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Outatime!: A Muppets/Back to the Future Crossover

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppetwriter, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    After two months, I'm finally back with a new chapter! Enjoy! :)

    Chapter Seven: Family Roots
    November 22nd, 2011
    5:19 PM
    With Angela’s current situation, the team was forced to regroup, deciding to arrive just a day before Joie did to figure out what was going on. They went to the pizzeria that had replaced Pete’s Luncheonette in 2011 and sat at a booth to determine why Angela was regressing in age. McFly ordered them a pizza, mainly because he, Phineas, and Ferb were hungry. Food was evidently the last thing on Angela’s mind as she was too focused on the image of the 29-year-old woman looking back at her from the napkin dispenser.

    Looking at her, Sean commented, “It was heavy enough that you de-aged yourself after that trip to 2035, Doc. Now you’re practically behind your prime.”

    “This is a side effect of the paradoxes Joie has created across the universe, Sean.” Angela explained. “It’s hitting me the hardest because I’ve traveled through time more than you boys and even Tannen have.”

    “Do you know how young you’ll get, Doctor Brown?” Phineas asked.

    “Well, judging from how I bounced from thirty-six to twenty-nine over such a short period, I could very well revert to Sean’s age in less than a few hours. A few hours more, then I’ll be close to you and your brother’s age. After that…well…I just hope there’s a good place to put a zygote in before it dissolves and becomes goo.”

    Her depiction of her strange fate could not have come at a worse time for Sean, who saw the pizza he ordered arrive at the conclusion of Angela’s hypothesis. “Suddenly, I don’t feel so hungry anymore,” he said while Phineas and Ferb gathered their slices.

    Angela’s lightly touched McFly’s arm with a sense of comfort. “I’ll be alright. All we need to do is find out where Joie was able to get that paradox-permitting device. She clearly doesn’t have the smarts to make it herself, so she had to get some help.”

    Phineas considered Angela’s plan of action and made a suggestion: “Hey, Ferb and I know someone who might be able to help us. He actually lives near Hill Valley and has an expertise in time travel. His name is Donald Davenport.”

    “Good deal, Phineas.” Sean said. “Can you call and let him know that we need his help in our problem?”

    “Certainly,” acknowledged Phineas, before he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket. “Good thing I’ve got him on speed dial. We collaborate a lot on inventions he uses for his company.”

    As Phineas commenced in contacting Donald Davenport, Sean suddenly heard the voice of an angry man shout from behind the counter, “Hey, McFly!” Instinctively, he looked in the direction of the front counter and saw the diner owner – a burly, bearded black man with a stained apron and baseball cap with the name of the pizzeria stitched on it – pointing a spatula his way and yelling, “I thought I told you never to come in late again! You don’t think I’d notice you sittin’ on your butt over there and playin’ Angry Birds!” Sean knew that he didn’t even work at the pizzeria any more than he knew what “Angry Birds” was. The pizzeria owner clearly had the wrong person named McFly. “I’ve got an order you need to deliver now or your butt is fired!”

    Sean was ready to tell the pizzeria owner off for talking to him like he actually worked there, but a voice spoke out directly behind him and told the owner, “I’m so sorry, Mister Johnson. It won’t happen again.”

    The voice belonged to a girl who walked past Sean’s booth, giving him a full view of her. She was a few years younger than Sean and a Caucasian brunette. At the time Sean caught sight of her, she was wearing white Nike shoes (same brand he wore), a black t-shirt with the pizzeria name labeled on the front, and blue jeans-shorts. The girl, who also bore the last name of “McFly,” nervously walked to the front counter to pick up the seven boxes of pizza that she had to carry out through the front door.

    Realizing ahead of time how much trouble the girl would have in getting the door open with the heavy load of pizzas in hand, Sean got up from the booth and rushed over to open the door for her. The girl smiled as she walked out. “Thanks,” she told him. “Now the real trick is getting these in my truck.”

    Sean looked outside towards the parking lot of the pizzeria to see a black Toyota Hilux 4x4 parked right beside the DeLorean. The mild condition of the vehicle had shown that it was passed down from owner to owner until it landed in the pizza delivery girl’s possession. “I own a 4x4 just like that one,” Sean said.

    The girl chuckled. “Yours is probably in better condition than mine. My father gave me this one. It’s only temporary, of course, until I earn enough money delivering pizzas to get a new one.”

    Sean blinked rapidly in surprise upon the coincidences that shrouded the girl – last name of “McFly” and inheriting a Toyota from her father that was the same model as his back in 1996. “Um…I hope this doesn’t come off as a weird question, but…w-who is your father?”

    “Sean McFly.” The girl answered. “Why? Do you know him?”

    Sean felt his body go numb from the sudden discovery that this pizza delivery girl was in actuality his daughter from the future. He could barely answer her question as he said, “Y-Yeah…H-He’s a friend…of mine.”

    His awkward response prompted the girl to look at him for the first time in their exchange, and she then began to recognize him. “You look seriously familiar.”

    “Well, I…”


    He turned around to find Angela, Phineas, and Ferb quickly exiting the pizzeria and making their way to the DeLorean. “Davenport says that if we want to meet with him, it’s got to be tonight, because he’s leaving for an important business trip tomorrow,” Angela hurriedly told him. “We’ve got to go now.”

    Sean looked to his future daughter, whose eyes impulsively registered shock. It seemed as if Angela calling out his name ultimately clued his daughter in on who he really was. Forced to choose between explaining to his future daughter how a younger version of her father was in 2011 and going with Angela, Phineas, and Ferb to save all time and space, Sean obviously had to pick the latter. The space-time continuum was already in jeopardy as it was, and he couldn’t risk jeopardizing it any further by conversing with his daughter.

    However, before he left his daughter’s side, he managed to ask her one quick question: “What’s your name?”

    The girl had to compose herself long enough to answer. “T-Teressa.”

    He nodded in approval of the name before rushing to the DeLorean and getting inside. Teressa McFly watched her young father leave in the strangely modified DeLorean, feeling more than compelled to follow after them. She took both herself and the seven boxes of pizzas she was carrying into the old Toyota and pursued the DeLorean.

  2. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Chapter Eight: Right Place, Wrong Time
    Davenport closely analyzed the prism detached from Angela Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine inside his lab with Angela, Sean, Phineas, and Ferb looking on. In addition to the four houseguests, Davenport’s children – Leo, Adam, Chase, and Bree – joined in on the investigation of the mysterious device. He used every computer within the extremely high-tech laboratory to calibrate on the origins of the prism, even going as far as having Eddy give an analysis (which was easier said than done). After all the hard work, Davenport was finally able to come to a conclusion…

    “I have no idea where this tech came from.”

    There was a collective moan from Angela and the others. “You mean to tell me that you’ve got nothing? I risked valuable time I have with my de-aging problem to come see you, only to reach a dead end?”

    “Well, I do have a theory about your ‘de-aging problem,’ Doctor Brown.” Davenport said. “It’s possible the more you move forward from one space to another, the younger you become.”

    McFly tried to get a jest of what Davenport was saying. “You mean that Doc gets younger just from walking.”

    “Walking, driving, flying…it can be a number of related movements that result in the rapidness of the aging process.” Davenport elaborated.

    Angela nodded in acceptance of the theory. “The functions of the time machine are based on velocity. Because of the paradoxes, this is my body’s way of responding to the time travel.” She spotted her reflection on the panel of one of Davenport’s computers, noticing how she appeared a few months younger than she was back in town. “I don’t know if I can even risk going through time again, if it means speeding up the process.”

    Davenport boastfully smiled. “Well, it’s lucky for you that I’ve got this.” He reached into his pocket to retrieve a metal bracelet. “I invented this just last week when I considered the possibility of Bree having a situation like yours with her super speed.”

    “Hold up. I’m going to start getting younger, too? I don’t want to go back to baby bottles and diapers!” Bree fearfully exclaimed.

    Adam chuckled. “C’mon, Bree. Not having to worry about going to the bathroom and drinking milk all day isn’t all bad. It’s what I do every day.” His statement wasn’t very reassuring for his little sister, who became disturbed and disgusted in addition to being horrified.

    “Nobody’s going to be in diapers or drinking baby bottles.” Davenport then looked to Adam and added, “At least not until one of us considers more training.” He placed the bracelet over Angela’s left wrist. “This should slow down the de-aging process until you find a way to eradicate these paradoxes.”

    Angela worryingly took notice of one word Davenport uttered and elaborated on it with a hint of sarcasm. “It should slow it down?”

    Davenport quickly corrected his statement. “It will delay your chances of becoming younger on your next trip through time. But I would recommend getting to the bottom of this situation as soon as possible before we all end up in some sort of doomed state.”

    Angela scoffed over Davenport’s suggestion. “What’s the point? We don’t even know where this prism came from. By the time we figure it out, Joie will already have traveled back to 1996 and have been erased from existence, leaving us right back where we started!”

    While Angela voiced her complaints, Leo grabbed the prism off Davenport’s desk and glanced over it until he discovered some small inscriptions in one spot on the prism. Upon making this discovery, he looked to the group and asked, “Um, I think I might’ve figured out where this thing came from.”

    “Leo, we went over every possible point of origin and none of them match with the device.” Chase stated. “How could you have possibly figured out where the prism came from?”

    Leo responded to Chase’s judgmental remark with a hint of sarcasm. “Oh, I dunno. Maybe ‘cause it’s the fact that it says ‘Property of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated’ on here.”

    The others, especially Davenport, were caught by surprise of this sudden revelation. Davenport took the prism out of Leo’s hands and saw the inscriptions for the first time since he analyzed the device. He grew frustrated, not with himself for missing it, but with another member of their party whose trust he heavily placed on the analysis. “Eddy! How could you have missed this?”

    Eddy’s animated face digitized upon one of the large flat-screens in the lab, practically smirking at the group. “Oh, come on! You actually think that is a real place? It’s got ‘phony’ written all over it!”

    “Eddy, are you glitchin’, dude? It clearly says ‘Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated,’ not ‘phony.’” Adam densely indicated.

    “I rest my case.” Eddy remarked.

    “Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated is an actual place in New York City. I know because the building is oddly shaped like my head,” Ferb informed.

    Accepting Ferb’s evidence, Davenport turned to his smart-home system and said, “Ya see, Eddy? Always consider every possibility, no matter how ridiculous it might sound.”

    “Well, I guess I should’ve warned you about the strange group of men out in front of your house, too, shouldn’t’ve I?”

    Davenport and the others grew very concerned. “What strange group of men?”

    Eddy’s face disappeared from the screen and replaced itself with the image that Eddy described. Standing together out in the front lawn with cars parked in a semicircle and headlights shining behind them, the men faced the front door of Davenport’s home. Two of the men Sean and Angela immediately recognized as Doc Hopper and his assistant, Max.

    “Hopper?” McFly shouted in surprise. “How did he get to 2011?”

    Angela began to see a connection. “Joie had him trade places with that Tex Richman fella we encountered in 1979. This time, 2011, must be Tex Richman’s original time, which is why he spoke of future events to Kermit and the other Muppets.”

    “Well, that’s all well and dandy, but why is he here at my home?” A panicked Davenport brashly questioned.

    “They tracked us here.” Angela deduced. “I don’t know how, but they did.”

    Sean sighed. “So much for our plan to get the upper hand against Tannen.”

    “I’m starting to think this is much bigger than Tannen, Sean. This ‘Doofenshmirtz’ is clearly the creator of the prism and the reason there are so many paradoxes happening all through time and space right now. With Joie and the DeLorean, he’s practically got his ticket to world domination.”

    “How’s he supposed to dominate the world if it won’t be around any longer?” Sean asked.

    It was then that Leo suddenly spotted something happening on the monitor while the others were conversing. “Uh, guys? I think this just turned into a hostage crisis.”

    Everyone looked to the screen once more to see what appeared to be a teenage girl brought out in front of Hopper and his men, her wrists bonded and her mouth gagged. No one seemed to have recognized the girl, except for Sean, who made it known as he said aloud, “No!”

    Hearing him, Angela looked to him and saw the horror on his face, greatly upsetting her. “Sean? Who is that girl?”

    McFly frowned. “She’s Teressa…my daughter. Hopper’s got my daughter, Doc.”

  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Uh-oh! Something fishy is happening! Well, the hullaboola is Doc's got McFly's daughter. Not good! More please!

    Also, I apologize for not replying earlier.
    muppetwriter likes this.
  4. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    It's okay. Glad you're still enjoying the story. :)

    I'll try to update soon. Got a lot happening in the next couple of weeks, which will limit my time of writing new chapters, but this story will continue to get better - I promise. ;)
  5. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Sorry it's been so long since I've posted a new chapter from this wonderful story! I'm back with a new one that I just finished tonight! Enjoy! :)

    Chapter Nine: Something’s Gotta Be Done about Your Kid
    “C’mon out, Brown! You too, McFly!” Hopper demanded as he, Max, and his men faced the Davenport house. “We got your lil’ girl out here, McFly. Awfully pretty, she is. It’s a shame my boys gotta break her just to get through to you.” He saw how the front door remained closed, which only frustrated him more. “You got one last chance, you two! Get on out here or we make this ugly!”

    Max’s body began to shake as he heard Hopper formulate his threats. Teressa’s did the same; she had only just met the Colonel Sanders wannabe and wasn’t certain if he would back up on his warnings. However, once she heard the sound of Hopper’s men’s guns clicking, she realized just how serious the fat man in the white suit was. She closed her eyes tight and prayed, hoping that her execution would be quick and painless – of course, with guns involved, she was only kidding herself by thinking the latter wouldn’t happen.

    “Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!”

    She reopened her eyes just as she heard the voice of a kid stepping out of the house. Looking up, she saw an adolescent black kid standing out on the front porch with his arms up high. Clearly, he was not who Hopper wanted to see, coming from the furious way in which he asked, “Who are you?”

    “Uh,” the kid did not seem to be prepared for this confrontation as he stammered on an answer for Hopper’s simple question. “M-My name is…uh…Leo!” He shouted his name cheerfully as if it were a major triumph. “And, uh, I’m going to…juggle.” Leo then did as he said that he was there to do and attempted to juggle five black balls that he carried with him out of the house. But, as Hopper, Max, Teressa, and Hopper’s men soon discovered, Leo was not a good juggler; he dropped the balls just as soon as he tossed them and caused them to land near the visitors. “Oops.”

    Hopper clearly was not dumb; he caught onto what Leo was doing right away. “This kid’s a distraction! Get in there, boys, and take that prism from them!” His men carried out his order and began to advance on the house, alarming Leo. Just as Hopper’s men were about to step over the black balls that landed their way, a gust of smoke suddenly shot out from each of them and brought the men to a halt. As soon as the smoke emerged, Max instinctively hopped into Hopper’s car where it was safe; he had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next.

    A fierce breeze blew out of the house, passing Leo and circling Hopper, Teressa, and Hopper’s men. What they failed to notice in the excitement was that the breeze was in actuality Leo’s stepsister, Bree; she moved so fast that she was merely a blur in the eyes of everyone. She was quickly unable to be seen completely after she created a dense fog cover all over the front yard between her rapid circling and the smoke from the black balls.

    The air became unbearable for Hopper, his men, and Teressa to breathe. They could not see either, which made it easy for one tall figure wearing a gas mask to rush out of the Davenport household and into the fog to free Teressa. “Who are you?” She questioned to her masked rescuer between coughs.

    “I am…Gas Mask!” The rescuer said in a raspy, muffled voice before he then said in his plain voice: “Nah, just kidding. I’m Adam. I’m here to rescue you.”

    Even though the guy beneath the gas mask sounded just as dense as the fog that surrounded them, Teressa was thankful for his help nonetheless. Adam carried her off of her feet and rushed her back into the house with him. Leo and Bree followed the two in, shutting the front door behind them.

    Meanwhile, Hopper continued coughing his lungs out with his men with Max still inside Hopper’s car and watching helplessly. To Max, Hopper and his boys got what they deserved, especially after threatening Teressa like they did. Not before long did Max hear the engines of another vehicle roar to life at the same time he spotted headlights shining through the fog. The lights moved across his field of vision and then rose from the ground, taking off into the sky. Beyond confused, Max wondered if this guy named Davenport owned a flying car – it was the future he and Hopper were in after all.


    Angela flew the DeLorean across the starry night sky, heading in the direction of New York City. She realized that, with the flight capabilities of the DeLorean, it would take at least twenty-four hours to reach the city. Every second that had passed with Doofenshmirtz’s paradoxes in effect put the universe in considerable danger, but she was confident that they would reach their destination in time to get to the bottom of the temporal chaos and prevent further disasters. While flying the DeLorean above the clouds, she glanced at the bracelet Davenport had put on her wrist; she hoped that it truly did slow down her de-aging process and Davenport wasn’t just swelling up his ego.

    “What were you thinking following us?” In her moment of thought, she was reminded from Sean’s exclamation that they gained one more traveler in their journey – Teressa McFly. “You could have been killed!” Angela grinned over the fatherly way he had addressed her there in the DeLorean. Teressa shared the backseat with Phineas and Ferb and recovered from the gas attack with a bottle of water supplied to her.

    After gulping down some water, she told her young father, “Hey, it’s not every day when a girl gets to meet her father from the past.” She glanced over at the interior of the DeLorean and smiled with excitement. “This is one sweet ride. Did you get funding for all of this?”

    Angela boastfully grinned over her question. “Well, as a matter of fact, I…”

    “We’re not taking her with us, Doc!” Sean hastily exclaimed. “You’re not coming with us, Teressa!”

    “We can’t take her back to Hill Valley,” Phineas said, “not with Hopper possibly knowing where she lives. If we take her back, he’ll just kidnap her again or worse.”

    “He’s got a point, Sean.” Angela advocated.

    McFly let out an aggravated sigh. “Yeah, I know.” He looked to Teressa, who gave him an unnecessary “puppy dog” look. “What’re you doing? Is that something you do often in my future?”

    Teressa nodded. “Yep.”

    “Does it work?”

    “Is it working now?”

    “Unfortunately, yes.”

    “Then yep.”


    Teressa graciously smiled at her young father as he appeared to have made up his mind on the matter.

  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    (In Kermit's cheer) Yaaaaaaaaaay! Hopper got defeated! Well, I wonder where Leo, Sean, and the Ferb brothers going to end up next.

    muppetwriter likes this.
  7. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Haha! Leo's not part of our little time-traveling group, I'm afraid. ;)
  8. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    As everyone is waiting for the next new chapter, check out the poster I made for the story! :)

  9. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Right! Leo is your OC, not a major character. I can't wait for the next chapter.

    That poster looks great. You created that? I'm surprised!
    muppetwriter likes this.
  10. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Yep. It's only just McFly, his daughter (Teressa), Angela "Doc" Brown, and Phineas & Ferb. Don't know if the DeLorean can fit anymore, lol.

    Indeed I did! I made two versions of it - the one I posted here is the one I finished up on just last night. It only took me 30 minutes to put together. :fanatic:
  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    30 minutes! That's not a whole lot of time, but that sounded like you took that much time to do your poster before you have to work on something else.
    muppetwriter likes this.
  12. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    I used only two programs to put it together, and both makes work go by rather quickly. :)
  13. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    New chapter's finally here! :D

    Chapter Ten: Retaking Manhattan
    “So, not only did you lose the prism, the DeLorean, and Brown and the kid, but you got yourselves arrested, too?” Richman grumbled into his cell phone, speaking to Doc Hopper, who had called him on the payphone in a California jail cell. He stood inside the laboratory of Heinz Doofenshmirtz on the top floor of his “Evil Incorporated” high rise; near him were Doofenshmirtz himself and Joie Tannen, as well as the DeLorean that Richman and Tannen flew there in. “You do realize that these mistakes have now made you and your men useless to us, don’t you?”

    My men?” Hopper furiously exclaimed over the phone. “Half of the boys in here with me are yours, Richman! Now you best come down here and bail us out, or we’ll…”

    Click! Richman abruptly pressed the red “End” button on his phone, bringing an end to his conversation with the frog leg-obsessed southerner. He turned and glared at Joie. “All of this is your fault, Tannen.”

    She scoffed at his accusation. “And how is this my fault, butthead?”

    “You’re the one who suggested having Hopper in on this.” Richman reprimanded.

    “Only ‘cause I thought he was one bad dude.” Tannen defended. “At least that’s how he seemed to me in The Muppet Movie.”

    “You see, now that’s where you failed.” Doofenshmirtz said. “This isn’t some make-believe story; this is real life.” As he addressed Joie, he walked all about his laboratory in search of something. “Where the heck did I put that Freeze-inator? I’ve got like three of them, but this one’s different because it actually freezes the target – like puts them in a block of ice. The other just ‘freezes’ them – you know, turns them into statues. It’s very confusing. Maybe I should just name one of them ‘Make Things Into Statues-inator’ or ‘Freezes Things Into Ice-inator’…or maybe just ‘Ice-inator’ would work.”

    While Doofenshmirtz was rambling on, two characters entered the laboratory: Richman’s minions – Uncle Deadly and Bobo the Bear. “Hey, boss,” Bobo was the first to address Richman upon entering. “We, uh, found some weird duck/beaver thing hangin’ around outside here. He says he wants to see Doof. Well, didn’t really say it – more like mimed it.”

    Doofenshmirtz instantly recognized the description of the visitor and panicked. “Perry the Platypus is here? No, no! Don’t bring him in! Tell him to give me a second! I’m still looking for the Freeze-inator – not the one I used on him before, the different one.”

    Joie shook her head at Doofenshmirtz, who began to search more frantically through his laboratory, tossing a lot of equipment around. In the meantime, she focused on Richman. “Look, just give me one last shot at Brown and McFly. There’s one more guy who I think will help us take that prism from them.”

    Richman continued glaring at her, but he permitted her request with a nod. “Alright. You got one last chance, Tannen. But you screw this up, and I’ll erase you.”

    It sounded like an idle threat to Joie, until she realized that they were in possession of a functioning time machine, which meant that Richman’s threat could have been literal. Trying not to look too unnerved by his warning, Joie left Richman’s side and hopped into the DeLorean. Uncle Deadly watched with Richman as the supped-up sports vehicle hovered in the air and took off past the balcony, soaring into the sky.

    “Were you serious about ‘erasing’ her, sir?” Deadly inquired.

    Deadly got his answer when Richman coldly glanced his way. He then pointed to him and Bobo and said in the same manner, “Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh.” Catching on, Bobo and Deadly laughed as “maniacal” as they could.


    When Angela, Sean, Teressa, Phineas, and Ferb finally arrived in New York City just a few hours shy of their estimated arrival time, the five travelers could not have been more ecstatic. Angela was careful not to let the flying DeLorean be seen by any city residents while landing it within a shadowed alleyway. Sean chuckled over the sense of déjà vu that he got upon stepping out of the DeLorean and gawking over the dark, smelly alley that it was parked in.

    “Why is it when we come to the future, the first place we park is in an alley?” He questioned to Angela, who looked slightly younger after the nineteen-hour flight across the U.S.

    “It’s the smartest place to hide the time machine.” Angela justified. “We’re in uncharted territory now. No way am I going to risk someone seeing and stealing it, especially in this city of all cities.” She glanced at her wristwatch, which – along with Davenport’s bracelet – started to slip around her right wrist due to her de-aging. She paid no mind to the issue and focused on their mission. “O.K. We arrived only thirty minutes later than Tannen and Richman, but now that we know the real source of the paradoxes, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is finding Doofenshmirtz and getting him to tell us about the prism and how to reverse its effects.”

    Angela went over their plan whilst they exited the alley and strolled down the sidewalk. Teressa felt overwhelmed by the tall buildings around them. “This is a huge city. How do we expect to find this Doofenshmirtz dude here?”

    “Remember what Ferb said?” Phineas reminded. “The building is coincidentally shaped like his head. So all we need to do is follow a building with this shape.” Ferb pulled out a long sheet of drawing paper from behind him and placed it on the ground. The shadow of Ferb’s head rested conveniently on the paper, allowing Phineas to draw an outline around it.

    Once the outline was finished, he handed the paper over to Angela. “Smart thinking, Phineas! With this outline, we can now split into two groups. Sean, Teressa, and I will search over through one part of the city, while you boys search over through the other.”

    “Uh, would that really be safe, Doc?” Sean cautiously asked. “I mean, Teressa’s got a point. This is a pretty big city – it’ll be easy to get lost while traveling on foot. What if we can’t even find the DeLorean?”

    “That won’t be a problem, Sean.” Phineas assured. “Just remember that sign.” He pointed to a nearby sign that hung above the entrance to a nearby firehouse. The sign featured a heavy set, simple solid white ghost sticking out from beneath a red diagonal bar and circle. Phineas recognized the logo just as soon as he spotted it. “We parked right next to the HQ of the Ghostbusters.”

    Sean cringed at the logo on the sign. “Ghostbusters? Are these guys for real?”

    “Of course they are.” Phineas said. “They’re supposed to be out of business – at least in our time they are. But seeing that they’re back in business in this time means they will sometime soon in ours!”

    “Well, as cool as that is, we really need to focus on Doofenshmirtz right now.” Sean said.

    “Phineas, you still got your walkie-talkie, right?” Angela saw him make the confirmation by pulling the device out of his pocket. She then nodded and instructed, “If you boys spot the Doofenshmirtz building before we do, just call us and we’ll meet you out in front of it.”

    Phineas smiled and spoke into his walkie-talkie. “Roger that, Doctor Brown.” He watched as Angela, Sean, and Teressa went in the opposite direction that they were about to head in. However, before Phineas and Ferb even decided to move, they glanced up at the Ghostbusters sign. Phineas in particular looked intrigued while gawking at it. “Hmm. I know that we’re not supposed to know too much of our own future, but I’d really like to see if our dream of becoming Ghostbusters happens. Wouldn’t you, Ferb?” His stepbrother merely shrugged in reply; but, of course, Phineas – ever the eager one – misread the gesture. “I can always count on your support, bro. Come on! Let’s go check out our future!”

  14. muppetwriter

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    Hope you all are enjoying Chapter Ten! A new chapter will be coming soon! :)

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    Chapter Eleven: The Alternate Self
    “So…what’s your life like in 1996?” Teressa curiously asked while strolling down the sidewalk with her young father and Doc Brown.

    “Don’t I ever tell you? I mean my future self?” Sean remarked, sounding a little surprised by her question.

    Teressa shrugged. “We never talk much about your past. There always seems like a lot of it that you want to forget.”

    That fact about his “future self” worried him. What if there was something that would happen to him in the past that would negatively impact his future? In great concern, he questioned to Teressa: “What am I like…here in 2011?”

    “Sean.” Angela watchfully whispered to him. “Remember what I told you.”

    “Yeah, yeah. One’s never supposed to know too much about his own future.” McFly restated the exact words from his old (currently young) friend. “But I have to know, Doc.”

    “You keep to yourself quite a bit – never bothering to speak to anybody but Mom or me, and that’s only when we ask if you’re O.K.” Teressa revealed. “Of course, we know that you really aren’t. When you say you are, we just know that you only act like you are. Not even Mom knows what’s up with you, but she knows one thing – whatever happened to you in the past has changed the dude you are now.”

    Her description of him in fifteen years brought a chill down his spine. He had always seen himself as having the perfect future – a wife, a child, and a major gig as a famous guitarist and singer. But he was always reminded of something Angela had told him sometime after their last adventure through time: “Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.” Ever since she gave him that advice, he had been trying his best to follow it and ensure that every day of his life was one filled with the right choices that led to the future that he wanted himself to have. It was one of the many curses to being a time traveler – the one possible future always being on your mind while trying to live the present. So that only begged the question of whether or not the future Teressa described to him was indeed the one set for him, regardless of whatever choices he made.

    “There it is!”

    He heard Angela’s voice again but in real time as she pointed directly ahead of them. Following her gaze, the McFlys discovered that – just a few blocks away from them – was the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building. It looked exactly as Phineas sketched it out to them in the shape identical to Ferb’s head. Gazing at the sketch in Angela’s hands and towards the building, Sean nodded and said, “This is the place.”

    Once they got this confirmation, Angela pulled her walkie-talkie out of her right pocket. The communication device began to weigh more than her and cause her pants to sag down her thin waist. After retrieving the walkie-talkie, she hiked up her blue jeans and contacted Phineas. “Phineas, this is Doctor Brown. We’ve reached the Doofenshmirtz building. How close are you boys to it?” Static sounded over the walkie-talkie and only static. “Phineas, do you copy?” Again, static was all that was heard.

    “Maybe they got lost?” Sean assumed.

    “How could they get lost if they’re from this city?” Teressa wondered.

    “Hey, cut ‘em some slack. It’s a big city.” Sean said. “Intelligent boys like them can still get lost, can’t they?”

    “No. No, they can’t.” Teressa contradicted.

    Angela gently placed the walkie-talkie back in her jeans pocket. “I’m sure they’re on their way, but I’m afraid we can’t wait for them. We must get inside and find Doofenshmirtz immediately.” She led the way for them and, within a moment, they arrived at the entrance to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.

    Angela and the McFlys went through the entrance’s revolving door; however, before they could have made it out the other side, they found themselves contained by a pair of steel walls that closed both openings of the cylindrical enclosure. It was an obvious trap, meaning that Doofenshmirtz had anticipated their arrival. “This should’ve been expected from a place with ‘evil’ in its corporation name,” Teressa voiced the understandable embarrassment she shared with her father and Brown on their predicament.

    The group suddenly felt the enclosure rise like an elevator, even traveling up through a shaft. When they arrived at the topmost floor of the DEI building, there was a ding and the steel wall facing indoors slid open – just like an elevator door. Angela, Sean, and Teressa found themselves standing within the laboratory of Heinz Doofenshmirtz and at the mercy of Tex Richman, his minions (Bobo and Deadly), and Doofenshmirtz himself as he aimed a ray gun of some sorts at them. Close nearby the villains was a fedora-wearing platypus frozen from the neck down in a block of ice.

    “Welcome to my laboratory, Doctor Brown!” Doofenshmirtz exclaimed. “I must admit that I didn’t expect you to come here. In fact, it’s a little disappointing, because we had this whole plan of capturing you. But I guess in order to do that we had to first know where you were, which would’ve taken like hours to do, and what evil genius has all that time to…”

    “Oh, quit babblin’ and ask them where the prism is!” Richman impatiently demanded.

    “Oh, yeah, right.” Doofenshmirtz uttered, seeming to be reminded of their goal from the oil tycoon’s outburst. He cleared his throat and did his best to sound as evil as possible when addressing Angela again. “Tell us where the prism is or suffer the wrath of my Alternate-inator!”

    Sean stood baffled from the name of the device in the mad scientist’s hands. “The Alternate-inator?”

    Doofenshmirtz seemed excited by McFly’s confusion and saw it as an opportunity to segue into showing off the invention. “I just found it this morning while rummaging through all my other Inators to zap Perry the Platypus over there with. I invented it one day after remembering a time in my childhood when I watched It’s a Wonderful Life and wondered what my life would’ve been like differently – would I have been happy or still miserable and would have I had a nemesis like Perry the Platypus. Unfortunately, this Inator only works during paradoxical events in time, which – fortunate for us – we’re in right now!”

    After Doofenshmirtz’s long, winded explanation of the weapon, Angela and the McFlys all exchanged perplexed gazes. “Um…no offense, but your ‘Alternate-inator’ doesn’t really sound all that…well… lethal,” Angela told Doofenshmirtz.

    “That is exactly what I told him.” Deadly stated in exasperation.

    Angela’s criticism offended the mad scientist. “W-What’re you talking about? Of course it’s lethal!”

    “Showing somebody a different version of their life? How is that lethal?” Teressa questioned out of curiosity and even a hint of criticism herself.

    “Well…uh…what if your alternate life turns out dull or horrible? Then what?” Doofenshmirtz queried.

    Sean sighed. Doofenshmirtz’s question could not have come at a more ironic time after hearing the type of life he would one day have from Teressa. In response to the mad scientist’s query, he dolefully said, “Could there be an even worse life for me?” His question seemed strange to Doofenshmirtz, but Angela and Teressa caught hint of its meaning due to their earlier conversation.

    “We’re wastin’ time here.” Richman made himself known again by voicing his impatience. “Brown, you’re gonna give us the prism or else.”

    Angela felt more relaxed than she did before entering the building, having witnessed the ineptitude of Doofenshmirtz – the man behind the “genius” invention that caused so much temporal chaos. Glaring at Richman, she boldly said, “I’m not giving you a thing, Tex. The only giving that’s going to be done here is you guys giving us the information on how to reverse the effects of the prism.”

    “Ha!” Doofenshmirtz cried out. “Keep dreaming, sister! You won’t…” He stopped as soon as something small, fast, and teal soared right across his face and struck him. Doofenshmirtz momentarily reeled from the vicious blow. Once he regained his senses, he saw that his nemesis had escaped from the block of ice that imprisoned him, having melted his way out of it somehow. “Perry the Platypus? You’re out of the ice? But how did you…” He stopped as soon as he gained a sense of déjà vu. “You know, I suddenly remember why I’ve never used that Freeze-inator before.”

    “Get that platypus!” Richman ordered Bobo and Deadly, who both went right to work in trying to nab Perry. Unfortunately for the two, the platypus was too fast and agile, flipping himself high in the air before Bobo or Deadly could get a hold of him.

    Doofenshmirtz then made his own attempt in subduing the platypus with the Alternate-inator, firing repeated shots at Perry. The platypus dodged each blast, cartwheeling and somersaulting his way around the laboratory. Angela and the McFlys were impressed with how skilled the animal was, making Doofenshmirtz more inept than he already made himself out to them. Perry managed to land another blow to the face of Doofenshmirtz, causing the mad scientist to fire his Alternate-inator in the direction of Sean McFly.

    There was an intense white glow that engulfed McFly for a brief moment. After it had passed, Sean no longer stood there; instead, there stood a Caucasian female with raven hair in a bob cut. She wore Sean McFly’s clothes – everything from his down vest to his white Nike sneakers. The sudden emergence of the young woman that stood in Sean’s place surprised everyone in the laboratory, especially Perry the Platypus, who stood and stared at her with stunned eyes.

    Angela braved herself into addressing the young woman, wondering if she was still her best friend – only in different skin and gender. “Uh…Sean? Is that you?”

    The young woman gazed at her in confusion. “Sean? Doc, you know my name’s Jacqueline…Jacqueline McFly. Who’s Sean?”


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