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TV Alert: Sesame Street on Good Morning America September 13


Well-Known Member
May 2, 2008
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Now Sesame Street is really going downhill.

Hardly. You've only been alive since, like, season 30. Somethings have changed since then (not much classic material is shown, some character have a decreased presence), but if anything, the show's gotten way better. The orchestrations are way more advanced, the directing and the way the shows/segments look is phenomenal and the writing's as strong as ever. Plus, we lost EW, which is the best thing the show could've done.


Well-Known Member
Sep 8, 2003
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I loved Grover's glasses! he was so cute and funny!


Well-Known Member
Sep 7, 2002
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I was actually kind of hoping Bert would appear at the tail end like last time, but ah well.

Ryan fared well as Elmo; incidentally, I was surprised to see a commercial for the Big Hugs Elmo toy (with voice clips by Kevin) shown during breaks. Also, Matt (who appeared to be doubling as Big Bird) was decent as the Count, though I couldn't hear him that well a few times due to some mic issues.

Seems like Ryan may be the permanent new Elmo voice. SW seems to like him and he seems to be really good, we'll see what happens.

I knew the Count didn't sound right, but I didn't know that it was the mic. So that's what was going on there. Poor Matt wasn't given much of a chance there. Hopefully we'll have other chances to hear his Count voice in other things. I actually thought it was Carroll as Big Bird. He didn't seem to have that 'congested' sound that a Vogel Big Bird usually has, but he really didn't say that much. I don't know. So that was still Kevin voicing Elmo for the Hugs Elmo toy? I know there were voice clips of Kevin's Elmo on the show, especially considering season 44 was filmed before he resigned. Anyway, that's some interesting information.