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Video: The Muppets promote Facebook Portal in "A Very Muppet Portal Launch"


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Sep 26, 2003
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Great to see Fozzie's mom again! And that makes another female Muppet that Matt Vogel has performed (he performed Janice at least once before David Rudman became her main performer.) Though of course, it's not that surprising Matt Vogel got the part of Fozzie's mom; he sure has that knack for taking over Jerry's old characters.


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Sep 7, 2002
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Here's a wonderful new Muppet ad for Facebook Portal. Let us know your thoughts and your favorite moment.

I saw quite a few of those. Something I wanted to ask about. Did anyone notice Kermit sounding a little different in the one where he and Robin were watching Statler on TV? I mean, I'm not trying to open up a can of worms by asking this. Just curious because I know Matt's Kermit sounded much better in the other FB portal ads and on the SS 50th Anniversary Special, but in that particular ad, it seemed like the voice was off. Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?