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The... -wait fer it-... "What made you laugh today?" Thread

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Kiki, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member


    I know... the "what made you smile today?" wouldv'e done just fine, but here's a more... uh... specific one.

    'Cause, I'm cool like dat. *Nodnod*

    So, what made you laugh today, hmm?
  2. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    Well it wasn't today, but on Christmas my brother was playing Scrabble and he tried to pass "Bally" as a real word and tried to defend it after it was prove not to be a real word and one with no meaning. Everybody playing at the table had a good laugh at that.
  3. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Well-Known Member

    Blurb, blurb, blurb!

    ;3 Blowing bubbles in my soymilk. -so immature- xD
  4. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    The title of this thread!

    Here's to D'Snowth, the inspiration!
  5. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...well, today I did see an ice-skating mongoose yodelling Mozart while juggling four cans of Spam, trying to ward off a dozen wolverines wearing paper party hats...but I didn't think that was funny, so...I'll have to get back to ya...
  6. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    What color were the hats?.....;)
  7. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Better question. *in Beauregard voice* What color are their hats now?
    scooterfan360 likes this.
  8. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA............. THIS made me laugh soooo hard XD
    scooterfan360 likes this.
  9. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member

    Um...yellow...with pink and green polka-dots...oh, and there were aquamarine ziggy-zaggy stripes...
  10. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member

    Well now the hats are puce and orange...and when you press a secret button on the top, it plays a very thin, tinny version of "Happy Birthday," for which you have to pay fifty cents for every time you want to hear it (copyright, ya know!;))
  11. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Your laughter made me laugh, Alex! Seriously! Or at least, as serious as one can be when they're laughing...
  12. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Nice touch! :insatiable:
  13. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member


    Well, today I quoted George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' because... I can't remember, actually. Anyways, this is how the conversation went after I quoted it...

    My Dad: "Hmm... I don't recall any pigs in that film..."
    Me: "Are you kiddin'? The book AND the film were practically revolved around them"
    My Dad: "Nope. All I remember is toga parties"

    LOL! He was thinking of Animal House! I couldn't stop laughing. I love my Dad, he's such a funny guy. :)
  14. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Well-Known Member

    HAHA! LOL that is so funny xD
    My brother once said that Fozzie was off Sesame Street. I corrected him and then proceded to laugh my guts out.
  15. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    Lol, that's hilerious! I love what some people say sometimes... like, my friend (*Cough* Wolfie *Cough*) was drinking Pepsi Max at school and she's like, "Errrrlack. This Pepsi has NO flavour. They should put... I don't know... JAM in it or something..." it was just so stupid! XD But really funny, by all means. But yeah... Fozzie on Sesame Street? Haw!
  16. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    Okay, so my sister got a Parakeet the other day, and was having a little difficulty naming her. I thought about it for a little bit, tossed out a few ideas, and thought pretty hard about what kind of name my sister would give a bird....

    Now it just so happens that my sister is a little obsessed with a certain Captain Jack Sparrow, so my first inkling was to call the bird "Jack", just so I could walk up to the bird and say "Why thank you Jack - not you, we named the monkey Jack!" but we both agreed that Jack is not a very good name for a girl bird. So, I jokingly suggested "Sparrow"...... and much to my surprise, she loved it! So now my sister has a Parakeet named Sparrow.....

    Anyway, yesterday morning I walked up to the bird while she was sitting on my sisters should and - in my best Davy Jones voice - said: "Yew have a debt to pay, Sparrow!" The bird proceeded to not only try to hide from me, but also made an attempt to fly back to her cage.....

    This morning I walked into my sister's room and Sparrow began screeching and angrily flapping her wings tirelessly...... she still won't let me hold her. XD I just told my sis, "Sparrow don' like Davy Jones...."
  17. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    My new Avater made me laugh so I had to make it my Avater!
  18. BlakeMP

    BlakeMP Well-Known Member

    Mine is actually from last night, and it's kind of a long story. Y'see, a very dear friend of mine died on Sunday, and it's been a big bundle of tension at work (she and I were teachers at the same school). Last night, while at rehearsal for a play I'm in, another friend of mine told me her grandfather is dying. Neither of us were exactly in a good place. Plus, it was the first night we were off-book for Act II, which meant lots of screw-ups, lots of flubs, and lots of problems. Frankly, everybody was a big bundle of tension. And as the night wore on, it just got worse.

    Then came the party scene, where I make a crack about being mixed up with someone else and getting his “meat bills and phone messages.”

    Only that wasn’t what I said. On this — one line that I usually don’t flub – I blurted out, “I kept getting all his phone bills and meat messages!”

    I know, it’s not that funny right now, reading it, but that’s not really the point. I chuckled when I realized what I said, as we often do when we flub. But then after that first chuckle, I heard everyone else laughing and… something happened. It was like a floodgate opened. I started to laugh and I just couldn’t stop.Then my friend, the one worried about her grandfather, started to laugh too. Then it was like a chain reaction — everyone was laughing, faces were turning red, my buddy Paul leapt to his feet and started doing a routine about taking a phone call from a T-bone steak… it was a good five minutes before everybody could compose themselves and get back to work. I was the last one to stop laughing.

    But after that… things were better. It wasn’t a huge thing, it didn’t actually fix any of the things we’re all worried about… but that release was like manna to us. Just getting all that emotion, all that tension out of our system, had such a huge impact that suddenly, just for a few minutes, things were better, and we could get through the rest of the night.

    I’ve never before seen such a perfect illustration of the healing power of laughter.
  19. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    My brother's msn display pic was of Eddie Murphy as The Riddler, which apparently was a rumour on the net. The pic was so funny!
  20. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member

    LOL! I heard that rumor...and Shia LeBeouf is supposed to play Robin...riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!:shifty:

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