The Muppets Episode 11 - Swine Song

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Feb 4, 2008
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So Miss Piggy is briefly shocked by Kermit's suggestion of sharing the stage with the others, which gets me wondering: who else did the sketches on the show?

We never really saw sketches before this episode, but the show should have had a supporting cast to appear in sketches with Piggy and the guest stars, right? Or do they just pick random actors when sketches are performed (is this what normal talk shows do with their sketches)? We never heard anything about there being actors on the show, whether they be human or Muppet.
It seems the general idea is the onstage talent is the host/hostess, the sidekick/announcer and the band leader/house band. Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel often involve the guests into games/sketches/bits, or sometimes they will air a pre-recorded sketch with other big stars not on the show that night. For example Matt Damon and John Krasinski (Kimmel's neighbor) often appear in videos even if they are not guests. Conan would have Abe Vigoda come on a lot to do various bits. Letterman probably had the most "other people" involved. He would have Paul Shafer (of course) but also his announcer, Biff the Stage Manager, he had at various times Lonny Ross, Chris Elliott and Kristen Schaal play interns or other odd roles. He also had Larry "Bud" Melman who was played by Calvert DeForrest who was - well look him up he was unique. And he would have other "regular people" Rupert Gee who owned the deli next to the theater, his Mom etc do sketches and interviews.

So the very short answer is: No, it would not be odd for the show to be 95% Piggy with Fozzie and the band the remaining 5%. And it would not be odd to open up the show and have a repertory company of sorts (Hey, like the Muppets) to be included.

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Jun 19, 2005
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I was watching this with the closed captioning today, and there are some things that I understand better.

At one point Miss Piggy shouts out several current things, and I thought Kermit said "Now you're just saying things that Denise says", which I didn't think made much sense with her character. But with the captioning, I saw that Kermit said "Now you're just saying things that your niece says". Hmm, I think this shows had two mentions of Piggy having a niece, I wonder if we should meet her.

And at the end, when Uncle Deadly complains that Gloria Estefan had gotten sick on his suede boots, I didn't realize that Goria Estefan threw up. I thought he was taking a drink of Deadly's drink and spilled it down there.


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Feb 14, 2007
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My review on this episode:

I thought this episode was okay. It had its funny moments, like Pepe as the uber driver (that had me dying of laughter) and Uncle Deadly trying to take care of that cute penguin, but the main plot with that Pache guy trying to take over was a little weak, and Kermit ruining his relationship with Denise felt very forced.

I did enjoy when the gang were making in the office and Kermit and Piggy’s performance at the end. But other than that, I just found this one to be kind of meh.

Overall, okay episode.