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Woman is murdered on Carol Spinney property


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Mar 11, 2003
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Your right. What is this world coming to? To many murders. This is one wrong way of going and to drop off the body on someone else land is rude. Thought he could get away with it by droping off the body on some nice man's land just because he works in a childern show. That is plain bad persone. :grouchy:


Jan 14, 2004
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They found the guy who did it, too.

The case was cracked by Sherlock Hemlock.



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Apr 13, 2002
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Wow, this report expands on the situation and gets pretty graphic in detail:
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10468647/ Definately pretty disturbing. Looks like she was found in a shed, and the accuser is Spinney's handyman. It also appears she was killed off the property, and then dragged into one of his sheds.

Just one of those messed up coincidences. I got to meet and hang out with Carolll, and he seems like the kind of strong good person who probably wont be too shaken by this. I'm just glad noone tried to break into his home.

There's a lot of sickos that seem to go unchecked by society, so this stuff is bound to happen.

Now, I know Big Bird knows Snuff, but this is rediculous.

Kimp the Shrimp said:
you can't joke about murder
Tell that to the billions of people from 94 to 97 who made OJ jokes. Hey, didnt the Swedish Chef make an OJ joke a couple months ago on movies.com?