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The Curious Case of Kermit The Frog

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, May 22, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I forget what chapter is next! But... NEXT!!!

    Piggy was full of pain. The red electric is what killed her before... But if she's dead, it only hurts for a very long time. Piggy had a plan. If Piggy finds a way to stop infecting Kermit, she can save him, and herself. But the only way to do that is suicide.
    I'm sure you're wondering how someone who's dead, is able to commit suicide.
    Well... The undead Piggy, is not really dead, due to change in time.
    I'm also sure you're wondering what happened exactly.
    Well I'd be glad to explain.

    Roy, a demon in disguise, came to the Muppet Theatre, pretending to apply for a job. Kermit, being shorthanded, because an act went wrong, (And yes, it WAS Roy's fault.) had to hire Roy. What else was he supposed to do? Anyway, It was when Roy went up to Miss Piggy, that things took a turn for the worse...

    Piggy allowed him into the room. "How may I help you?" Piggy asked.
    "Why, yes in fact, Piggy my dear..." Roy had on his signature evil grin.
    Piggy gave him a look. "How...?"
    Roy kissed her gently.
    Piggy, clearly surprised, only backed up, until Roy pinned her up against the wall. She knew, it wasn't right at all. She belonged with Kermit... But... There was something about Roy that made him irrisistible to her, and that certain thing is, is that Roy is a demon that lives in her... And it escaped... Roy developed inside of Miss Piggy's brain.
    Roy kissed her again. And again. And again. And the final time he kissed her, he injected poison into her system. However, it didn't do as much as Roy thought it would. So he decided to use that red electricity.
    And it worked. Not only was it a deadly weapon, but it was also a hypnosis weapon.
    So... She was forced to do whatever he said.
    But. Kermit rescued her before she was unable to be unseen again.
    Which is why Undead Piggy was sent to Kermit's brain to kill him so that doesn't happen...
    And as long as Kermit is alive, Piggy is still half living...

    Piggy always crys at that memory. How could she have been so stupid...

    Ok, next chappie, will have more K/P in it. :)
  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh no he didn't! I am so intrigue with this suspense and the irony. More!
  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    It will cut off because I gotta go to school in 15 min. Eek!

    So, with undead Piggy in Kermit's brain, and Miss Piggy next to him, Kermit was unsure of what kind of day he was having. Piggy slept next to him in their plush bed, with the blue blankets. Piggy was snuggled up to him, and Kermit just lay there, listening to her slow, but steady breathing. He made a sound of content, and kissed her forehead, waiting for her beautiful eyes to flicker open. But instead of seeing her awaken from her beauty rest, he was summoned into his own mind.

    I thought I could do more than that.
    I'll type the rest later. :(
  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    Kermit walked into the icy archway, meeting with the dead version of his one true love.
    "What's up Piggy?" Kermit asked, tapping his frozen flipper on the equally frozen floor.
    Piggy shrugged. What she wanted to say, was that she needed to save him. By killing herself. But there's two reasons why that would not work.
    For starters, when Piggy dies, she gives off a poison effect, that only Roy could shield him from. And as you know, he wouldn't.
    Also, the way Piggy is connected to Kermit's brain, it makes her seem like a vital organ.
    So, unless Roy disconnects her from him, she would kill him along with herself.
    "Piggy, what did you call me in for?" Kermit asked.
    "I needed to tell you something."
    Piggy looked away. Then kissed him.
    He was so shocked, that he backed away. He didn't want to be in love with two different versions of his wife. Oh, why did love have to be complicated?

    I'm sleepy.
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    This is a great chapter, Miss Kermie. Kermit does have a point that he only love one pig and that's Miss Piggy. Oooooh! I like where this fanfic is going. :) :mad:
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    Kermit was with his real wife now. Actually enjoying himself, oblivious to the fact that his life hung by a thread. Inside his brain, was Undead Piggy, conversing with her other significant other, Roy Pig. In case you haven't noticed, he's the bad guy in all this.
    "Roy... I've been thinking..."
    "Well, I've been thinking about this whole Kermit situation, and... I realized that Kermit isn't what I want." Piggy sighed. Roy smirked. She seemed so sincere with her words, so sure of herself.
    "Did I hear you correctly, love?"
    Piggy smiled lightly, and nodded. "Of course."
    Roy's smirk morphed into a smile. "Then, pray tell... What do you want?"
    "Vous of course."
    Piggy's sexy attitude, manipulative baby blues, and the innocence of a woman, gave Piggy that certain charm, that effects every man she meets.
    "Oh really?" Roy stroked her cheek with a cold, bare hand.
    Piggy smiled, and nodded.
    "Mmm Hmm... Which is why I decided that I want to help destroy Kermit, for the betterment of our relationship."
    "And how do you plan to do so?" Roy asked, practically whispering in her ear.
    "Well... I need your demon powers..."
    Roy backed away from her. "You can't be serious."
    Piggy blushed a light pink, that looked white on her pale, icy blue skin.
    "...Hmm... Very well... Dispose of him as you wish..."
    Piggy kissed him, which was betraying Kermit in a way.
    "Thank you."

    Lord only know what she'll do next.
  7. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    And we're back in 3....2....1....

    Piggy knew what she did was wrong. She knew what the consenquences of her actions were. But that was beside the point. She had something that she needed to do.
    Since she had Roy's demon powers, she could do anything Roy can. Oh, how foolish he was to trust her! Piggy was happy as a pig. Because.... She is one. DUH.
    But more to the point, all she had to do was call Kermit and end this. Before it was too late. "KERMIE, I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!!" She shouted.
    Just like that, Kermit put himself to sleep, and was now face to face with the icy sillouette that was, undead Piggy.
    "What is it?" Kermit asked.
    "Well sweetheart, I am able to save you from death."
    "Uh, that's great! Why am I dying...?"
    "Never you mind that." Piggy used the powers she was given to encase Kermit in a protective dome. "Now keep still, and quiet." She whispered. Piggy used her power to disconnect herself from Kermit's brain, meaning, she's no longer a vital organ.
    Kermit stayed trapped inside a bubble. Oh, how odd it was to see the dark, and icy magic flow around her. While it was very mysterious, it was also quite majestic and beautiful. Just like her.
    Piggy couldn't hear him, as the protective bubble was like a sound barrier...
    As Piggy was about to take her own life, Roy flashed in, and Piggy's worst nightmares had been realized.
    "You DID betray me! I knew you weren't trustworhy!" Roy frowned.
    "Th-Then why'd you give me the powers?" Piggy asked.
    "Benefit of the doubt. Get him out of the bubble, and kill him." Roy commaned.
    "You..." Piggy stared at the ground, She was SICK and TIRED of being bossed around, abused, and... And being a big jerk because of him. She wasn't going to let him ruin her one chance of happiness.
    "You're not the boss of me!!!"
    Piggy seemed to transform into a monster of a majestic ice bride, who had a battle pack consisting of swords. Also with her demon powers, she possessed ice blasts, and the ability to freeze him. This battle was too easy... Until Roy adopted a form of his own. Roy transformed into this dark creature, who had the ability to surround her in poison darkness, and create shadow creatures, and figures that could put her in harms way. What an interesting battle this would become.

    "You brought this upon yourself Piggy Lee..."
    "Diddo to you, dummo." Her pride was restored with that small statement.
    As the battle begun, Kermit couldn't help but wonder who Roy was. Was he a secret, and jealous suitor of hers? Perhaps a genderbend of her? Or even a pig version of himself? Although, Kermit never imagined himself to have brown hair, if any. Whoever this guy was, he had a strong dislike for him.

    Piggy threw a few iceblasts at him, try to freeze him, but Roy skillfully dodged, and surrounded her in darkness. Piggy didn't care if she died... But Roy needed to die first. If she died first, Roy could easily kill Kermit afterward. And how tragic that would be...
    Piggy tried to bear it for as long as she could. "For Kermie, For Kermie..." She told herself. With that strong piece of inspiration, she pushed out of the puff of darkness, to deliver a swift punch to Roy's jaw. Leaving him in pain. But that didn't stop him. He created shadow creatures of everyone of her friends. Jaz, Fozzie, Kermit, even Gonzo. Now, for the living Piggy, taking them down would be a piece of cake. But for undead Piggy, she hasn't talked to them in so long, that she doesn't even remember how vurnerable they were.
    The shadows trampeled her, and were poisoning her, until Kermit yelled as lound as he could, lucky enough to be barely audible, "JAZ DOESN'T LIKE THE WORDS, 'GAME OVER.' TELL HER THAT!" Piggy yelled, with whatever energy she had left, "GAME OVER!" That eliminated Shadow Jaz immediately.
    Roy couldn't believe that. He was speechless.
    Piggy said a few insulting things about his jokes, and poof, there went shadow Fozzie. Next was Kermit. She already knew. "HIIIIII-YAAAAAAAH!!!" A swift karate chop caused shadow Kermit's demise.
    Then Gonzo gave up, because frankly, he was scared.

    Roy was now infuriated.
    "No matter, I'll have to deal with you myself..." Roy placed his hands around her neck, and emitted poison, and red electric.
    Piggy shed tears, whining.
    Images of Kermit flashed before her eyes...
    Piggy held strong, and ended Roy by swiftly slipping out of his grip, and making him shock, and poison himself... Until he died.

    Piggy just fell next to Kermit, using the small bit of energy, to place her hand on top of his protective bubble. Her eyes told him everything would be fine.

    Kermit sure hoped so...
  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I knew I forgot to reply back earlier.

    I did love the line, "You're not the boss of me." That is so Miss Piggy. Oh, I hope Kermit will be okay right after what Piggy has been through that that EVIL Roy.
  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ok, this... May or may not be the last chapter....
    Depends if I want an epilouge.
    Probably will. Just sayin'. :)


    Piggy's breathing was slowing down, and Kermit couldn't be more worried.
    "Piggy, are you alright?" Kermit asked.
    Piggy was too weak. She could speak, but not hear. The poison in her system was settling within her, and she had only a little bit of time left for life.
    "Piggy, please..."
    As soon as Kermit heard her sweet voice, he placed one green hand on the bubble, and matched it with hers.
    "Kermie... I-I'm sorry you were put through all of this... At first, I was going to follow Roy's every command... But then Igot to know you... I couldn't kill you... I-I couldn't hurt you... Becaus-... Beca-..."
    She was losing her breathe, and all brain power at the moment. She was about to die. Kermit's eyes widened, and he literally was willing to bust the force of dark magic keeping them apart. Try as he might, he couldn't do it. As Piggy approached death, hazy images of her past before her life as part of the undead. Then she mumbled, "Take good care of Miss Piggy." Hearing her, Kermit could only shed a tear.
    As Piggy laid to rest, she gave off her poison effect, that made Kermit understand the purpose of the bubble. When the poison wore off, the bubble bursted, allowing Kermit to plant one last kiss on her frigid lips.
    Somehow, he felt this whole thing was his fault...

    Kermit was awoken by the soft murmurs of his wife. At least one of them survived.
    He looked at the time, and realized that he slept longer than he thought. It was exactly 11:35pm. Kermit then switched his attention to his wife, who wore a silky gown, and snuggled up to him while he was asleep. Kermit smiled, and wrapped a slim arm around her wide figure. Then a question popped up, which caused him to gently shake her awake.
    "Mmm... Yes Kermie?" Piggy yawned, flickering her eyes open.
    Kermit was quite shocked at how easy she woke up.
    "Piggy can I ask you something? Do you know a pig named Roy?"
    Piggy froze, and stared into Kermit's eyes, looking much like her dead, frigid twin.
    "I... Well... In a dream, I do."
    Kermit blushed. He was unsure why. Perhaps it was the sweetness of her voice.
    "I think we need to talk..."
    So Kermit explained himself, and since Roy had apparently been in Piggy's dreams, Piggy believed every word he said.
    "...And Piggy, er... I killed him?" Piggy asked.
    Kermit nodded, and smiled at reference to the third person.
    Piggy blushed. Sure she always thought of herself, as short fused, especially when she put on that diva act of hers, but she would never imagine, or plan a death of another.
    "Kermit, are you positive than I'm... dead...? And Roy too?
    Kermit nodded. "Positive. Now let's go to bed. It's really late, and I am so sleepy."
    Piggy giggled at the fact that he's been asleep all day.
    "Good night Kermie."
    "G'night Piggy."

  10. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I'm finishing this baby up with an Avenue Q song!

    As the morning came, Kermit and Piggy were sleeping in the rays of the sunlight.
    Piggy's eyes flickered, to look at the face of her true love, Kermit the frog.
    "Kermie..." She nuzzled into his chest, and Kermit, as if by instinct, wrapped his arms around her.

    Watching from above, was the undead Piggy... Or... Angel Piggy now. Angel Piggy watched from above, what she wished was her. She continued to dream, until she felt a tap on her shoulder. As she hastily turned around, she was startled by who it was.
    "Kermit...? Wh-What are you..."
    "I killed myself so I could be with you Piggy. I... I realize that I don't want her down there... I... I want you up here..." Kermit got a little closer to her.

    Angel Piggy:
    Oh, Kermie... Have you been shy all this time?
    Have we been hiding from each other?
    I wonder,
    All those nights I lay in bed
    Thoughts of you running through my head.

    But I never thought the things in my head
    Could really happen in my head.

    All those years I missed the signs,
    Couldn't read between the lines.
    Who'd have thought I would see the day
    Where I'd hear you say
    What I heard you say
    And now I find
    What was always in my mind
    Was in your mind too
    Who knew
    Fantasies come true
    And now I see
    That what I'd always dreamed of
    Was meant to be
    You and me
    Me and you
    Fantasies come true

    (musical interlude)

    Angel Piggy:
    You and me lived in fantasy
    But soon will be a reality.


    Thanks for going on a date with me Jaz.

    Jaz: The pleasure's mine... I think you're amazing...

    Heh, I want you to have this.
    It's a penny I carry around with me for good luck.
    It's from the year I was born, see.
    Who knows, maybe it'll bring you good luck.
    It did for me, I found you.
    I want you to know
    The time that we've spent
    How great it's been
    How much it's meant.

    Gosh, i don't know what to say.
    I'm really glad you feel that way,
    Cuz I'm afraid that I like you more
    Than I've ever liked any guy before.

    Angel Piggy:
    Cause now

    Cause now

    Angel Piggy:
    My love

    My love
    Jaz and Angel Piggy:
    I'm getting what I've always been dreaming of

    Angel Piggy:
    So are you

    Ooh Fozzie

    Jaz and Angel Piggy:
    Fantasies come true

    And now

    Angel Piggy:
    And now

    I swear

    Angel Piggy:
    I swear that

    Jaz and Angel Piggy:
    When you want me I'm gonna be right there

    Angel Piggy:
    To care

    To care

    Jaz and Angel Piggy:
    For you.

    That's what I'm gonna do

    Angel Piggy:
    Make your fantasies


    Jaz and Angel Piggy:
    Come true

    Angel Piggy:
    Fantasies come true

    Angel Piggy was awoken by a friend of hers named Autumn. She was apparently asleep in the angel's resting room.
    "Piggy, you're singing in your sleep..." Autumn said.
    "I... I am? I was?" Piggy asked.
    "Yeah. I just came to bed myself." Autumn settled herself in bed. "Goodnight Piggy."
    "Oh, uh, goodnight Autumn..."
    Piggy closed her eyes.
    "Goodnight Kermie..."
    She whispered.
  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I have two things to say, I love Avenue Q and two wow just wow this song is nice and little bit bittersweet. More story please,
  12. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Well, I cannot give you more, because I forget these words:


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