The Muppets Bounce Back

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Sep 2, 2012
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Hi all reading, This is my new attempt at fan fiction its called The Muppets Bounce Back and is set a few months after the Muppets failed tour (from Muppets most Wanted). Due to the events of that film, their finances are lower than they should be and so they try to get a new project of the ground.

Chapter One: Brainstorming and Gonzo's idea
“So has anyone got any suggestions?” said the Frog, the big green boss sat at the front of the table, the head of the Muppets himself Kermit. “Come on surely one of you have an idea to suggest” once again asked the frog, “How about a western film Kerm” exclaimed Fozzie in excitement. “Nah a horror sounds way more fun, how about it Camilla?”. Gonzo asked his long time girlfriend who was slouching next to him, but before she could reply another voice jumped in “No way, a musical style documentary sounds positively, most definitely better than that”. Said the jazzy dressed, gruff voiced leader of the Muppets resident band The Electric Mayhem, Dr Teeth.
And with these suggestions, the table of Muppets were threw into a flurry of a conversation, leaving the boss at the top desperate to try and get his peers attention once again. All the room was in a stir until a loud “Hey!” travelled throughout the room, Having be sent by the bosses leading lady Miss Piggy. The rest of the Muppets automatically becoming silent and looking towards their leader, “Okay everyone just slow down, lets do this one at a time now Okay?”. The others nodded in an enthusiastic fashion before, Scooter his trusty Scriptwriter and backstage worker, once starting out as a Gopher. Exclaimed “How about a new TV series?”, With the others all agreeing in unison Kermit announced “That’s it we'll do a new show!”, with the whole group in agreement, leaving Kermit to decide how to organise this. “But the only problem is we have such low finances since our blow-out of a European tour” said a disappointed Kermit, but before he could go on he was interrupted by Fozzie. “Kermit how about while you get the show ready to pitch to networks while we take up some small time jobs to increase the finances”, “Yeah I'm sure we could all chip in” chimed Walter.“Right Me and Scooter will start to brainstorm ideas, while the rest of you work on improving your acts and earning finances. If we all work together I'm sure we can get this project going”. And with the whole group agreeing the monthly meeting was once again over.

The very next day at 8:00 AM Scooter arrived at the home of Kermit and Miss Piggy, with 80's Robot letting him in he went through into the kitchen to meet both his boss and the leading lady sat at the breakfast table. “Ah Scooter sit down, I've been excited to start writing with you” exclaimed Kermit, “Would you like a coffee or tea, Scooter?” asked Miss Piggy. “Coffee thanks” replied Scooter taking a seat next to his boss, “So you got any ideas yet chief?”he asked. “Not too many, I was hoping you would have a few good ones” replied Kermit, but before Scooter could reply Miss Piggy settled down Scooters coffee interrupting their conversation, “I would love to stay and chat but Rowlfie has promised to take me out for brunch, so I really should get going”. She said in a hurry grabbing her bag and keys and giving Kermit a quick peck on the cheek. “Bye Piggy” said both Kermit and Scooter in unison as she run out of the door. Meanwhile over at the Muppet boarding house know occupied by Gonzo, Camilla, Rizzo, Walter, The Electric Mayhem, Pepe, Swedish chef, Bunsen and Beaker. Gonzo had assembled a group consisting of Rizzo, Walter, Pepe, The Electric Mayhem and Crazy Harry. “Okay thank you everyone for responding to my announcement” said Gonzo,”I've assembled you here for a new project idea I have that can help raise finances”. But before anyone else could answer “Jou got to be kidding me okay, I am not gonna help you on one of your crazy ideas, jou are unbelievable okay, unbelievable” screeched a moody Pepe before marching out of the room all four arms crossed. “Wow I was not expecting that from the shrimp” Joked Floyd from the armchair in the corner of the room, “well anyway back to the announcement” shouted Gonzo “I've got the perfect Idea”. “which is?” asked Rizzo “A Stunt spectacular” an enthusiastic Gonzo replied, the group slowly turning to look at each other sheepishly.