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Motocross Mix-Up

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Goooooooooood morning, Muppets! So, I have been having the best week EVAH! A few hiccups, but you know what, not too bad. You'll notice I did a little update on the Monday series, later today after I get some work done, I'm gonna do a little update on that Pool Hall series, but for now.....

    Here's a new story within our Miss Piggy Adventures.

    :mad: You're finally getting around to that, huh?

    Um...have you forgotten I started that? You and the bear, remember?

    :mad: Yes, but that was more of a Fozzie feature. I'm talking about the one where I'm kicking butts and taking names.

    Yes, Pigbo, I have gotten to that one. And here it is!

    Miss Piggy’s Muppet Adventures Present
    Miss Piggy The Great Gonzo
    Motocross Mix-up

    Los Angeles County lockup

    Most people try to avoid going to jail. In the past, prison was seen as the place where ruffians, degenerates, and just plain bad eggs went when they couldn’t conform to society; many a Hollywood movie has been made about the dangerous of going to prison. Of course, in the most recent years, the prospect of jail has become somewhat of a popular place; not that many people still look forward to going there, but there are points to be had about a place with free food, free room and board, and free health care.

    While most people try to stay out of jail, there are those people who seem to be attracted by trouble. Whether they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the wrong time, eventually their next stop is to be sitting in one of the holding cells within the county lock up.

    As was the case with two people who currently sat on a bench behind steel bars.

    Ironically, this was not the first time that these two had been behind bars nor was it the first time they had been behind bars together; nor was it the first time that they had been behind bars because of a fight. That they caused. Essentially.

    Both of course suffered injuries during the scuffle – the person on the left periodically kept looking at his right arm, which was bandaged from shoulder to elbow. Thankfully, it had stopped bleeding fairly quickly and the friendly officers had been nice enough to wrap it tightly. He would of course need to see a doctor, preferably during normal weekday hours, but it was his hope that it wasn’t too damaged that he wouldn’t be able to perform his juggling watermelon act for his upcoming show.

    Sitting next to him was his co-conspirator, who held a large bag of ice over her left eye. Like her friend, the officers had been gracious in giving her an ice bag after noticing how swollen her eye was, which meant in all likelihood, she was gonna have one heck of a shiner before the end of the night.

    “How’s the arm?” she asked, glancing over to her companion.

    Shrugging just his left shoulder, the male answered, “Not so bad. Still hurts a little, but not too much. How’s the eye?”

    “You tell me.” Removing the ice bag, she turned to him so he could view it. Her eye was still shut, but at least the swelling had gone down some, but the sight of it still caused him to wince in sympathy.

    “You’re gonna have one heck of a shiner, that’s for sure.”


    While the two were no strangers to getting in trouble with the law, they none the less tried to keep their noses clean in the most part. Well aware of the due process involved in booking and arraigning and of course, calling someone for bail was a long and involved task, especially when you needed to come up with someone who wouldn’t rat them out to their boss. So even though the entire event had taken place at two in the afternoon, it was nearly nine when their savior arrived with one of the officers of lockup.

    And that was how Rowlf the Dog found Miss Piggy and the Great Gonzo.

    “Here you go,” replied the guard, a stout black woman of middle age proportions. She opened the cell door, allowing both pig and weirdo to leave their record number of ninety six times being incarcerated combined behind them. “Will we be seeing you next week?” she asked, cheekily.

    “Ha ha,” deadpanned the pig. “I know you miss us, Brenda, but we actually do manage to do things other than…you know.”

    “Getting into fights at a race track?”

    “I’ll have you know we’ve been in better fights than this one before,” Gonzo joked.

    “Oh, I know!” Brenda the guard laughed. “What was the one with the news team?”

    “Oh yeah,” sighed the brown dog. “A classic. That was your first day on the job, wasn’t it?”

    “Sure was,” the guard replied. “Still can’t thank you enough for coming in to my little boy’s classroom.”

    “We still can’t thank you enough for getting us that,” Gonzo replied. “I so didn’t want that tutoring thing in the men’s prison.”

    I had the tutoring thing in the men’s prison,” Piggy argued. “You were going to do the tazing experiment.”

    “Oh yeah,” the weirdo murmured. “Why didn’t I do that?”

    “Because Kermit wouldn’t let you.”

    The quartet headed towards the out desk, where the two offenders would receive their belongings, as well as allowing for Rowlf to officially check them out. “Anything yet?” whispered Gonzo.

    “Well, it hasn’t been on the radio,” Rowlf mentioned. “So it might not have gotten to the news stations yet and I can tell you the old rumor mill has been quiet on that front too.”

    Both Piggy and Gonzo gave a great sigh of relief. While they may have been familiar with Brenda and the other officers of LA county, as well as those at the LAPD and Beverly Hills forces, the aftermath of their indiscretion always meant one thing – Kermit would hear about it.

    Their boss and friend, Kermit the Frog, of course loved publicity for the Muppets, that is he loved good publicity and no matter what the reasoning or the stunt, he never wanted to hear about the kind of publicity these two could get into. It was no secret that Gonzo’s wondering eye and maddening creative endeavors had erred him on the wrong side of a steel door and Piggy’s quick tongue and even quicker temper had ignited enough restraining orders than legally warranted. Putting the two together was always a bad combination, with both of them usually defending the other when wronged.

    Whenever they got into this type of trouble – the kind that warranted getting bailed out of jail – extra measures needed to be performed so that Kermit would be none the wiser. As long as the story wasn’t published and no pictures had been taken and provided it wasn’t in view of, say, ten thousand people.

    Which…this…kinda was.

    Rowlf, the Muppet pianist and unofficial music historian, had been the first person they had thought to call; he had been at least one of their scuffles and knew from experience how very angry Kermit could get when learning that they been thrown in jail; he was also very good at keeping those types of facts away from the others, who could talk to the wrong person – like admin assistant Scooter Grosse – who would go to Kermit or say something within ear shot of the wrong person – like patriotic pain Sam the Eagle – who would go to Kermit or be easily bribed – like comic Fozzie Bear – who would no doubt break into tears while telling his story to Kermit.

    No, Rowlf was the right choice in this.

    Another hour was spent filling out paperwork and release forms and of course, saying hello to all the officers in the building and signing autographs; it was a good thing they were likeable jailbirds, not unlike the celebrities that managed to cross paths with them, but unlike the other celebrities, the Muppets generally paid their dues to society in a timely and meaningful fashion.

    Once all was said and done, it was a little after ten o’clock, with the sun comfortably in its bed and the moon hanging brightly in the sky. The trio headed to Rowlf’s beat up clunker of a car – which was probably safer than that of Fozzie’s Studebaker – and climbed in, with Gonzo taking shotgun and Piggy lounging in the back.

    The drive between that of the county lockup, Gonzo’s apartment, and Piggy’s home would take some time and it was time Rowlf thought wisely to fill up with some music; his radio had been set to a classic jazz station that was currently in the middle of their nightly news update.

    “This just in,” the announcer began. “A huge brawl started at the eleventh annual charity motocross competition presented by the Risen Corp. Apparently, some unnecessary roughness from contender Royce La Chance caused a ruckus between Muppet co-stars, Miss Piggy and the Great Gonzo. The three were participating in the race for the charity event; the fight took place after la Chance was awarded the winning trophy when he was attacked by the diva. The brawl between the two caused Gonzo to jump in, ending in a brawl consisting of twelve people.

    “Police have yet to state whether those involved were booked on charges, though there is a possibility of assault charges from all parties. In weather…”

    Rowlf quickly turned off the radio and the trio was left in silence, only the sounds of passing vehicles making their way into the car. Nearly five minutes went by before Gonzo tentatively asked, “Do you think Kermit heard that?”

    Almost immediately, the strains of some pop tune started to go off in the backseat, indicating that Piggy’s cell phone was ringing. She silenced it quickly before placing it face down on the area next to her. One minute after that, Gonzo’s cell phone started to go off, startling him, before he copied Piggy’s reaction and silenced it.

    And exactly two minutes after that, Piggy’s phone went off again.

    “Yeah,” Rowlf nodded. “I think he knows.”

    A few short moments later, the group heard a beep that indicated Piggy had just received a voice mail. “What do you think?” she asked hesitantly.

    “Well,” the dog began, taking on his familiar role as voice of reason and counselor. “We already know he knows, so…”

    Handling the phone as though Kermit would jump at her through it, the diva went through the motions of retrieving her voice mail, while also putting it on speaker so that the others could hear as well.

    Piggy. I know you’re there. I’d ask where you were, but I have a feeling its county lockup. When you and Gonzo leave – and I know the two of you are together - , please invite the poor soul you’ve managed to con into bailing you out to come with you to the house. You’re going to have to come home eventually. And don’t think you can hide from me, pig; cause I’ll find. I’ll find you both. I’ll be waiting.”

    “Well,” Gonzo began, nervously. “He…he didn’t…sound so uh…he sounded okay with it.”

    “He’s going to kill us when we walk in the door.”

    “Oh come on!”

    “No,” Rowlf said. “I think she’s right; he’s going to kill you.”

    “Rowlfie, you gotta hide us!”

    “No way!” the dog exclaimed. “You heard him. He’s going to find you. Especially if he gets Scooter on your trail, you know you won’t last.”

    “Rowlf, please,” Gonzo deadpanned. “Stop cheering us up.”

    There's your first part! Next up, can the pig and weirdo hide from the frog? And what exactly did these two do to land in jail in the first place?
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    What? You've got three stories going on at the same time? That's got to be some kind of record.
    :halo: Yah, brake record!

    This first part shows demonstrable improvement in your writing abilities. It's fluid, no typos I spotted while reading (though there may be some someone else may catch), it develops the main story from a reasonable starting point, and it gets the main duo in trouble with the frog they'll have to face sooner or other.

    So this is the one where Piggy kicks butts and takes names huh? And I suppose she's all out of names, or bubblegum too for that matter.

    The bit at the end with the cell phones made me chuckle. Reminds me of the fear of getting and opening a red-enveloped howler once Harry and Ron made it to Hogwarts in Chamber of Secrets. Kind of disspells the Chinese tradition of red envelopes being a sign of good luck cause they're usually stuffed with money.

    Thank you for this, please post more as we're eager to read it all.
    *Leaves carrot cake. :hungry:
  3. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    This is great! Definitely intrigued to see if Piggy and Gonzo force Rowlf to head out on the run. Thanks for sharing.
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member


    I think I found one instance where I forgot a word, but I've been diligent! Diligence!

    Oh yeah, cause - spoiler - she does start that fight. But it was for a good cause.

    It just goes to show that, even if Piggy can hold her own with her frog, doesn't mean she wants to. And speaking of which...here's the ending to that and the start of a new chapter!

    ps - me no likely carrots! *throws cake against wall* They are my natural enemy. I do, however, enjoy white cake or lemon cake. Thank you.

    Why Rowlf thought it a good idea to even stop by the home that Piggy shared with Kermit, they didn’t know, but both she and Gonzo were in the camp that the dog was selling them out. Driving up into the driveway, the dog immediately doused the lights, hoping that no one would see the car pulling up.

    The three got out, with both Gonzo and Rowlf heading for the front door, while Piggy was walking around to the side patio door where the kitchen was. “What’re you doing?” she hissed.

    “What’re you doing?” Gonzo asked. “Front door’s this way.”

    “We’re not going through the front door.”


    “Because I know the frog,” was her reply, continuing her travels while the others got up with her. “He’s sitting in the living room as we speak, arm chair poised at the door, so that when we go in, he’ll turn on the lights and then scold us like naughty teenagers.”

    “What’s this ‘we’ thing?” Rowlf asked.

    “You’re an accomplice now, Rowlfie.”


    “Oh yeah,” Gonzo replied. “You bailed us out.”

    “And you drove the getaway car,” Piggy added.

    “You might as well have been in that fight with us.”

    “I wish he was,” Piggy murmured. “Would’ve gotten La Chance real good.”

    The trek to the side of the house was done quickly, but quietly due to the fact that the lights were also off in the house. This would’ve made the diva extremely suspicious even she didn’t already know what the frog’s ploy was; of course the lights in the house were off. He was trying to lure her into a false sense of security.

    Well, if there was one thing Miss Piggy knew better than the back of her hand, it was Kermit the Frog. Oh, he must have thought himself so very clever, sitting in that arm chair in the living room, facing the front door, just waiting for her and Gonzo to walk through and face the consequences. Well, laughs were on him.

    Because she wasn’t about to face the consequences until tomorrow morning, after a nice cup of coffee and if she could, she was going to get Kermit in a more agreeable mood.

    As luck would have it, the patio door wasn’t locked, which allowed Piggy to open it slowly before walking in. “The important thing is to keep quiet,” she whispered. “One misstep and the frog will be all over us.”

    “Well, well, well.”

    The voice came about two seconds before the lights came on, startling the trio that were trying to sneak in. Across from them stood the very frog they had been trying to avoid, casually leaning against the kitchen island that stood in the middle.

    “Kermit!” Piggy exclaimed, looking between him and the darkened living room where he was supposed to be. “What’re you…what…why are you in the kitchen?”

    “Oh,” the frog explained. “Instead of doing what I thought I would do, I decided to think like you. That lead me to figure that you would figure I’d be sitting in that arm chair in the living room, facing the door, just waiting for you and Gonzo to walk through. That’s when I realized that you’d probably sneak in through the kitchen.

    “Now how about a hand for the frog?”

    It took a full minute before the three could say anything, so stunned by the turn of events, they weren’t really sure what to say. “Well,” Gonzo managed at last. “It’s late, so we’ll just leave you two love birds to your…" The daredevil trailed off before saying, "Goodnight.”

    “Hold on there, slick.”

    Gonzo actually had the audacity to look around and point to himself, as though there must have been some other Muppet that Kermit would call slick at this time of night, in his kitchen.

    “I’m actually going to forgo my…normal exasperation at the things the two of you could possibly do to hasten my eventual mental breakdown,” Kermit began. “And instead, I’m going to propose a different strategy.”

    Piggy and Gonzo looked at each other before turning back to their leader.


    “The two of you are going to do me a favor,” he continued. “This is non-negotiable, by the way, and no amount of begging, pleading, or even sexy, flirtatious behavior is going to get me to change my mind.”

    “I think that last bit was aimed at you,” Gonzo whispered.

    “Really,” Piggy said, throwing the weirdo a look. “Think so?”

    “Well, gentlemen,” Kermit replied, nodding to the others. “It’s late and I’d like to have a word with Miss Piggy.”

    No matter how outwardly calm Piggy may have seemed, inside she was trembling. Sometimes talks with Kermit never ended the way she wanted and in a situation like this, where it was clear that he was more than just angry with her, always spelled doom.

    The pianist and stunt weirdo must have known it too because they slowly turned to look at her.

    “Go on home, boys,” she said, eyes never leaving that of the frog. “Thanks for the assist, Rowlfie.”

    “Anytime, Princess,” the dog said, nodding.

    “Listen, Kermit,” Gonzo began. He knew how tenious their relationship had been of late, with the two of them trying to get back what had been lost in the past. They seemed to have finally reached a place, a good one at that, that Gonzo wasn’t about to have ruined because of a spur of the moment crazy idea that he had had.

    “This whole thing started with me. If anyone is to blame in this…”

    “Goodnight, Gonzo,” they both answered.

    The only thing the weirdo could do was sigh and hope for the best. Both he and Rowlf murmured goodbyes, before taking their leave the way they had arrived.

    “Okay,” she responded, after the others had left. “Lay it on me. I know you’re holding back.”

    Kermit smirked. While admittedly he was furious at this whole adventure, he could never say that when Piggy was ready to take responsibility, she took it the same way she did anything else.

    With gusto.

    “Darlin’, aren’t you tired?”

    “Extremely,” she replied. “But I’m not going to bed if I know you’re going to be stewing next to me all night long. Unless of course you plan on sleeping alone tonight.”

    “Gee, I hope not,” he said. “It’s been getting colder at night; you know I don’t like the cold.”

    “Are you trying to distract me?”


    “Cause it seems like you are.”

    “Have you always been this suspicious?”

    “The things I pick up from you.”

    “Right,” he chuckled. “Well, if we’re done here…”

    “You aren’t going to yell at me?”

    “What for?” the frog shrugged. “That would be like asking you to not get in trouble and, I think we both know that will never stop happening. So, anyway, I’m going to bed. Obviously, having company would be nice, but I’m not gonna insist. But I would like to insist that you join me anyway. Coming?”

    “Who are you?”

    “I’m your loveable snuggle frog.”

    “No really,” she insisted. “Who are you?”
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And here's the first part to chapter one!

    Chapter I

    Now, that certainly sounds like Piggy and Gonzo got themselves into a heap of trouble. You all might be wondering what it was that they did to get thrown in jail after a fight on a racetrack. Well, this story starts about a week earlier…

    One week earlier

    Lunchtime at Muppet Theatre was as crazy an affair as any other day. People running back and forth, trying to finish up acts or create acts or even performing acts, while trying to get food into themselves was always a dangerous activity.

    On this day, leading lady Miss Piggy was working on her own acts when the inevitable sensation of hunger hit her. Usually preferring to eat at home or that of a nice restaurant, there was little time to get food before needing to meet with Rowlf for their duet. So that meant having a meal in the theater cantina, which could sometimes be worse than eating out of a garbage can.

    Piggy always tried to side on that of caution when eating anything the Swedish Chef, especially if Gladys wasn’t there supervising him. She had once thought no one could possible screw up a salad until he had actually managed to set hers on fire.

    It must have been her lucky day because someone – Scooter she was sure – had gotten a caterer in for lunch that was serving a buffet style luncheon.

    She had just sat down and had taken one bite of her chicken salad when a blue blur caught the corner of her eye. Even making a side glance, the blur didn’t move; in fact, it settled further into the chair next to her. A newspaper was flung in front of her plate, as though great effort had been taken at not throwing it on top of her plate.

    “Look there on page seven.”

    Piggy often found that sometimes, if you ignored a problem long enough, it would go away. Sadly, in the place where she worked and with the people she knew, usually ignoring the problem meant that it was persistent in getting her attention.

    “Didn’t you hear me?”

    “Oh Moi heard you,” she said, glancing at said problem. “But what Moi didn’t hear was a ‘hello’.”

    The Great Gonzo, the diva’s current problem, heaved a sigh of annoyance. “Hello, Miss Piggy,” he grounded out. “Anyway, take a look at page seven there.”

    “Isn’t a bit early for you to be ruining my day?”

    “Normally yes,” Gonzo replied. “But I thought this would be worth the pain. Page seven.”

    Reluctantly tearing herself from her lunch, Piggy looked over the article that the weirdo was so excited about on page seven. There was a huge splash page announcing the eleventh annual charity motocross bike race happening in Long Beach and was being sponsored by some water conservational company called Risen.

    The charity event was to raise money for various research projects by the company and had attracted a bit of attention from local and national motocross bikers.

    “Okay,” she said, after scanning the article. “What does this have to do with me?”

    “Are you kidding?” the stuntman cried. “C’mon! With me and you in the race, no one’s gonna stand a chance!”

    “Why are you including me in this?”

    Gonzo gave her a look. It was no secret that Piggy had a bit of a fast and furious streak within her and it manifested itself in motorcycles. Kermit the Frog, their boss and her significant other, had no idea why she loved motorcycles so, but he stopped questioning it after a time. The fact that she also looked amazing wearing biker gear certainly helped her cause.

    When Gonzo had seen the announcement in the paper, Piggy had been the first person he thought of to accompany him in this race, however he was also aware of the fact that just asking Piggy wouldn’t go over so well, especially when he was the one asking. While everyone else may have gotten away with flattery, the daredevil was in the rare camp at which flattery and sweet talk got him nowhere with the diva.

    But, lucky for him, their relationship was as much categorized as frienemy as her love was for their band's bassist. He just needed to appeal to that part of her that wanted to win.

    “Oh…well,” he began. “I had figured that you had wanted to do something that would bring attention to how great of a biker chick you were. You’re right, it was silly of me to even think of asking.” Heaving a big – theatrical – sigh, Gonzo began reaching for the paper.

    “And here I thought you were fearless,” he continued. “I guess what those reporters said was true.”

    Quick as a cobra on a field mouse, Piggy’s gloved hand clamped on to the wrist of Gonzo’s arm. “What reporters?”

    Now that he had her interest up, it was time for Gonzo to get her hooked on the line. Feigning surprise, he said, “Oh? I thought you’d heard.”

    “Heard what?”

    It was always dangerous to get Piggy’s ire up, but if done correctly, one could get her to lead the charge against anything and anyone. This was the part that Gonzo had to tread lightly on – the one word or even saying it wrong would cost him.

    “What those reporters said,” he continued. “That they think you’ve lost your edge, your touch, that you’re too…oh what was the word? Stagnant.”

    That dangerous flash in those baby blues of her signaled that the daredevil had hit the right combination. Piggy loved reporters and she especially loved when she was in the news, but when it went against her, well…heck had no fury like a Piggy scorned.

    As the resident and president of the Muppet Marketing Department, Piggy took her seat at the unofficial co-head honcho like a badge and if she wasn’t up to her best – and if the reporters knew that – her very seat could be snatched away from her. And Piggy would never let that happen; she was too competitive, too determined, and too vindictive.

    Now all Gonzo had to do, hopefully, was reel her in.

    “I of course defended your honor and good name.”

    “Of course,” she murmured. He knew she could’ve cared less if he defended her – though if asked, he would have – it was the very fact that anyone could think her…stagnant. That would need to be rectified.

    “Saturday morning, huh?”

    “Be there or be square,” he said. Now that he laid the line and hooked her, he would of course need to be sure she wouldn’t flop off the boat. “And I’m more than sure that a charity event like this would get more spectators if they knew the fabulous and gorgeous Miss Piggy was participating.”

    Okay, so he wasn’t above flattery if he could get away with it.

    “Of course.”


    “Alright Gonzo,” she said. “I’m in.”

    “Excellent!” he exclaimed, grabbing up the paper as he stood up. “I’ll go throw our names in the mix.”

    As he past her chair, she couldn’t help but turn in hers and call after him. “Incidentally,” she asked. “What exactly is your role in all of this?”

    “The race?” She nodded once. “Are you kidding? A high speed motorcycle race against eleven other competitors on a tiny little race track? It’s exciting, reckless, and dangerous.”

    “Your three favorite things,” she quipped.

  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey! You don't throw food like that at the wall young lady! If you don't want it, then you politely say so. Now instead of having that piece of carrot cake, I gotta call :shifty: as he's the only one who'd eat it.

    Prologue Part 2:
    :batty: That's 1, 1 smart froggy.
    But what is this favor Kermit mentioned as punishment? The one that's non-negotiable no matter how much begging, pleading, or sexy flirtations are thrown his way?
    Liked that ending as it shows Kermit has a level of maturity to him in the midst of such events that would normally throw him into arm-waving hysterics.

    Chapter I:
    Posted by Webby: "Piggy always tried to side on that of caution when eating anything the Swedish Chef, especially if Gladys wasn’t there supervising him."
    Er, when eating anything the Swedish Chef "what"?
    Posted by Miss Gina: "She had once thoughtno one could possible screw up a salad until he had actually managed to set hers on fire."
    Er, no one could "possible"? Methinks you meant "possibly" instead.
    What I liked mostly was how Gonzo was able to bait the diva into following him onto the motorcycle circuit. Some things that earned points for your house are:
    1 Gonzo gave her a look. It was no secret that Piggy had a bit of a fast and furious streak within her and it manifested itself in motorcycles. Kermit the Frog, their boss and her significant other, had no idea why she loved motorcycles so, but he stopped questioning it after a time. The fact that she also looked amazing wearing biker gear certainly helped her cause.

    Must have been inspired by Piggy's appearance in TGMC.
    Then again, Janice in her biker chick get-up for Bop Till You Drop was pretty inspired also. :flirt:

    2 Quick as a cobra on a field mouse, Piggy’s gloved hand clamped on to the wrist of Gonzo’s arm.
    Lovely phrasing.

    3 As he past her chair, she couldn’t help but turn in hers and call after him. “Incidentally,” she asked. “What exactly is your role in all of this?”

    “The race?” She nodded once. “Are you kidding? A high speed motorcycle race against eleven other competitors on a tiny little race track? It’s exciting,
    reckless, and dangerous.”

    “Your three favorite things,” she quipped.


    And there's that shrewdness that marks Piggy's inner schemer, not fully trusting Gonzo but angered enough to fight the rest of the competitors instead of the weirdo.
    Thank you for this, please post more when possible, and don't forget your other stories.
  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Ohh! Gina, this is rully perfect! Great story Like more please! :flirt:
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So firstly, I'm sorry I haven't responded to this. I meant to at the next update and...well...

    'M sorry. :cry:

    All would have been explained after our flashback to what happened during the annual race.

    Actually, yes and no. It was actually inspired by the bit that Piggy and the other pigs did on TMS - the one where they sing the Beach Boys' "I Get Around"; however, I have tied it in with the fact that Piggy wanted to do her own motorcycle stunt for TGMC, which I put somewhere. One of the Mondays maybe. Or something, I don't remember.

    So...as I mentioned earlier, I had planned on doing the next update for this, but apparently my desktop didn't sync the updated version. However, I'm sitting at my desktop and see that I hadn't worked on this since I first started it on this computer.

    Which means that the last time I updated was indeed on my laptop, which I remember doing. Sadly...I've recently reformatted my laptop, thinking that everything was fine and dandy and synced. And I've come to find that that's not what happened. So, my WORD version of this, stops at the first part of the prologue.

    Luckily, to my knowledge, my very last update that I did was the one in which you see here, which I actually changed on site. So...I at least have a backup of that. What does that mean? It means I'm gonna have to copy this version into word and then work from there.

    Again, luckily, I didn't lose anything that hadn't already been posted, but it means that Motocross will have to wait till the weekend now.

    Sowry. :halo:
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    Is all right, we forgive you. *Leaves chocolate cake because I've been there, feeling bad and sad for myself even though it passes quickly... As soon as someone posts fic goodness. *Points nagging stick at Newsie and Ruahnna.
    Hope your computers end up fine and stop eating your updates like :insatiable: okay.
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    Here's the next section of Motorcross before I totally forget it. Days late or a day early? You decide.

    Later in the week saw Gonzo working on getting his motorbike up to snuff. The old stunt bike had been a staple in his act for years and it had been loath to stop riding it when he went legit as a plumbing magnate.

    But now, with this race coming up, he was happy to be back in the saddle again. There was something about riding a motorcycle that felt so much like flying to him; he wondered if there had been any truth to his very own movie – if he was a member of a high flying race of space faring aliens – but he didn’t know and it didn’t matter anymore.

    Even if he never did find out where he had really come from, either in this world or out of it, he had enough family to last him a lifetime.

    But whatever his true status was, Gonzo was never happier than when he was in the air or had it going past him at a hundred and twenty miles an hour. That was probably one of the more common things that he shared with Piggy and one of the reasons he had gone to her first about this competition.

    Her competitive nature aside, Gonzo knew the diva also enjoyed the thrill of high speed anything; that was one of the reasons no one was ever willing to be in car with her when she was behind the wheel. He was sure she was going to enjoy herself, even if she wanted to put up the front that she was basically being talked into it by him.

    Because of the state of his bike and the very fact that he tended to use it during some of his acts, he kept it in a separate garage like area as part of the prop room. This was one of the bigger areas of the theater because it held many of their larger props, like ships and large building backgrounds. It was also the only place that Kermit would allow him to keep any of his own props, like his canons and of course, his bike.

    And that’s where Piggy found him an hour later, working on getting his bike up to racing satisfaction.

    “I know you aren’t thinking about bringing that hunk of junk with you.”

    Gonzo looked up, though he knew the voice almost immediately, and looked around. “Are you lost?” he asked.

    “I figured you’d be down here,” she stated, coming over to inspect the bike herself. While neither were professionals in regards to motorcycles, they pretty much knew their way around one and were especially expert in their own rides.

    “Moi likes to scope out her competition.”

    “Vous should remember who it was that got her in the thing in the first place.”

    “Moi is positive she could’ve done it by herself, without the help.”

    “And I’m positive vous is gonna wind up in a funny farm if you keep talking about yourself in the third person.”

    “I don’t know why I bother.”

    “I don’t know either,” Gonzo smirked. “Did you really come down here to give me a hard time?”

    Piggy huffed. “Please,” she said. “I can go anywhere and give you a hard time. No, I actually came down here for a purpose.”

    “Which was?”

    “How dangerous is this race?”

    “Shouldn’t be,” the weirdo replied, shaking his head. “Normal race, why?”

    It was only when she took a steading breath, that Gonzo knew something was wrong. “You aren’t worried, are you?”

    “Gonzo, remind me how many motorcycle races I’ve been in.”

    “I…” the stuntman thought about it and couldn’t come up with any. “I can’t think of any…”

    “That’s because I haven’t been in any motorcycle races,” she replied. “I must’ve been hungry or distracted to let you talk me into this. Sometimes, you can talk a good game, Gonzo…”

    “Hey come on,” he insisted. “Don’t get hung up on the race, okay? It’s a ride around a track and I know you’ve done that before. And besides, you know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, right? You know that, right?”


    “Well then,” he said, giving her a friendly pat on the arm. “You just gotta keep your mind on the goal and your eyes on me. I’ll make sure you’re right behind me.”

    Without realizing, Gonzo had just issued a challenge that Piggy couldn’t ignore. “And what makes you think you’re going to win?”

    “Are you kidding?” the daredevil replied. “You haven’t seen this baby go when she gets to it. You may have a fangled new toy, Princess, but it’s got nothing on my classic here.”

    “So,” the diva began. “I don’t supposed you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, assuming you aren’t afraid to do so.”

    And just like that, the tables had turned in Piggy’s favor. Gonzo may have known that getting Piggy’s competitive nature going would have insured her compliance with him, but it was Piggy who was well aware that Gonzo never shied away from anything. And in this case, Gonzo’s own competitive nature was called into play.

    The two could never leave well enough alone, much like how Piggy couldn’t just let Floyd Pepper off the hook when dealing with him; they just took an immense and insane amount of pleasure in irking the other.

    Turning from his bike, the weirdo looked at the diva. “You know I’m all in,” he said. “Whatcha got?”

    “Well,” the pig sighed. “Money would be irrelevant in this case, cause what would be the point, however I do believe this calls for something a bit different.”

    “Such as?”

    “If I win – and I will – you’ll have to wear one of those business suits you claim to own by never wear, for one week. Matching, of course.”

    “Of course.”

    “And,” she continued. “I’m going to need you to proclaim, to the world, that I am, have been, and always will be a better racer than you.”

    “Pushing the limits there, Princess,” he said. “Okay. And if I win, which is a shoe in thank you, you get to be my stage assistant for a week.”

    “Stage assistant?”

    “Oh yeah,” he replied, a dangerous glint in his eye. “You get to assist me in all my exciting, reckless, and dangerous stunts for a week. And believe me, they will be exciting, reckless, and dangerous just to spite you.”

    “You’re going down, Buzzard Beak.”

    “Anything you say, Princess. Try not to get too much dirt in your eyes while you’re behind me.”
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    Thank you for posting some story, it's muchly appreciated. Very happy to see the relationship of rivalry between the pig and the weirdo. *Excited to read about the race when it finally happens.
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    Happy Saturday everyone!

    First, very very sorry for the lateness of this fic. Obviously, doing three fics at once - bad idea. But as you can see, I was able to correct my issues with getting the backup back up LOL And I'm on a roll tonight, so you can expect a ton of material here.

    This is the start of Chapter 2 (cause I felt that splitting this was better), in which we find out what exactly happened at the race that got Gonzo and Piggy in jail and in Chapter 3, we'll discover what ominous task Kermit has lined up for the jailbirds (and believe me, it's ominous)

    Here we go!

    Chapter II

    Saturday afternoon was looking to be a gorgeous day.

    The sun had risen high above the city of Long Beach, where the eleventh annual motocross race was going to take place. Ironically, though called a motocross race, many of those participating didn’t own motocross bikes; that was a standard tradition in the race. The first participants also didn’t have the standard motocross bikes, so the race was done by whatever two-wheeled means the racers had; this made for a unique and often dangerous course of events.

    Many of the racers who came down to the event were either local heroes or fans of motocross; a good majority had participated in local events before and were a familiar sight for motocross tournaments and fans. One of these racers was that of Carter Smythe from Pasadena.

    Smythe was a blond, blue-eyed young adult who had taken to bikes, both motorized and non-motorized, since he was a child. In fact, if you asked, he would probably say that bikes were the one bright spot in his life; having grown up in an affluent part of the city, Smythe had nonetheless fallen in with a bad crowd and motocross had been the one bright spot in keeping himself out of trouble.

    On this day however, trouble seemed to be following him.

    A friend of his from his high school days had called up about what should have a simple little robbery. That in itself should have been a signal for Carter to stay away and not look back; however, this friend of his was in trouble himself and Carter had always been loyal to his friends and family, even when he shouldn’t have been.

    So Carter had agreed to team up with some of his friend’s friend in order to rob a museum that was on the other side of the highway from Pasadena. The idea had been simple – steal some of the more worthy artifacts and then try selling them on the black market. It seemed like a quick and easy deal, but then again, all of the deals he had ever been in sounded easy, but experience should have taught him by then that they never were.

    The group of friends that Carter ended up running with actually included two real life jewel thieves, who had decided to use the ‘hired help’ in order to get their hands on the Rheingold Ruby, which was being featured at that particular museum. The plan had been for the thieves to steal the jewel and then, planting some very good evidence, the jewel thieves would skip out with the most important item, while letting these wayward youths take the fall.

    Of course, Carter – nor the other teens and young adults – were aware of this by the time they had actually broken in and took what they thought looked valuable. Carter, either by luck or design, had managed to get his hands on this Rheingold Ruby, but right when the experts had requested it, the police had done a patrol around the building and the group separated.

    Now despite all of this and all of his troubles in the past, Carter Smythe was a good kid. Chalking it up to his being older and wiser, Smythe didn’t want the life he had led when he was a teenager; a lot of people had taken chances on him and he didn’t want to fail them, which was why he had planned on taking the jewel to the police and turning himself in.

    After he participated in the race of course.

    While he knew he probably wouldn’t win, it was the challenge that made him participate and he figured he wouldn’t be able to do so for a very long time. He had taken the ruby with him, putting it in a secure pocket inside his motocross jacket, with the intention of riding off to the first police station he saw.

    That plan would’ve worked too, however as soon as he arrived and checked in, Carter had gotten the shock of his life.

    There, not more than two feet away from him, was one of the expert jewel thieves that he had accompanied the night of the robbery.

    And the two had seen each other.

    Carter panicked and rightly so – the jewel thief was a very lean guy, but he had shown the others just how skillful he was, being able to do flips and slide under all the security alarms that the museum had in place. And the blonde was aware that the guy was dangerous; he had of course seen the news that the museum had been robbed and only after asking his friend about these guys was he clued in to the fact that both of these experts were not only experts in jewel thievery, but making sure that people didn’t speak about their jewel thievery.

    Carter may have been a bad kid, but he didn’t want to die for it and all of his instincts told him that if this guy caught him with the ruby on him and knew that he planned on turning himself in, along with the ruby, and his accomplices, the boy would never see anything ever again.

    The one bright spot in motocross was that pretty much everyone knew who everyone was, however in dealing with these types of charity events, a lot of unknowns would show up too. Carter hated to do it, but he was hoping to at least ditch the ruby and maybe ditch the jewel thief too. Hopefully, when this was over, he could find the guy, get the ruby back, and then turn himself in.

    He just needed to find the right person to ditch the jewel with. And that’s when he saw the perfect blue target.


    Gonzo hadn’t spared any time in getting ready for the race that morning. Being able to run the gambit of being an early morning riser and a night owl meant that he could still be in high spirits even when he hadn’t been to bed. And he felt that way this morning, as though he hadn’t slept a wink, but was raring to go.

    He had spent all week tuning and retuning his little beat up bike, polishing it, doing the maintenance on it that he probably should have done years ago when he had still been riding it. But in the end, he knew Jasmine – as he called her – would respond the way she always had, purring like a kitten before jumping out like a tiger.

    There was something to be said about the motocross circuit; it seemed that everyone knew each other or knew of each other, making this a more friendly competition than many other races. Of course, the added bonus that he was there made it all the better, as many of the racers had come up to say hello, take pictures with him, or just comment on the fact that he was there.

    He had been shining up Jasmine one last time when this blonde kid had come up rather enthusiastically. The kid had been praise, stating that he had seen every stunt that Gonzo had ever done, not to mention that Muppets from Space was by far his very favorite of all the movies. Gonzo, who never turned down a fan for any reason, was more than happy to indulge the kid, speaking about some of the more dangerous or outlandish stunts that he had done in his time.

    And the stuntman had been having the best time until he heard the roar of a very familiar engine.

    “What is that?” the kid asked, looking around for the sound of what was obviously a very revved motorcycle engine.

    “Probably one of the worst mistakes I’ve done recently,” Gonzo muttered, easily pinpointing the black Harley Davidson bike that was coming around the entranceway and towards the participant table.

    Both weirdo and blonde adult watched as the rider easily sailed through the arena, crowds parting for her as though they were the Red Sea, and all eyes were on the figure and the bike as it came to an easy spot next to where Gonzo and his bike stood.

    The shiny black Harley with the strip of lavender that ran down its sides and ending in the word ‘Princess’ weren’t the only thing that had people entranced; the rider was obviously feminine, if the black body suit hadn’t accentuated the curves to tip everyone off.

    “Always have to make an entrance, don’t you?”

    Removing the matching black helmet from her head, Miss Piggy did the customary swishing of her blonde locks as camera flashes did a better job at lighting up her entrance than the glaring sun had done.

    “When have you ever known Moi to not make an entrance?” was her retort, as she slid of the seat, all the while waving as those who called to her.

    Looking her up and down, with an equally appreciative eye, Gonzo asked, “Are you trying to make the other racers crash into each other?”

    “I did say I was going to win, did I not?”

    Smirking, Gonzo leaned back, “Pig’s got big dreams, as you can see,” he said. “But I think we both know who the winner’s gonna be, right?”

    The diva rose one slim eyebrow. “Have you been in the sun too long?” she asked. “You normally don’t start talking to yourself unless you have a concussion.”

    “I’m talking to…” Gonzo turned, intent on asking the blonde his name, but was surprised to find that he was gone. “Huh. Where’d he go?”

    “Where all your other imaginary friends go, I assume.”

    “Just for that,” he quipped. “I’m not gonna let you get out of second place. Then, when you’re assisting me on stage, I’ll call you my second place assistant.”

    “It’s cute that you think that,” she replied, walking off towards the sign up tables.

    Gonzo never missed an opportunity to watch any woman walk off, so he felt more than in his rights to watch Piggy as she headed back towards signup. Shaking his head, he murmured, “Kermit’s a lucky frog.”


    Royce La Chance was complex man with a dual personality.

    Tanned, handsome, intelligent, La Chance presented himself as a foreign diplomat, who had been a child of foreign diplomats, who was worldly and who seemed to know everything there was to know about several different countries. In reality, La Chance was born in Detroit to a father who worked in the steel mills and a mother who was a waitress.

    Presenting himself as a business attaché to several different corporate leaders, La Chance had been a slacker for most of his life until his parent finally kicked him out of the house. Making his way first to New York and then to California, La Chance had redefined himself and he had done that by becoming well adapted at breaking and entering homes.

    There wasn’t much in the way of their neighborhood where he grew up in Detroit, however once he made his way to New York, La Chance made his living by becoming a cat burglar and he was good at it. The gymnastics classes that his parents had enrolled him in paid off as he used his skills to climb buildings and open windows; his intelligence made him think of the many ways to get around household pets or children who may have been up in the middle of the night.

    He studied Chinese and Japanese philosophies, learning the skills that ninjas used to be silent; he was also deadly. While he had only been caught once, it had been for breaking and entering and not for the murder of five different people. On the surface, La Chance was a very charming and likable individual; women loved him and it wasn’t unheard of for him to involved or bedding several at once. Men respected him and he had made more than enough friends who were high enough in companies to afford him a very good life style.

    But at his core, La Chance was a thief and a good one. He was also a deadly one.

    Always keeping up on the know when it came to priceless artifacts that would make their way into museums or personal property, La Chance had stumbled on the fact that the Rheingold Ruby was going to be exhibited at one of the local Pasadena museums. Knowing that security and the passing patrol would be too much for him, La Chance did something he rarely did.

    He got himself a team.

    Unfortunately, this team only consisted of professionals like himself and David Dickens, someone he knew of only by reputation. The rest of the group was rounded out by some small time hoods; however, La Chance knew a perfect set up when it saw one and knew that both he and Dickens could get away with this heist as long as the others got pinned for it.

    The job itself had gone smoothly until an unexpected extra patrol car had shown up as they were making their mistake. For the first time in his life, La Chance had made the error of handing off the prize to one of the rookies before making his escape. It had taken him days of bullying, threatening, and getting rid of loose ends before he finally got a name – Carter Smythe.

    He had spent all last week trying to hunt down the kid and once he had gotten a name and an address, he planned on finding out where the ruby was and then making sure the kid couldn’t ID him to police. But first, he needed to make his usual appearance at a fundraiser.

    Roger Peters, the president of Risen, had discovered that La Chance enjoyed motocross and had invited him to participate one year. That had been two years ago and since then, as a personal favor, La Chance made an appearance for the sake of keeping up appearances.

    He of course never expected to see that Smythe kid at the same event.

    He had been just as stunned as the blonde was at seeing him and that had been another fatal error. The kid had of course panicked and had taken off somewhere in the crowd, which left La Chance stuck at registration and then being waylaid by one of the sponsors. When he had finally caught up to the blonde, he seemed to be in conversation with one of those Muppet creatures that were so famous in Hollywood.

    The appearance of another Muppet had at least distracted some of the crowd, but it hadn’t distracted the blonde; he had taken the arrival of the pig to slip the ruby into the gas tank of the little blue Muppet’s bike before slipping off, thinking he had been unseen.

    La Chance was less than thrilled at the secret hiding place, however he was a smart man. An idea was already forming in his head – an accident. He’d run the Muppet off the road and when appropriate, he’d rush to his aid and take the ruby then. And once the ruby was in his possession, he was going to find that Smythe kid and outright kill him.


    “Good afternoon, racers! Thank you all for coming out for this eleventh year motocross tournament!”

    Those in the stands look to number in the thousands, as they were all seated to watch this upcoming race. The president and CEO of the Risen company took his eleventh year turn as emcee for the race, welcoming all those who came out, as well as announcing the racers for the event.

    “We are always happy and blown away when so many of you come out to help us celebrate a wonderful day and a wonderful event!” he said. “This year, we are especially fortunate; you all have set a new record! There are twelve thousand and our hundred and twenty-six of you here today!

    “We are also fortunate in our racers for this year’s race! Not only do we have two-time winner Bucky Lawson with us today, he is joined by fellow local legends Stewie Gilford and Royce La Chance! These great racers are also being joined by a number of celebrities, whom we are very proud to have in our midst this morning!

    “From radio station 102.9 RKOQ, Lawrence ‘Big Mac’ McCarthy!” McCarthy, a rather large individual, sat atop a bike that was dwarfed under him.

    “From radio station 94.7 LAPX, Everett Smalls and Rosario ‘Rosie’ Marquez are here!” The two co-host of Last Ride LA waved from their bikes, both done up in the station’s color scheme and with their station’s radio dial on the sides.”

    “From the TV show, Crowdsource, Mikey McGee!” McGee, a short rider who sat on a huge motor scooter, waved and posed for the crowd.

    “And from stage and screen, two stars of Hollywood’s own The Muppet Show, Miss Piggy and the Great Gonzo!” Both Muppets waved to the crowd, with Piggy blowing her fans kisses and Gonzo giving thumbs up to his fans.

    “That’s enough from me,” the president joked. “Why don’t I turn it over to our special announcers today – Mr. Roddy Stiles and Louis Kazagger! Thank you all for coming and let’s have us a great race!”

    The crowd went wild, eagerly anticipating a great race with some great racers.
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    *Blinks. *Scrubs off computer screen. *Reads again.

    What's this?

    What's this, what's this?
    New chap for all to see.
    Gina, the web's miss.
    Posted to everybody's glee.

    There's motorcycles revving.
    And loud announcers' sound.
    Plus the mystery of a jewel heist.
    With intrigue all around.

    What's this?
    Stealing Herbie's plot.
    Gina the web's miss.
    Has given this story a great lot.

    There's a flag waving in the air.
    And the scent of fresh fic posted there.
    A wager between weirdo and fashionable pig.
    Will end in a fight so Muppetly big.

    Aaahhh. *Happy sigh.
    What! Is! This?!

    Yay, thanks for the half-chappy, me ish excitedly jubilant for this.
    *Leaves choc cake. :insatiable:
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    This. This right here is the reason you're one of my favorites. And the fact that you recognize the plot point for...IIRC...the original Herbie movie (which is one of the reasons I have loved VW Bugs since I was a kid).

    I know I left this on the shelf for a long time, which is sad because I've had this section and the next all written in note form since the idea came to me (like a while ago). And with that...here's more!

    “Welcome race fans and thank you to Mr. Peters for that glorious introduction!”

    Louis Kazagger, Muppet sportscaster, began. Taking his obligatory spot at an announcing booth, Kazagger was happy to be doing the play by play for this important race, for the sixth time.

    Down on the race track itself, the racers were revving their engines, eagerly awaiting for the starter to command that the race begin.

    “We look to have a great race today, Lou,” co-announcer Roddy replied. Roddy was one of the local sportscasters for LBJJ Channel seven and like Kazagger, had been asked to be the racing announcer for Risen for a number of years. Both sportscasters had worked together before, but this had been the first time in about two years that they had been reunited to announce for this particular event.

    “Indeed we do, Rod,” Kazagger replied. “We’ve got fifteen racers today, representing a wide variety of different specialties to be here this afternoon. We’re about a second away from the whistle being blown and there it is! We have the official start of the eleventh annual Risen motocross!”

    “And already, it looks to be a knock down drag out, Louie,” Roddy replied. “Bucky Lawson has slipped to sixth, surprisingly, but it looks like there’s a big rush to the top five!”

    “Yes Roddy,” Kazagger replied. “So far, Stewie Gilford has taken the lead, with Rosie Marquez and Chase Robertson taking up second and third places respectively.”

    “Coming around the first bin, it looks like the Muppets are going to fight it out for fourth place!” Roddy shouted. “You know, Louie, I had no idea that Miss Piggy was just a biker chick. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a finer body melted into a body suit before.”

    “I’m sure Kermit the Frog would appreciate hearing that, Roddy,” Lou joked. “Miss Piggy is indeed a pig of many talents – actress, model, biker, lover, and fighter, the porcine princess has shown the world more than once that she’s not just another pretty face. Let’s take a look.”

    While the television stations broadcasting the events switched to a dossier about Miss Piggy, said diva was indeed fighting it out with her Muppet co-star for fourth place. Despite not believing him, Piggy was quite surprised when Gonzo’s beat up managed to keep up with her, both of them trading the fourth position.

    La Chance, who was keeping a steady pace behind the two in the customary fifth place, wanted to make sure that he kept this position. Those behind him were of no consequence – with the exception of the Smythe kid, who he thought was in ninth place – his more immediate concern was that of the blue Muppet who had his ruby hidden in his motorbike.

    The jewel thief had thought the Muppets were to be easy prey, but that was not the case. La Chance of course didn’t know that not only did these two particular Muppets already have a standing rivalry on this race, but they had been trying to outdo each other for years.

    Piggy was able to take the lead as the group went around the second turn, bypassing Gilford, who now trailed her in second. Gonzo for his part had over taken Rosie, who seemed to be having issues with his bike, causing him to fall into thirteenth place. Both Big Mac McCarthy and Mikey McGee had been in the last place positions due to them not choosing bikes that would best leverage their sizes.

    There were now twelve racers and Carter found himself in the position of sixth. La Chance was ahead of him, now in fourth, and Carter wasn’t about to try and over take him, despite the fact that he could probably easily make third. Truth be told, the young man was scared; so scared that when the racers approached one of the exits to the street, Carter took it, effectively disqualifying himself and leaving the race down to eleven.

    “Louie, did you see that??” Roddy exclaimed. “Folks, young Carter Smythe has just left the track and that of the arena completely! What the deuce?”

    “Certainly something to ponder for another time, Rod,” Kazagger nodded. “Folks, if you aren’t here in person, you’re missing one heck of a race out there. Right now, we’ve got a tight race for first, second, third, and fourth place; Miss Piggy has taken a command lead into first, followed by that luminary of lunacy, the Great Gonzo.”

    “Following them is that of Royce La Chance in third and Bucky Lawson in fourth,” Roddy commented. “Stewie, Everett, Rosie, Sam Ross, Ryder Marks, Hip Nolan, and The Wiz are keeping with the others. Louie, in case some of our viewers don’t know, Stewie Gilford is a top notch racer, in both motocross and boating, winning several different championships.

    “Let’s take a look inside Stewart Gilligan Gilford.”

    Back on the track, it was clear that the true race was happening between the racers in first, second, and third place. La Chance had decided that this was taking longer than it should and made a move for dominance; in an illegal move that looked accidental, La Chance had come into the first turn on the third lap low enough to clip the back of Rosie Marquez’ bike, causing the radio personality to spin out, which caused the inevitable crash that took his co-host Everett, Marks, Nolan, and The Wiz out of the competition.

    That only left Bucky, Sam Ross, Stewie Gilford, himself, and the Muppets. Ross helped hitting a bump which knocked him into Lawson, knocking them both into the hay bales that stood as barrier on the side. Gilford was far enough behind that La Chance didn’t even bother to worry about him; he only needed to worry about the Muppets.

    Revving his engine, he first thought to get around Piggy, however he found the pig to be a competent racer. That of course didn’t necessarily mean that he couldn’t take her. Managing to get alongside her, he tried to push her into one of the barriers as he passed. Piggy, long being a controlled biker, just barely managed to swerve out of his way, but it cost her to third place.
    Gonzo was having the time of his life.

    The very fact that he was now leader of the pack only enhanced the happiness he was feeling. The whole point of partaking in the race wasn’t really to win it, however his bet with Piggy pushed that honor a bit, but to enjoy himself and have a fun time on a Saturday. Every so often, the weirdo would wonder about his place in the world; this had been especially true when he could see that the group who had all but taken him in and adopted him in a way began to break.

    Just when Gonzo thought that his life didn’t have any meaning, he was always reminded that his life was actually pretty perfect, if he was honest with himself. He had a great girlfriend who not only loved him, but understood him unlike any woman he had ever been with or wanted to be with. Along with that, he probably had the best job in the world, even when he could easily put his life on the line when doing it.

    And then there were his friends.

    The daredevil didn’t think he could have ever asked for better friends than those he worked with. They may not have understood his unique or mysterious tendencies, but they accepted him and they were probably the most loyal, supportive, and protective bunch he would ever meet.

    Which would soon be demonstrated by what would happen next.

    While Gonzo was loving his leadership status and Piggy was secretly seething that she couldn’t get around this guy, La Chance saw his chance at getting his ruby back. Like Piggy, he was deeply seething that the Smythe child had gotten away, however he had his address and he would take care of him later; the most important thing at this point was that of the ruby and getting it from the strange looking Muppet.

    The jewel thief ran into Gonzo, who hadn’t been paying attention and nearly lost control of his bike. Shooting an annoyed look at La Chance, he was better prepared at the next bump, but he had to quickly get his balance as the two began to hit the second turn. A metal fence surrounded the track as a whole, but because it was slightly dilapidated, the track had extra barriers set up.

    Except around the second turn.

    For whatever reason, the set up crew had neglected to place barriers around this turn that day, which was a shame as several of the fence’s wiring were coming apart at the seams and could be dangerous if someone came close enough to be cut by it.

    Which was exactly was La Chance had been waiting for.

    His aggressive stance was causing Gonzo to drift closer and closer to the fence in order to avoid him. La Chance faked losing control of his bike, intentionally ramming into Gonzo, which caused him to scrape against the fence and the exposed wiring. Crying out in pain, the daredevil immediately used his left hand to cover his arm, however still expertly able to steer with one hand.

    Again, La Chance underestimated his Muppet competitors; Gonzo had done enough stunts on his bike that not only was he able to control it with one hand, but he was also able to give Piggy, who had zoomed up next to him when she had seen what happened, a thumbs up with the hand on his injured arm.

    Piggy, for her part, had a personality that was quick to anger; if people thought Kermit could short circuit, his internal fuse lighting when his frustrations level hit the roof, Piggy had him beat because her fuse was always lit, she just needed an excuse to blow up.

    In most cases, Piggy’s ire would get up when she didn’t get what she wanted; that was the professional and even personal persona that the diva held with her. It was a part of who Miss Piggy was, as an actress, as a model, and as one of the faces of the Muppets. Privately, Piggy was as loyal as the next Muppet and that loyalty – which had immediately and had always been with Kermit first and foremost – had extended to that of her Muppet co-stars.

    And that included Gonzo.

    As much as they were completely different in every way, shape, and form, she and Gonzo had perfected the concept of frienemy even better than she and Floyd Pepper had, probably more so. As part of the ‘founding five’ as some outlets called them, she and Gonzo had been together from the very beginning and to be literal, they had basically grown up together, as one could grow up in Hollywood.

    And as far as Piggy was concerned, no one was allowed to hurt Gonzo without her express say so and quite frankly, she held a monopoly on exclusively putting the weirdo in pain and that was no one else’s job but hers.

    To put it plainly, Miss Piggy was one angry diva and that anger was now focused on Royce La Chance.

    La Chance for his part, continued the race as though he hadn’t caused the wrecks of several of his competitors. He was hoping to finish the race and then be suddenly surprised by any injury that the blue Muppet had sustained. Again, La Chance had not counted on Miss Piggy nor on the consequences of angering her.
  15. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And here's the penultimate end to this chapter!

    Next up - remember at the beginning of this tale, when Kermit said that he had a favor that Gonzo and Piggy were to do for him? We're going to see what that favor is and why the diva and weirdo are not happy about it.

    And what about our mystery surrounding the Rheingold Ruby? Well it turns out that the police are looking for that and I think we all know who they might be looking at...

    “We are entering the last lap and what an exciting race this has been,” Roddy was saying.

    “That’s right, Roddy,” Kazagger commented. “We’ve had some spin outs which has knocked out most of the competition; just before the break, the Great Gonzo barely missed a near crash with Royce La Chance, but managed to stay upright.”

    “However it does look at though he may have gotten injured against the fence at the second turn,” Roddy added. “That near miss has placed Gonzo in third, while Miss Piggy and Royce La Chance are clearly battling it out for first place. We’re on the last lap and both are in a fight for first.”

    “This race has been going back and forth between these three competitors,” Lou replied. “Neck and neck as they come around the first turn, with Piggy taking a slight lead, but here comes La Chance to gain it back.”

    “They’re really toughing it out, Louie,” Roddy said, watching with baited breath. “Coming up on the second turn, both are still neck and neck as they head for the finish line. And….it’s hard to tell from here folks, but it looks as though the Muppets’ Miss Piggy has won this race.”

    “Hold the phone, Roddy,” Kazagger interrupted. “It looks like down at the judges’ podium, there’s some sort of decision being made. It could have been a photo finish and yes…” Kazagger turned from the mic as he got a message on the outcome of the race.

    “Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced. “A complete shocker. It looks as though Royce La Chance is this year’s winner.”

    “And it doesn’t look as though Miss Piggy and the Great Gonzo are contesting this decision.”

    “Are you blind!?”

    Just as Roddy Stiles had predicted, down at the finish line and judges’ table, both Piggy and Gonzo were protesting the win by La Chance. As far as they were concerned and what they knew and saw, Piggy had won the race by at least a nose, not to mention that Gonzo, who was holding his arm tightly in order to stop the bleeding, had nearly been killed thanks to La Chance.

    La Chance, who actually didn’t really care if he won or not, was more than happy to play the part of the accidental racer.

    “You can’t possibly believe that I ran into him on purpose!” he protested. “As far as I saw, it was his rickety little bike that caused him to run into that fence. He shouldn’t have even entered the race on that thing!”

    “Rickety!?” Gonzo exclaimed, clearly insulted. “I’ll have you that bike managed to keep up with you until you decided to cheat!”

    “Cheat!?” the jewel thief shouted. “How dare you! You’re just sore because you couldn’t keep up!”

    “That’s a lie and you know it,” Piggy huffed. “I had you beat fair and square, La Chance! Take it like a man and not the sniveling little baby you’re being now.”

    “Isn’t there a barbeque grill you should be on somewhere?”

    In another display of complete disregard for his competition, La Chance had made a fatal flaw; Piggy did not take kindly to pig jokes. People who had known her for years avoided joking about pigs, what pigs did, and ultimately, food related to pork. Even if Piggy liked you, she wouldn’t take pig jokes without some biting quip against the person who had said it.

    For those that Piggy didn’t like, there would no doubt be pain. And lots of it.

    Whether the diva was aware of the helmet in her hand or not, it didn’t stop her from swinging a right hook at the face of Royce La Chance; in hindsight, the blow would’ve hurt anyway, but the addition of a five pound, heavy plastic helmet being swung in the direction of one’s face made for a deeper impact.

    The resulting action was to sweep the jewel thief off his feet and landing him hard on the hot pavement below.

    “Are you alright?”

    Gonzo, who secretly was a bit sympathetic to the plight of the race, nodded. “I’m a heck of a lot better than he is,” he said, nodding to the man who was rolling slightly on the ground. The daredevil had been on the receiving end of enough karate chops to last a lifetime, though he had been lucky enough to get the real deal, without the addition of a weapon.

    “Gonzo,” Piggy said, exasperated. “You’re standing there bleeding to death! At least get one of the medics to look at you.”

    The weirdo winced, as the throbbing in his arm increased. He would probably need to get another tetanus shot and who knew what this could do to his upcoming juggling scorpions routine.

    While Piggy and Gonzo wrestled with the idea of getting some medics, Royce La Chance was feeling getting some feeling back in his face and some cognitive recognition going to his brain. And when his eyes saw the Muppets, they sent a message to his brain, which switch on the red haze he saw when he was really mad and when he was in a murdering mood.

    So concerned with Gonzo, neither Muppet was aware of just what they had started until La Chance slamming himself into Piggy, much like a football player taking down the defensive lineman. “Hey!” the weirdo exclaimed, nearly stunned to the spot before he immediately went to defend Piggy.

    Not that she really needed it.

    “Lou, it looks like a big brawl has started downstairs at the judges’ stage!”

    “Roddy, in all my years as a sportscaster, I have never seen such a spectacle.”

    “It reminds me of the Hollyfield-Tyson fight; it’s a real brawl down there, folks! And for every little bit of class and femininity that Miss Piggy represents, the pig can throw one heck of a right!”
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm... So would Royce be the British John Thorndike-type character's counterpart in this? *Knows there were at least two Herbie movies with the jewels hidden in the gas tank.

    This guy don't know us vewy well, do he. *:laugh:

    I do recognize what Newsie said about the overuse of "that of" in your writing, you could read and edit after or before posting, it might do you a world of good.
    But the race itself was exciting and fun at the same time, so you get another piece of choc cake for completing the chapter tonight. Thanks and hope to read what that favor the frog will call in ends up being.
  17. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    No, only because it's been years since I've seen any of the Herbie movies. The idea just occurred to me, but La Chance is way more deadly than the very comical John Thorndike (am I thinking correctly that his character was played by Terry...Jones?? The voice of the snake in Robin Hood (and of course other Disney movies)?)

    No he does not and as you can see, that cost him.

    Yeah, I think in an effort to get this up as quickly as possible, I end up reading it only after I've posted, which of course isn't good nor like me, as I usually read before posting to ensure that I've gotten any weirdness.

    This is probably the case of me trying to stay caught up while ultimately failing behind of course. And sometimes I need to get an idea down before it leaves my head completely.

    So as I mentioned earlier, we've now caught up the very beginning, where we find Piggy and Gonzo at LA County lock up. In the next chapter, we'll see what this favor is that Kermit wants done. Hopefully I'll start that today after a nap.
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Just did a quick Wiki walk to answer your questions...

    The voice of Sir Hiss was Thomas Terry ****-Stevens, known as Terry-Thomas.
    John Thorndike was portrayed by David Tomlinson, who also portrayed Emelius Browne in Bedknobs and Broomsticks; though his most well-known Disney role is from that sickening movie that will cause me to wretch every single time I hear it mentioned even though we stole their penguin waitors from there.
    :zany: Wha?! *Holds up a 'Strike!' cue card.
    :ouch: Don't say that around Marvin.
    Marvin Suggs: Oh, I would love to strike ze pengawins! *Hits them with his mallets.
  19. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And I see you've survived.

    Thank you! I knew it was Terry something.

    :zany: Wha??? Are you saying you didn't like Bedknobs and Broomsticks? Which, I don't even know how that's possible when Angela Lansbury was in it. Unless of course you're talking about Mary Poppins, which again I have to ask, what is wrong with you?

    Granted, it's not my favorite Disney live action movie, however the very presence of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke should MAKE it a favorite. It's certainly better than those Lindsay Lohan movies or Hillary Duff and that awful Pocahontas movie, cause I certainly hope you didn't think those better than the previously mentioned awesome movies.

    Disney movies aside, as promised, I has chapter 3 right here fer ya!

    Chapter III

    Oh, those Muppet kids can get into a heap of trouble, can’t they? So now you know what lead up to landing Miss Hamhocks and the Weirdo in jail, but that’s not the end of the story; that’s just the beginning of the trouble the kids got into.

    Let’s fast forward back to the present to find out how this all got resolved…


    Piggy hadn’t been exactly wrong when she thought she would be taking her punishment the next day. Of course, she wasn’t the one in control as she hoped she would be, but the point of the matter was that she was able to get a reprieve until the next day.

    Or so she thought.

    Mornings at the home of Kermit and Piggy usually started at six in the morning, when the alarm clock went off. Kermit, who had always been an early riser, technically didn’t really need the alarm clock to go off; he always had the good sense to know when morning had come, but having the extra wakeup call was helpful.

    Piggy, who was as equal an early riser as Kermit, didn’t think that getting up that early was warranted; her normal time was between seven and eight in the morning, which still allowed her to be up and ready to go like the rest of the world.

    As what normally happened, the alarm began to blare at exactly six o’clock, waking both occupants who happened to be asleep. Kermit was already somewhat awake before the blaring began and didn’t find it difficult at all to reach over his companion to shut it off. The previous night had been a relatively normal one, which had set Piggy’s suspicion meter on high.

    Convinced that Kermit was either planning on tossing and turning all night, his annoyance, irritation, and anger at this latest misstep of hers disrupting his sleep, or that she’d be sleeping alone, the diva was quite surprised when Kermit seemed to have no issues in joining her in bed.

    Even more curious was the fact she had awoken up with Kermit’s slim green arm slung around her middle, obviously the reward of him cuddling up to her during the night, as they often did in sleep. Rolling on to her back, Piggy was greeted by a kiss, then two then three, which caused her scrunched her face up in annoyance.

    “How can you possibly be amorous at six in the morning?” she muttered.

    “Cause I happen to wake up next to a beautiful woman every morning,” came his gleeful response, which he peppered with another two kisses on both her cheek and neck.

    “Flattery does nothing for me this early,” she groused, pushing him slightly. “Go ‘way.”

    “Better be nice to me.”

    “I’ll be nice to you in an hour.”

    The last thing she heard was his low chuckle before she felt one last parting kiss to her temple.

    Precisely one hour and fifteen minutes later, Piggy was up and about, getting ready to start her morning. Walking into the kitchen, she had figured she’d be greeted with by her frog, who was no doubt sitting at the table and probably already through one whole pot of coffee.

    However, the diva was surprised when it looked as though she had the house all to herself that morning. That in itself wasn’t that odd; it was a Sunday morning after all and in most cases, there would be a show that night in which the captain and his first mate would need to be on the MSS Insanity in order to make sure things went at least somewhat to plan.

    The odd thing today was the fact that there was no show that night; the group had decided to take at least a few weeks off to recharge and come back with even zanier ideas and acts. The last week had been their last show for the season and they weren’t technically scheduled back for at least a month.

    Kermit should’ve been home, though Piggy was well aware that the frog was a classic workaholic and certainly with his high consumption of coffee, he was good to go for most of the day, regardless of when he started. Pondering on the fact that she was sure Kermit was at the theater, but not knowing why, she wasn’t all that surprised to see a hastily scratched note attached to the coffee maker.

    Mornin’ Sweet Pea, it began, causing the diva to smile at the pet name. The couple weren’t overly into calling each other ‘honey’, ‘sweetie pie’, or anything other couples used for each other, but that was chalked up to the fact that they both regarded the whole pet name as needing to mean something.

    Kermit, thanks to his Southern upbringing and own general outlook, took his relationships as seriously as he could and he expected his partner to do the same. Piggy who had as many flirtatious flings as she did real relationships, had always felt the same – that the cutesy names that couples gave to each other were pretty much the carbon copy of what they had probably used on some other randomly passing person.

    Despite all of the hurt and heartache they had put each other through, neither Piggy nor Kermit ever wanted to this to be a passing fling.

    Mornin’ Sweet Pea, she reread.

    As you can see, I’ve left you a nice pot of coffee to replace the one I just injected into my veins (running a little behind today). I’m at theater and kinda need to see you at some point, the earlier the better. Also, if you could make sure Gonzo comes along, that be great. I left him a message, but not sure if he got it.



    Piggy couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. It wasn’t the method of which he drank his coffee, that was pretty much a given despite any protests that he was no doubt addicted to the caffeine, it was the request to see her and Gonzo that morning. She was sure that it had to be in regards to their indiscretion the night before, which meant he was probably going to them this mysterious favor he wanted them to do.

    As intrigued as she was, Piggy didn’t think it could be anything truly bad; after all, it was Kermit and no matter how angry he could get – and she could get the frog pretty angry – at this point, she didn’t think he’d do anything too wild for a punishment.

    Besides, he had obviously been in good spirits this morning, so perhaps she could persuade him to forgo the punishment for something a bit more…relaxing. Smirking to herself, the diva removed the note and began to get herself some coffee.


    Despite the fact that the Muppets were officially off for a time, Muppet Theatre was still very much alive with activity that Sunday morning. If one was honest with themselves, a performer never just took time off; they may have taken breaks from the spotlight for a while, but they never just stop being performers.

    With that in mind, acts were none the less at the theatre working on new material in which they could utilize for the next upcoming seasons of the show. Kermit, though reluctant at being the de facto leader and face of the group, never the less took his responsibilities to the group very seriously and that meant needing to be the hard director and producer that he had somehow gotten known for over the years.

    That morning, he had known how his day was going to go, despite the events of the previous night. Kermit was in no way happy in the fact that Gonzo and Piggy had once again ended up behind bars; certainly if he had been aware just how many times the two had run across the wrong side of the law, perhaps he would have thought differently in inviting them to join the group.

    Not that he really had much of a choice in the matter.

    And even then, after he had become aware that both had a rap sheet longer than the LA highway, Kermit knew he probably should have asked them to leave, knowing that if or when they were to get in trouble, they could potentially bring the whole company down. But he hadn’t; whether it was because he thought Gonzo was incredibly optimistic despite the life he had been dealt or because he was so enamored with Piggy or even both, the frog had decided that the two warranted being given the chance he himself wanted.

    Of course, in times like this, that decision to keep them both on struck back in the worst way, but after all this time, Kermit was smart enough to know that it wasn’t as though the two were juvenile delinquents, they just happened to let their emotions and tempers get the best of them.

    And the frog certainly understood that.

    That was why he hadn’t been as angry at the duo had thought he would’ve been; he had been watching the race on TV that day. Of course he would watch anything that had Piggy in it and certainly with what she had left the house with had his attention from the time she showed it to him.

    That was why she had arrived late.

    But Kermit had seen the race and from what he had seen, he also thought that La Chance person had been driving rather recklessly and aggressively. In the end, Kermit was on their side! Yes, Piggy had been the one to start the fight, but Kermit knew that his girl didn’t just go around starting fights for the heck of it; she always had a reason and that reason was always good.

    However, even if the frog believed strongly that the diva and stunt weirdo had been in their rights, he couldn’t just let them off the hook. They knew how the media ran with stories like this and how it wouldn’t do anything to paint them in the best light, so he’d have to show that they weren’t necessarily getting off of an appropriate punishment.

    Now of course, appropriate punishment meant different things to different people.

    And Kermit felt he had the very thing that would hopefully stay their fists the next time.

    Just as he was thinking, a knock on his inner office door broke him from his musings. Calling out to the person, he wasn’t surprised to see Piggy poking her head through the door. “You wanted to see us, Kermie?”

    “Yeah, come on in,” he said, standing from the chair he had been sitting in. He waited until Piggy and then Gonzo came through the door, the weirdo closing it behind him for the extra privacy. They were all aware that the theatre had ears and eyes in places that it shouldn’t. “Oh good, you brought Gonzo with you.”

    “Try to tone down the enthusiasm, Kermit,” the daredevil joked.

    “Being in the same room with you is quite enough to get me enthused, Gonzo,” the frog retorted.

    “If the two of you would like to be alone,” Piggy quipped. “I can leave.”

    Kermit just chuckled.

    “Alright, Frog,” Gonzo started. “You invited us down here on a Sunday morning, on a day in which we don’t have a show, for some favor you haven’t told us about.”

    “Would you like to know the favor I’d like you to do?” the frog asked. “Is that what you’re asking?”

    “That’s what I love about you, Kermit,” the weirdo said. “Always know what I wanna say.”


    Picking up a medium sized package from his desk and then handing it to Gonzo, he said, “That’s my favor. I just need the two of you to deliver that for me.”

    “That’s it?” the stuntman chuckled, shaking the box slightly. “That’s easy!”

    Gonzo couldn’t believe it. He had been expecting, really expecting, to finally be fired from the Muppets as his punishment. He wasn’t really sure if he thought the same for Piggy, being the director’s girlfriend after all, but he had hoped to get the share of the punishment; Gonzo didn’t want to come between the two of them, especially now.

    The weirdo was more than happy to just be regulated to simple delivery boy, until he noticed the address on the package. The smile that had been on his face immediately dropped and he looked quickly at his friend and boss.

    “You can’t be serious.”

    Curious as to where exactly they needed to be going, which was strange in itself as it was just one package, Piggy snuck a glance at the address adhered to the package before turning her steely blue eyes on Kermit. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding,” she huffed. “We aren’t doing this.”

    Expecting a monumental retort in the matter, once again the frog managed to surprise them by just shrugging. “Okay,” he said, once again reaching across this desk, this time to pick up a previously opened letter. “If that’s what you want.” Holding the envelope out to Piggy, he ended with, “I guess I can give this to you then.”

    “What is it?” the diva asked suspiciously.

    “Open it and find out.”

    “It seems to be already opened for me.”

    “Of course,” the frog smirked. “I always open mail that comes across my desk. If you don’t like it, you should get your own desk.”

    The diva bit back the retort that rested on her tongue, ignoring the fact that whatever this was had been clearly addressed to her, and instead pulled out what looked to be a very large letter. Upon opening it, she quickly scanned the contents, her baby blues narrowing the further down she got.

    “See,” Kermit began. “I figured that the two of you probably didn’t want to deal with the enclosed restraining order and the fine that your friend Mr. La Chance is proposing you pay him for the subsequent physical and emotional damage you inflicted on him yesterday, which I’m sure you can see is quite high.

    “My thought was that Scooter and I would handle this…nasty little business or rather, Scooter’s lawyers would handle this and hopefully mitigate that down to something along the lines of community service because…I know how much you both enjoy community service. And in exchange, you’d deliver that little package for me.

    “But if you’d rather handle this lawsuit thing…”

    Kermit had reached for the package that still rested in Gonzo’s hands and wasn’t surprised when the weirdo held it jut out of his reach. He knew he was being a bit underhanded in sending both of them to deliver one package, but again, he needed to show them that he couldn’t be bailing them out every single time they got into trouble.

    Shooting a glance at Piggy, Gonzo knew the frog had them this time. As much as they hated going to the place he was sending them, it was a much brighter spot than having to deal with the aftermath of being sued, which both had managed to avoid at all costs. Not that they had ever avoided going to court and neither of them wanted to go down that road again.

    “What time is our flight?” the diva muttered.

    “Scooter was gracious enough to book it for later this afternoon,” the frog replied, going around the desk and taking a seat. “You’ll want to bring a jacket; I heard it’s rather cool there.”

    “Not unlike this room.”

    “If you don’t like it, Piggy,” Kermit replied, nonchalantly. “You don’t have to go.”

    Gonzo couldn’t help but laugh bitterly at that. “You know,” he said. “Everyone thinks you’re such an upstanding frog and such a nice guy. Oh, if they only knew the true villain that lurks inside your heart, boy, would they be surprised.”

    “I do like to mix it up every now and then.” Looking at the two, Kermit pointed to the small clock on the desk. “Tick tock, guys,” he said. “You only have a few hours to pack.”

    “We’re going,” hissed Piggy.

    “Say hi to everyone for me!” Kermit called behind them, only being answered by the slamming of his office door.

    And that is the first half of chapter 3! So where exactly are our dynamic duo heading that requires a coat and that they loathe going to? You'll see...
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    1 Bedknobs and Broomsticks, of corpse it's in my Disney fave cannon, perhaps lost a little by other animated greats, but I remember it well.
    2 That other movie you mentioned... Yes, I dislike it with a passion. Which is why I was glad when Barbara Eden as the matriarchial aunt of the Spellman Family in an episode of Sabrina said she always hated it too.
    3 No, the Lindsey Lohan Disney movies should be burned. Why is it only her version of The Parent Trap airs any more? People, there's only one Parent Trap, that's the one starring Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills as the two eight-year-old twin protagonists Susan and Sharon. And it's because of Lindsey that noone, I swear, noone but me even remotely remembers the original version of Freaky Friday starring a 13-year-old Jodie Foster!
    :crazy: plunges detonator, causing Ed to explode.

    As for Chapter 3...
    Thanks for the intro Uncle Jesse.
    You're definitely learning from others as demonstrated in the opening between Kermit and Piggy.

    The whole pet names thing, that just adds to your impressive studying at the feet or flippers of the fic masters we have here at the forums.

    And then we have the package versus the lawsuit. Scooter's lawyers, *chuckles*, another appearance by Sterling Howard in the plans? And by Kerm's comment of "say hi to everyone for me" I kinda know where Piggy and Gonzo are going, but I won't spoil it for anyone else.

    Okay, I'm good now, gonna bag and drag it for tonight. Post more when possible please.

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