WANTED: Don't Eat the Pictures DVD


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Aug 21, 2005
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Hi all,

I know this one is a long shot, but I am wondering if anyone has an extra copy of the DVD of Don't Eat the Pictures that was released in 2011 by MUSE Film and Television (http://www.musefilm.org/store/sesame-street-dont-eat-pictures). As you can see from the link, the DVD is sold out. I contacted MUSE to see when/if it would be available again and was told that the distribution rights were back with Sesame Workshop. I doubt that they will release it again anytime soon.

So I am hoping that someone with more foresight than I had stashed away an extra copy that they'd be willing to sell to me. It is my favorite Sesame Street special, and the digital copy I made from my old VHS could use an upgrade. PM me if you can help!

Thanks! :insatiable: