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Apr 24, 2012
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With the whole stories and blogs on Steve Whitmire not being in the Muppets anymore, I've decided to take on the oppertunity to write what I think Beaker, Lips, and Rizzo would think about this when Kermit has to tell them the news and how each of their reactions will take on the rest of the day. :smile: Also for the Beaker fans, I do apologize, I never did quotes for Beaker in my stories before so I apologize.


Knock! Knock! Knock!

Scooter opened the door. Behind him were Beaker; Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's loyal assistant, Rizzo; one of the show's writers, and Lips; the Electric Mayhem's honorable trumpeter.

"Uh, boss?" Scooter called quietly, "I brought them like you asked."

Kermit looked up from his desk and gave a sad nod. "Bring them in, Scooter." he replied.

Kermit wished he didn't have to tell the trio the news. The fact Steve Whitmire had gotten fired by Disney for unknown reasons will definitely hit them hard, but it probably couldn't. Kermit and Beaker only worked with Steve for a short time since Jim and Richard passed away. However, Steve meant the most for Lips and Rizzo. They've worked together for so long with Steve they were almost like brothers.
Kermit had already told the news to his old friend, Bean Bunny, just a few minutes ago. Bean, of course, took it hard, but he told Kermit he'll be fine. He said he was gonna come visit his old friends as soon as he could; and Kermit was happy about that, at least for a bit. Kermit became worried on Beaker, Lips, and Rizzo's reactions to the news.

"So-uh," Rizzo started as the three sat down, "Whatcha wanted to talk to us about, Kermit? We in trouble or somethin'?"

Kermit shook his head. "No no you guys aren't in trouble at all." Kermit said, "However I did receive a call from Matt earlier today..."

"Vogel?" Lips asked. Kermit nodded.

"Mee-mo-mee? (what does Matt's call have to do with us?)" Beaker asked.

"Well..." Kermit said, taking a deep breath, "Steve got fired from Disney..."

The three sat in their chairs shocked at the news. Beaker looked just upset, but not THAT upset. Maybe the kind of upset Kermit is feeling. However, colors flew from Lips and Rizzo, something Kermit was kind of worried would happen. Rizzo just looked outraged and angry, while Lips just looked upset, almost to the point of tears.

"F-fired?!" Rizzo flipped, "How did he get fired?! He's done nothin' wrong!"

"I know I know," Kermit said, "I don't know how he got fired and neither does Matt or the others."

"Mee-me-mo-mee-mee-mo? (So who's taking over us?)" Beaker asked.

"Yeah, Kermit. Who's takin' over us??" Rizzo asked angerly.

"Well as far as I know Matt and I are working together." Kermit said, "As for you three it's not really known yet. Once I get the updates I'll let you three know."

Rizzo, Lips, and Beaker just sat there stunned.

"I know it's hard to take in," Kermit said, "But you three and I aren't the only ones upset about this. Our fans are all upset as if Jim's death already happened again."
Kermit saw the tears flooding from Lips's eyes as he sniffed, and quickly handed Lips a tissue.

"So..that's it then??" Rizzo asked, "We lost our best friend then??"

"Not forever, Rizzo." Kermit said, "He's not dead. He'll still keep in contact for us."

Lips couldn't take more of the news. He ran out of the office, slamming the door behind him, and running off, leaving Kermit, Rizzo, and Beaker shocked at Lips's gesture.

Kermit's face scrunched up. "Oh dear," he said, "I knew this would happen. I forgot about Lips's anxiety..."

Rizzo got up from his chair and huffed. "I'll go check on him, but you better call a lawyer, Kermit! Cause if Steve's done nothin' wrong, there ain't no reason to fire the guy!" he yelled as he stormed off.

Only Beaker and Kermit remained in the room.

"Mee-mo-mee-mee-mee? (We'll be okay,right Kermit?)" Beaker asked.

Kermit sighed and nodded. "I'm sure we will, Rizzo. I'm sure we will. Now get back to work. Don't worry about Lips and Rizzo, okay? I'll have Dr.Teeth and Gonzo check on them later."

Beaker nodded and left. As he did, Uncle Deadly entered the room.

"What's with all the comosion?" Uncle Deadly asked, "Piggy couldn't rehearse her lines for the show with all this noise next door!"

"Sorry Deadly," Kermit said, "I just told Rizzo, Beaker, and Lips the news....Rizzo and Lips are taking it hard."

"Oh dear..." Uncle Deadly said, "And Beaker?"

"Sad, but took it well like I did." Kermit replied, "But that's only cause we only worked shorter amount of time with Steve than Lips and Rizzo did."

Uncle Deadly whispered another 'Oh dear..."

"I'm sure they'll be okay...." Kermit said, then gulped, "I hope.."


"Oh there you are Beaky dear!" Bunsen said, pouring a substance to another as he saw Beaker come downstairs slowly, "Come on my boy we gotta get this syrum ready for tomorrow night's show! Oh this'll be so exciting!"

Beaker nodded and returned beside Bunsen, just writing down leftover paper work.

"So what did Kermit want?" Bunsen asked, "To give you a raise or something?"

Beaker shook his head. "Mo-mee-moo-mee-mee (no it's bad news)"

Bunsen stopped what he was doing and looked at Beaker in shock. "Oh no Beaker you got fired didn't you??" he asked.

Beaker shook his head again. "Mee-moo-mo-mee-mee-mee...(No, but someone else did...)"

Bunsen looked at Beaker, now remembering the news. "He told you the news didn't he?" he asked. Beaker slowly nodded. "Oh Beakie I am so sorry about Steve leaving you." Bunsen said, wrapping an arm around Beaker's shoulders, "Did the others take it well?"

"Mee-mee-mee-mee-mo. (Lips and Rizzo didn't really take it well,)", Beaker explained, "Me-mo-mo-mee-mee-mee (Rizzo was angry and Lips was really sad about it)."

"Oh dear, I did forgot those two worked with Steve for a long time," Bunsen said, "But not to worry Beaker, you know you can still contact him Anytime you want! Even he'll watch all our shows!"

Then, Bunsen had an idea.

"Why don't you and I put together an old slideshow for Steve for the show??" Bunsen asked, "We can add a lot of special effects and EVERYTHING! We can even ask Lips and Rizzo for help...well, once they're better and calm. Whaddya think?"

It took Beaker a moment to think and ponder before nodding his head in approval.

"Oh good!" Bunsen said, patting Beaker on the back happily, "Let's fetch Scooter and see if he has photos of you and Steve on his computer.."


Rizzo stumbled back to him, Gonzo and Pepe's writing room area. Gonzo and Pepe were waiting for Rizzo to return, buy watching an episode of 'The Office' to get ideas for the show.

"Oh hey Rizzo!" Gonzo said, "Where you been??"

"Nyeh sorry guys," Rizzo said sadly, "I had to lead a heartbroken musician back to his band mates."

"Kermit told you the news, eh?" Pepe asked.

"Yeah, and I'm not too happy about 'dis either. I'm more mad than ever!" Rizzo exclaimed, "I mean how could someone get fired for something they didn't do?! It makes no sense!"

"I know, I'm pretty on-edge too," Gonzo said, turning the T.V off, "It's hard to understand why he got fired."

"Look on the bright sides, okay?" Pepe said, "Least he isn't dead."

Rizzo sighed. "Yeah, I know." he said, "It's hard. I worked with this guy for years! So is Lips! And Beaker and Kermit only worked with him for a short time."

"How they take the news?" Pepe asked.

"Nyeh Kermit and Beaker took it well." Rizzo exclaimed, "Lips took it worse than I did."

"Meh you can't really blame the shaggy man, okay?" Pepe said, "The guy's got emotional issues."

"Ya know what??" Rizzo said, "I am going to write a line for Miss Piggy to tell the audience the news see what they think!"

"Rizzo the audience and fans already know remember?" Gonzo said, "It's all over the internet!"

"Oh right..." Rizzo said, sighing sadly, "What else could I do?" It took a minute for Rizzo to think and then an idea popped in his head.

"Okay okay, hear me out," Rizzo said, "What if we put together some of Steve's FAVORITE sketches from the Muppet Show and play them for tomorrow night's show?!"

"Genius!!" Gonzo said.

"There's one problem tho." Pepe said.

"Why you gotta be the guy in the group to say that....?" Rizzo asked.

"Don't you know his favorite sketches??" Pepe asked.

"Of course I do! We just gotta get the right people to do it!" Rizzo said, "C'mon let's get a list goin' here!"

Gonzo and Pepe looked at each other and smiled.

"This is gonna be a long night isn't it...?" Pepe asked.

"I'll go fire up the coffee." Gonzo replied, walking off.

"Don't literally light it on fire this time Gonzos!" Pepe said.

"What am I? An idiot??" Gonzo asked from a distance.


Lips sat in the Electric Mayhem tour bus alone, sitting in the trunk by himself, wiping his eyes, and trying to pull himself together. After Rizzo tried to relax Lips and tried to take Lips back to rehearsal, Lips just stopped before he could reach the stage and ran off to the exit, sitting in the trunk of the bus while Rizzo had to tell the Electric Mayhem the news himself.
Of course, they already knew. The Electric Mayhem knew how much Steve meant to Lips. Steve was the one who helped get Lips to the big time (with the band's help of course). Steve was the one who helped Lips speak up and not be a shy boy anymore. Steve was the one who helped Lips through his anxiety attacks (with the band's help of course). Steve was the one who introduced Lips to the Electric Mayhem. If it wasn't for Steve, Lips wouldn't be who he was today. Now that Steve was fired, Lips felt alone and afraid.

As he sobbed quietly, Lips grabbed a nearby blanket and covered himself up with it. He tried to push away the pieces and crumbs of Funions and white tic-tacs that were all over the floor. Lips didn't want anyone to see him cry. He felt like going mute all over again. Without Steve for inspiration, Lips felt alone and upset. Of course he's got his band mates to look up to, but Steve meant something to him. Steve is like a brother to Lips, an older brother Lips never had. Growing up a rough life at home, Steve was the only person Lips could turn to when Lips had flashbacks.

From under the blanket, Lips could hear the sound of the trunk door opening and someone, maybe a few more, climbing inside, and shutting the door behind them or it. Lips kept his tears and whimpers quiet to himself. He then felt a long arm wrapped around Lips's shoulders, he recognized Dr.Teeth's long arms by a heartbeat. He then felt another arm wrapped around his shoulders, then a hand on Lips's knee, which became unknown to him.

"Lips?" asked a raspy voice. It was Floyd.

"Like, we know you're under there, honey..." he heard Janice whisper, assuming it was her who was petting Lips's knee.

Lips then felt a grip on the blanket, slowly moving it downwards. Lips slowly covered himself back up. Lips only assumed it was Animal.

"I....I don't want you guys to see me like this..." Lips said softly, trying to hide his whimpers and now beginning to shake.

"Lips you're shaking..." said Zoot's voice right beside him, now knowing that was the other arm around Lips's shoulders he felt earlier.

"Lips, my friend, it's okay." he heard Dr.Teeth say softly, patting Lips's shoulder, "We're your best friends, man. We're here for you. Now c'mon don't be a shy guy."

Lips felt Animal getting a grip on the blanket again. This time, he yanked it off of Lips quickly. The Electric Mayhem's faces went worried when they saw Lips's pale skin, red eyes, and wet face. Immediately, Animal snuggled on Lips's chest, hugging him tight as the rest of the Electric Mayhem surrounded Lips and hugged him tight. Lips felt the urge to shed more tears after feeling the band's kind embrace.

"G-guys..." Lips said softly, trying to fight tears.

"Lips we know how much Steve meant to you, man." Floyd said.

Janice then looped Lips's free hand into hers. "But honey, you know he's not gone forever, ya know? He'll like, totally keep in contact with us and especially you."

"That's right, man." Dr.Teeth said, "Steve will always be memorable to us. And we'll get him back. We promise."

Lips's tears flooded down his eyes. Zoot half-hugged his sad best friend and allowed Lips to pour his heart out on Zoot's shoulder. As Lips did so, Janice began to caress Lips's hair gently.

"I just don't understand how he got fired!" Lips cried.

"We don't know either, man, we don't know either." Zoot said.

"All we know is Disney fired him." Floyd said, then patting Lips's leg, "Now you know I ain't the guy who enjoys politics, but we're gonna get to the bottom of this."

Lips nodded through tears and sat back up, wiping his eyes with his sleeve and giving a small half-smile.

"You guys are too sweet...." Lips said, smiling, "Thanks for comin' out to cheer me up, guys."

"Hey anythin' for you, man." Dr.Teeth said, rubbing Lips's back, "Whenever one of my band mates is blue like Zoot, we have to go far out to get him or her happy again."

"Why did I get that feeling you were gonna do that joke...?" Zoot asked, now looking a bit annoyed.

Lips chuckled a bit.

"There we go, there's a happy camper." Janice said, hugging Lips.

"Up for a bit of rehearsal, man?" Floyd asked, "We're gonna perform some of Steve's greatest songs for the show tomorrow."

Lips sighed. "I-I dunno man...I'm still kinda shakey."

"C'mon let's get you some coffee." Zoot said.

Lips smiled. "I could really use a coffee, good thinkin', man."


After a successful show, with a slideshow, musical coplmations, and a couple of old memorable numbers from the old days of Steve Whitmire, everyone decided to celebrate their success at Rowlf's Tavern.
Lips, Beaker, and Rizzo got their own table.

"Mee-mo-mee-mee-mo-mee? (So everyone feeling better about yesterday?)" Beaker asked.

"No." Lips replied saidly.

"Eh, kinda better. Still pretty ticked." Rizzo replied, "What happened to you yesterday?"

"Whaddya mean?" Lips asked.

"Ya ran off yesterday after I tried to get you to go with the band." Rizzo asked.

"Oh right....sorry 'bout that..." Lips said, "I wasn't feelin' any better after you got me outta the bathroom. I had to be alone to collect my thoughts...."

"Eh gotcha." Rizzo said, "I hope Kermit finds a lawyer so we can get Steve back. I miss the guy already...."

"Mee-moo... (Me too...)" Beaker said.

"Me three..." Lips said sadly.

"But hey! The plus side is, least we're still together!" Rizzo said. Beaker and Lips nodded.

"Too true, man..." Lips replied.

Then the three lifted up their beer glasses.

"To Steve." Rizzo said, "It's been a good nineteen or somethin' years..."

"Moo-mee...(To Steve)." Beaker said.

"To Steve...." LIps said quietly.

"Let's hope we get new partners soon, boys." Rizzo said, "For now, we just gotta keep our heads up and move on..."

"Agreed." Lips said, with Beaker nodding his head.

The three clanked their beer together and took drinks.


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Feb 14, 2007
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That's really great! It was nice getting to hear each side of the character's feelings, especially ones Steve performed the most. I felt really bad especially for Lips in this one.

This honestly would make a nice online short. Nice job!


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Apr 24, 2012
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That's really great! It was nice getting to hear each side of the character's feelings, especially ones Steve performed the most. I felt really bad especially for Lips in this one.

This honestly would make a nice online short. Nice job!
thank you so much :smile: