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Bill Barretta is a Sexy Muppet Mans

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by EmmyMik, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. EmmyMik New Member

    True, there *is* a Bill Barretta Appreciation thread going on, but c'mon.

    Bill deserves more than that!

    Plus Jackie dared me to create this thread...


  2. Jackie New Member

    LOL!!! She wanted to post it, she didn't need a dare from me!

    But that's okay, what she says is true. ;)
  3. EmmyMik New Member


    I speak the truth!

  4. sarah_yzma Active Member

    duh!!!! i could've told ya that! i would've posted it!

  5. FellowWLover Member


    They have a club you know... you should join.

  6. Jackie New Member

    Yes! The Bill Barretta Borrowers!

  7. FellowWLover Member

    .... course... joining might get you locked up.

    Think it over.
  8. sarah_yzma Active Member

    is there some sort of initiation....or is it an approval thing i would love to be a member!

  9. Luke Active Member

    You have to do the hokey pokey while shaking your bon bons ! :rolleyes:
  10. sarah_yzma Active Member

    leave me alone!!!! i don't want to shake bon bons with penguins!!!!!

  11. Jackie New Member

    You can definitely join. Everyone is welcome! I mean we even have a few male members! Byron, Bragi, and Joggy! LOL!!!!
  12. Luke Active Member

    Bill ?

    I have to wonder what position he holds in the organisation !
  13. EmmyMik New Member

    Every membership comes with a muffin and a restraining order!

  14. Jackie New Member

    Any position he wants? :eek:
  15. EmmyMik New Member


    But the question is, why would Bill want to borrow himself?

  16. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Don't forget me...I joined it a long time ago.

  17. EmmyMik New Member


    There almost seem to be more male members than female members.

    Not that *I* have a problem with that...

  18. Luke Active Member

    This is going to make the 'E! True Story :- Behind The Borrowers' documentary veeeeerrry interesting indeed ! :eek:
  19. EmmyMik New Member


    (I really do have to stop visiting this board when I'm in the computer lab. People give me funny looks a lot)...

  20. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Well, a fella would have to be blind or lying to not realize that, of the Muppeteers, Bill is the best looking.

    I do know a girl who doesn't like the Muppets, but thinks Brian H. is a hot dog! LOL!! She LOVES him.

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