Universal opening logo on modern Dark Crystal releases?

minor muppetz

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Jun 19, 2005
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Lately I've been thinking about how the 1993 Jim Henson Video releases of TMM and GMC had the Jim Henson Productions logo at the beginning and how the 1999 releases had the Jim Henson Pictures logo (which remains on modern releases), and I thought about how the 1994 release of The Dark Crystal began with the Jim Henson Productions logo and wondered if the Jim Henson Pictures logo appeared at the start of the 1999 video releases. I figured it probably did, but I got on YouTube to watch the opening to that video release and was surprised to see the Universal logo sequence opened that release. I decided to also seek out the opening for the Blu-ray release and that also has the Universal opening.

I'm surprised that the Universal opening sequence has been included in video releases of The Dark Crystal since 1999, especially since it's not in the 1994 Jim Henson Video release. I know that Jim Henson: The Biography says that Jim Henson still had to deal with Universal as the American distributor after purchasing the distribution rights from ITC, but I figured those rights eventually went to Henson (like maybe Universal's deal with ITC eventually expired and the full distribution rights would revert to ITC or whoever purchased the rights later). I wondered if maybe the person uploading those home video openings online edited the Universal sequence for some odd reason but then why would two separate people do it? If Universal had American rights in 1994 then how were they able to get away with leaving out the Universal logo for that video release (and how could they have gotten away with leaving Universal out of the releases of GMC but not this one?)?