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My Muppets

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by vic, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. vic Member

    Hi Gang!

    I wanted to post some shots of the muppets I am working on, all are undergoing some changes/upgrades to make them as close as possible to the real thing, some of you already saw Kermit in my previous thread but I will eventually update this thread with info on him also. I will start with a full group shot and as time goes by I will update this thread with close up shots examining each one with the upgrades and changes they have undergone and future plans. We hope you like them! :)

    ps... bellow you will be able to see the unedited shot.


  2. vic Member


    This specific muppet started a standard Master Replica Muppet, he is undergoing some major changes specially with his wardrobe and face at the moment, he will eventually become a full body puppet. I will elaborate later what I have done so far but in the mean time here are a couple of shots:

  3. Jumping Jack New Member

    Wow!!! it is like I am looking at a poster of the real thing, these are incredible!!!!!! Are you going to post more stuff? Great JOB :)
  4. vic Member

    Thanks! I appreciate it I really like to get feedback to see what you guys think since you guys are the experts :) here is an other pic of Gonzo:
    MuppetLuver2000 and Jumping Jack like this.
  5. NextJim1225 Member

    Wow! These are pretty top notch! Have you ever considered making a Bunsen and Beaker or Ernie and Bert (two tips: you get the best results with Bunsen if you carve him from foam and flock him and with Ernie think football and Bert think bullet when patterning)?
  6. Bliffenstimmers Active Member

    Is that the Fisher-Price Animal? My mom gave me hers long ago! Wonderful puppet, especially the blinking eye mechanism. The Elmo looks wonderful too, alot like the original 80s Elmo. Also, lucky you for being able to snag a Muppets movie display! Nice collection. :)
  7. vic Member

    Thank you so much! And yes you have a very good eye that is exactly what that animal started like. I have conpletely restored him to new condition, filled his limbs with stuffing ( including the fingers :) installed arm rods and made him a full mane of hair with huge red and orange OSTRICH feathers, I will be posting a detailed transformation segment on him soon with before and after images. The movie display I bought on EBay :)
    Bliffenstimmers likes this.
  8. vic Member

    Awesome thanks for the pointers!! And I appreciate the feedback ;)
  9. vic Member

    An other close up :
    MuppetLuver2000 and Jumping Jack like this.
  10. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Is that Rizzo a modified puppet? He looks like the backpack released a while ago.
  11. catherine Active Member

    aww he's looks so sweet. would love to see a picture of him, when he's finished.
  12. vic Member

    No actually he is a plush that is very hard to get a hold off it is made by sababa creations, I have special plans for him he is one I haven't done anything yet but he will eventually become a puppet I. I picked him because of the fur texture which I think is very good quality and the look and size kind of fits the rest of the group. What do you think?
    CaseytheMuppet likes this.
  13. vic Member

    Thanks! :)
  14. vic Member

  15. CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he'd be an awesome puppet!
  16. mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    Now how did you make Kermit's head, was that from the photo replica or did you make that from scratch. I can only see Kermit's mouth but so far, he looks super accurate. :) Awesome! :)
  17. vic Member

    Hi ! You can see more of him over here:


    Kermit is actually a professional puppet made for me by a very talented puppet maker that works in the industry , I have deep respect for this Artist. The only thing I did to it is replaced his pupils for some slightly more accurate. But appart from that he was made to spec. Thanks for your comments :)

  18. Jumping Jack New Member

    Man these are insanely incredible!...so jealous :)
  19. vic Member

  20. vic Member

    Fix his pupils ( where a little to big )

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