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Pigs singing the Happy Wanderer

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Bill Bubble Guy, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Since nobody has of yet responded to this question I asked later on within my previous thread about Songs done by the pigs on the show I thought I'd post it on its own.
    Do any of you remember the time when they performed this favourite song of mine on the John Denver episode and what did you think of it?
  2. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Incidentally I've been recently wondering who had the idea for this excellent sequence? I heard once that the late John Denver had quite a unique sense of humour and the thought has occurred to me that The Happy Wanderer may have been his own personal suggestion to the Muppeteers.
    Can anyone shed some light on whether this is true or exactly whose clever idea was it please?
  3. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    So any sort of replies at all?
  4. Fraggleforever New Member

    Actually, I remember on the special that I bought on tape a few years ago, "John Denver and the Muppets, a Rocky Mountain holiday," Animal sang a few lines from the song while carrying the Muppet's "bare essentials."
    Animal: Valderie!
    Valder ah ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Valderie!!
  5. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    I've never seen that special but that's very interesting. And thank you for giving me a reply. I've been hoping to see this thread start in earnest for a little bit of a while now.:)
  6. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Three of the pigs are ascending a mountain singing the song. During the chorus the one on the end suddenly falls off. The other two naturally have had a bit of a shock and caution each other to be very careful but after another verse again during the chorus the second one falls off. The last one is starting to feel very fearful and whimpers during his solo verse and chorus but he is relieved to find he has kept his footing but just as he wraps up the song two great big huge enormous boulders come cascading down on top of him. This is I feel by far the best comedy number TMS ever had.
    I wanted to give you a chance to reply before I gave a description of it but now can anyone tell me whose idea exactly it was and whether you like it too please?
  7. ReneeLouvier Active Member

    OMG. I loved that skit!! :D
  8. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Thank you ReneeLouvier. You have perfect taste:excited:
  9. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Just for the record I have now found out that John himself had nothing to do with the writing of the Pigs in the Alps sketch. I still don't know with any certainty whose idea it was but I've heard that it was probably either Jerry Juhl(may he rest in peace) or Chris Langham.
  10. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Dil since you love the Happy Wanderer performance so much I thought I'd bump this old thread of mine up to give you a chance to see it

    Bill "Marty" Bubble Guy
  11. maniacal muppet Active Member

    Now I remeber this sketch! I loved it but couldn't find the episode:)
  12. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    I remember that sketch too! It cracked me up! HAHAHA!!!!!
  13. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    :) I am very pleased that some people remember and love that sketch very well:excited:
    Anybody remember the goat appearing at the very end implying that he was making the poor pigs fall to their doom and pushing those boulders into the last one LOL:D
  14. crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    I remember that too! HAHAHA!!!!!
  15. dpurves New Member

    I definitely remember that one! In fact, back in 3rd grade we were doing The Happy Wanderer song as part of the school Christmas play, and I remember that this episode aired while we were practicing for it, so the next day everyone was all excited because we were doing the same song that they had on The Muppet Show.

    That was a great skit! Thanks for bringing back that memory. Oh, and thanks for also bringing back the bad memory of that Christmas play.
  16. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    You're welcome dpurves. But if you don't mind me asking why do you have a bad memory of your Christmas play?

    You don't have to answer that if you'd rather not my friend.
  17. dpurves New Member

    Actually, it's because we had to do this dance along with the song, and my friend and I were up in the front during most of the practices, but we just couldn't get it right and our teacher said that we looked like we were just throwing our bodies back and forth, so they wound up sticking us in the back so no one could see us. Then my father got mad because he brought his camera but couldn't get any good pictures of me because there were so many people in front of me, and I was too embarrassed to explain why I got put in the back.

    I feel like I'm in therapy.:)
  18. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Well never mind. Nobody is perfect:sympathy: :)
  19. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    So anyway is there anybody out there who can give me any definite information as to who wrote The Happy Wanderer sketch please?
  20. Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Bump. I love this thread. Let's see if any new members comment upon it.

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