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Oct 3, 2006
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See, the thing is, the people who fired Steve are no longer around at the Muppets Studio. And unlike Wembley, Muppet productions can function without Rizzo, whereas Wembley is necessary to Fraggle Rock.
Ironically, this very film proves in Technicolor that Muppet productions (at least the ones with Gonzo as a protagonist) cannot survive without Rizzo and I can only hope that the Henson company has learned from this film and therefore won't repeat this mistake.

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Jul 12, 2002
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Okay, I'm just going to post my questions here though I could cue up the special on Disney Plus and pause it at the relevant points.

What specific Haunted Mansion ghostly character is Scooter meant to portray when he shows up during the song "Life Hereafter"? If unknown, then what ghostly form does he have?
Same question as above for Bobo.

According to the Haunted Mansion Wiki, during the song "Rest In Peace" there are more original ghostly characters represented in the Family Plot than just Mary, the writer of mystery stories.
There's Kirk who fell off the roof as a reference to Kirk Thatcher and Frankie as a potential reference to Frank Oz... But then there are Nicholette, R. Grave, and N. Lively as well. What do all of these look like? Or what hexactly defined their epitaph-based deaths?

Thanks for all the help. :search: