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Sesame Street Boston Art Exhibit

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by ktyrd007, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. ktyrd007

    ktyrd007 New Member

    New to the site!


    I'm new to the site, but just wanted to share an interesting exhibit up in Boston right now. Gallery XIV is showing Michael Costello, a painter who uses models and still life to create beautiful pieces. The show up now is based on Sesame Street! I love the three pieces that greet you when you walk in, Elmo, Ernie and Grover! For all you art lovers and Sesame lovers, check it out! The prices are pretty good too, but you had better hurry because the exhibit is coming down soon!

    Check out www.galleryxiv.com to see pictures of the show and to get directions to their 37 Thayer st address in Boston, MA!

  2. Teenager's

    Teenager's Well-Known Member

    Ah Man!....I wish I was in Boston....

    Will there be/are there prints?
  3. ktyrd007

    ktyrd007 New Member

    Gallery XIV

    i'm not sure if there will be prints, but you could always buy the original! Prices Range from 1,800 or so up to 18,000. There are three adorable images of ernie, elmo and grover that are pretty reasonable! i would recommend checking out the website and even contacting the gallery! the site is www.galleryxiv.com

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