture on his clothes is gorgeous as well, creases and all. His jacket opens to reveal an undershirt, remarkably of a completely different texture. The hanging end on his belt and the layered pockets, among other small details, add a lot to the figure. I must include one last piece of praise in regard to the articulation. With ball-jointed neck, T-crotch, swivel ankles, swivel waist, ball-jointed shoulders, elbow joints, and swivel wrists. Harry can touch his dynamite sticks to the sky, drastically change position to detonate his plunger while bobbing his head in crazed laughter. Crazy Harry is really a testament of what action figures should be.

The accessories are consistent with the quality of the figure. Palisades has given us dynamite with a working plunger. There is also a gunpowder barrel that actually opens, a bomb with a real wick, and two sticks of dynamite! Harry can hold either the sticks or the plunger in his hollowed hands, and you can store any explosives you wish in the powder barrel, even the plunger when pressed down.

Electric Mayhem with Animal
Accessories: Drumsticks, Drum Set, Speakers, and Spotlights

Although Fozzie is my favorite there are two figures in the Muppet line, so far, that I think are perfect. If Crazy Harry is 100% perfection, Animal is 110%. My two favorite features in Animal are his jointed eyebrows and jaw, points of articulation we have yet to see on other figures. With the combination of his ball neck and these joints you can achieve so many different emotions with Animal. Animal's teeth have been recreated extremely well, with the very same breaks as in the puppet. Animal's chain and wrist cuffs covering Animal are brilliant, and the rope operating as a belt is hilariously recreated. Animal's naked skin has the light texturing we've come to know and love on other figures, and it's even apparent in the gaps on his tiny shredded shirt. The drumsticks slip into Animal's clutched hands without much strain. Animal has no problem standing on his own two four-toed feet, and is easily attached to the playset. With 14 different points of articulation Animal can strike any pose you wish. He's a remarkable figure.

This is an amazing playset. First off, Palisades has done an excellent job combining many different stages into one definitive Electric Mayhem stage. This is a challenge they face with every Muppet Show playset, as sets on the show constantly changed. The drum set is so incredibly realistic words cannot do it justice. The large drums by Animal's feet even have foot pedals! Printed on one side of these drums are identical Sound FX marks, a very cool effect also created symmetrically in red neon plastic. Included in the drum set are two symbols whose levels you can adjust, as well as one to Animal's left.

Behind Animal is a neon sign for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. The imitation-neon used almost looks as if it's emitting a dim light. The sign, sporting a top-hatted tooth is a perfect portrayal of the band. Silver scaffolding towers over the set, and adjustable spotlights highlight the play value. In front of the stage hangs a three-dimensional Electric Mayhem mouth, gold-tooth and all, with more imitation neon-plastic springing from its side forming wings. The set also includes two separate speakers, like Floyd's amplifier, they have detailed backs. The stage is better than anything I could have hoped for.

  Exclusive Daredevil Gonzo (EB Games)
Accessories: Cannon, Cape, and Logo Base

Exclusive Invisible Fozzie (Pallisades Collector's Club)
Invisibility Spray Rubber Duckie

Exclusive Vacation Fozzie with Red Shirt (ToyFare)
Accessories: Beach Hat, Suitcase, Suitcase Stickers, Sunglasses and Floatie

Exclusive Vacation Fozzie with Blue Shirt (MusicLand)
Accessories: Beach Hat, Suitcase, Suitcase Stickers, Sunglasses and Floatie


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