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Questions about Jim Henson's Animal Show

Discussion in 'Family Worlds' started by The Count, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. The Count Moderator

    Hi guys, I'm looking for infor on the following characters from Jim Henson's Animal Show.
    Andrew the Reindeer: Performed by John Ecclestone.
    The Anteater, similar to Flaubert from MTI, from 3rd Season.
    Eve: Performed by Bill Baretta.
    Rhonda the Rat Reporter: Performed by Louise Gold.
    Rudy the Road Runner.
    Sean Rabbit.
    Please provide descripts of these characters, and if possible what they were like. Also, please provide a name for the Anteater listed above if you have it. Post here with your replies, and I'll hope to hear from you guys soon.
    Thanks and have a good day.
  2. Xerus Active Member

    I think Andrew the Reindeer had some kind of Scandanavian accent and he sang a song called, Reindeer on the Beach.

    The Anteater that was a guest was actually an aardvark and her name was Arlene.

    Rhonda looked a lot like one of the rats from the Muppet Show, and she had a blonde wig.

    Rudy the Road Runner sounded a lot like Pepe.

    Sean the Rabbit had an Irish accent.

    As for what these characters look like, I'll have to get back to you on that. I have all the episodes taped and I can look through all of them and find out.
  3. Xerus Active Member

    P.S. Eve was a huge cockroach that wears a chef's hat an apron and I always thought he was voiced by Steve Whitmire.
    Also the roach made his first appearance on the Jim Henson Hour where he had a huge chef fight with the Swedish Chef. And he also made an appearance on Muppet Treasure Island.
  4. The Count Moderator

    You have all 65 episodes of JHAS?!? That's vonderful! Xerus, please either post here or contact me via E-mail through the forum so that we can talk about the character list from JHAS. Got a whole slew of characters I got from one of my sources, and would like to clear up a few doubts with you if that's OK. Would also love for you to contact me, cause then I can share the character list I got and get the list of guests/episodes I found on a PAZZ website.
    Hope to hear from you soon, and have a great day.
  5. Klonoa New Member

    It's also cool that you knew about Joe the Armadillo being on Animal Show first as a different character.

    There was a wildebeest character in that show that sounded like Joel from MST3K. Of course I know it wasn't Joel, duh, but it was funny how he sounded like him.

  6. The Count Moderator

    Klonoa, after reading through the posts here...
    1 The wildebeest character's name is Frankie, or "Frankie the Wildebeest".
    2 Not sure where you inferred that Joe the Armadillo was already hinted at and recognized as an earlier character from JHAS.
    3 Don't worry though, my source already provided a batch of character names/descripts, including Dooly the Armadillo and said what you're hinting at anyway.
    4 Joe the Armadillo will be added in due time, once my Danish source contacts me with the KSY character list.

    If you could, please contact me ASAP so we can go over the character list I got, along with the character/episode list I found online to finalize the JHAS characters and get everyone added to the Muppet Listings.
    Hope to hear from you soon, and have a good day.
  7. muppet_dk Active Member

    Well all you need is to ask me for it and you will get it :)
  8. The Count Moderator

    Didn't you get my J4 message? Thought I asked you just that. Well, no worries, hope I didn't step on any toes.
    Talk to you guys soon.
  9. muppet_dk Active Member

    No I did not get that.
  10. Xerus Active Member

    Hey there, The Count. :)

    Sure, I can answer your Animal Show questions. If you'll give me some time, I'll just get my tapes and fast foward through them and I can give you the info on all the animal guests and what their names were. What questions do you have for me right now?
  11. The Count Moderator

    Just sent E-mail to Muppet_dk, hope he gets it this time. And since I can't E-mail Xerus, I'll just post my questions for him/her here.
    Greetings from the Count! Hi Xerus, thanks for helping me out with the complete JHAS character list so that they can be added to the Muppet Listings.
    Here's what I got from my trusted source so far.
    Alexis the Giraffe.
    Andrew the Reindeer.
    Archilles the Shark.
    Arlene the Aardvark.
    Armstrong the Chickenhawk.
    Awanna the Babboon.
    Bernice the Wart Hog.
    Billybob the Lemur.
    Blanche the Manatee.
    Bosko the Babboon.
    Bubba the Walrus.
    Bunnie Bear.
    Chauncey the Turtle.
    Chuck the Lion.
    Dkembe the Gemsbok.
    Dooly the Armadillo.
    Dullard the Aardvark.
    Frankie the Alligator.
    Frankie the Wildebeest.
    Gilda the Gorilla.
    Gufrey the Vulture.
    Harry the Rhinoceros.
    Hector the Spider Monkey.
    Hillary the Owl.
    Jackie the Orangutan.
    Jake the Polar Bear.
    Jared the Tiger.
    Jonny the Wolf.
    Kasey the Kangaroo.
    Lazlo the Hyena.
    Leapovitch the Frog.
    Lenny the Gorilla.
    Lulu the Potto.
    Malcolm the Lion.
    Maxine the Elephant.
    Mel the Lemur.
    Milton the Blue-Footed Booby.
    Morton the Beaver.
    Namis the Frog.
    Octavio the Octopus.
    Ollie the White Anteater.
    Penelope the Yellow-Footed Tortoise.
    Phoenicia the Hippopotamus.
    Plunk the Sea Otter.
    Ralph the Moose.
    Randall the Zebra.
    Rhonda the Raccoon.
    Rhonda the Rat Reporter.
    Ringo the Elephant.
    Rudy the Road Runner.
    Sasha the Siberian Tiger.
    Sean the Rabbit.
    Sly the Alligator.
    Stinky the Skunk.
    Timothy the Owl.
    Tizzy Bee.
    Travis the African Buffalo.
    Trudy the Chimp.
    Vernon the Grizzly Bear.
    Warren the Wart Hog.
    Yves St. La Roach.

    1 If you could, please confirm that these names are correct.
    2 If you could, please say who performed each character and what season they belong to.
    3 In the character/episode guide I found online, it mentioned "Crocodile" twice and there were no mentions of alligators. So are Frankie and Sly crocodiles or alligators?
    4 The character of "Eve" as performed by Bill Baretta was a mention I found when searching for characters from this show on www.imdb.com. So, is there a character named Eve who isn't Yves St. La Roach? If so, please provide descripts of how these two characters differ from each other.
    5 Also, please provide full descripts of the following characters, which I'm still missing.
    Andrew the Reindeer.
    Rhonda the Rat Reporter.
    Rudy the Road Runner.
    Sean the Rabbit.
    Maybe this seems like a good first batch of questions for now. Please reply ASAP by either posting in the thread or via E-mail. Once we get these squared away, we can get started on the rest of the cast of characters. Hope to hear from you soon, and thanks for all your help!
  12. Skekayuk Member

    Bunnie Bear. - Louise Gold (Season II)
    Jake the Polar Bear. - Steve Whitmire (Seasons I, II & III)
    Maxine the Elephant. - probably Catherine Smee (she certainly performed an Elephant guest in the same episode as Dave the Human Being in Season III)
    Rhonda the Rat Reporter. - Louise Gold (Season III)
    Stinky the Skunk. - Dave Goelz (Seasons I, II & III)
    Tizzy Bee. - Karen Prell (Season I) , Louise Gold (Season II & III)
    Yves St. La Roach. - Steve Whitmire (Definitely Season III, probably II, possibly I)

    Two other Season III characters you didn't mention werre Clive The Kwiwi (Season III), and Dave the Human Being (Season III). The former may have been performed by Mike Quinn (not absolutley sure - would have to watch it again to check). The latter was probably voiced (though not puppeteered) by Dave Goelz.

    Sometimes when trying to identify who is performing a character, there are all sorts of little clues. For example Is the character being puppeteered Right or Left handed? Its customery to puppeteer Right Handed, but Animal Show puppeteers do happen to be Left-handed (and puppeteer that way), so in Season I if any character is puppeteered Left-handed than Mike Quinn is probably performing it. In Seasons II & III, if its puppeteered left-handed then it is probably being performed by either Mike Quinn or Louise Gold.
    Another odd point to mention, is voicing. Until Catherine Smee (who did some performering in Season III of The Animal Show) came along, Louise Gold was the only female puppeteer habitually doing English accents as a matter of course. However, both Catherine and Louise can do cockney accents (Catherine was the cockney-sounding elephant in Season III).

    Hope that helps
  13. BlueFrackle Active Member

    Dave the Human was voiced and puppeteered by Bill Barretta.
  14. The Count Moderator

    Yes, thank you Emma, it does help.

    1 Reason why I didn't list "Clive the Kiwi Bird" nor "Dave the Human Being" is cause:
    a. My trusted source didn't have them on hand in the list he provided me,
    b. This is the first I hear about those characters.
    2 If you could, please provide full descripts of what both your mentioned characters look like.
    3 Another reason why I started asking these questions is cause I'm blind and I don't have any JHAS episodes in my collection. Any and all informative help with these characters will be appreciated.
    4 Was Maxine the "Indian Elephant" featured on the same episode as Dave the Human Being? Or was that Ringo?
    Well, hope to hear from all of you soon, and have a good day.
  15. Xerus Active Member

    Hi again the Count. :)

    To answer your first question, I am a guy.

    And as for animal descriptions. Please give me a few days to look through all my videos and I'll e-mail you a list of all the guests and their descriptions. But I can answer some of the questions you posted right now though.

    1 If you could, please confirm that these names are correct.

    Yes, I think you got most of the names correct. Except that Ollie is a tapir, not an anteater. I also kind of wished that Ollie stuck around so she could be a guest on the show and talk about tapirs. And maybe do a song too. Oh well.

    >2 If you could, please say who performed each character and what season they belong to.

    I mostly recognize when Bill Baretta, Karen Prell, and Louis Gold are doing characters while Dave and Steve are busy doing Jake and Stinky most of the time. But the others I'm not sure of since I hardly heard them do other voices.

    3 In the character/episode guide I found online, it mentioned "Crocodile" twice and there were no mentions of alligators. So are Frankie and Sly crocodiles or alligators?

    They were both crocodiles. It really bothered me how they kept bringing back the same animals they already interviewed.

    4 The character of "Eve" as performed by Bill Baretta was a mention I found when searching for characters from this show on www.imdb.com. So, is there a character named Eve who isn't Yves St. La Roach? If so, please provide descripts of how these two characters differ from each other.

    The other time I've seen another cockroach chef was on the Jim Henson Hour and he was voiced by Steve. He and the Swedish Chef had a couple of chef fights on that series.

    5 Also, please provide full descripts of the following characters, which I'm still missing.
    Andrew the Reindeer.
    Rhonda the Rat Reporter.
    Rudy the Road Runner.
    Sean the Rabbit.

    Andrew, I can't remember yet. But I do remember he had a Scandinavian accent.
    Rhonda was a Muppet Show rat who had long blonde hair
    Rudy, I'll have to get back to you on that, but he had a Spanish accent though.
    And I'll have to get back to you on Sean the Rabbit, but I remember he had an Irish accent.

    And I think Ringo and Maxine were the same Muppet elephant they used. Only they called Maxine an Indian elephant.

    And Dave was a Muppet human who wore glasses, and a checkered shirt. But I forgot his hair color though. I'll have to get back to you on that.

    Clive the Kiwi was actually the Limburg Muppet from the Jim Henson Hour, only without clothes.

    And I do believe Katherine Smee voiced Penelope the Tortoise for Louise Gold as Rhonda interviewed her that time.

    That's all I can tell you for now.
  16. Xerus Active Member

    P.S. Maxine the Indian Elephant and Dave the Human appeared on the same show and they did a song together.

    Ringo the Elephant and Eugene the Hunting Dog were in another episode.

    Also there was an episode where Sam the Eagle guest starred and he became shocked and appalled when he saw a film about eagles living in the wild. For he obviously was a civilized eagle.
  17. The Count Moderator

    Thank you very much Xerus, I'll await your E-mail with the complete character/descript list then.
    1 Eve, I'll forget about this one since it seems like it's a mistake. The other cockroach chef is named Jacques the Roach from JHH, and is the same puppet/character as Yves St. La Roach.
    2 If it helps, Andrew the Reindeer is on the same episode from Season 3 as Sasha the Siberian Tiger.
    3 Sam the Eagle was included in the list I got from my trusted source, but he's already been listed anyway.
    Thanks again, and I'll make a few changes based on your suggestions. That, and wait for your E-mail. Take your time, just so long as it's complete and you do your best.
    Hope this helps and have a good night.
  18. Skekayuk Member

    If Maxine The Indian Elephant was in the sketch with Dave The Human Being (who incidentally while performed by Bill Barretta, is supposed to be based-on Dave Goelz), then Maxine was performed and voiced by Katherine Smee.
  19. Xerus Active Member

    Hi, The Count. :)

    It's kind of hard to watch all 65 episodes of the Animal Show in just a few days. So if it's okay, I'd like to give you the character descriptions a few posts at a time. Here's what I found out about the first 5 episodes I reviewed.

    Stinky the Skunk is a black and white skunk voiced by Dave Goelz.

    Jake the Polar Bear is a white bear with black eyes, glasses, and a red bow tie voiced by Steve Whitmire.

    Armstrong the Chicken Hawk is a brown and white chested hawk with a black beak and voiced by Bill Baretta.

    Ollie the Tapir is a gray tapir with moveable hands and voiced by Karen Prell.

    Tizzy the Bee is a black and yellow bee that’s a computer generated muppet and voiced by Karen Prell in the first season, then Louise Gold in the second.

    Yves St. La Roach is a big brown roach with a white chef’s hat and apron and he's voiced by either Steve Whitmire or Bill Baretta. I'm not sure anymore.

    Bunny Bear is a small brown bear with black eyes with a flowered necklace voiced by Louise Gold.

    Rhonda the Rat is a brown Muppet Show rat with blonde hair and voiced by Louise Gold.

    Dullard the Aardvark is a brown aardvark who started out as Arlene the Aardvark and I’m guessing Bill Baretta voiced him.

    Chuck the Lion is a big light brown lion with a dark brown mane with a royal British accent. (puppeteer unknown).

    Randal the Zebra is a black and white striped zebra with a voice that sounds like Bobo the Bear. Probably by Bill Baretta.

    Sly the Crocodile was a long green croc who sounded like Sylvester Stallone. I'm guessing Bill Baretta.

    Dooley the Armadillo was a golden bumpy armadillo who had a nervous voice like Squiggy. (puppeteer unkown.

    Victor the Rattlesnake was a yellow snake with purple linings around his mouth. (puppeteer unknown.)

    Rhonda the Raccoon was a gray and black raccoon voiced by Karen Prell.

    Charolette the Penguin was a black and white penguin voiced by Karen Prell.

    Clive the Kiwi was originally the Limburg Muppet from the Jim Henson Hour. And he was brown with a long beak and moveable hands. Which is odd because kiwi's don't have wings. (puppeteer unknown.)

    That's all I can tell you for now. But I'll try to post up the next list of descriptions in a few days. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at culpit70@yahoo.com

    Have a nice day. :)

  20. Zondra New Member

    They reused Lindbergh? :cry:
    It always makes me sad when they do that.

    I remember the thing with Sam the Eagle...

    But why don't I remember seeing this show? What channel was it on?

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