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The Henson Timeline: The 1970's

1970 "The Great Santa Claus Switch" taped

1970 First "Sesame Street" album recorded, "The Sesame Street Book and Record"

1970 Heather Henson is born

1970 Richard Hunt joins Muppets, Inc.

1970 Big Bird appears on the cover of TIME magazine

1971 Appearances on "The Flip Wilson Show," "Pure Goldie" (Goldie Hawn special), "Tom Jones...at Fantasy Fair" and a Dick Cavett special

1971 "The Frog Prince" taped in Toronto

1971 The Muppets are featured in Nancy Sinatra's Las Vegas nightclub act and TV special

1972 "The Muppet Musicians of Bremen" taped in Toronto

1972 Appearance on "The Perry Como Christmas Show"

1973 "Julie Andrews on Sesame Street" taped at ATV Studios in London

1973 "The Muppets Valentine Special" (with Mia Farrow) taped at ABC in New York

1974 Dave Goelz joins Muppets, Inc.

1974 Appearances on "The Tonight Show," "The Pat Collins Show," Jim Henson was the mystery guest on "What's My Line?" and "The Herb Alpert Special" featured the first appearance ever of Miss Piggy and Frank Oz

1974 First float with "Sesame Street" characters in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

1974 "The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence" taped

1975 First "Muppet Meeting Films" taped

1975 Appearances on "The Cher TV Special," "The Mike Douglas Show," "The Julie Andrews Special," "My Favorite Things" (ABC Afterschool Special), "The Andy Williams Special," "The Tonight Show," "A.M. America" and "The Peter Alexander Show"

1975 Lord Lew Grade and Jim Henson form a "handshake agreement" to produce 24 episodes of "The Muppet Show"

1975 The first Bert & Ernie (Frank Oz and Jim Henson) placed in the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institute

1975 "Saturday Night Live" season #1 features new Muppet characters King Ploobis (Jim Henson), Queen Peuta (Alice Tweedy), Scred (Jerry Nelson), Wisss (Richard Hunt), Vazh (Fran Brill) and the Mighty Favog (Frank Oz)

1976 "The Muppet Show," season #1, taped at ATV Studios, Borehamwood, England beginning in January

1976 "The Muppet Show" Fan Club started

1976"The Muppet Show" premieres in first-run syndication on local stations throughout the U.S., including five CBS-owned and operated stations on September 26

1977 "Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas" taped in Toronto

1977 Jim Henson and Brian Froud agree to work together on what will become "The Dark Crystal"

1977 "The Muppet Show," season #2, taped

1977 Louise Gold, the first British Muppet performer, joins "The Muppet Show"

1977 The Muppets guest on "The Royal Variety Show" with Prince Charles

1977 A New York City three-story, town house was purchased for new Henson offices

1977 Kermit balloon in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time

1978 Steve Whitmire joins Henson Associates

1978 "The Muppet Show Book" is published

1978 Jim and Cheryl Henson, snowed in at Kennedy International Airport, write the story of "The Dark Crystal"

1978 "The Muppet Show," season #3, taped

1978 "The Muppet Movie" begins filming in Los Angeles

1978 "The Muppet Show" wins its first Emmy award for its sixth episode starring Rita Moreno

1978 Kathryn Mullen joins the Muppet performers

1978 Development of Yoda Frank Oz for "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back"

1978 "Cristmas Eve on Sesame Street" airs on PBS

1979 "The Muppet Show," season #4

1979 Jim Henson buys an old post-sorting station on Downshire Hill in the Hampstead section of North London that eventually becomes a facility known as the Creature Shop

1979 Work begins on "The Dark Crystal" in London

1979 "The Tonight Show" is hosted by Kermit the Frog Jim Henson

1979 "The Muppets Go Hollywood" special airs on CBS

1979 "60 Minutes Report: Backstage on The Muppet Show" airs on CBS

1979 "The Muppet Movie" opens in the United States

1979 "The Art of the Muppets" exhibit opens at Lincoln Center

1979 Miss Piggy's Frank Oz first calendar is published

1979 "John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together" special taped and album recorded

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