The Wizard Of Oz starring Nikki Webster


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Apr 23, 2002
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for those who don't know me my name is Daniel and I live in Australia and on the 29th of December 2001 I saw a production of The Wizard Of Oz that was playing at Sydney for a while. And I thought it was the BEST!!! musical I've ever seen on stage. So what I did was contact the executive producer of the show and asked him if it was coming out on video and DVD, and he told me that the stage production in Australia has not be granted the licensing rights from the owners in America of the property known as The Wizard of Oz to undertake the production of a DVD and/or Video of our stage production. So then what I did was e-mailed Warner Bros. and they wrote back saying : With regard to your inquiry concerning video and other rights to the stage version of Oz in Australia, the producer's explanation of the situation was accurate. They are licensees from Tams-Witmark who in turn are our agents for such arrangements. We do not desire videos of the stage version in competition with videos of our motion picture version.
So now comes my point what I want to know is how to make a petition (like the Fraggle Rock one that is on the Muppet Central home page), and send it to Warner Bros. and see if they will give the producers of the Australian Wizard Of Oz production the rights to the movie so we can produce the production out on video and DVD. If anyone can help me think of how to write a catchy letter at the start of my petition that will be most appreciated. Don't forget to sign my petition when it's online, some website's concerning the show are as follows : , , and :smile: