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Muppet Film and TV References

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by GuySmiley, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    On "Man vs. Food: Nation", the host, Adam Richman, made a voice similar to The Count and said "Eight, eight slices of cheese!" and performed something close the The Count's signature laugh.
  2. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    I like shrugging too! *shrug* *shrug* :p
    Muppet fan 123 likes this.
  3. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    It's a *shrug* war!

    *shrug* *shrug* *shrug* *pant* *pant* *shrug*
  4. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I totally thought of Beaker when I saw that. Also his hyperventilating kinda sounded like he was doing something similar to Beaker's voice. :eek:

    I dunno, maybe it's just me *shrugshrugshrug*
  5. Sgt Floyd

    Sgt Floyd Well-Known Member

    Oh good grief, what have I started? :o

    *shrugs out*
  6. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I was watching GSN (Game Show Network) & on $100,000 Pyramid ,:) (Kermit ) was mentioned in one of the subjects .
  7. tutter_fan

    tutter_fan Well-Known Member

    That was Greg Proops! I think it was either Collin, or Ryan (or it might've been Wayne Brady who said that last bit!)
  8. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    This isn't exactly a Muppet reference, but I found it very funny.

    In an episode of "Once Upon a Time" (I think it was Season One, episode 13), David/Prince Charming is in the hospital when a doctor tells him he is going to tranfer him to Dr. Hopper, who's the head doctor there.

    Doc Hopper! That really made me laugh. :laugh:
    miss kermie likes this.
  9. Vicki Fraggle

    Vicki Fraggle Well-Known Member

    lady piggy likes this.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Here's another odd comic book reference. I didn't even get this one until I saw the screen shot of the page and I own the issue...

    Ugh... I can't find it.

    Anyway, in one of the issues of Darkwing Duck (forget which one), Quacker Jack either hides out in or attacks a store called "Clint Wacky's Joke Shop."

    Clint Wacky, you see, is the character from The Muppet Show Comic Book: On the Road that was a very nasty comedian beloved in the town of Little Statwald.

    Yep... an interlicense comic reference to a comic book only Muppet character.
  11. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    On tonight's Simpsons episode, there was this!

    muppetperson and miss kermie like this.
  12. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    I saw an episode of Spongebob where Spongebob and Patrick make a movie and Sandy is in charge of special effects and she keeps going "Did somebody say "Boom"?" which is reminiscent to Crazy Harry, I don't know if anybody else mentioned it though.
  13. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    One thing I want to mention is that they had a clue on Jeopardy! about names with "Iggy" in the name and one of the clues was "she played first mate to Captain Link Hogthrob." Of course we know who that was: :mad:. Surprisingly none of the contestants got it. I guess they're not big Muppet fans like us.
  14. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    I just saw an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy on Netflix where Irwin was walking down the street in the middle of the night saying, "A quart of milk, a loaf of bread and a stick of butter" which similar to the classic animated skit, "A loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter" from Sesame Street. Not exactly a Muppet reference, but something that Muppet fans are familiar with nonetheless.
    KirbTreelo05 likes this.
  15. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Yeah. It's pretty evident the writers had that in mind, but like we were talking about on the other thread, they may have just worded it differently to avoid copyright infringement.
  16. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I was watching an old episode of "The Big Bang Theory" & 2 of the guys were acting like goths. . One was saying he was going to get a tattoo of either a snake or Kermit the Frog on his butt. Then he started doing :)'s voice! (he didn't get a tattoo after all)
  17. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    I remember that one. That was Howard (Simon Helberg). There was another episode where the guys were going to a costume party as superheroes (Raj got stuck being Aquaman). Something went wrong (can't remember what), so they considered going to the party as the Muppet Babies.
    Raj: I get to be Kermit!
    Sheldon: No, I'm Kermit. You're Scooter.
    Raj: But Scooter sucks! He's the Aquaman of the Muppet Babies.
    Katzi428 and CaseytheMuppet like this.
  18. robodog

    robodog Well-Known Member

    Which is a big load. Considering Scooter's talent with computers at an early age and the fact that the world now pretty much revolves around computers then Scooter had a very bright future ahead.
  19. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    WCBS played a short snippet of Grover saying "That's right" today as a stinger of sorts. I know I've heard it in a sketch, but I don't recall the segment.
  20. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    I just saw that episode
    Flaky Pudding likes this.

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