What would your figure line be?

uncle deadly333

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Sep 1, 2012
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Mine would be
Series 1:
miss piggy
Still working on series 2
got loads of ideas


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Jan 20, 2012
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Here's Mine
Series 1
Kermit (coffee mug, bicycle, TV camera, and banjo)
Miss Piggy (hand mirror, picture frame of Kermit and hand mist)
Seymour (elevator tower, magnetic bellhop's hat)
Bean Bunny (Wreath, turkey, teddy bear, bag of money)
Playset : Muppet Labs with Bunsen (Gorilla Detector, Clock, Book, Steel Bunny, Jar Of Paperclips, Growth Pills, and Chemist Items)


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Jan 20, 2012
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Series 2

Fozzie Bear (rubber chicken, teddy bear, joke book, and a banana)
Dr. Teeth (hat, keyboard, music sheet and stand, and cheesecake)
Bobo (hat, security desk, donut box ,Talking Sandwich)
Dr. Bob (gurney, sheet, chainsaw, mallet, penguin patient)
: Veterinarian's Hospital Nurse Piggy (operating table, gas mask, Foo Foo)


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Jun 14, 2010
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My wish list:

Series 1: The Fraggle Five, with Sidebottom as a chase figure, and The Great Hall playset.

Series 2: Secondary characters: The World's Oldest Fraggle, The Storyteller, Large Marvin, Sprocket, and Tosh. Playset: The Doozer Dome, with an assortment of Doozers to include Cotterpin, the Architect, and three misc. workers. (Later waves to include more Doozer packs. Maybe a Doozer pack as a chase figure.)

Series 3: The Minstrels. Chase figure: Poison Cackler. Playset: a flowery cave.


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Jan 20, 2012
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here is my sesame street wish list

Series One:
Big Bird (w/ bag of birdseed, Radar the Teddy Bear, and Little Bird)
Oscar (w/ trash can, shoe, fish, apple core, broken umbrella, lid and Slimey)
Sherlock Hemlock (w/ Watson, hat, magnifying glass, and flashlight)
Ernie (w/ banana, rubber duck, trumpet, soap dish, soap, lunchbox, and letter e)

Playset: Bert and Ernie's Living Room with Bert (w/ two chairs, cook book, television set, Bert sculpture, table, lamp, radio, Bert and Ernie frame, fire truck, pot, drum kit, and newspaper)

Exclusives: Big Bird with Strawhat and Tie (w/record and cane), Pajama Bert (w/ bed, pillow, blanket, bottle caps, paperclips, and oatmeal), Ernie in Towel (w/scrub brush, soap,rubber duck, and robe)

Series Two:
Cookie Monster (w/ cookies, jar, tea cup ,plate of cookies, and frying pan)
Super Grover (w/ helmet, cape, and first aid kit)
Elmo (w/ roller skates, baseball cap, juice, Dorthy, crayons, and tennis racket)
Harvey Kneeslapper (w/ lemon pie, letters, joke book and number 1)

Playset: Big Bird's Home with Snuffy (w/cabbage, book, sunglasses, nest, Barkley, picture of Mr. Hooper, trampoline, book, beach ball, rubber duck, comb, pen, snorkel, flippers, mailbox, bust with tie, and suitcase)

Exclusives: Chef Cookie (w/ hat, mixing bowl, cook book, cookie sheet, and mixing utensils), Waiter Grover (w/ tray, sandwich special, menu, and towel), Harvey Kneeslapper in Red Sweater (w/ Joke Book, bucket, letters, and hat), Snuffy with Strawhat and Tie (w/ cane and record player)

Series Three:
The Count (w/ organ, bats, black cat, top hat, and candelabra)
Prairie Dawn (w/ brown piano, vase of flower, clipboard, and sheet music)
The Amazing Mumford (w/ hat, magic table, magic wand, pineapples and duck)
Forgetful Jones (w/ hat, cactus, toothbrush, dishes, and his horse Buster)

Playset: Charlie's Restaurant with Fat Blue (w/ table, chair, menu, giant hamburger, grapefruit between hamburger buns, eggplant, and alphabet soup)
Exclusives: Pajama Count (w/ghost, record, sheep and books), Invisible Mumford (w/ magic cabinet and bunnies)

Series Four:
Reporter Kermit (w/ hat, microphone, and tv camera)
Telly Monster (w/ computer, tuba, triangle, and book)
Herry Monster (w/ comb, doll, manhole cover, two weights, and a dumbbell)
Lefty the Salesman (w/ hat, board game, letter O, and number 8)
Playset: TV Studio with Guy Smiley (w/ cameras, podeum, microphone, letter X, clock, guy smile stuff, and red car)
Exclusives: Reporter Telly (w/ camera, hat, microphone, tie and Freddy)

Series Five:
Grover (w/ letter g, teddy bear, flute, telephone booth, and picture of mom)
Two head monster (w/ brick wall, pillow, and telephone )
Roosevelt Franklin (w/ pointer, map of Africa, book, eraser, chalkboard, and desk)
Dr. Noble Price (w/ rain machine, socks, and notebook)
Playset: Spaceship with Martians (w/ moon base, book, computers, and telephone)
Exclusives: Salesman Grover (w/glasses, case, toothbrush, and hat)

Series Six:
Biff (w/ lunchbox, hammer, helmet, and letter J)
Sully (w/ lunchbox, saw, helmet, and wooden piano)
Zoe (w/Mimi, juice, and helmet)
Honkers (w/ brick wall, clock, and record )
Exclusive: Pajama Ernie (w/ bed, pillow, and teddy bear)