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Floyd and Janice's Date Night Drabbles and Oneshots

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by MissMusical12, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my first collection of drabbles and oneshots!!! YAAAAAAY! :excited:Here, I will be writing 10 drabbles and oneshots, all revolving around Floyd and Janice on some sort of date, whether alone or with other couples. If you're a huge FloydxJanice supporter, you're going to LOVE this collection. Some of them are PG to PG-13, so I will warn you guys ahead of time. My first one will be posted very shortly, so stay tuned!

    Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE MUPPETS! They are property to Jim Henson, The Muppets Studios and The Walt Disney Company!
  2. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    YAAAY more oneshots can't wait for the first one super excited
  3. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    This one is PG-13, to be safe.
    1. That One Scene In Titanic
    "Oh! Oh! How about this one?" Miss Piggy yelled in excitement as she got out the DVD of her favorite romance movie of all time, "Titanic." "Oh no. Not that one again......" Floyd sighed in annoyance as he rolled his eyes. "Watch it! Or you're sitting out in the pouring rain, bassman," Miss Piggy said, warning Floyd strictly. Bad enough the rain had to cancel the double date picnic between him and Janice and Kermit and Miss Piggy, but now he and Janice are forced to watch his least favorite movie of all time. For the 850th time. "We all know what happens at the end..." Floyd said. "The ship sinks and Leonardo DeCaprio dies." "STOP SPOILING IT, FLOYD!" Miss Piggy yelled.

    "Oh Floyd, just leave her alone," Janice said, trying to stop the feuding between her true love and her friend. She then pulled Floyd aside by his tie gently (*He's wearing the outfit he wore early in Season 5 http://images.wikia.com/muppet/images/8/8d/FloydJacketBarnyard.png ) and whispered "Besides, it'll like be a rully perfect opportunity for us to take a nap." Floyd smiled in agreement and said "I think we should fall asleep as soon as we can. I'll do anything to avoid watching that boring movie for the billionth time." "Me too, fer sure," Janice said and then kissed Floyd on the cheek. "Just like don't tell Piggy I hate the movie, okay?" "I promise, baby doll," he replied and lead Janice over to the couch where Kermit and Miss Piggy were.

    The movie was just starting and Miss Piggy was already holding Kermit in her arms, humming "My Heart Will Go On" to herself. "Piggy, the song isn't even on yet. Where's that Rose character?" Kermit asked. This was actually the first time Kermit was going to pay attention to the movie. After all, it was the only way to prevent him from getting karate chopped by her. "This is Rose," Miss Piggy replied. "But....she's old," he said in puzzlement. "Yeah. That's her later on. Oh wait! Here's younger Rose!" she said in excitement. If there was a "Titanic" fan club, Miss Piggy would have to be president of it. She's the biggest fan of the movie the Muppets have ever known. One of Miss Piggy's dreams is for her and Kermit to be like Rose and Jack....except Jack doesn't die.

    Meanwhile, Floyd and Janice have already fallen asleep on the couch within the first five minutes of the movie. Janice snuggled onto Floyd's chest while he held her by her waist, making sure the two of them had a comfortable nap while this boring movie was playing. The two woke up in unison an hour and a half or so into the movie, just to see how much longer they can take of the torture of watching it. It was up to the scene where Jack and Rose were making out in the car.....or was it doing it. But, by the looks of it, they did it. Floyd had an soon had an idea.

    He looked over at Miss Piggy, whom had her eyes glued to the TV screen, and Kermit, whom was trying not to fall asleep. Coast was clear. He then took Janice's hand and lead her back outside to his convertible. The rain had stopped and the night sky was glittering with stars.

    "Floyd, Miss Piggy would like kill us if she found out we left," Janice said in worry. "We're not leaving, babe," Floyd responded. "Remember that one scene where Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate whatever her last name is are in the car?" "Floyd, I thought you like hated the movie," she questioned. Floyd chuckled and replied "It's the only scene in the movie I payed some attention to." Janice then realized what Floyd wanted to do. She played along and replied flirtaciously "Then like take me to the stars then, babe." Floyd chuckled, leading her the back seat of the car, and responded "Anything."

    Janice blushed a bit and giggled. "Nervous?" Floyd asked, holding her close in his arms. "A bit. But I'm not like totally nervous." she replied. "Good," he said. "We've only got an hour or so left in that stupid movie. So we better make the best of this." "Fer sure," Janice replied as she got Floyd's jacket off. They leaned towards each other, their foreheads touching. Very close to a kiss. "I love you, Floyd," Janice said. "And I love you, too, baby doll," Floyd replied and soon was the one to make the first move, kissing her sweetly and passionately. He then laid her down on the seat, still kissing her as he got on top of her.

    The two knew they didn't want this romantic moment to end. Even if they didn't go all the way, they still went pretty far. And, unlike Jack in the movie, Floyd was much more gentle to his beauty; treating her just like a princess, and was also more playful (tickling her by her waist to weaken her so he could make the nibbles to her neck less painful.) On a scale of 1 to 10 in the skill of love making, Janice thought, Floyd easily was an 11. But still, it all seemed perfect to them. Every kiss. Every touch. Every whimper. Every moan. Everything just all seemed perfect to them in their heads.

    Floyd soon lead Janice back inside, a few minutes before the movie ended. They were back on the couch just in time to hear Miss Piggy sing "My Heart Will Go On" to Kermit as the credits rolled. As soon as she finished, she turned to the lovebirds. "Well well, look who has decided to stay awake for the movie this time," she said. "Oh we sure did," Floyd said sarcastically. Miss Piggy then yawned and took Kermit by the hand. "Tired, Piggy?" Kermit asked. Miss Piggy nodded and replied "Yes. Vous and moi should retire to bed now." She then turned back to Floyd and Janice and said "You two can sleep on the couch, if you want. It's kinda late to be heading home, in moi's opinion." Floyd then turned to Janice, whom shrugged and responded "I guess we'll like stay for the night. Thanks, Piggy."

    Miss Piggy then lead Kermit and her to their room, leaving Floyd and Janice alone in the living room. When they heard the door shut Floyd immediately got closer to Janice and asked "Well?" "I think we should like do this more often," Janice responded. "Watch Titanic or sneak out to go make love in the car while you're at your friend and her boyfriend's house while they're watching Titanic?" he asked while he laid down on the couch. "The second one." Janice replied as she snuggled onto Floyd's chest. Floyd stroked Janice's beautiful blonde hair and kissed her forehead before drifting off to sleep. Janice happily drifted off herself, wrapping up such a perfect night snuggling with her main squeeze that knows how to please.
    ----------------------------------------THE END----------------------------------------
    You gotta love "Titanic" It's one of my favorite movies of all time, ironically. (Ok, so I'm a sucker for romance. I admit.) But how'd you guys like it, though? The next one will be up soon, so stay tuned. :sing::flirt:
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    More more more more please do more.
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  5. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    2. The Last Night Of Summer
    Summer has always been Janice's favorite time of the year. Sunshine, blue skies, opportunities to tan and swim in the lake all day. A shame that the wonderful summer was coming to a close. The next day would be autumn. The leaves would change colors and the days would start to get colder.​
    So Janice decided to spend the last evening of summer relaxing on a branch in her favorite tree, trying to breathe in every last moment of summer in it's fading glory. However, the evening started to get a bit lonely for her. She was "rully" hoping someone would come along and take in this last of summer with her. Janice started to get a bit worried about it.​
    Floyd was busy taking Animal on his daily walk. Because it started to get late, he decided to take a shortcut through the forest. Animal then ran off to chase after a few fireflies that were flying around, but that didn't bother Floyd so much. He decided to rest by the tree that, coincidentally, Janice was relaxing in up above.​
    Janice looked down to see her boyfriend resting nearby. "Floyd like never turns me down," Janice thought to herself. "Maybe he'll join me." She then carefully climbed down to one branch below the branch she was on before to get a closer look at her sleepy boyfriend. Floyd woke up a few minutes later and was surprised to see Janice on the branch above him.​
    "Like hi, Floyd," Janice said happily. "What're you doing up there, babe?" Floyd asked. "Oh I always like climb up this tree on the last day of summer," Janice explained. "It like gives me one last look at it before fall comes. Do I trust that you catch me?" "Why?" he asked, holding out his arms to catch her. She then jumped off the branch and into Floyd's arms, where he caught her successfully. "That's why," she said and kissed his cheek. "Thanks, babe."​
    Floyd set her down, but still held onto her waist. Janice wrapped her arms around his neck in return. "Maybe I should join you in this," he said. "Don't want you to be too lonely without someone to be with." "Oh, like that was just about what I was going to ask you!" Janice said in excitement. "Of course you can, Floyd."​
    The two then released but not for too long. After Floyd sat back down by the tree, Janice wrapped an arm around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder. Floyd plucked a nearby flower and placed it in her blonde hair. "Perfect," he thought to himself. He then slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him, and then kissed her forehead. Curious fireflies then gathered around the romantic couple.​
    "Don't tell me they're going to make us recreate that scene from The Little Mermaid," Floyd said as he turned to Janice. Janice got up from Floyd's shoulder and replied, "No. I think they like just want us to kiss, not fully recreate that scene." The fireflies, along with Animal who was nearby, nodded. "Kiss her! Kiss her!" Animal yelled in excitement. Floyd then shrugged and said "We might as well. They won't go away if we don't." Janice nodded and then proceeded to kiss Floyd on the lips, lovingly. Even though the kiss lasted maybe 10 seconds, it was still sweet and loving. The fireflies, and Animal, couldn't help but awe at the happy couple. A perfect end to a perfect summer season, in Janice's mind.​
    ---------------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------------​
    Fluffy fluffy fluffy! This is probably the fluffiest I've ever written. This story is for those whose summer has already come to a close. Mine especially, because I go back to school next week. :sympathy:
    Oh well....next one will be up soon! ;)
  6. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This was super cute more please
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  7. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    This one is PG, to be safe
    3. Fit To Be Formal
    Shopping at the mall with your girlfriend is never exciting. You always hear the same thing from her like "Does this make me look fat?" or "Do I look ugly in this dress?" and etc. When Miss Piggy wanted Janice and Camilla to come along with her dress shopping for the Muppet Charity Ball, she really wanted to drag Kermit with her as well. And so she did. Miss Piggy also wanted Floyd and Gonzo to come along for Janice and Camilla........by force.​
    "Oooh! This will be so exciting for us, Kermie," Miss Piggy squeeled in excitement. "Shouldn't it be better for me to see you with the dress AFTER you buy it?" Kermit asked, trying to get out of waiting countless hours for her to try on hundreds of dresses. She turned to him and said "What are you? Nuts? I need the opinion of vous more than anyone else's!" Miss Piggy then dragged Kermit into the fanciest dress store in the mall, leaving behind the other two couples.​
    "Like poofy dresses are not my thing," Janice said to Camilla. "I don't rully get why we have to dress so fancy." "Bawk, Bgawk Bawk Bawk? Bawk bawk bawk bgawk, (Translation: How should I know? This is Miss Piggy's idea)" Camilla replied. "It's ALWAYS Miss Piggy's idea," Floyd sighed. "We might as well get in there before she sends us all on a one way trip to the Red Cross." He took Janice's hand and lead her inside the store, with Gonzo and Camilla behind them.​
    By the time the couples got in, Miss Piggy already plucked about half of the dresses in the store to try on. This was nothing new to them. It was just typical Miss Piggy. The two couples didn't feel like competing for who had the best dress on. They just wanted to find a dress, try it on, and go.​
    "Any luck yet, Camilla?" Gonzo asked. "Bawk! (Yes!)" Camilla clucked in excitement, holding out a beautiful yellow dress for him to see. "Bawk bgawk bgawk bawk bawk bawk bawk! Bawk bawk bgawk bawk! (This yellow dress is perfect! Let me go try it on.)" "I'll wait for you!" Gonzo yelled following Camilla into the dressing room.​
    "I didn't know the dressing room was co-ed," Floyd chuckled. "I thought by now the police would shut this joint down for co-ed dressing rooms." "Fer sure," Janice replied. "I mean, look at the men these days," he started. "They don't believe in true love anymore, unlike us. They just want a piece of the girl and then go as far away as they can from them to find a new prey. And co-ed dressing rooms, they're a perfect opportunity to get a piece of them." Janice cracked up from his raunchy comment. One thing's "fer sure," no matter how raunchy that comment was, she never can resist Floyd's hilarious comments.​
    In the dressing room a bit later, the boys were sitting outside the stalls the girls were in, waiting for their girls to finish trying on the dresses. Miss Piggy found the most dresses.....20 dresses. Camilla's yellow dress failed to fit her, but she did find 3 more dresses to try on. Janice only found one dress. Floyd knocked on the door to Janice's stall and asked "Almost done?" "Like, I'll be right out," she replied. "Boy are you impatient, Floyd," Gonzo chuckled. "Nice try, Gonzo. I'm not that impatient," he replied. "I'm probably going to be the most impatient," Kermit chimed in. "Piggy has 20 dresses to try on." "What dress are you on now?" Gonzo asked. "Number 1," he replied with a sigh. "Heh, good luck, man," Floyd said, putting an arm around him. "Okay, like, I'm ready!" Janice said from inside in her stall, but soon came out.​
    Janice's dress was a beautiful shade of light blue. Sparkly, strapless, and down to her knees. Floyd's eyes widened, but he couldn't help it. She looked absolutely ravishing in that dress, fitting her just perfectly. "And we have a winner!" Gonzo yelled out. Floyd ignored Gonzo's comment, still refusing to take his eyes off her. He then whistled as he went over to his girl, wrapping an arm around her waist. "How's it feel?" he whispered to her. "Like a little tight," she replied. "I don't think it looks tight on you at all," he said, semi-seductively. "In fact, it fits perfectly on you." "Rully?" Janice asked, surprised. She personally didn't think Floyd would like it, so what he said surprised her. "Of course, baby doll," Floyd said and soon started kissing her from her cheek down to her neck. Janice tried not to whimper at his kiss to her sweet spot on her neck, but she couldn't help but give a little whimper.​
    "Ummm.....we're staring right at you two necking in front of us," Kermit butted in. "So if you're going to go second base, can you at least go into the stall?" Floyd released from the kiss to her neck as soon as he heard that. He must've forgot that Kermit and Gonzo were right there while he was necking his girlfriend in front of them and blushed in embarrassment. "Uhhh...." Floyd said as he tried to find the right words to say. Janice giggled and turned to Floyd. "If you rully like the dress so much, Floyd, I'll buy it," she said. "Uhhh, don't fret, Jan. I'll buy it," he said, quickly. "But Floyd, you like never buy dresses for me," Janice said, puzzled. Floyd then whispered to Janice "This one is an exception." He then kissed her on the cheek before she went back into the stall to change out of the dress.​
    "What the heck just happened?" Miss Piggy asked as she came out of her stall, wearing a fancy purple dress she was trying on. "Floyd put on a show for us," Gonzo replied. "Gonzo!" Floyd said, annoyed, and elbowed him. Miss Piggy rolled her eyes and turned to Kermit. "Well, what do you think, Kermie?" she asked. Kermit gulped and replied "It...looks great, Piggy." Miss Piggy frowned and started to get ticked off. "Are you just saying that so that you don't want to wait for me to try on the other 19 dresses?" she asked, angrily. "Piggy, I......" Kermit tried to say, before Miss Piggy karate chopped him. Floyd and Gonzo laughed, but soon were karate chopped as well after Miss Piggy thought they were insulting her. "Men!" she huffed before storming back into the dressing room to try on the next dress.​
    Janice (in her regular clothes and holding the blue dress) and Camilla (in a dress she was trying on) came out from their stalls after Miss Piggy went back into hers. "Honey, are you okay?" Janice asked as she helped Floyd up. "I'm fine, babe," he replied. "Piggy was just having another temper tantrum." "Oh," she said. "Are you rully sure you want to like pay for the dress?" "I'm sure," Floyd replied as he took her hand and lead her out of the dressing room. After Camilla got Gonzo up, Gonzo turned to Kermit. "Lucky him," he said. "Yeah," Kermit replied. "Not waiting forever for her to try on dresses and finding the perfect one in a heartbeat."​
    ------------------------------------------------THE END----------------------------------------------​
    This one was just random and also features KermitxMiss Piggy and GonzoxCamilla. Thought it of it on the top of my head. Although, I could've thought of a better title for it, though.​
  8. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    I love this more please
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  9. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    This one is PG-13, later on, to be safe
    4. Let's Not Waste The Night
    "JANICE!" Miss Piggy yelled from the bathroom of the apartment room Janice and Miss Piggy had to share in The Muppet Apartment House G, where the female Muppets of The Muppet Show were staying. It wasn't easy for Janice to give up the privacy she had before to share her room with Miss Piggy, since her room (Miss Piggy's) was getting remodeled for the next 2 months. But, Janice, being the easy going person she was, was able to cope with it.

    Janice quickly rushed to her friend's side. "Like, what's up, Piggy?" she asked. "Can you hand moi her earrings real quick? The diamond ones?" Miss Piggy ordered kindly. Janice retrieved her earrings from her jewelry box and handed them to her. "Merci bocoup," she responded nicely. "Like are you nervous, Miss Piggy?" Janice wondered. "About what?" Miss Piggy questioned. "Tonight," she replied. "I mean like, this is you and Kermit's anniversary date. So you must be feel a bit nervous." "Nervous? Moi?" the beautiful hog huffed. "Ha! Never! Janice, this is Kermie we're talking about. Why would moi be nervous over her true love?"

    Just then the doorbell to the dorm rang. "Oh no! I'm not ready!" Miss Piggy said worried. "I'll get, Miss Piggy. Don't fret," Janice said and rushed to open the door. Standing patiently by the doorway was the main frog himself, Kermit, waiting with flowers in his hand. "Hi, Janice," Kermit greeted. "Like, hi, Kermit," Janice replied as she lead Kermit over to the couch. "Miss Piggy is like almost ready. She's just finishing up in the bathroom." "Oh," the frog said, understandingly. "How long will that be?" "NOW!" Miss Piggy called from behind. She stepped out from the bathroom, looking all dolled up for her anniversary date with Kermit. "Wow, Piggy, you look great," Kermit said. Miss Piggy giggled and replied "Awww, thank you, Kermie." She dashed right towards her man (er....frog.) and took his arm. "Janice, don't wait up for moi. And if there's any calls for moi, just tell them to call back tomorrow." Miss Piggy explained to her roommate. "Fer sure," Janice understood. "Au revoir!" Miss Piggy squeeled excitingly and headed right out the door with Kermit.

    A Saturday night alone. "What to do?" Janice sighed in wonder. She never "rully" liked staying alone on Saturday nights. It was much different before Miss Piggy moved in, when Janice didn't have to share her apartment room. Now, whenever Miss Piggy went out on Saturday nights, either by herself or with Kermit (usually with Kermit), Janice would feel kinda lonely. Suddenly, a few pebbles pelted on the window of the apartment house. At first, Janice thought it was only the wind, but then a few more pebbles were pelted. Janice figured, she might as well go check it out before Miss Piggy comes back complaining about a draft when the window is shattered.

    When Janice got outside to the porch of the apartment house, she looked down to see someone she'd thought she'd never see that night. Her honey bunch and band member, Floyd Pepper. "Floyd!" Janice cried out excitingly. "Hey, babe," Floyd yelled from below. "Like were you the one throwing the pebbles at the window?" she asked. "No," he replied. "That was actually Animal from a distance a few feet away. I told him to do that so I could get your attention." Floyd then got out his walkie talkie and talked into it (Animal was on the other line) saying "Okay, Animal. You can stop now." "Stop pebble throw," Animal said on the other line, disappointed to not throw rocks anymore but obeying his owner. "You head back now. I'll see you later, man" Floyd told Animal. "Bye bye," Animal said and signed off on the other line.

    "Well, like are you gonna come up here or what?" Janice asked. "What about the royal hog?" Floyd questioned. "She's like out for the night. She went on like some anniversary date with Kermit," she explained. Miss Piggy's out. Just the words Floyd wanted to hear. He then climbed up the wall carefully (luckily, Janice's floor isn't too high up for him to climb) and swiftly. Janice helped him onto the porch of her (and Miss Piggy's) room as soon as he got close. "Thanks babe," Floyd said. "Like, you're welcome," Janice replied, leading him into the apartment.

    "So, like Floyd what are you doing here?" she wondered, holding his hand and leading him to the couch. "I got bored," Floyd chuckled. "You said the little green dude's with the hog. Dr. T and Zoot went out to the bar for the night." "Why?" Janice asked. "Well, Dr. T wants to help Zoot become a "ladies man" " he laughed. "You know, pick up a few chicks and bring them back to the apartment." Janice rolled her eyes. "Zoot, a "ladies man?" " she thought. "Zoot's like not that much of a lover (other than treating his saxophone like a girlfriend)." Janice knows Zoot doesn't wanna get involved in love. After all, she dated him the first season, before she dated Floyd. Janice knows Zoot's not a very good lover. "So, I got bored, took Animal for his walk, and decided to see you," Floyd said, cracking a flirtacious smile. "Like, how sweet," Janice said. "Can I like get you anything?" "Sure, hostess," Floyd teased. "Got a Harper Isle? Or a Strawberry Thunder?" "Piggy like just took the last Harper Isle before Kermit came here," she said. "But I have like hidden a few Strawberry Thunders so Piggy doesn't steal them fer sure." Floyd smirked understandingly. "The hog would steal a Harper Isle," he chuckled. "But a Strawberry Thunder is perfectly fine, babe."

    Janice headed to her secret cooler in the fridge to retrieve two bottles Strawberry Thunders, one of her and Floyd's personal favorite alcoholic drinks. She only retrieves drinks from the secret cooler whenever Floyd or the rest of the Electric Mayhem come to visit, ever since Miss Piggy took Janice's fridge hostage. "Got it!" she said, heading back to the couch with the Strawberry Thunders. "Thanks, baby doll," Floyd replied after receiving the drink from his girl. Janice always loved the little nicknames Floyd called her; "babe" "baby doll" "momma" and, especially, his "main squeeze who knows how to please."

    Janice and Floyd continued to talk for about an hour or so. In between, Floyd did get opportunities to pull a few flirting moves on Janice. So far in their long time relationship, none of Floyd's flirty moves failed to please Janice. "When did you say the pig was returning from her night out?" he asked. "Don't know," she replied. "But, like let her go out and enjoy it. She may not come home till later...." "Or she's spending the night in "you know who's" apartment." Floyd said. The two laughed at Floyd's comment.

    Suddenly, Janice's cell phone rang. It was Miss Piggy. Janice shrugged and decided to pick it up, despite the fact Floyd and Miss Piggy never got along too well. "Hello?" Janice asked. "Hello, Janice!" Miss Piggy said on the other line. "Listen, moi will not be coming home tonight." "Why not?" Janice wondered. "Kermie has asked moi to spend the night in HIS apartment! Isn't that exciting?" she squeeled. Janice turned to Floyd, whom had a grin on his face. "Uhhh, like very," Janice said back on the phone. "I'm rully happy for you, Piggy." "Oh how wonderful to hear!" Miss Piggy exclaimed. "Oh but I must go now. Our beverages have arrived. Good night." "Night, Piggy," Janice said and hung up.

    "What did I tell you?" Floyd chuckled. "You knew?" she asked. "I know everything," he teased. He then slipped his arms around her waist and got closer to her. "Now I can spend the night with you, Jan," he said. "The drink like must be getting to his head now," Janice thought. "But then again.....no Miss Piggy, no bursting outbreak, no forcing Floyd to hide from her........" Janice wrapped her arms around his neck and got on his lap. She then gave him a quick kiss on the lips before replying with "You can stay." Floyd then carried her bridal style to her bedroom, in success.

    Once he laid her down on the bed, he got on top of her and kissed her lips, passionately. Janice let one hand onto his neck and the other to stroke his hair. She soon had a thought and released from Floyd's deep kiss, but still stroked his hair. "Yes?" he wondered. "You know....." Janice started. "I've been like thinking. Maybe...you and I....should..." "Spit it out," Floyd teasingly interrupted. "I mean, if it's like okay with you," Janice said, a little nervously. "Do you think you and I could go like....all the way tonight?"

    Floyd was surprised. He knew Janice was always a little nervous about going "all the way." They've only really "done it" twice. Both times went really well, though. But if she wanted to "do it," he just couldn't refuse. He gave a seductive smirk and replied "First, a Strawberry Thunder. Then, no Miss Piggy for the rest of the night. Now, you want to go all the way. Ooooh, baby, do you know how to please." He then attacked her cheek with kisses and held onto her waist. Janice giggled with each kiss he gave to her cheek. How flirty and playful he was. "But seriously, are you sure you want to do this?" he asked. Janice nodded and replied quietly "Fer sure. Floyd....I put my trust in you....because...I love you." "And I love you, too, baby doll," Floyd replied and then kissed her lips sweetly, but passionately. He then broke away from the kiss for a moment to say "Let's not waste the night anymore. All I want.....scratch that, need......is you." "And, like I do," Janice said as she pulled him back into a passionate and deep kiss. And they didn't waste anymore of the passionate night they had. All they just needed were two bottles of Strawberry Thunder, no Miss Piggy, and each other.
    ----------------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------
    Ugh, this one was a long one. But a good one. I tried not to make it too sexual, but then again, I'm not going anywhere farther than this. I am NOT doing Rated R stories. No. None. Nien. Nada. No Rated R stories. :mad: Next one will be up soon.
  10. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This was rully good I loved the whole Animal throwing the pebbles and Floyd climbing the wall idea it was totally romantic.
    More soon please because I love all theses great oneshots.
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  11. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    5. Floyd's Infinite Playlist
    After finally checking out of their hotel in New York the morning after their latest concert there, Dr. Teeth and The Electric headed back onto their bus and on the road again. This time, to Palm Beach, Florida. The band didn't have anything to worry about, though. They were able to play through any sort of weather. Yes, even hurricanes can't hurt the mighty Muppet rock band.

    Although, boredom on the bus wasn't too much for them to complain about, really. Dr. Teeth had to focus on driving on the road, but did stop in between to gas up or find the cheapest hotel on the road for the band to stay at for the night to rest. Zoot almost always slept on the bus. Animal always either stuck his head out the window to let the wind play with his tongue (Like a dog does), play his spare drum set or sleep. Janice was the most preoccupied, with either playing her acoustic guitar, reading the latest issues of "Seventeen", "Cosmopoliton", or "Rolling Stone," listening to her IPod, or sleeping. Floyd always listened to his IPod (unless it died, so he'd use Animal's) on long trips like this. Listening to his IPod always gave him ideas on what songs he think he should cover sooner or later.

    On this "million hour trip" to Palm Beach, the band has already been on the road for two hours, doing their usual stuff. Floyd was already tuned into his IPod, when Janice tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, Floyd," Janice said sweetly. Floyd then took out one of his earphones and set his IPod on pause. Usually, he'd ignore people whenever he's listening to his IPod. Janice was the only one he'd never ignore. "Oh, hey babe," he responded. "What's up?" "Like I'm kinda bored," Janice said. "My IPod is dead, my brain doesn't feel like playing guitar right now, and I've read all three mags at least like 5 times."

    Floyd let Janice sit next to him and put an arm around her. "I guess you can always listen to my IPod with me," he said, giving Janice one of the ear buds. "But you like never let anyone listen to your IPod," she said, puzzled. "You're the only exception," he chuckled. "Because I love you." Janice smiled and gave Floyd a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, babe," she said after. She then placed the ear bud into her ear and laid her head on his shoulder.

    "Can like I scroll through your playlist?" she asked. "Sure," Floyd replied, giving and entrusting Janice with his beloved IPod. "I've got a couple of them, though." Janice obviously was well aware about his "Beatles" playlist. His favorite were always "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Act Naturally" (the second one, Janice and Floyd covered when the Muppets were doing their tribute to the movies.). She then got to his "Songs I Hope To Cover In The Future" playlist. "Let's see...." Janice said as she went through the list. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw, Uptown Girl by Billy Joel, Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson, Never Too Late by Three Days Grace......wow those are a lot." "I know," he replied. "And yet I've got so many more I wanna cover."

    "You rully want a solo career, do you, Floyd?" Janice wondered. "Yes and no," he responded. "It'd be a great opportunity for me to have...but then you guys would all get mad at me and stuff if I get more attention than all of us. This band is equal in fame, and I think I want it to stay that way. I mean we're all in it for the music, not the fame and fortune." Janice couldn't agree more. Even though Animal has actually been getting more attention than the band, lately, it didn't really bother them so much. It's Animal. He doesn't really know the first thing about having a solo career. All he just really wants to do is play drums, eat, and get women, not so much have fame and fortune. Getting more attention than the rest of the band didn't even seem to bother Animal so much. If it was Floyd, Janice or even Zoot....then the band thinks there would be some issues.

    "Did you find the third playlist yet?" Floyd asked. "Which playlist?" Janice wondered. "You're gonna think it's ridiculous..." he started. "But I made a playlist with songs......that always made me think of you." Janice then got to the playlist entitled "Songs That Make Me Think of Janice." She blushed a little, but she blushed even harder when she saw what songs were on there. "Oh wow...." Janice said. "You and Me by Lifehouse, Hold On by Michael Buble, If Everyone Cared by Nickelback, Your Body's A Wonderland by John Mayer, Say by John Mayer, Half of My Heart by John Mayer featuring Taylor Swift........Floyd, you're a John Mayer fan, too?" Floyd blushed and replied "Go ahead and shoot me, babe. I'm going to be honest here. I'm a huge John Mayer fan. I love his music." "But there's like a huge difference between you and John Mayer," Janice said. Floyd chuckled, knowing the answer, but asked "What?" anyways. She then brought her arm that was on his neck down to his waist and replied "He's not a lover. You are." Floyd then gave a loving kiss on Janice's lips. After kissing her, he responded "And I can keep a longer romantic relationship than he can." The two laughed at Floyd's comment.

    "Maybe I could like show you the songs on my IPod sometime," Janice said. "I think that'd be great, baby doll," Floyd responded, giving her another kiss on the cheek. The bus then stopped. "Hey guys!" Dr. Teeth yelled from the front. "We're here!" Zoot then woke up, asking "We're in Palm Beach already?" "No man," Dr. Teeth responded. "We're at the hotel we're gonna stop over at tonight. Let's grab the bags and check in." "GRAB BAGS! GRAB BAGS!" Animal yelled, rushing out of the bus and into the hotel. "Animal!" Dr. Teeth and Zoot said as they ran after Animal. Dr.Teeth and Zoot knew Floyd was too busy with Janice, so they didn't bother asking him to help grab Animal.

    "How 'bout tonight after your IPod's done charging? I can meet you in your hotel room after dinner." Floyd asked as he lead Janice off the bus. "Fer sure!" Janice replied, happily. "Can't wait!"
    -------------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------------------------
    Ehhh....I got lazy with the end. But I will do a Janice's Infinite Playlist next........just not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Also, I could've done better song choices for Floyd, but those were the only ones on the top of my head that didn't seem too ridiculous. :o
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    Yay another one I loved it too I can't wait for the next one and am rully excited to see what songs Janice has more please
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    6. Janice's Infinite Playlist
    "Hotel boring...." Animal sighed. The hotel the Electric Mayhem has stopped at on their way to Palm Beach, Florida hasn't been too exciting. The pool is always used by annoying little kids, there's no bar, and the restaurant in the hotel is too expensive. Luckily, they were able to to call for a pizza delivery at the pizza place just across the street. The band all met up in the guys' room that evening to discuss the plans for their concert.​
    "So we've gotta get this down accordingly," Dr. Teeth started. "Are we gonna start off with our signature tune as usual or are we gonna do something Florida fitting?" "Whatever's best for our Florida fans," Floyd replied. "It's your choice, man. We're fine with whatever your decision is." "Yeah," Dr. Teeth responded. "I guess we should start off with our signature tune. That way, the fans would know us better. Any other input, gang?" "My voice can't handle "Ain't Misbehavin" anymore," Floyd said. "But I could still do "New York State of Mind" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" pretty well. And I could also debut "Never Too Late" and "I Don't Wanna Be" if time permits." Dr. Teeth nodded in agreement. With Floyd being the best singer in the mind, he really didn't mind if Floyd did a few debuts. "This one crazed fan wrote some pretty cool sax solo for me," Zoot started. "Ya think I could do it?" "Positively," Dr. Teeth replied. "DRUM WAR! DRUM WAR!" Animal yelled. "If we can find the best drummer in Florida," Floyd said. "Animal's really edging to win this time."​
    Janice didn't really bother with whatever input the guys had. She was very easy going, so whatever happens happens. "Hey, what about you, Janice?" Dr. Teeth asked, whom almost forgot to ask his lead guitarist. Janice looked up from her "Rolling Stone" magazine in surprise. "Oh it's like fine, guys...." she said. "Jan, you should really have a solo in this concert, too," Floyd said. "We don't wanna leave you out." "Ehhh, like you guys don't have to...." Janice said. "C'mon, Janice. You could do "Rockin Robin" or "With A Little Help From My Friends." " Dr. Teeth added in. "Hey what about those two duets you and Floyd did?" Zoot asked. Janice blushed. Her doing a duet with Floyd in a concert? That's a rarity. Floyd and Janice didn't really like showing off their relationship in public. Well....unless one of them does it on accident, which has happened a few times. But still, it didn't bother them. "Like I guess I could do the duets and one of my original solo songs....but like there's one song I rully want to do for the concert," she said. "Shoot," Dr. Teeth listened.​
    "It's called "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys," Janice started. "It's like one of my favorite songs ever and I like always wanted to sing it for a concert." "Absolutely positively you can do it," Dr. Teeth said, supportingly. "Awesome!" she said excitingly. "Thanks, Dr. T!" She then went over to the other bed where Floyd was sitting. He wrapped an arm around and said "Glad you're getting a solo, babe." "Like, thanks," Janice said.​
    A knock on the door soon followed. "I'LL GET IT!" Animal yelled and headed to the door. He opened the door and saw the pizza guy. "Ummm....delivery for...." the pizza guy started, nervously looking at Animal. "Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem? In room....318?" "PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!" Animal yelled and grabbed the pizza box and soda bag. The pizza guy then ran off screaming in terror, in fear of Animal. "I guess the guy was a big fan and decided to give us the pizza for free," Zoot said. "Nahhh," Dr. Teeth responded. "Animal must've scared off another pizza guy. Let's eat!" "EAT! EAT!" Animal yelled and headed straight for the pizza.​
    After eating their dinner, Janice decided to head back to her room next door to check on her IPod and get things settled for the long journey ahead in the morning. Her IPod wasn't fully charged yet but she decided to listen to it for a while while it was still on the charger. She just couldn't help but think about what just happened. Her, getting a solo that wasn't something she sang a thousand times already. Especially since it was one of her favorite songs. Whenever she heard that song, she would immediately think of Floyd.​
    There then was a knock of Janice's door. She opened it and there he was. Floyd, Janice's long time boyfriend, standing right before her. "Hey, babe," he said. "Can I come in?" "Fer sure," Janice replied, leading him over to her bed. "I was like just listening to my IPod while it was just finishing charging," she said. "Speaking of that, you'd promise I'd see your playlist after you saw mine on the bus," Floyd teased. "Oh yeah," she remembered. "How could I like forget?" She then handed one of her ear buds to Floyd, laid her head on his shoulder, and gave him her IPod.​
    "Complicated by Avril Lavigne, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, I'm With You by Avril Lavigne, Innocence by Avril Lavigne .....Avril Lavigne fan?" Floyd teased. "She's like one of my idols," Janice responded. "Like how you admire John Mayer." "As a musician, not a person," he chuckled. He continued to scroll through her main playlist, but afterwards saw her "Songs That Make Me Think Of Floyd" playlist.​
    "You...did one...for me?" he asked. "Well, like long before I found out about your one of me," she teased. He then went through the playlist. "A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson, Don't You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean featuring Kelly Clarkson, Lucky by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Calliat, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson, You and I by Ingrid Michaelson......wow, I didn't know you were into Ingrid Michaelson, too," Floyd said, impressed. "She's like rully awesome," she replied. Floyd then realized something. Through scrolling their IPods with each other, it actually helped them know more about each other better. The little secrets that they've kept from each other, all through music.​
    He then saw the song that was Janice's favorite love song. "God Only Knows." He then played the song on her IPod, which made Janice give a smile when the song started. Floyd looked over at his pleased and happy girlfriend. He just couldn't help but see how happy she was whenever the song played. Floyd then laid a delicate kiss on her forehead and pulled her closer to him. A moment like this never seemed so perfect. Music. It's what keeps a loving and lasting relationship like theirs together.​
    ----------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------​
    Told you I wasn't going to leave out Janice's playlist. By the way, some of the songs (especially God Only Knows) is from this little interview right here:​
    Next one coming soon! After I finish this oneshot collection, Survival of The Muppets will be back on! I promise. ;)
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    More please
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    This one is PG, to be safe.
    7. Hide, Seek, and Kiss
    "Gonzo, do we really have to play hide and seek? We're not kids anymore ya know," Kermit said. "Oh but, Kermit, don't you wanna feel that goodness you had as a kid, again?" Gonzo asked. "Ummm..." he replied. Gonzo has had plenty of strange ideas lately. For instance, he wanted to spend a weekend up in the woods with Camilla and the other two couples (Kermit & Miss Piggy and Floyd & Janice) because he thought everyone should "unwind from city life." Now, he wants to play a game of hide and seek. "Oooh, I love hide and seek! Fer sure!" Janice exclaimed. "Bgawk! (Me too!)" Camilla clucked. "Well at least some people agree with me," Gonzo responded.

    "If we're gonna play hide and seek, we should make this more interesting," Floyd said, having an idea. "How so?" Gonzo wondered. "The girls should go hide, while us men seek," he explained. "What?!?!?" Miss Piggy exclaimed. "But moi hates hiding. It should be the other way around!" "C'mon, Piggy," Janice said. "I think this is like interesting." "Bawk bawk bgawk? (How 'bout a bet?)" Camilla asked, daringly. "What bet are you thinking, Camilla?" Kermit asked. "Bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bgawk bawk bawk bgawk (If you can't find us girls in an hour, you guys have to cook our dinner tonight.)" Camilla explained. "And if we win?" Gonzo asked. "If we find all three of you in an hour, you girls are sleeping with us tonight," Floyd daringly added in. "You boys better start reading your cookbooks because us girls are going to win!" Miss Piggy said excitingly. "Now start counting." She and the other two girls then headed off to find hiding spots.

    Kermit, Gonzo and Floyd all looked at each and began counting, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine................." "100!" Gonzo exclaimed. "Let's go find them, I'm done counting." "Me too," Floyd added in. He and Gonzo then rushed off to find their girls. Kermit was still counting by the time the other two left. Being fair was what Kermit was. Never a cheater.

    Janice hid behind the farthest tree she could find and remained there. She didn't feel like climbing up, though. The late afternoon autumn sky seemed perfect to watch from down below. The clouds in the sky made a perfect distraction for her. She loved watching the clouds, almost as much as watching the stars at night. "How long has it been now?" she thought after a while. Janice checked her cell phone. "3:52." Floyd has yet to have found her. She was a little worried, but she still knew the girls were going to win. The boys had no chance.

    Suddenly an arm slipped around her waist. Janice turned around quickly and saw her beloved Floyd, holding her from behind. "Peek a boo. I found you." Floyd teased and chuckled. He then slipped his other arm around Janice's waist and pulled her closer to him, preventing her from escaping his embrace. "Floyd!" Janice exclaimed. "Like let me go!" "Nope," he teased and began kissing her cheek multiple times. "Please let me go," she begged. "Just say you love me and I'll let you go, baby doll," Floyd said in between a kiss to her cheek. His kisses then moved down to Janice's neck. "Okay, like I love you! I love you! I love you!" she giggled loudly.

    He wouldn't budge from her neck. He did go a little further down on her neck to her sweet spot. Janice tried to hold in a moan. Upon seeing this, Floyd stopped kissing her neck for a moment and whispered to Janice "Go ahead. You know you want to." He then went back to her sweet spot and gave a little nibble to it, which immediately made Janice moan. Chuckling quietly and successfully, Floyd then let go of Janice from his grasp and turned her to him.

    "You're like such a flirt," Janice teased. "Oh c'mon, mama, I wasn't going to give in that easily," Floyd teased back. "Like you're cute when you flirt like that, hon," she flirted and then kissed him on the lips sweetly and quickly. Floyd took her hand and started leading her back to the yard of the country house. "Do you like think Kermit and Gonzo found Piggy and Camilla?" she asked. "Nope," he replied. "Don't think so."

    By the time the two got back, Miss Piggy and Camilla have already returned to Kermit and Gonzo. "Ha ha! We won!" Miss Piggy said in triumph. "Bawk bawk bgawk bawk bawk bgawk bgawk bgawk (Looks like you guys are making us dinner tonight!)," Camilla clucked. "I hate cooking," Kermit whined. "GO!" Miss Piggy yelled. Gonzo and Kermit then raced inside, with Miss Piggy and Camilla behind them.

    "So I might not have won," Floyd started. "But, I still got my prize anyways." He then kissed Janice on the cheek. "Fer sure," Janice replied, chuckling.
    ------------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------
    So this was just a really fluffy one. Fluff fluff fluffy! :flirt: Next one will be up soon (I'm juggling this and Survival Of The Muppets).
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    This is great I love all the oneshots I just finished my first day back at school -.-
    So I might no be on as much but I'll comment when I can.
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    How was your first day?
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