TINKERDEE: A Muppet Collective


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Aug 3, 2012
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Some of my friends from Muppet Central Discord and I have been putting together a new online community for Muppet fans, and now we're going public!

Tinkerdee has just been launched as a brand new forum, and our community is already beginning to blossom on there. If you love anything birthed from the fertile imagination of Jim Henson (which of course you would be if you're reading this) or you happen to know other people with areas of specialized Muppet knowledge, expertise and passion, we'd love to have you come and chat with us!

Currently, you can visit Tinkerdee at https://tinkerdee.proboards.com/, and in the future, we'll also be opening up a main website to accompany the forum. The site, like the forum, will be open to all Muppet fans who have something to contribute, be it reviews, artwork, stories, articles, anything of interest.

We invite you to be a part of a new age of Muppetdom. Come and join us in the land of Tinkerdee!