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Your dream 2011 Muppet Promotions

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by dwmckim, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. rowlfy662

    rowlfy662 Active Member

    actually hers a idea a another muppet app maybe one thats like muppet racemania like app
  2. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Every female friend I know or girl Ive dated, when we've gone to Toys R Us, they always run with glee to the "boys toys" section.
    Maybe it's because I only have nerd female friends, but I cant see how 20 something girls into toys would want anything to do with the "pink section"(other than the occasional Sanrio thing, which I also like)

    I do understand why Disney changed the name to Tangled. I think that sounds cooler(kind of am curious what it would have been like in 2d) However they are kidding themselves if they think they could ever attract boys en masse to a movie like that.
    I DO think what they may have been going for is the "family" crowd that went to see the Shrek series. I havent seen any of the Shrek movies nor Tangled(plan to tho), but maybe they wanted that audience instead of just young girls begging their parents to take em? I WISH I had seen Princess and the Frog in theatres, as the film is just lush and magical, and a long time coming.
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I like that idea! So far the few Muppet game apps(from a few years ago) were rather crummy. But I could see a quality new kart racer title(like Crash Bandicoot's new Nitro Kart smart phone game releases) I definitely could see an iphone or Android OS series of Muppet game/app releases.
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but for 5 and 6 year old girls, that stuff's the bee's knees. And that's the demo they're going for. I know a LOT of female TMNT enthusiasts. So older nerdy girls have very similar tastes to 10 year old boys.

    You're right about the family aspect, but they were still trying to pull boys away from choosing something else for them to see. I think it backfired and made the film appear more Shrek like than they wanted it to be. That kept me away (I'll see it soon enough, though). it's a very annoying balancing act. The tales I could tell you about getting Princess and the Frog PC enough (NO no no! Her name's too black! No! Now here name's too white). Even the best studios have annoying meddling like this. At least they didn't fall into the "No movies that end in 'Y' that aren't the word day can be rated 'R,' No more movies starring female action leads that begin with a vowel or a consinant at the end of the alphabet rathed PG-13" nonsense.
  5. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    The girls toys are great for young girls. But once girls get of a certain age, a lot of them want whats in the "boys toys" aisle. Heck I always see young girls wanting toys from the boy aisle...and who can blame them. All the Pokemon, Mario, Sonic, etc stuff is there. Most the girls I know or hang with have a love for video game and anime toys, TMNT, etc.

    As soon as the critics were unanimous in praising Tangled, it piqued my interest. Sometimes I dont agree with them. I absolutely hated Toy Story 3, but loved Tron Legacy(critics universally praised Toy Story 3 but hated Tron Legacy)

    The idiots raising a stink about Princess and the Frog regarding race to me are just as bad as vile spewing racists.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    It spoke mounds about how anal retentively PC these groups want us to be. There's a difference between actual stereotyping and name calling to hurt someone and not pleasing a small fraction of a group. When I think of all the fussing and constant revisions they had to go through (that could have spared them some time and released it at a more reasonable month), all I can say is... you complained how lily white the other Princesses were (since most of the stories came from Europe anyway) and once they actually try to add diversity, it's either too diverse or not diverse enough... and you STILL took your kids to see Chipmunks 2 instead anyway!
  7. AK18

    AK18 New Member

    Well, I'm a big fan of behind-the-scenes special features as well as the classics, and I've been waiting for years for jam-packed DVDs of the original movies. Why is it that kids' movies always come with one BTS feature and random other stuff like games?

    Watching The Muppet Movie a while back, when Miss Piggy was singing "Never Before and Never Again," it hit me that that is Frank Oz singing that. And I thought if there was video footage of that recording session it has got to be hilarious! Those are the kinds of things I love to see. So if they do release the old movies on DVD again, add more to them! That'll actually make me buy them a second time.

    And as far as specific-to-the-new-movie promos, I'm liking the ideas you guys are mentioning.
  8. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    I had that same thought when listening to "Love Led Us Here." I think it's be great to see something like outtake footage of previous movies
  9. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, apparently the comics are out. :mad:

    So... yeah... movie or no movie, I'm keeping my sights low.
  10. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

  11. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Yeah the whole hyper PC brigade thing is just too much. They accused Disney of racism? My goodness, since 1993 a great deal of their tentpole animated theatrical films featured a non white protagonist. Aladdin, Pochahontas, Mulan, New Groove, Lilo and Stitch, Little Bear.
  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but it's not just the presence of one, or you get accusations of "token"-itis.

    Aladdin: Seems pretty good on its face. Music tried to stay true to the region (until after the genie's presence, when the genres opened up a bit). Other than that whispering rumor, the only thing I remember people griping about was a line in one of the lyrics at the beginning. "Where they cut off your nose if they don't like your face". Muslims got irritated at that one. (One wonders if they gripe to the countries that would actually do that, though.) Other than it ripped off at least two movies rather blatantly, I thought it was a good movie.

    Pocahontas: Where to begin. If it's not the Noble Savage/Greedy European dynamic, it's playing up John Smith's interpretation of events (he thought she was in love with him, and I remember reading somewhere that she was actually a kid or something at that time, ick).

    Mulan: Not too sure if there was a griping session about this one. It just irritates me she's included in the Princess Line when there is no way in all creation she can be a princess. She is neither royal nor married into royalty.

    New Groove: Again, not aware of anything, though with lots of American movies starring non-white characters, ten bucks says you can find griping about using white stars to play non-white characters.

    Lilo and Stitch: Really, I thought it was perfect. If Lilo's in the Princess line, then again it's profoundly stupid.

    Princess and the Frog: The idea people griped about her name just amuses me to death. Still, I think I like this one better than just about any other one besides Sleeping Beauty. I like how royalty doesn't magically give you anything. I like the balance they tried to do with dreaming/working. It's pretty dead-on regarding the French Quarter. The songs will never get out of your head. Though, I did like Chester A. Bum's review, where he wonders if the fairytale was written by lawyers (in the sense that it seems like Tiana gets her dreams only due to fine print).

    The only real racism I see after the movies are out is the merchandising. You see Jasmine once in a blue moon, though I swear she was featured more pre-9/11. A lot of the Princess line likes to segregate the princesses by color (oh, look, Tiana has her very own shirt while 80% of the other princesses share one!). Considering that Jasmine and Tiana are my favorite princesses, I find their treatment rather irritating. Even in Kingdom Hearts 2, Jasmine becomes little more than an introduction to the Agrabah plot, when I swear she had a bigger role in Return of Jafar and a lot of the series. I resent making her a damsel in distress when she could kick the butt of any other Princess around, though Mulan (NOT A PRINCESS! UGH) could probably take her.

    edit: Oh, and Nala. Dang it, she's a Princess, she's played by a non-white actress ... and she doesn't count 'cause she's not human, yet a fish girl can be one. Yeah, that's fair. Not racist at all, :p
  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, I once read this long and winding article in a book I still have about the film. Suffice to say, there is a huge culture gap behind that one, and the film was based off the European romanticized versions of Middle Eastern stories. Any Middle Eastern flavor to the film was apparently wrong too. To be nitpicky it's "Cut off your ear" but you get the point. Plus, if anyone actually did their research, Aladdin is CHINESE in the original story.

    I could go AGES about that one. It's one thing to monkey around with an old story for a more interesting or kid friendly angle... but when you rewrite history to make it more interesting, well, that's a tight rope. Though, frankly I WISH an enraged theater owner single-handedly killed the Nazi party and Hitler.

    She isn't. Stitch, however, is a breakout character in his own right, and he's so popular in Japan, they actually have their own Stitch anime series. But Lilo is no Princess. Among other things, she's way too short and young.

    Answer: You can't sell little dolls with interchangeable clothes if the character never wore on in the first place.

    Other than that, why the heck aren't the totally unfunny Metro PCS commercials dealt with the scrutiny that Princess and the Frog had?
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Did they ever actually refer to her as being a princess before marrying Simba? Being married to a king makes you a queen, but I don't recall them calling her a princess, nor do I recall them ever saying in the context of the movie that a prince can only marry a princess (or vice versa). Of course I haven't seen The Lion King 1 1/2.

    I wonder if Disney will announce all of it's 2011 Muppet promotions at a special event (whether it be a Disney convention like the D23 event or at Toy Fare or elsewhere) and when they'll all be announced.
  15. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, besides the "she's not a human thus can't wear profitable clothes like the other dolls" issue, I'm pretty sure Nala's status is glossed over as much as possible, given that any child in a pride would have been the King's. While it's fun to have a wildlife version of Hamlet, the problem with the analogy is that Nala would be Simba's sister, because the "lion king" kills any children in the pride who aren't his. Male children also would have been thrown out with the expectation they found their own pride, not go after Mommy and Daddy's. :p
  16. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    But you gotta admit, the doll issue is why they have a princess line in the first place. Nala would look nice on T-Shirts and plush dolls and stuff like that, but the Princess line was an excuse to jump on the Barbie train.

    That said, Mira Nova from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was a Princess, but since that was considered a "Boy" show, they only made action figures of the guys (Mattel's fault mostly). And they never count Disney Afternoon or One Saturday Morning characters like that.

    I do wish their Hero line actually became something, though.
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking, it would be cool if Disney promoted the new movie with a special, maybe a sequel to The Muppets Go to the Movies, only titled "The Muppets Go Back to the Movies" (a very appropriate title considering this is the first Muppet film in theaters in 12 years). But then again, I'd be surprised if Disney did such a thing. The Muppets Go to the Movies isn't that popular of a special (sure, it's popular to us, and possibly the fans who saw it on Nickelodeon back in the early 1990s, but it's never been commercially available in the US), and if we get any new Muppet specials this year I'd expect either the postponed halloween special or a behind-the-scenes special for the new movie (or both).
  18. MadForPepe

    MadForPepe New Member

    PLush toys - that actually look like the characters! plz

    +1 :)
  19. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    I also have to chime in with the wish for GOOD plush/puppets. Not just for Disney's Muppets but also SW's Sesame Street.

    Now granted, since the Muppet fandom community got spoiled with the poser replicas most plushes that aren't meant to be high-dollar limited edition replicas will pale in comparison but really, it's been way too long (1970's!) since there's been a good line of toy Muppet puppets and Fisher Price as well as the various SST puppet lines demonstrated that yes, it is possible to make mass produced reasonably priced toys that were good (if not awesome) representations of The Muppets without crossing that line of being confused with the real puppets.

    Speaking of merchandise, you know what i want SO BADLY? Rizzo wristwatches that are homages to the classic Mickey Mouse watches. The Rat vs. The Mouse is one of my favorite distinctions between The Muppets and the other classic Disney brands - Disney is Mickey Mouse, this cute feel-good symbol beloved by all where the Muppets while still a family brand is has that edge - it has Rats...not cute ones, but ones that relish in their Ratdom and i love the dynamic between Mickey vs. Rizzo as symbols of each! I totally want to see Rizzo watches/merchandise that parody the classic MM merch.
  20. MJTaylor

    MJTaylor Member

    I have just been through all nine pages and all the suggestions sound good to me.
    I myself would like to see Seasons 4 and 5 of The Muppet Show come out on DVD, same with the uncut Muppet Family Christmas. Also some of the specials like Muppets Go To The Movies would be good. I would also like it if they put out the entire run of the Sesame Street and Muppets comic strips in book form.

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