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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 42
    Waking up
    Janice shifted Morgan into Teeth's arms and stood Floyd was on his knees gasping Janice ran to his side and rested her hand against his cheek. He looked up and her and handed Lily to her.
    Janice shifted the sleeping baby into her arms before realizing why floyd was on the ground.
    Dark blood pooled around them.
    "Oh my god Floyd you're hurt!" Janice exclaimed pressing her hand to the wound on his side. He grimaced in pain but didn't say anything beyond "I'm fine"
    Janice shook her head and stood up helping Floyd up after her.
    "Guys she still alive!" Teeth called his voice choked and wavering with tears.
    Janice sighed in relief and turned to face Joyce who was looking at them with grim satisfaction.
    "And then there were four." She said slyly.
    "Just like let us leave already" Janice sighed flipping her hair.
    "No no no-" her sentence was cut short and she tumbled forwards onto the ground a gleaming knife in her back. Janice looked up to see another figure by the door.
    "Leave don't return the dead and wounded will be transported to the nearest hospital but you need to leave." She said.
    "Who are you?" Janice asked.
    "A friend" the stranger replied.
    They couldn't see their face as they walked by but Janice caught a hint of familiarity in the person as she walked out the door and into the night.
    Floyd stumbled into the street Janice caught his arm and steadied him with a sigh.
    "Honey we need to get you to a doctor." She said.
    "I know" Floyd replied not wanting to fight with her.
    "She...she…she's gone" Teeth muttered looking at the ground.
    "Man we know she's alive" Floyd replied.
    "Barely!" Teeth shouted.
    "Hey don't forget that if I hadn't taken that bullet you'd both be dead!" Floyd yelled back.
    "What?" Janice asked.
    Floyd sighed and looked at Teeth.
    "Joyce was aiming to shot Teeth but I jumped in the way" Floyd mumbled.
    Janice smiled and kissed his cheek. He stumbled forwards and grabbed his side where he was shot.
    "Hurry" Janice said. She took Floyd's hand and the three of them hurried to the hospital.
    Teeth ran ahead and had the doctors outside when Floyd and Janice got there.
    "He'll be fine" Teeth reassured her in their way to the waiting room.
    Janice sat down careful not to wake Lily.
    "I just hope whoever that was brings Morgan." Janice whispered voicing her concern.
    "Um…you can come see your friends now." A lady in pink scrubs said.
    Janice and Teeth got up and were lead down the hall to a a room of tables. Four of the tables were far from empty.
    Four bodies lay on the shinning stainless steal surfaces.
    Janice stayed away from Joyce but walked over to the table with her father's body.
    He had treated her unfairly but nonetheless he was her father. The memories of the happier days of her childhood sprang to mind and Janice fell to her knees in a shaking pile of sobs. She clutched her father's hand. Cold and lifeless but meant the world to her she wanted everything to be a dream so she could move on and be happy but there was nothing that could fix the hole that was now in her heart.
    Finally she stood and walked over to the table that held Trudy's body. She'd saved her life and ended up another one lost to Joyce's devious plan. She'd still be alive if Joyce hasn't fallen in love with someone who didn't love her back. Teeth walked over "let's go see Morgan and Floyd." He said. Janice nodded and let herself be dragged away.
    Morgan was motionless and as pale and paper.
    Janice gasped and looked at her bestfriend's uneven heartbeat in the monitor.
    Teeth tried not to cry but Janice could
    "She'll be here for awhile she was hit directly in the liver we'll have to operate as soon as possible in order to stop the internal bleeding." The doctor said walking into the room. Teeth sighed and walked brusquely out of the room.
    Janice sighed and with another look at her friend she followed him out. "Are you like okay?" She asked nearly running down the hall after him.
    "Go see Floyd, make sure he's okay I need to go home I can't see her like this." Teeth said.
    Janice sighed and nodded "I'll like call you later with the details" Janice said.
    "Thanks" Teeth said before disappearing down the hall.
    Janice navigated her way to Floyd's room the nurse left and Janice walked inside.
    "Hey" she said sitting in the chair beside him.
    "Hey babe, how's my main squeeze?" He asked softly.
    Janice took his hand and laughed softly. "How long are you here for?" Janice asked.
    "A few days at least" Floyd replied.
    Janice sighed and stood up slowly "I've gotta go so she can like sleep" Janice said shifting Lily into a more comfortable position.
    "I'll see you soon then?"
    "Fer sure" Janice replied before leaving.

    Bunsen hurried down inside with Beaker beside him. There was a slight chill to the late December weather that wasn't normally there.
    "Beaker my not so meeping friend" Rowlf greeted as if there was nothing wrong.
    Beaker nodded back and opened his mouth as if to speak. After a few failed attempts her closed his mouth and walked into the kitchen.
    "I have strict orders not to let him out of my sight in case he strains his vocal chords." Bunsen explained walking after Beaker.
    Rowlf walked back to the piano and started playing again a simple easy melody that he wrote one spring morning a long time ago.
    Scooter came running in followed by Clifford and Pepe.
    "C'mon helper man Kermit's trusted you to run the show this week cause he's having pig problems." Clifford said.
    "I know but the show is full and I can't fit in two more acts." Scooter explained.
    "Oh c'mon Scooter you know dat we can't just sit out again while you put everyone in da show" Pepe said.
    "Look guys if there's room the next show I'll fit you in but I just can't this show sorry guys." Scooter replied and with a final huff hurried off.

    Kermit walked out of Chris's room and into his own Piggy was sprawled on the stomach on the bed flipping through the magazine dated January 1981
    "Really dear this magazine is useless" Kermit said looking at the page she was on "I'm sure leg warmers are out of style" he explained. Piggy laughed and took his hand entwining their fingers.
    "It's research" she explained.
    Kermit sighed and watched her flip the page "darling you don't need to perfect yourself you're already perfect." He explained gaining a grin.
    Piggy smiled and clothes the magazine standing up.
    Kermit took her hand and they walked downstairs together.

    Janice got Lily to sleep and walked to her room. She laid down and was just drifting off to sleep when the phone rang.
    She padded across the room and lifted the phone.
  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh man I was going to faint... but I am so glad Floyd is okay, but ... wait a second [gasps] Janice's father dead... sad, Trudy... gone [tragic]

    Joyce... [gasps] alive? NOOOOOOOOOO!

    At least Dr. Teeth is not harmed thanks to Floyd for saving his friend's life.

    More please!
  3. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    OMGOSH! :o its horrible what happened to them :eek: By the way <3 the story.
    :) More please! :flirt::sing:
  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

  5. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Never mind...
  6. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Floyd<3Janice, MissMusical12, Miss Kermie, and Muppetfan24/7 I like your profile pic. :D
  7. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :flirt:
  8. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Your welcome :flirt::sing:
  9. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

    Lol Floyd<3janice. U started this thread on my birthday
  10. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 43
    Funeral for heroes.
    The boarding house was unusually quiet when Kermit walked in to check of the inhabitants.
    Sam was reading the newspaper in an armchair and Gonzo was sitting across of him with Camilla one leg propped up.
    Kermit walked into his old office. There were several papers on the desk just like he'd thought. They were for the show. Kermit picked them up and placed them in his bag before leaving.
    "Kermit" Rowlf said walking downstairs at the sight of Kermit.
    "Hey Rowlf" Kermit smiled.
    Rowlf looked at the ground before looking back at Kermit "when are ya gonna come back and continue the show?" Rowlf asked.
    "I'm not sure Rowlf soon maybe hopefully"
    Rowlf nodded "alright we'll just see you tomorrow for the show."
    "Sure thing Rowlf" Kermit nodded to Sam and Gonzo before walking outside.

    "Hello?" Janice asked again, having received no answer the first time. This time a gravelly voice replied.
    "She's dead" Janice looked at the phone and the unrecognizable number.
    "Dead? Like wait who's dead? Morgan is Morgan dead like answer me!" She tried calling the number back but there was no answer.
    She ran a hand through her hair and fell to her knees to calm herself down.
    She stayed there for what felt like forever before standing up and making her way upstairs.
    She collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. She'd deal with everything in the morning.

    "Then have a funeral" Zoot said he'd with an exaggerated sigh.
    Teeth turned and gave him a look that made him shut up.
    "We will eventually my curly haired friend but for now we need to relax. I need to relax. This has pushed me far to over the edge but just be thankful you never had to deal with Joyce. I dealt with her once and that was hard. Floyd and Janice dealt with her twice they ecstatic she's dead."
    "The band's falling apart man Floyd and Janice ate never around. You're preoccupied with Morgan Animal's loosing it man. I'm terrified to walk him cause we all know he hates me." Zoot sighed.
    "I'm sorry man look once Floyd and Morgan are out of the hospital and recovered. Or Floyd at least, we'll have a huge jam session and get into the next show." Teeth offered.
    Zoot nodded and looked and the clock "great I gotta go walk Animal. If I don't return call the cops or animal control." He called before leaving.

    "But I don't get it? Morgan's here babe, she's alive."
    "But then who was that strange person on the phone like talking about?"
    "I don't know Joyce maybe?"
    Janice sighed and looked out the window her hair fell in to her eyes. Floyd sighed and brushed it out of her face.
    "Don't worry I'm outta here tomorrow so we can get the band together and sort stuff out."
    "Fer sure I need to get home though" she got up and headed out the door.
    On her way out she passed the room that Morgan was getting her surgery in. She hoped as she was passing the door that everything was okay.

    "Okay okay okay!" Teeth yelled into the crashing boom of the cacophony of music around him.
    "Wow we are rully out of practice. Janice sighed.
    Floyd and Zoot nodded their agreement.
    "It's…alriiiight guys" Teeth drawled.
    "While we're on a break shall I suggest a funeral?" Teeth suggested.
    "Ya man Janice needs to bury her dad and Trudy and Teeth you need to bury Anna." Floyd said.
    Janice nodded.
    "I know we'll invite the rest of the gang and like finish this once and for all." She said a sense of relief in her voice.
    The music room door opened and Kermit walked in followed by a distressed Piggy.
    "Is-is it true?" She asked between wavering sobs.
    Janice looked at Floyd who was watching Kermit almost apologetically.
    Janice gave a slow nod and opened her arms for Piggy who then ran and crushed her close.
    Janice hugged Piggy while she cried. "Piggy dear it'll be alright." Kermit comforted.
    "How?" Piggy said looking at Janice.
    "She was like helping Joyce the whole time. We like felt rully bad but what could we do she'd made up her mind. She saved us in the end." Janice explained watching Piggy shake with sobs.
    "We'll have a funeral" Kermit said.
    "We were just thinking 'bout that." Floyd said.
    "Great I think it's time to end all this once and for all."
    Teeth mused.
    "Fer sure" Janice sighed.

    Piggy dressed Lucia in a black dress matching her own.
    Laying the sleeping baby in a cradle she rose to look at herself in the mirror
    Her hair was in loose curls and bad a birdcage placed so it covered the top half of her face.
    "Ready?" Kermit asked.
    She nodded and walked out the door after retrieving Lucia.
    The graveyard was a mass of black.
    Three graves were dug side by side one for Charles, Anna and one for Trudy.
    Janice stood with the rest of the band in a knee length black dress. The band looked shockingly different compared to their usual colorful attire.
    Piggy stood with Kermit. Her sobs echoing. Trudy's body cold and lifeless laid at their feet.
    Quiet sobs were the only sounds before the graves were filled and everyone paid their dues and slowly filled back into the long line of black cars.
    "I should call Michael" Janice said.
    "Are you sure?" Floyd asked. Janice nodded.
    They stopped at the hospital and walked inside where Morgan was still unconscious her skin almost transparent she was quiet and still. It made Janice's heart ache.
    "She'll be fine" Floyd reassured but even Janice had a hard time believing that.
  11. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 43
    Weeks went by sometimes in a flash and sometimes slowly, Janice took care of Lily the best she could but with Morgan also recovering it was taking a lot out of her.
    It wasn't just Morgan recovering it was everyone; both physically and mentally, everyone had a wound of some kind and everyone needed to heal.
    Janice made herself forget, she pushed the phone call out of her mind and focused on getting better, it hadn't hit her until a week after, she had lost her father and nearly lost Floyd and Morgan, Joyce was gone but her memory remained, her mark was displayed on everyone like a battle scar.
    The band hadn't played in the show for weeks, at first Kermit had cancelled the show two weeks in a row but now with it back up and the audience demanding music he'd had Rowlf playing double time.
    Floyd was watching TV when Janice walked downstairs with Lily, "How are you feeling?" She sat beside him pulling Lily up into her lap.
    "Okay, I guess, how's Morgan?" His brow furrowed in concern.
    Janice sighed, "Sleeping again, Teeth hasn't showed up so I'm like totally guessing he's at Anna's grave again." Ever since the accident Teeth had visited the graves almost everyday.
    "He'll be here, he won't leave Morgan for too long no matter who's taking care of her." Floyd took her hand and squeezed it. "We all have to recover and once we're back on our feet it'll be alright."
    Janice smiled hoping he was right.


    Sorry that was so short and that I've been gone for so long. I actually don't remeber what I was doing with this story before so for the next few days I'll be rereading and hopefully I'll regain my train of thought.
    I really didn't mean to be gone so long, a bunch of stuff happened and I got sidetracked and then it was one thing after another and now I'm rambling.
    Anyways, I'm back now so I understand if everyone is as confused as me so I suggest rereading like I am and when we're all on the same page we can continue the story.
    I will finish this and my other story Backstage Romance I don't know how often but it will get done, again I apologize for my very extended leave of absence without a warning and I hope everyone understands so we can get back to the story and the muppety lovelines.
    Thanks so much xoxoxoxo <3

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