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Sesame Street Live: Can't Stop Singing

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by StarrFilter, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    In light of recent events, I hope The Count does have speaking role in this show. It would be nice, not to mention very emotional, hearing Jerry Nelson's voice again. Sad to know this will be the last new SSL he will be a part of.
  2. StarrFilter Member

    That would be really nice. Unfortunately, I have a strong feeling he's the medium understudy character :(
  3. catherine Active Member

    that would be bad not to hear that voice and to say yes that was him.
  4. StarrFilter Member

    Yep... As I suspected, Count and Telly are definitely the medium and tall understudy characters :-/
  5. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    I take it you saw that YouTube vid too?

    But yeah, no denying I'm upset about that. A show without Telly is just weird, since he adds so much to the story. And The Count as an understudy? I'm sorry, but Count to me is a character you don't mute. Even if he isn't a crowd favorite, it's the respect & seniority of the character. Count has had a role in every SSL show...just seems odd they'd do this now. Btw, I guess the Honkers are on holiday? :-P

    Negatives aside, the show looks good! Zoe's speaking again, Hoots is back, and we've got Murray. I gotta say, while this show is good, could you imagine how epic it would be if done with a cast of 17 muppets?
  6. StarrFilter Member

    No, I asked my friend who's in the show :)

    But there's a YouTube vid?? Please share!!!
  7. StarrFilter Member

    I'm pretty sure the reason count is an understudy is because Jerry Nelson was very ill during pre production of this show.
  8. StarrFilter Member

    Nevermind. Found it!!! :laugh:

    SSLFan likes this.
  9. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    It's interesting...when you think about it, the only characters who've never been u/s in a show are Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, and Oscar. I believe even an early Elmo was an u/s once, correct? It's just interesting how SS changes over time.
  10. StarrFilter Member

    Yes, it's is very interesting. I think Elmo was only an understudy in the theatre version of Let's Play School. Side note: LPS was actually the first show to do a trimmed down "theater" version :-D
  11. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Wow that is something...Elmo was just peaking in popularity around that time, lol.

    So I hear Ernie & Baby Bear are splitting tracks, Bert's performer also is a sheep, Big Bird's performer is a penguin & backlight performer. Any idea who's doing Oscar, Hoots, and Murray Starrfilter?
  12. StarrFilter Member

    The performer playing Murray also does Oscar, Hoots AND a sheep. During fully cast shows, Prairie is the 3rd sheep. Grover and Count play penguins as well
  13. StarrFilter Member

    So in the video above, "Murray" and "Prairie" are the other sheep. And that there is the full CSS Cast
  14. Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    How you guys figure this stuff out I'll never know.
    muppetlover123 likes this.
  15. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Okay thanks for breaking it down, lol. Goodness that's a lot of costume changes. I have so much respect for those performers for that.

    Edit...lol @ Oscarfan's post above.
  16. StarrFilter Member

    @Oscarfan I used to work for the company and I have a few friends who still do the SSL shows :)
  17. StarrFilter Member

  18. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that's the opening? No Bert & Ernie I see.
  19. StarrFilter Member

    Haha! Yep. I noticed the same. What's even more weird for me is to see Telly and Count as mute understudies. Especially Telly! I'd almost rather they just use Honker and Grungetta. Telly is So not a "background" character, you know?
  20. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Lol exactly. Just like they did for 123 Imagine. This show, while cute, has a weird cast. I'm still shocked B&E aren't in the opening.

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