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Your Thoughts: Sesame Street on Scrubs

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by Phillip, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets New Member

    Caught the episode this weekend! Pretty funny!
  2. Nicole25

    Nicole25 New Member

    The singer's name is Joshua Radin. I have been looking for the song everywhere. I can not seem to be able to find it on limewire or on his web site. If you are able to find it please let me know...:excited:
  3. Bob1995

    Bob1995 New Member

    I loved this episode. Never watched Scrubs before, but the jokes were clever as ****. Never expected the somber ending :(, but all the cameos were perfect! :)
  4. chudman1000

    chudman1000 Member

    If anybody is still looking for the Joshua Radin version of the Sesame street theme from Scrubs, I actually managed to find it on youtube yesterday, complete with a link to download the mp3. It sounds realy good! :)

  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

  6. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I'll get it to you once I download it, Ed. :D
  7. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Ok this might seem like a little bit of a dumb question, but for anyone here whom knows, could someone please tell me what season this episode was featured in? :o

  8. PurpleHonker

    PurpleHonker New Member

    It's from the 8th season of Scrubs. The episode is "My ABC's", and it originally aired on 27 January, 2009. GREAT episode!

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