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Muppet Film and TV References

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by GuySmiley, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. haakonsmary

    haakonsmary Well-Known Member

    In The Office webisode "The Mentor" part 1, Erin says that The Count was her favorite part of Sesame Street, and then impersonates him.
  2. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

  3. haakonsmary

    haakonsmary Well-Known Member

    Saw a Red Bull Flugtag commercial on Hulu with a homemade flying machine in the shape of Super Grover.
  4. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Not sure how many of you ever saw the show "The Odd Couple" (it's about 2 divorced men named Felix & Oscar who live together.Oscar's a slob & Felix is a neat freak.) Well Felix had a nose job & he had a bandage over his eyes.He wanted to know what time it was.So he started dialing the phone for the time.It was an old fashioned phone (it had a dial instead of buttons) So Felix was counting:
    Felix(trying to find the holes) : 1,2,3,4,5,6....Six! dials the number 6
    Oscar:I feel like I'm on "Sesame Street"!
  5. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    The question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? was "Which of the following songs won an Academy Award?" The answer choices were "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "Talk to the Animals", "The Bare Necessities", and "Rainbow Connection." :)
  6. Some of you should remember the chase scene in the 80's Dragnet movie where Dan Ackroyd's Joe Friday says "Muppets" at a bunch of stuffed animals.

    In the "Bunny Raven" episode of Teen Titans, tow of Mumbo's duplicates look and laughed like Statler and Waldorf.

    Drawn Together featured the Muppet Babies getting the stuffing out of them by Princess Clara's pitbull dogs.
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Drawn Together did an entire episode ripping off Muppet Babies as well. :D It was hilarious.
  8. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    In math class, our teacher gave us a worksheet involving pie charts, and the heading of the first graph is "Kermit's Monthly Budget" and the graph reads: "Fly Traps 25% Pond Fees 21% Agent 14% Singing Lessons __%" :):wisdom::D
  9. haakonsmary

    haakonsmary Well-Known Member

    Spoiler for tonight's episode of The Office (highlight to read):

    Oscar circulates a viral video he created that compares Kevin’s voice to Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.
  10. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    I might have mentioned this before.(so forgive me if I did.)
    On a game show called "Chain Reaction" one of the contestants did an imitation of :insatiable: singing a little bit of "C Is For Cookie"
  11. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    My mom (and all the other teachers) just got a message from the principal (I think it was the principal, at least...) that contained the line, "Oooh, I am so excited (I am speaking in 'Grover' on this part)..." :super:
  12. hoopless

    hoopless Well-Known Member

    I was watching Britain's Got More Talent yesterday when Amanda Holden said Piers Morgan has Fozzie Bear eyebrows.
  13. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    In English class, we have to write a "bio poem" and the sample on the page was for "Tom Turkey" and one of the lines on the sample poem was "Sibling of Clucky Chicken and Big Bird" :D:wisdom::crazy:
  14. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I hate to be a buzz-kill... but this thread is really for "Film and TV" references that contain the Muppets. I'm so glad to see the Muppets being referenced in your daily life, GG, but maybe you could find (or even start) a different thread for Muppet references in every day life?
  15. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    I just saw a commercial for "delta faucets" advertising that you can turn it on and off by simply tapping the faucet. While "Hands" by the Count was playing in the background...
  16. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    On Muppet Wiki, someone added to the Pixar page that in the short film, "Presto", Statler and Waldorf make a cameo. They added a picture proving it, much to my amazement. I checked it out for myself and they're really there!
  17. Yorick

    Yorick Well-Known Member

    Dr. Teeth, Dr. John and the Stones!

    This is an internet reference from http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/:
    Special Rolling Stones Week Guest: Dr. John
    "So far, Taj Mahal and Chuck Leavell have sat in with The Roots to help out with our Rolling Stones Week! Tonight, we've got a new special guest: the legendary Dr. John! He played on the original Exile on Main Street album - and now he's here to help celebrate the re-release. Though you may know Dr. John for his impressive music career - did you realize that the muppet Dr. Teeth is partially based on him? Incredible. He also has a new album coming out on August 3, called Tribal, so be sure to check that out."
  18. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    Uh, I think I'll need some of you guys to help me out on this one. My dad taped the Ghost Whisperer episode from Friday and he showed me a commercial that aired during the show for a new episode of a different show, and during the commercial somebody said something about "Scooter from The Muppet Show". Anybody remember what show that was or the rest of the quote?
  19. terrimonster

    terrimonster Well-Known Member

    Rules of Engagement (about 50 sec into this clip):
  20. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Well-Known Member

    From Chain Reaction just now:



    Sadly I didn't get to see the whole thing, just that final chain.

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