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Weezer's Muppet Show video now on-line

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Phillip, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. Joggy

    Joggy Member

    Whoops... forgot to mention Droop, Nigel, Jim, Frank and Jerry Muppets, and Cynthia Birdley from the Peter Ustinov episode.


    And Beautiful Day Monster.
  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I'm kind of upset. I just saw an MTV news report about the "puppet wars" with Weezer and Saves the Day (who has a puppet video coming out too). Completely stupid and sloppy journalism, but this is MTV.

    Weezer's front man, Rivers Cuomo was reached by phone and was very dismissive not only about the controversy but the video itself. Maybe it was clipped to sound that way, but such a response doesn't serve to do anything but disappoint his own fans. He said,. "Of every video we've ever made, this is the one we've had the least to do with." Not a very glowing endorsement. The only reports that they enjoyed working with the Muppets aren't attributed to any particular member just "Weezer." Maybe I'm over reacting. The Saves the Day members were pretty cool about the whole thing and their video looks good too. The puppets are great and it looks to have higher production value, but still no Teeth, Janice or Scooter. LOL!
  3. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Active Member


    Thanks man, I can listen to it from your link !

    Does anyone know how to convert a RealPlayer file to Mpg ?

  4. Salmoto

    Salmoto New Member

    I like the video, but I have a few minor fanboyish grunts. It seems Bunson and Beeker were part of a gag that was cut out of the final version of the video. We see one shot where they're running toward the stage and one shot where they're runing away from the stage with Beaker sproting a smoking hole in place of his head. What happened between them? They could have showed something like the weezer logo blowing up or something, but we don't see anything like that. Maybe it'll be explained in the "Making the video."

    Rowlf makes an even more mysterious cameo just appearing behind Weezer during the end groupshot. Could it be that ol' brown ears is equally inclined as Piggy to just walk up on stage and flash a smile at the camera?

    Speaking of Piggy, she really walloped Pepe in this video. Towards the end of the video, she began upstaging all the members of the band, but when she was upstaged by Pepe she knocked him over and then stepped on him. Considering that Pepe is the rising star of the group, could it be that Piggy is trying to keep the little shrimp down on the bottom floor? Suspicious...
  5. GWGumby

    GWGumby New Member

    I personally didn't find the Bunson/Beaker gag to be necessary. We all know the two get involved in experiments and something always goes wrong. And since they're attempting to fit an entire Muppet Show into one 4 minute video, things often have to be very abbreviated. So I think showing the results of an experiment going awry is enough to hit anyone's nostalgia button and make them remember all the great gags they used to see on the Muppet Show.

    Admittedly a clever experiment gag would have been funny, and perhaps they even planned something. But sometimes seeing the results and wondering what happened can be quite effective as well.
  6. BorkBork

    BorkBork Member

    Re: Anders,

    Ya can't convert real to mpg. But i have the video on my ftp-server, just snagg it from there.

    Okay, now i have seen the video enough times to comment it. The wow feeling has flattened out a bit. Don't take me wrong now, i love the video. But there are a few points that i am not really satisfied with.

    First, the angle of camera, and lightning of the backstage area was completely off, if you ask me. It was too bright, and it felt like something was missing. Someone said the exit sign is missing, but i think they left out more small details.

    Second, fozzies voice...well, i don't like it. It sounds like an adolescent teen-fozzie or something. It's just not there. I do like piggys voice. I fear what Sam eagle will sound like. Statler and Waldorf arent half bad either :D

    Third! Did anyone else notice that the red curtain when kermit announces the band seemed like it was computer animated or something? Maybe it's just because of the lower quality on the stream, but if it is in fact CG then it's definately a big no-no.

    I too wanted to see scoter and janice, floyd, zoot and dr teeth. They could at least have been there in the background. I would also have been pleased to see sweetums there.

    But overall it's a very good video, and i really like that they have chosen the muppetshow for the set of their video.

  7. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    What I think would have worked

    Fade In:
    The Electric Mayhem (except for Animal) walks into frame from the stage. They don't even have to speak! (Mayvbe even audience boos)

    Fozzie discusses the line-up with Kermit (same as video).

    Scooter is behind Weezer when they walk down the stairs. He doesn't have to talk either. More action. He can also try to peek in on Piggy when she's tied up the drummer and get flattened by the door when he opens it.

    During the number, Beauregard could be backstage mopping while everyone that walks by slips and falls! Classic Muppet gag!

    Sam is in the background looking embarrassed about this whole video.

    More general Muppets in the background. Was there some sort of Muppet strike or is the ecconomy that bad these days?

    Where in the world was Gaffer? Can't expect him though. We should expect Rizzo to pop in.

    They needed to put some sort of gag in with Beaker - it really made no sense.

    The EM members show up at the end and sing. Sweetums too! Big finish!
  8. dan

    dan New Member

    Ah, forgive me but I think a lot of you kids have kinda missed the whole point of this thing. Its a WEEZER video. It wasn't supposed to be showcasing the Muppets, it was supposed to be about Weezer. Having the Muppets involved is just a cute fun idea that hopefully got people thinking about them again. They did more than what I thought they would.

    Now I too would have really liked to see more Muppets, but because of budgeting or whatever, it didn't seem as though they had a lot of people. I'm just glad they made what I think is a fun video with a really nice omage to The Muppet Show.

    And Piggy sounded awesome!!!!

    I hope the new show is like this video!

  9. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    You're absolutely right - it is a Weezer video, but the backstage shots were downright vacant-looking! It's like they didn't completely commit and follow through with the idea or exploit the options handed to them. Much more fun was had with their Happy Days video! I think you have kind of overlooked that in forming your last post. Just my observation.


    I have mixed emotions about Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. This excerpt comes from the random notes section of the new Rolling Stone Magazine:

    Weezer Meet Beaker - Rainbow connection in new video
    "I thought it was incredibly gay when i first heard the idea," says Weezer's Rivers Cuomo about the band's video for 'Keep Fishin'. "But when I was standing next to Kermit, Fozzie and Beaker, I was overwhelmed with feelings of happiness. THey have such strong characters that you can't help but believe they're real. Kind of like Kiss." THatn't not to say the whole experience was sensational, inpirational, and Muppetational. "We were all competing for attention," says Cuomo. "Especially Miss Piggy dismisses Cuomo's crutucism thustly: "As a superstar, moi knew it was only a matter of time before I would be asked to star in my own music video." Animal adds,"Aaarghmmgh!"

    I have to admit to being offended that Cuomo chose to call the idea of using Muppets "gay" but also to using such a slur in genreal. I'm not the most PC of people, but if he'd said the same thing about a particular race etc, he would have certainly been met with criticism. Just left me with a bad feeling. I'm glad he came around though and that the Muppets have made Roling Stone!
  10. sidcrowe

    sidcrowe New Member


    Yeah, that was reckless and stupid of Rivers Cuomo to say that.

    It's also telling that his first reaction was NOT something like "Yeah! Woo!"

    Ah, well, we true believers will take what we can get;)
  11. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Glad to see you agree. I really don't think he's really meant anything by his statements. Maybe it's just a case of hittin' the "Hash Pipe" he sings about. Just unfortunate though. I'd say he was misquoted, but he seems to be really sloppy about what he choice of words.
  12. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Active Member

    yes i also thought that Statler sounds more like Richards in this video, but i hope it's not a sign of Jerry retiring, i still think that he should carry on with Statler even thought who ever did this sounds like Richards, it just wouldn't feel right,i don't know he does sound good thought.

    fozzie does need a little bit of a tweek,piggy's is perfect!

    out of all the muppets mention, i only find that Rizzo SHOULD have been there the most! skip that white bunny and have Rizzo in his place even if he doesn't say anything, or at least have him on stage.

    it's a wonderful video thought great song!

    Zack)Rowlf the, have him there!!!Dog.
  13. gymkatarules

    gymkatarules New Member

    Hi. I'm new. First post. Hello.

    I'm real sorry to disagree with most everyone, but I was majorly disappointed in the video. Yes, yes, I think Weezer is a terrible band, but that's kinda beside the point. It just...wasn't...amusing at all. I guess I've had a hard time enjoying a lot of what the Muppets have done since Jim Henson's death, but I just found it pretty lifeless. It seemed, like others have mentioned, really underdeveloped.

    I could complain about all sorts of personal things like, why didn't they make a cool set for the band (i.e. Elton John's Crocodile Rock, Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song, etc.), why did the band seem so bored, why didn't they use the old laughter and applause tracks, blah blah blah, but that would be nitpicking a bit. Plain and simple, I know that the guys at Henson (and, coincidentally, the guys from Weezer) can do much, much better.

    I will say that the penguins were about the only nice touch in the whole thing. Oh, and thank you frogboy for mentioning the absence of Sam Eagle (my favorite Muppet). How much better would it have been with Sam shaking his head in disgust off-stage? They must have thought that MTV viewers wouldn't understand all the in-jokes (even Weezer wouldn't) if they added Muppets like Beauregard and Sam. Kinda sad.

    Statler and Waldorf sum it up at the end, I think. Thumbs up, guys!

    That's all. Sorry to be so negative. Hope everyone is well.

  14. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I can see that. I was disappointed a bit too. BTW, let me be the first to welccme you to the board!
  15. gymkatarules

    gymkatarules New Member

    Thank you. It's awfully nice to be here.

    *turns up Muppet Radio*

  16. BorkBork

    BorkBork Member

    Welcome to muppetcentral.

    I too would have been pleased to see sam eagle and lots of other stuff.

  17. sidcrowe

    sidcrowe New Member

    Heyyy Chris--gymkatarules!!!! (yelled like Kermit)

    Annnnnd let me be the second to welcome you to the forum.

    I went to your website; we have a lot in common, especially your words about Jim Henson. I agree 100%. I too have a hard time enjoying what the Henson Co.'s stewards are doing with Jim's legacy. For crying out loud, couldn't they have had a meeting---like WE ALL are having here---and come up with these cool ideas?

    I would've liked Animal taking over the drums right from the start by attacking the Weezer drummer, and then have the Weezer guy lying on the floor next to Animal for the whole video. That woulda been funny.

    And as far as cost is concerned? After you've got the studio rented and the catering taken care of, it's not too big of a deal to add a few extra performers. Not a big deal AT ALL if they're NOT principal performers.

    Go right ahead and be negative. If everybody has no problem with this stuff, it'll never get any better.

    Back to the website...you also like Queen (my favourite band ever) and John Denver...and the movie TRON!

    My website is in pieces right now, but when it gets fixed, you'll notice a little tribute to John under my "Tree Tribute" section.

    I can hardly wait until the next Muppet Movie: You, me and Froggy will tear it to bits:D:D:D
  18. gymkatarules

    gymkatarules New Member

    I just think there's a real magic missing...mostly in the writing. I mean, we have very capable, talented puppeteers working with the Muppets, but the writing is often a bit off. Henson had the guts to do things just a little differently. Take people by surprise. The Muppets today are a bit too safe, maybe. They don't need to shock, they just need to entertain. Hmm. It's late and I think I'm not sure what I'm saying any longer.

    Queen is the first rock band I ever liked and I worship them still. I know it's everyone's favorite, but A Night At The Opera never fails to blow me down. Queen II is also a big, big favorite. Hey, I even like the stuff Smile recorded. Call me a real fan!

    As for Tron, it's an incredibly misunderstood film that is really quite fantastic. One of my top five favorites. Easy.

    Anyway, sorry to veer off the topic. Or, then again, maybe I'm not.


    Oh, and P.S.- John Denver's Calypso, with it's crazy strings and all, is enough to bring a man to tears. "Nobody knows the truffles I've seen..."
  19. doddiz

    doddiz New Member

  20. sidcrowe

    sidcrowe New Member


    I feel the same way about Rhymes and Reasons. I've even got an LP of Aerie.:)

    When people call John Denver corny, I want to strangle them.:mad:

    Plus, you're also disappointed with Episode II, just like me. I could repost my giant review, but I don't think it'd belong here in this thread. If you want it, go to the start of the forum, then choose the "general discussions," then find "Attack of the Clones." Go through those posts until you find my review. Lemme know what you think if you feel like it.

    Yeah, I was blown away by those similarities we've got.

    Here'a a link to a touring Queen tribute act:

    Froggy and I both adore Cyndi Lauper.

    Yep, I think we're gonna eat the next Muppet Movie for breakfast here:D

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