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They've only Got One Another: A Muppet Christmas Story

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by We Got Us, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    So...since people have begun getting irritated trying to figure out what is Figgie's story and what is mine....and since my 'experimental' Christmas story went and became a full-fledged School distraction agent....I am now offering up my yuletide tale to the careful scrutiny and merciless reviewing of my fellow Muppet-central comrades. (Note: The terrifying long-ness of that last run-on sentence should not scare readers. I actually do have something of a grammar conscious.) So, and without furthur ado, I hereby dedicate this fic to my amazing friend 'bouncingbabyfig', otherwise known as Figgie. (And sometimes as Alice, >wink, wink<) ......And I will now take a moment to get down on my knees and do a little honest-to-goodness begging: Please, oh please, will someone review my story?! Ok, done now, thanks.;) And sorry about the extremely sloppy editing job, I'm just getting used to the formats here and apparently so is my officeword: I'll stop wembling now, and give you story: hope you enjoy! :coy:

    They've only Got One Another

    Kermit woke up early, like he always did. Ever since he had a been a tadpole he had learned to be up before the crack of dawn when the light coming through the window pane was a pale milky yellow: the best time to catch dragon flies besides the evening. Now a days he didn't have to catch flies to eat, in fact he rarely did unless they got too close, but the habit of enjoying the fresh morning air had never left him.
    This morning things seemed quieter than usual, and it took Kermit a minute or two to understand why. He walked downstairs into the living room of the large boarding house all the Muppets occupied,and out onto the front porch, opening the front door to a blast of cold air. Winter had finally set it, and right on cue. He closed the door again, unable to stand the chill. Surveying the empty living room, he yawned happily and flopped down on the couch. First day of real cold inevitably meant...
    Uncle Kermit?”
    Oh, hi-ho Robin. Didn't see you there. How long have you been up?”
    Just a minute. Uncle Kermit, is today the first day of Christmas?”
    Christmas is just one day Robin.”
    Oh I know that, I meant the Christmas season.”
    Because it's so cold?
    Because it feels like Christmas.” He replied happily.
    Kermit smiled. “I suppose so.”
    Fozzie's voice suddenly cut in. “Oh boy! Are we gonna get a Christmas tree?!”
    Fozzie? I didn't expect to see you up so early on a cold morning like this.” He pulled his robe tighter around him. “If it gets much colder I may go in for hibernation.”
    Rowlf shuffled sluggishly into the living-room, followed by Scooter. What are we talking about?” Asked the former.
    Hypothermia.” Piped up Robin.
    No, no, that's hibernation. And we were talking about Christmas.” Corrected Kermit. Rowlf and Scooter looked confused, a common symptom of joining a Muppet conversation in the middle.
    Kermit's gonna buy us a Christmas tree today.” Added Fozzie.
    Oh boy, that's great boss! I know where you can get the kind with the candle holders already attached to the branches...” Put in Scooter.
    Well wait a minute, I never said we were getting one today. And besides, nothing with a fire hazard, you know how Gonzo is.”
    I resent that!” Gonzo hopped onto the couch in his night hat. “You know I would never burn something as unoriginal as wood! ...Although, a flaming Christmas tree would be a lot more interesting than the regular kind--”
    More Muppets were gathering in the room, the usual morning routine, and picking up on the conversation.
    Kermit, I think we'd better do plastic ornaments this year. The glass kind is just asking for injuries.” Added Rowlf.
    Moi was thinking more about a pink tree this year. With red and white ornaments.”Oh, good morning Piggy.”
    Scooter was scribbling things down on a clipboard. “So we want red and white plastic ornaments, electric lights and a pink tree?”
    What? No! At least-- not today. We've got work to do.”
    Oh Kermie, what could be more important than the Christmas spirit to inspire us?”Erm...not spending all our money before we buy the sets and costumes for the next show?”The way I figure it, if we go wholesale on the tree, do only plastic ornaments, one color lights and I mention that my uncle owns the tree farm, we should be able to fit it into the budget.”
    Wha...but...it's only been a week since thanksgiving!”
    Oh please uncle Kermit?”
    Yeah, c'mon Kerm...”
    I promise I won't set it on fire before Christmas day!”
    Where's your Christmas spirit?”
    Gut inspureshun tu hefe-a tu be-a cuukeeng fuud fur Chreestmes!
    All right, all right, all right!” Kermit was defeated and he knew it. Just like every year. “Clifford, your in charge of breakfast. Piggy, you and Gonzo are in charge of finding whatever's left of last year's ornaments. Fozzie, Scooter and Robin will come with me.”

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Finally able face the cold and escape the rush of early morning, Kermit sat on his favorite seat on the front porch and watched his breath in the frosty air. The day was bright, and fog was lifting off the street and white-tipped grass. He pulled his robe tighter around him as a soft but cold breeze stirred the air and made shapes in the mist. None of the neighbors had lights on their houses yet, but the Muppets were trend setters and seemed to be starting early: hints that they were ready for some Christmas had been leaking through for a few days, and something about the atmosphere of this morning demanded it. Scooter came out routinely to bring coffee, but it was in his red Christmas mug.
    Kermit made a face. “Are we bringing out the holiday ware already?”
    "Well, there is a slight shortage of dishes since Animal's incident at Thanksgiving.”
    Kermit shrugged and took a sip. “Mm—what did you put in this?”
    Peppermint.” Said Scooter. “Peppermint is good in coffee.” He added a little wistfully before hopping back inside for the next batch. Kermit smiled as he sipped, a feeling of peace enveloping and warming him like the sweet coffee. Inside he could hear Rowlf, starting on the piano just like every morning: only today the song was Winter Wonderland. He took another sip.
    Mhm...” he thought happily “Peppermint sure tastes...”
    “Good-- isn't it?” Said Miss Piggy coming up behind him in her fluffiest red winter robe.
    “Yes,” Said Kermit, startled. She sat down beside him, pulling her legs up and rocking back and forth. Kermit thought suddenly that he liked the cold: it seemed to define things. It certainly defined Miss Piggy, flushing her cheeks and putting color into those gorgeous blue eyes even icier than the air.
    “It's a be-autiful day, isn't it dear?”
    “Yes it is.” said Kermit without taking his eyes off of her. She looked at him with a little knowing smile,
    “What are vous thinking about?” She asked, before savoring another mouthful of coffee.
    “You...” He said dreamily. Her smile increased. “Oh...did I...I meant, whatever your thinking about...” He stammered, a foolish smile creeping onto his face too. Miss Piggy flipped back her curly strands of blonde hair, and looked at the pink early-morning sky, and the mist, and the evergreen trees in the yards. “Moi was just thinking...” She suddenly grabbed his flipper softly. “That it will be very nice to be together this Christmas.”
    He smiled at her. “Aren't we together every Christmas?”
    “Yes, but...we seem to get...more together every year, don't you think?”
    He nodded knowingly. “I know what you mean." He listened to the sounds inside, all the lusty out-of-tune voices singing together and chortling and talking. “Not just me and you, but us. That's what makes it all worth while.”

  2. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Oh how could I not have recieved a message that this was posted!? I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner!!! :eek: But it sounds gorgeous, as usual! And I'm so touched that you dedicated this to me!! I have to admit I'm working on something special for you that I hope will be ready for Christmas.... And I'm thinking of writing a short story about Scooter...and you...:o Talk to me soon, 'kay? Luv you, Wigitus! (Lonnie) *Winks back*:)
  3. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    This is all I needed to get me into the Christmas spirit!
  4. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    AWW! Thanks so much! And you too Figgie, your ssooo welcome! You and your story inspired me to try this anyway, so you deserve half the credit. And something special for Christmas....Scooter story....Scooter and ME story?! >dies of excitement<
  5. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Und here ist mehr: Chapter two, for those of you out there who are interested. (And I don't mean poor Figgie, for whom this should seem frighteningly familiar) So...please some reviews, people? Constructive criticism? Praise? Helpful suggestions? Thanks, love you all!


    The after-Thanksgiving rush of Christmas decorations had never shown up as brightly as it did against that cold morning. Kermit piloted the bus to their various destinations while Scooter and Fozzie haggled over whether a star or an angel looked better on top of the tree and Robin played the one bar of Jingle Bells he knew on his harmonica. Eventually he stopped playing: “Uncle Kermit, are we gonna do a Christmas special this year?”
    You know we do some kind of special on Christmas every year, Robin.”
    Well I think this year we should do a special special.”
    What exactly would you call a special special?”
    We could make it twice as long as usual, and book a whole lot of great guest stars-” Offered Fozzie.
    Sure, and a chorus line of girls...uh, for a big Jingle Bell Rock number!” Put in Scooter.
    We could have everybody pick their favorite Christmas song to sing...” Said Robin.
    Think about Robert Di'nero as Santa Clause!” Added Fozzie. Kermit shook his head, amused at their enthusiasm.
    “Don't try and tell me we could squeeze all that into the budget Scooter.”
    Well no, but it might pay for itself if it came off big enough.”
    I actually thought we could do something more—simple?” Asked Robin.
    Isn't something simple what we've done every year? Hey boss, what about Miranda Cosgrove? We haven't had her before?”
    Yeah, yeah, and Steve Carrel too, he's good...” They bantered to and from the tree farm, Kermit listening without showing to much interest. He had learned not to show too much excitment the way everyone else did: that way it was easy to get muscled into something he couldn't really handle. Still, he loved to listen to their crazy plans form into something new and more spirited every year. And why shouldn't they do something big? The show had been going well, the rent was payed...or was it? Either way, it looked like a wonderful Christmas season.
    On the way back to the boarding house light flurries began to fall, much to Robin's delight. Neighbors could be seen in their yards putting out lights and decorations. Kermit made a mental note to send a Christmas card to the Sesame Street gang. He pulled into their road expecting to see the Muppets, or at least Gonzo and however was stupid enough to help him, collected on the roof stringing lights. Instead, he saw a white car in the driveway and an unfamiliar person on the porch talking to Rowlf, Sam and Miss Piggy. Several other Muppets were crowded in the doorway, peeping through with concerned expressions.
    Oh no, I hope Animal didn't bite another meter reader.” Groaned Fozzie.
    I don't think the meter-reader drives a car like that. Who do you think it is chief?”
    Kermit didn't answer, he was concentrating on trying to remember where he had seen the middle-aged woman before. Why seeing her here gave him a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He got out of the car and went up the front steps without being noticed.
    I really don't think Kermit would have let this happen.” Rowlf was saying, concern in his voice. “I'm pretty sure there must be a misunderstanding somewhere.”
    “Yes,” Added Sam. “The monetary relationship between the land-owner and his or her humble serfs is valuable part of the American institution and we respect it.” He finished nobly. Kermit took a step back. Land-owner. Landlord. Of course—he had only met her once when he had signed the agreement on the house. Imagining what type of people a frog would be living with she had kept well out of their way. With an extra effort to always have the rent on time it had stayed like that. He grabbed Scooter's arm before they went up the steps. “Did we take care of the rent this month?” He whispered urgently.
    “It gets deducted automatically. After you pay the cast the check goes into our account, my uncle takes out the theater rent and she takes out the house rent. I haven't looked in on it recently.”
    Kermit tapped the woman on the shoulder softly. “What seems to be the trouble?”
    Oh, it's you.” She seemed half relieved, half annoyed, holding out what looked like a bill. “Look frog, you've been a good boarder with me for almost two years now. I've never seen you late on the rent yet—so I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you can't brush me off anymore. I'm here to turn you loose.”
    What do you mean?!”
    Your checks have been bouncing, that's what I mean. For the last three months. I sent you letter after letter and phone call after phone call, no answer. Well I have a policy, it's never bother your boarders at home unless it's a last resort. This is my last resort frog, either I get the rent now from you or I get it from somebody else next month.”
    I...don't know how that could have happened. The checks I wrote you must be good because there's money in the account. Our—uh, our phone has been disconnected for a month or so...but...” He turned back to the others, asking no one in particular. “How did this happen?”
    There was no reply. The Muppets sank their eyes to the ground as if they were all guilty, even though he knew they weren't. He turned back to the woman, his throat feeling a little dry. “I...I'm sure we've got the money...how much do we owe?”
    “After three months of skipping? 3 grand.” She replied without blinking.
    He turned to Scooter, who was already shaking his head. “It's gone boss, we stocked up on groceries yesterday, remember?”
    “What about the money for props?”
    “On a good week that's about...300 dollars.” He said quietly.
    Kermit looked back to her hopefully. “Will you take a...confidence payment?” “In cash?”
    “No...a check?”
    She shook her head decisively. "No checks. And three hundred bucks ain't enough, I'd never get the rest. Sorry, it's now or never.”
    Kermit was bereaved. “You can't expect us to have the money now! We had no idea!”
    “Look, it's not like I didn't send you eviction notices. I sent five of them. And maybe this is a terrible thing to do before Christmas but I've got a couple of young people and their kid ready to move in before the Holidays, so I figure it about evens out.” She trailed off, realizing the heartlessness of her statement. “I...I'm sorry, but that's where stand. I'm gonna need you out of here by tomorrow morning.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    There was nothing in what she said that Kermit could latch on to, after she was gone, and turn into a happy light. The Muppets milled around uselessly, not wanting to sit down and look idle, not able to ignore the situation and go about things as usual. Kermit watched them: watched them eye the things they'd treasured in that house for years. Rowlf's piano in it's cozy place in the corner, Gonzo's cannon shoved halfway into the overflowing closet, the band's instruments in their various cases stacked against the wall, Scooter's skateboard in it's hazardous place by the door: but they were just things. Kermit decided. Things can be moved and replaced, things didn't make a family-- He swallowed hard, knowing he had to break the oppressive silence in the living room.
    Well,” He said first. “I guess you know what's going on—“
    I don't.” Robin asked simply, and somehow his small voice and it's question hurt Kermit's ears.
    We're going to have to leave here for a while—maybe till after the holidays, I don't know yet.” He only let this set in for a minute, adding quickly. “But in the meantime, we are going stay together. We are going to spend this Christmas,” He looked at Miss Piggy meaningfully “Together.”
    But...where are we gonna live?” Asked an attractive young Muppet singer named Alice, who was holding Robin on her lap.
    In the theater.” Said Kermit, deciding it at the same time he spoke. “Hey, if we can fit there during the day--why not all the time? And that way we can still work on the show. This year we're going to do something big and earn the money to get our house back.”
    There was silence in response, but the Muppets were nodding, some smiled wanly, trying to give him support at the same time they realized the situation they were in.
    Besides the forty-odd Muppets that lived in the boarding house, hordes more occupied the theater dressing rooms and basement during the weeks when they were needed on the show. Considering themselves a family had kept any of the Muppets from feeling like they needed to have their own houses: and working on the same show to pay the same bills kept any of them from really saving any of their own money.
    The Christmas tree they had bought, the biggest, most cheerful one on the lot, was now forgotten in the back of the bus. The Christmas ornaments in the tattered boxes were just another thing to be hauled over to the old theater. The winter day had lost it's spirit—the lingering scent of the peppermint coffee had drifted off. Now it was only cold, outside of the house.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    That evening was even more beautiful than the morning, but colder. Purple and orange painted the streaks of cloud, and stars shown fiery and bright in contrast to the deep blue of the twilight sky. Kermit shivered as he watched the view, taking a minute to be idle, to rest. Listening to the bus door come open and close, and various feet hopping up and down in the snow from foot to foot, trying to keep warm. There were more cheerful murmurs now—things were less tense. Being together helped that. Kermit had come to know that as long as people were together, no fight was too big, no circumstance too shattering, to be healed by time and togetherness with warm people. As if to affirm this Fozzie came up beside him with a coat. “Here, I thought you might need this—since frogs don't have fur...or anything.” He said. There was a whole list of things Fozzie was bad at, and second behind stand-up comedy was subtleness.
    “I'm fine Fozzie.” Said Kermit, giving his best friend a warm smile.
    “Oh, well—I just thought you might be cold.” He turned as if to go.
    “I didn't mean I'm not cold. I'm freezing. I meant I'm fine.” Kermit said to him. Fozzie looked back with a half relieved, half confused face. “Well good, Kermit.” He moved closer to him, stuttering out an attempt to relieve his friend. “Because I know you couldn't help what happened—with the house—-and, were still going to have a great Christmas, right?” Kermit nodded. “Of course, just like every year.”
    Fozzie nodded too, as usual his attempt to support Kermit usually ended up as support for himself. “Well good, because I worry about you.”
    “Not sure what I'd do without it...” Kermit trailed off. He was done making motivational speeches for today. The air was cold, and the circumstances were bad, but he...could hear them in the theater. The door was open and light was shining out onto the new snow. He could hear Rowlf banging away at the old piano, Nigel the conductor about to have a fit desperately trying to keep them in tune. Now Alice, their young singer was taking the solo—her strong, sweet, soaring voice carried well through the night air:

    Oh little town of Bethlehem, How still we see thee lie.
    Above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars, go by.
    But in thy dark streets shineth, the ever-lasting light.
    The hope and fears of all the years,

    Are met in thee, tonight...

    As the last notes trailed off the rest of the Muppets picked up the next verse, tuneless voices humming happily. A warm thought struck Kermit. “It's the same. Here, at the house, on the streets of New York, in a hotel on the backside of London—we're always alright together.

    And there she is: a bit of messy experimental prose I'm afraid. I'm working on chapter four, but I refuse to post three until somebody reviews. Got that? No more until I hear some feedback. ;) Well, at least until I feel up to editing it to fit the forum, which is very tedious work. Oh well, I can only *hope* someone notices...:sigh:
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  6. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    You seriously need sleep! I'm looking at the time you write this, and you need more sleep!!!:mad: But I love the story, So please write more....:D
  7. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Yeah...well I had to babysit kids last night, which basically means lots of coughing, kicking, fighting and "One more episode of Fraggle rock!" So I was up pretty late. Oh well, Dad's taking me car-shopping today in return. WHOOHOO!
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  8. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Good Luck!!!:)
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  9. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Jou want feedbacks? Jou got feedbacks, hokay. First, something entirely unrelated to the story:

    It's official. You remind me of me. You automatically reminded me of myself because your username (which I love, by the way) is a togetherness song. Then I realized that you're the same age I was when I joined MC. (Which kind of makes me feel old, by the way, which I don't appreciate, but it mostly amuses me.) And here you are writing a lovely fanfic. And just to top it all off, you randomly throw in a few words of German, which I studied in high school, plus one semester in college, which means that I didn't even notice there was any German in that sentence until I got to "mehr." Which also means that you're one of very few people who would probably understand most of the notes I took in college, although you'd probably get confused when I threw in some Hebrew... Oh, and also, you wemble! And ramble! And other such wordiness that I tend to do, especially when I'm tired.

    Anyway. The general feedback: This is good stuff. I can't emphasize enough for you to write, and write, and keep writing, because you're already pretty good, you seem to enjoy it, and you'll only get better the more you do it. (And then in five years, you can come back to the stuff you write now and say "Oh my gosh this is AWFUL! How could ANYONE possibly have LIKED this stuff?" Fun times. Trust me. Prawnie and I just love to hate our first stories.)

    Now, I'll admit that when I first clicked on this thread, I was hesitant. And when I saw that the entire story was in boldface... Well, it's not the easiest type to read. But then I read the first sentence, and I said, "Ooh. She knows Kermit." And then I read the first paragraph, and I was hooked. Your descriptions are WONDERFUL. "When the light coming through the window pane was a pale milky yellow..." Mmmm, delicious! I can see it, I can feel the morning quiet, the chill in the air... Bold font aside, I am in this story. When I stop caring about formatting issues, I know I'm reading something good, and that's where you had me while I was reading this. I have to say, I was quite disappointed when I ran out of story to read. And that's also a good sign.

    I'll go through later today and point out some of my favorite lines, but for now, I have to take a very long shower so that my mom can have some time to wrap my presents without risking me seeing them. So, until then... More please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ah... Just what we need at MC... A Toga Jr.! :scary:

    I'm liking how this story's starting out.
    Landlady, whom we don't know her name yet, tried calling the Muppets about the rent checks bouncing.
    Kermit: Our phone's been disconnected for the last month.
    Landlady, again, her name hasn't been given as of yet, says she mailed them eviction notices.
    Then where's the proof of receipt of such notices? We presume the Muppets have been getting their mail, Gonzo keeps getting his issues of Insanity Bizarre... And then there's the constant barrage of bills despite noone named Bill lives there. So if there's no eviction notices received, then the landlady's gotta give the Muppets some leetime to come up with the money that's more than just the one day, heck, that's what two-week notices are for, and those have to be duely received or made sent and stuck in person or plain sight.
    Yeah, I only have a JD diploma, though I'm not an actual practicioner of the legalistic trade I kinda retain a few arguing points.

    That said... :sing:
    We want some more fanfic.
    We want some more fanfic.
    We want some more fanfic.
    And an update right now!
  11. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    >does a double take< Togetheragain? Is that....the Togetheragain? >Screams like Walter< >Screams like Walter again< >And another time, accompanied by a little happy dance< Whoopeee! She noticed the German! The German!! She even compared herself to me! (does that mean I'm a huge fan of myself of the future?! ;))
    Well yeah, that just totally made my morning. Wish I could have read this earlier when I was trying to drag myself out of bed. (No car from yesterday's exploits Figgie, after a lot of running around Dad decided to wait until tax-returns. Then I was off at a Christmas party where a considerable hunk of dog sunk his teeth into a considerable amount of my leg. Those are all my excuses for not posting chapter three.)
    Well first of all, about the bold font: I originally had this story written in some kind of typewriter face the forum doesn't recognize, so when I copied and pasted it over it made it all really small and hard to reformat...etc, etc. Let's just leave it at I'm very technically challenged. I can try and fix it if you think it wouldn't irritate the eyes. German? My family insists it should be my first language, but actually I picked it because most of my friends were in Spanish and despised it, it seemed easy, and I was a huge Volkswagon bug maniac. I'm still only second year. Hebrew? That is such an amazing language. During the time when I was discovering the Jewish branch of my family I was almost tempted to try that one, but the parents insist on one at a time. Yeesh, what am I even talking about? SO glad you commented on my story! Beyond my wembly-rambly words! And I promise that just because I worship your writing, I won't be traumatized if you criticize-- I know it's...uhm...not above reproach. At all. Yet. I'm still looking back at my own old stories, like >cough< 'Muppets at Sea' And thinking "Egad! What was going through my mind?! My miiind!!"
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  12. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Eepers, I knew that would come up. On the original thread I posted this to I had a little disclaimer attesting to the fact that all I know about evictions is that it starts with an 'E' and happens to my uncle a lot. I wanted an easy fix to the story part, so I made something up and ran with. Glad there was only one giant mistake :D. Any way we can ignore it move on? Unforgivable?
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Only way we can move on is if you post more story!
    *Those of us of the nagger persuasion tend to get distracted from plot holes quite easily that way.
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  14. tutter_fan

    tutter_fan Well-Known Member

    LOL! Story is great so far! I wonder what the landlord would look like if she was "Muppetized". This story makes me feel more like a Muppet than any other time in my life, and of course, it's also because of the new Muppet Movie I saw in one of the local movie theaters some weeks ago. MORE STORY! MORE STORY! MORE STORY!!!!!
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  15. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Fans! It's almost like, I've got FANS! Ok you awesome people to whom adjectives can't apply enough praise, here's the deal: Chapter three is written, and chapter four is almost done, unfortunately due to the editing problems I previously alluded to, I can't just 'Copy and paste' it up here, it takes time to format and look over, and right now I'm only checking the thread during little snippets of time when my Dad's back is turned, since the kids are all gone and he's in 'make this house shine like the top of the Chrysler building mode'. So....there will be a little wait, but instead of one small chapter, how about two small chapters?! :) Dealio?
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  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    :insatiable: Sound good to me.
  17. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Well, I can't tell you how much I looked forwards to seeing what Togetheragain's favorite lines were, but since I have nothing to do, and I promised, here are chapters three and four. Their not my best, and I'm pretty sure four moves WAY faster than I wanted, but...work in progress. I'm rushing to get this in by Christmas, which still looks highly unlikely. Rush is very very bad, I know, but having esteemed and seasoned critics like you guys look over this makes me feel a lot better about it. Now, for those of you who don't know what inspired this story, I have to explain Henry and Alice. They are half grateful payment for my friend Figgie's inclusion of me into her 'Under the Mistletoe' story, half just me loving her sooo much, and half an actually relevant part of the story, as we will see later. (That's three halves. Hm...) So without further ado, die Teile drei und vier:


    As Henry watched Alison, his strong hands holding the box of props began to slip. He was caught where he was. A million show-girls came by a week: with long adjustable hair in pristine perfect colors and bright eyes, in their flashy outfits. Them he was somehow used to. But her...he had never seen her before, and now he could not make his eyes look away. He watched as her face flushed with color on the chorus, watched her gray-blue eyes light up as her angelic voiced soared through the old building. Watched her flip her auburn hair around her back and smile as she was joined for the last verse.
    He hardly noticed Beauregard tap his shoulder. Here,” The empty-headed janitor handed him a box of junk.
    What are those for?” Asked Henry, trying hard to pay attention to his boss.
    Well we need those ones your holding, but if you want some so bad--”
    Henry looked down and realized his hands were clutching the box so that his knuckles had turned white. He chuckled, wondering whether Beau was trying to be funny or sincerely helpful. The latter was much more likely.
    Hey, Beau-who is that singing?”
    Beauregard blinked confusedly. “Which one?”
    The girl Beau, I've never seen her before.”
    Oh—that's a girl. She sings.” Henry smiled at him hopelessly. “Thanks for the help, Beau.”Your welcome! Want to keep those props?”
    Uhm...no, no. In fact, will you take these for me? I have to find Scooter.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    We have seven cots in the prop closet,” The go-fer was saying. “But one of them Hilda cut up to make spare costumes: Gonzo volunteered to sleep on what's left though.”Problem is, where do we put them?” Kermit asked, observing the crammed hallways with extras and Muppets and cots and suitcases clogging the works. Fozzie came up the back stairs. “The band says they'll share the basement.”
    Yeah, except with the pig. Never with the pig.” Floyd yelled up after him.
    I HEARD that you dirty tree-hugger!” Miss Piggy flounced down the stairs in an obvious huff. “Kermie! I cannot, repeat, cannot share a dressing room with Sweetums!”
    Oh boy. Piggie, we talked about this...”
    Hey Kerm, Gonzo's taking apart one of the stage lights. Says he's gonna make an electric blanket or something.”
    What?! Well stop him!”
    Kermit? How on earth am I supposed to rehearse with half of the theater sleeping in the orchestra pit?”
    Don't worry about that tonight Nigel. Just get some sleep.”
    Uhm, like Kermit? Like you know that glass nativity scene, you know? Well like, I think Animal ate one of the wise men.”
    Well...well...Have someone start making another one...Swedish chief?”
    Mir cooun meke-a oone-a veet sume-a duoogh!”
    Kermit, if I were to sleep in the cannon on stage five, do you think you could keep Crazy Harry away for the night?”
    Hey frog, the other rat's and I have decided we'll be taking the fridge tonight, considering it's probably warmer in there than the rest of the house...”
    Si, and me with jou, hokey? And don't expects there to be much food in the morning.”
    A chorus of “Kermit”'s were echoing from almost every side of the theater. As the man-in-control, the poor small green leader suddenly felt like he was in the midst of an angry see of tired, cold, busy Muppets.
    Alright, that's enough!” He managed to get their attention, his voice cracking in the process. “Now listen everybody, I know it's not what we're used to, and I know it's not the easiest situation and I know it's not the best. But we can handle it if we all try pitching in and co-operating with each other instead of all serving ourselves, OK?”
    There were murmured agreements. Muppets shuffling off in various directions. Kermit could placate them for now, but he knew motivational speeches weren't going to solve all off their problems: problems which were numerous and seemed to be multiplying by the minute. The drafty old theater was freezing cold, and no amount of coaxing and begging and pleading could convince Scooter's uncle to do anything about it. There wasn't enough space—people were crammed in nearly seven to a room in some places. Not to mention: the theater wasn't home. Familiar and sentimental it was: cozy and accommodating it was not. In one day they had lost their residence of more than ten years. He tried not to let that bother him, tried not to think about the randomness of it all. It wasn't the first time life had shown him it's easy come, easy go policy the hard way. And he had learned how to cope: That was half of life. The other half was learning how to enjoy yourself while you did so.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Scooter was trying hard to concentrate on his clipboard, ignoring his exhaustion, just like everyone else: when the tall, dark haired whatnot-stagehand ran up to him.
    Scooter?” He panted.
    Oh, hey...erm...”
    Oh right. What can I do for you Henry? Tell me there's not another problem with the props--”
    No, no problem. Uhm...can you tell me...what the name of that girl that um, was singing just now was?” Scooter looked at him a little blankly. In reality he was thinking, but Henry suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable under his gaze.I've just...never seen her before. And you know, I want to get to know you people...now that I'm working here.”
    The one who's booked on the show next week?” Asked Scooter consulting his clipboard.I don't know...she has dark red hair and grey eyes, and she was singing the solo just now.” Yeah, her name is Alice. Alice Dove. She's on the Christmas program.”
    Ok. Well—-thanks Scooter.”
    Scooter gave him a knowing smile. “Your welcome. Want me to introduce you?”
    N-no, no thanks. I've...gotta get those wreathes set up. Thanks—anyway.” He hurried off, wondering why the freezing cold theater suddenly felt so hot.


    Just a little higher, I need to fill that spot in the corner--”
    Alice Dove shifted uncomfortably on the wobbly stepping stool under he feet. “I can't go any higher Robin, and even if I could...” She lost her balance suddenly, and trying hard to regain it, she grabbed at the tree, slipped, and tumbled to the floor in a heap with Robin safely on top.
    Ow.” She rubbed her head as an undaunted Robin admired his work. “Looks good, but I think we missed a part near the middle.” He said speculatively.
    Robin, I need sleep. And so do you: big day tomorrow.”
    Robin hopped onto her lap. “Doing what?”
    Well--helping your uncle for one. He's gonna need it you know, a move like this is a lot to handle.”
    Aren't you gonna help us?”
    Of course Robin! I don't suppose I'll be much use though, I don't really know how things work around here.” Robin smiled devotedly at the disorganized backstage area of the old theater. “I don't think anyone here knows that.”
    Alice smiled back him. “Well I think you guys do a pretty good job of it.”
    Aren't you one of 'us guys'?” Asked Robin.
    Alice looked slightly uncomfortable.“Uhm...well, I would like to be, but I guess, I'm not really, you know, one of the family...yet...I only have a song for this week, you know.”
    But you are spending Christmas with us, right?” He asked urgently.
    She shrugged. “I'm on the program.”
    The wide smile on the little frog was enough to warm the drafty theater. “Then I think that makes you one of the family. It makes us all family in a way.”
    Her smile of response to him had an edge of sadness to it. “Off to bed now, Robin.” She cooed, and patted him in the direction of his sleeping quarters. She sighed as she watched him hop away. “That would be nice.” She allowed herself to whisper before she wandered off through the cold theater to find a spot alone for herself.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    It was too cold to go back to sleep. Kermit rolled off his pallet and into a sitting position. It was quiet now, such a rare and wonderful thing. He was unused to seeing the theater dually so still and so filled with people. But watching them sleep was a nice thing: hearing them breathe and not worry about anything, not wonder whether he could handle it all, not wish that they could fix it themselves. Fozzie rested curled with his teddy-bear in his arms, likely having a nightmare about Statler and Waldorf, who were asleep in their own box. Gonzo on the banister with Camilla's feathered head nestled tenderly against him. Scooter where he had collapsed exhausted in a pile of pilfered blankets near the stairs. Miss Piggy—-he peered up at her dressing room door—-probably breathing softly, with her hair framing her face, and a picture of him next to the bed. He wished suddenly he was there and not the picture, but shook the thought from his mind. It was too cold to go back to sleep, and it wasn't getting any warmer. Despite Scooter's best efforts at persuasion, Kermit's heartfelt, rather un-manly begging, and a few threats from Uncle Deadly, J.P. Was refusing to fix the heating system after finding out the price. Yet again, small print on the dratted contract. He shivered a little. And that was only the least of their problems. The rest of them had to do with money they didn't own.
    A sudden cold chill struck him, and he turned to find Uncle Deadly perched next to him.
    Considering sneaking out, frog?” He asked in that chilling voice of his.
    No, just enjoying the quiet for a rare minute.”
    The Muppet's resident phantom sniffed “You don't have to tell me. I couldn't even haunt this evening.”
    Kermit shook his head. “I'm sorry about that.” He said quietly.
    Uncle Deadly looked at him significantly with his pin-point eyes. “It isn't your fault.”
    Yes it is. It's my job to look after stuff like that: we're a family and I provide for us. If I can't keep up with things, like putting a roof over their heads, who will?”
    Uncle Deadly didn't answer. He made a point of doing that often, as if he were trying to remind people of how detached he was, being dead and all. Kermit suddenly hated the habit. What's in your mind, frog?” He asked finally.
    Kermit looked down at his flippers. “I don't know--it's just, times like this... they make me miss Jim, I guess.”
    The phantom's eery gaze was on him again, but with a softer yellow light in his eyes. “I understand. We've all lost something. Some of us have lost much. One more large change—well it can bring back feelings from others.”
    Kermit wasn't used to hearing Uncle Deadly talk that way, but his words were true: He remembered when Jim had passed on, and Kermit had suddenly realized he was the leader. He had always been the leader, but now there was no one to default to. No one to lean on who was older, and wiser, and who understood. The sense of responsibility, the fear of failure, had been overwhelming at that time. Now it was creeping back up on him.
    He remembered Uncle Deadly was sitting next to him.
    “I guess you would know about loss, huh?” He asked good naturedly.
    The phantom nodded slowly, and meaningfully. Then he pointed towards the menagerie snoring on the floor.“You have good people there frog.....noisy, irrelivant and trespassing, but good. That is going to make the difference in the long run, not how well things turn out for you. Good people would only willfully choose a worthy leader. They chose you. The only way you could disappoint them would be to give up the job.”
    Kermit gazed at his friends, a tear creeping up in his eye. He turned back to thank Uncle Deadly, but the spirit had vanished into the drafty theater walls.
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    Ouuuuuuuch! That sounds incredibly painful. I suggest ice. It's miraculous stuff--unless you slip on it, which can cause you to require it.

    Completely understand. This forum seems alright with Times New Roman for copy/pasting purposes, although size can still be something of an issue... It's annoying.

    I also chose German because I hated Spanish. :p And because my great-grandmother was from Austria...

    Probably wise. Hebrew's tough. It's a completely different alphabet, and it reads in the opposite direction, and if you pick up a newspaper in Israel it won't have any vowels. I wish I were fluent, but all I can really do is sound it out (when the vowels are there) and occasionally understand a word or two.

    We love you, Miss Hannigan!

    Yay, more story! More story, please! When you have time! YAAAAY!

    Edit: There IS more story! YAAAAAAY! I must scroll up and read!
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    Okay... I understand Alice/Alison Dove is the insertion of bouncingbabyfig into the story.
    But who's Henry? Is that one of the two handimen Muppets seen in the Innertube pilot special of The Jim Henson Hour?

    Moving on to the story proper...
    <333 the entirety of Chapter 4, even the typos.
    Kermit appreciating a moment of rare quiet when everyone else's asleep...
    The sleeping arrangements...
    And Uncle D's cameo with words of wisdom to the frog!
    And then you get us with a reminder of Jim's passing.

    Learned much, at the feet of Master Toga, you have.
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    More please!
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