The Muppet Show with David Bowie


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Nov 13, 2012
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I've seen a lot of YouTube comments (and possibly a few comments on this forum) about what it would have been like if David Bowie (who was in Jim Henson's Labyrinth production) had been on the Muppet without further ado...

(probably around Season 2)

Cold Open:
(knocking on the door, Scooter enters)
Scooter: David Bowie! 15 seconds 'til curtain, Mr. Bowie!
David: Thank you, Scooter. (DB has a fork in his hand & is eating out of a bowl.)
Scooter: Say, Mr. Bowie, what are you eating?
David: Oh, the Swedish Chef made something called vegetable surprise.
Scooter: Oh...well, why does he call it that?
The vegetables (coming to life, shouting): SURPRISE!!!! (I envision a Muppet eggplant, two tomatoes, a cauliflower, an onion, scallions, and a head of lettuce.)
David: I really should have seen that coming.
(Scooter & DB stare at the camera.)

Kermit: It's the Muppet Show, with our special guest star, Mr. DAVID BOWIE!!!! YAAAAYYY!!! (audience bursts into applause and cheers and the theme song plays)
Statler: Hopefully, there'll be some ch-ch-changes to this show!
It's time to get things started on the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppet-ational...
Gonzo's horn: a paper airplane flies out of his horn.

Kermit: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Good evening, and here we are again with another great Muppet Show for you tonight! And our special guest star is the odd yet wonderful singer, Mr. David Bowie! So let's get things started with a little space travel! Ladies and gentlemen, David Bowie! Yaaaaaahhhh!!! (audience screams with delight as we see Bowie in Ziggy-Stardust makeup playing an acoustic guitar)
Musical Number:
David Bowie sings a shortened version of "Space Oddity" against superimposed footage of the Swinetrek lifting off and traveling through space. Along the way, they see several meteors, planets, and Koozebanians. Captain Link finally sets foot on the moon and soon he, First Mate Piggy and Dr. Strangepork are floating on the moon happily. Huge applause at the end.)
Waldorf: That wasn't half bad! Hey Statler, what did you think?
Statler: Huh-huh, what?
Waldorf: I asked you if you liked that last number.
Statler: Oh, well...
Waldorf: Did you or didn't you?
Statler: Well, let's say that I spaced out!
Both: Doooooh-hohohohoho!!!
Backstage Scene #1:
Kermit: All right, nice job. (Link, Strangepork & Piggy walk past KTF and Sam storms in.)
Miss Piggy: Oh, Kermie! That was wonderful. David Bowie is amazing! You know, I was practically floating on cloud nine!
Link: No, you were floating on the moon, silly! (laughter from audience)
Strangepork: I was surprised that you could actually float in space! Hee hee hee hee hee! (Link laughs along with Strangepork, and audience cracks up again)
Miss Piggy: Cool it, you turkeys! (Strangepork & Link shut up & exit with Miss Piggy.)
Kermit (to audience): Actually, I was kinda surprised that she could float, too. (laughter)
(Floyd struts in.)
Floyd: Hey, Kermit. ¿Qué pasa?
Kermit: Oh, hi Floyd.
Floyd: Yeah, what's up, little green boss man?
Kermit: Well, I'm just going over the acts tonight.
Floyd: Hm. D'you mind if I take a look?
Kermit: Not at all. (they look at the list of acts) Let's see...we have the Swedish Chef next...oh... (goes to intercom) Swedish Chef! You're next. Get on stage! (as the Chef goes onstage, KTF goes back to list) Let's see. We also have another number from David, and then--- (Sam the Eagle enters, looking even more stern than usual. He approaches Kermit and Floyd.)
Sam: KERMIT! Of all the people in the entertainment industry, you HAD to book that SICKO, Mr. Bowie. Sometimes I question your judgment.
Kermit: Well, Sam, David is very popular right now. He's a big star, and it's really great for the show, y'know.
Sam (slapping his hand on KTF's shoulder): Kermit! This man's profession is NOT cultural in the least! I will not stand for this nonsense. You must make some drastic changes to this show, or else I---
Floyd: Hey, man, don't you mean CH-CH-CH-CH-Changes? (Janice, Scooter, Fozzie, and Gonzo pop up and sing)
J, SC, FB, GZ & Floyd: Tuuurrrn and face the strain! Ch-Ch-Changes!!!
Sam: ALL RIGHT!! ALL RIGHT!! WILL YOU STOP!! Get out, please! (everyone laughs and walks away) Ugh! Do you SEE what I mean, Kermit? Mr. Bowie is a complete WEIRDO!
Kermit: Well, Sam, I'm sorry, but he's our guest right now. I mean, we can't get rid of him in the middle of the show. That's just how show business goes.
Sam: Kermit, listen to me: I will find a way to get that horrifying freak out of here, if it's the LAST thing I do! Humph! (storms off as Floyd enters again)
Floyd: Hey, Kermit, what just went down?
Kermit: Well, Floyd, I think I ruffled Sam's feathers.
Floyd: What else is new? (Floyd blinks and he exchanges slightly worried glances with Kermit.)

2B continued: Swedish Chef, Veterinarian's Hospital, and Sam's attempts to get rid of Bowie...


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Nov 13, 2012
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Backstage Scene #1:
Kermit: All right, nice job. (Link, Strangepork & Piggy walk past KTF and Sam storms in.)
Whoops. Pretend that Sam never came in. I would edit this first post, but I just don't know how, or if it's even possible.


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Nov 13, 2012
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Back to work...this is how I have spent my Friday night...thank you for your help, Microsoft Word...

Swedish Chef:
Chef sings the theme song while scraping a cheese grater with a metal spatula in time with the music. Then he flings both items over his head. Chef makes stuffed peppers by splitting the peppers with a knife...going well so far. Next, he takes the ground beef, cheese, rice, tomatoes, and seasonings, dumping them in one by one. OK. Now it gets weird here...he takes taxidermy stuffing that they use for animals and stuffs it into the peppers. Then he takes pebbles and stuffs them in, too. He adds a plastic bottle, a leather purse, a rubber chicken, and other inedible things until Kermit and Scooter run on and push him offstage while the curtain closes.
Waldorf: That was disgusting!
Statler: Quite awful!
Waldorf: Not good at all!
Statler: Well, it wasn’t too bad…
Waldorf: Rather decent, actually…
Statler: It was mildly amusing.
Waldorf: Very entertaining!
Statler: Extremely funny!
Waldorf: Five stars!

Backstage Scene #2:
(Kermit and Scooter are pulling the Chef backstage.)
Scooter: Hey, Chef! Let’s go!
Kermit: Move it! Come on, Chef.
Swedish Chef (in protest): Yeë-meë måk dur gøødy-gøødy föödy, yoobetcha! Nøt feir! (shoves Scooter and Kermit and storms off)

Kermit (yelling after Chef): Come on now, that sketch was too weird even for us! (resumes his work at his desk)
Scooter: Hey, chief?
Kermit: Yes, Scooter?
Scooter: I’ve noticed that Sam the Eagle is acting really weird today.

Kermit: Yeah, he’s upset that David Bowie is our guest star.
Scooter: But why?
Kermit: Oh, you know Sam…he doesn’t think David is cultural enough for him.
Scooter: Well, I just saw something that confirms our idea. Look at the stairs, Kermit. (Kermit does a double take when he sees banana peels strewn all over the stairs.)
Kermit: What the hey? (Sam the Eagle is standing behind the railing upstairs.) Hey, Sam, what’s this?
Sam: Oh, and well you may ask! These banana peels lead from Mr. Bowie’s dressing room to the bottom of the stairs. There is no way that he will be able to avoid these banana peels, and thus, he will fall and THANKFULLY be off this show! (David Bowie emerges not from his own dressing room, but from the room right behind Sam! DB is dressed in an effeminate outfit, with a short dress, tights, feather boa, eyeliner, makeup, and fake eyelashes.)
David: Why, hello, Sam! (bats eyelashes)
Sam (mouth drops open): Mr. Bowie! (covers face) Ugh! I cannot believe this! I have seen some sickening costumes in my life, but THIS one is by far at the TOP of the list! And WHY were you in THAT dressing room?
David: Well, I had to find someone who could help me with my makeup for my next number. So I was in Miss Piggy’s dressing room. I think she did a wonderful job for a pig, don’t you think so? (starts advancing towards Sam)
Sam: No! Go away, you freak! You clown! You WEIIIRDO!!! Don’t come near me!
David: What? I think it’s lovely! Don’t you, Kermit? Scooter?

(Sam is backing away from Bowie, who keeps coming toward him…Bowie is unaware of the banana peels and Sam has forgotten about them by this point. Kermit and Scooter are too late to warn Sam.)
Sam: You sick punk! PLEASE stop this nonsense--- (Sam slips on a banana peel and goes tumbling down the stairs, landing with a loud crash at the bottom. Kermit and Scooter grimace in that Muppety way and Floyd enters with a surprised expression, which quickly turns to cynical delight.)
David (alarmed, still unaware of the peels): What was that?
Floyd: That was one for David, and zip for Ol’ Feather Face! Hahahahaaaah!!!! (Floyd struts off as Kermit and Scooter stare at one another and David looks at the camera with a confused look on his face.)

Veterinarian’s Hospital:
Announcer: And now it’s time for Veterinarian’s Hospital…the continuing stooooory of a quack who has gone to the dogs… (Nurse Piggy is seen using tweezers to pluck leg hairs…oops…she quickly drops them and heads to the operating table.)
Nurse Piggy: Dr. Bob, who is our patient today?
(Dr. Bob lifts the blanket and the staff does a double take.)
Nurse Janice: Why, it’s a cat! Like, look at it! Ohhhh…
Nurse Piggy: Oh! A poor little, innocent, kitty cat! The mere sight of it tugs on my heartstrings! Oh! (acting melodramatically)

Dr. Bob: Indeed. You might say that this is a CAT-astrophe! (laughter)
Nurse Piggy: Dr. Bob, we must begin the operation immediately.
Dr. Bob: Indeed we shall. You know, I have saved a lot of cats in my time.
Nurse Janice: Rully, Dr. Bob?
Dr. Bob: Sure, and as a result, I’ve been paid in dollars PURRRRR hour! (laughter)
Nurse Janice: Please, Dr. Bob. Time is, like, running out!
Nurse Piggy: Yes, you must stop KITTEN around! (laughter)
Dr. Bob: OK, let’s get to work. (examines the cat’s paws)
Nurse Piggy: What is the diagnosis, Dr. Bob?
Dr. Bob: This cat’s paws are in bad shape.
Nurse Janice: Like, what does that mean?
Dr. Bob: We’ve got PAWS for alarm! (laughter, and the cat digs its claws into Dr. Bob’s hands. Dr. Bob yelps in pain.)
Nurse Janice: And CLAWS for alarm, too! (laughter)
Announcer: And so Dr. Bob has rediscovered why he hates cats… (laughter at the irony of the situation) Tune in next time when you’ll hear Nurse Janice say…
Nurse Janice: Are you all right, Dr. Bob?
Dr. Bob (upset): No, that really hurt!
Nurse Piggy: Calm down, Dr. Bob, don’t be such a sour PUSS! (laughter)

Dr. Bob: Hey, don’t be the PURR-petrator here! (more laughter as Dr. Bob growls at Nurse Piggy, who growls back)
UK Spot:
Whatnots sing the British music hall tune “I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside” while vacationing on a sunny beach. I envision Jerry, Richard, Frank, and Louise performing the vocals, with Dave playing Louise’s Muppet (since she didn’t do puppetry at that point). A shark, played by Jim Henson, attacks and they run off, and the shark finishes the song before swimming away.
Statler: Yes! Bravo! I loved that.
Waldorf: Are you kidding? I didn’t care for it at all.
Statler: Why not?
Waldorf: There was something really FISHY about it!
Both: Dooooo-hohohohohoho!!!!

2B continued: Sam’s second attempt, the return of the Birds in the Trees (Ohboy, Forcryingoutloud, Whatdoyasay, etc), David’s backstage scene & song with Miss Piggy, and more…

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Apr 5, 2012
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Like this is rully cool, cjd874 and like I love Microsoft Word too. It always sees my mistakes so I can fix them. This was like rully cool. :flirt: :sing:


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Nov 13, 2012
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Thanks muppetfan24/7! It was fun to write this and unwind after my final exams...LOL. I have used MW often in the past, but this is my first time using MW to write this section of the story, too. Pretty efficient, I must say.
Plus, when I used the reply box in this thread, I would spend so much time typing that I would be logged out of the forum, and I had to log in again and copy and paste the whole block of text into my thread. Pain in the neck, so MW is a much better alternative for me.
I hope to finish this story before the holidays! And also create some fan art, too...


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Nov 13, 2012
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Hi again! I have been quite busy for the past few days, but I have wrapped up this fanfic! Have a Happy New Year, and enjoy the rest of my story!

Fozzie’s Act:
Kermit: Tonight, Fozzie Bear is trying something new…so it’s out with the comedy and in with the fortune-telling! Ladies and gentlemen, Fozzie the Fortune Teller! Yaaaayyyy!!! (Curtain opens, revealing Fozzie clad in a turban and star-covered cloak. He has a crystal ball on a table in front of him.)
Fozzie: Aaaah, thank you! Thank you! Do you know what I see? I see a lot of fortunes being predicted tonight!
Waldorf: Well, do you know what I see? I see no future for your act! (He & Statler laugh: Doooooh-hohohohoho!!!)
Fozzie: Ah, haha, uh, yeah…MOVING right along! I shall wave my hands over this crystal ball and predict the future of a member of this audience! And I shall have someone’s palm read as well! Here I go… (waves hands over crystal ball) See the hands! (peers into ball) See the ball! (points to his head, where his brain is) See the future! Aaaahh!! OK! (examines ball) Oh, my…Oh… (in serious voice, Fozzie points at Waldorf) You, sir…will have a jarring experience in the near future!

Waldorf: Ha, that’s a lot of nonsense…(Behemoth and Luncheon Counter Monster come up behind Waldorf and start shaking him back and forth. Waldorf yells for help, but Statler simply laughs.)
Fozzie: Aaaahhh! A jarring experience! Ladies and gentlemen, that is only part ONE of my act!

Statler: Well, to me, your act hasn’t even started yet! Doooooo-hohohohohoho!!!
Fozzie: Well then, OK, it’s your turn, sir! (pointing at Statler)
Statler: Wha??
Fozzie: Come ON, sir! We don’t have all day here! (Statler reluctantly comes down onto the stage.) It is now time for you to have your palm read! Now, step this way. OK? Ready?
Statler: Just get this over with.

Fozzie: What enthusiasm! OK, here I go. You will have your palm read! (gets a paintbrush and covers Statler’s palm with red paint) Aaaaahhhh!!! Thank you! Thank you! And thank YOU!!! (Statler stares at Fozzie in shock and the curtain closes, amidst loud laughter from the audience. Kermit enters again.)
Musical Number:
Kermit: For those of you who wish for simpler times…well, you’re not the only one. For starters, I wish that I could visit the swamp more often…and I wish I didn’t have a silly lady pig following me around all the time.

Miss Piggy (comes onstage): Kermie, I heard you say something?
Kermit: Uh…HI! Hi there, Piggy! Hi! How are you?
Miss Piggy: Pretty good, considering that you might be a green PANCAKE in a few seconds. (Kermit begins to shake.)

Kermit: Uh, Piggy, I just said that I wished that you could be with me more often…
Miss Piggy: Yeah, right. That’s not what I heard.
Kermit: Piggy, just get off the stage! I have an introduction to make!
Miss Piggy: All right, I’ll forgive you this time, Kermie.
Kermit: Oh, good.
Miss Piggy: But watch your next step, frog…it’s gonna be more than a doozy for you. (exits, while Kermit still quakes)
Kermit (to audience): See what I mean, folks? I’m shakin’ because of the bacon. (laughs…Miss Piggy rushes in, furious.)
Miss Piggy: HIIII-YAAHH!!! (She karate-chops Kermit and storms off.)
Kermit (rising to his feet): Uh…we take you back to the age of hippies and flower power for another number with our guest star, David Bowie! (Kermit staggers offstage and the curtain opens, showing David in his feminine outfit, sitting in an open field. He sings “Changes” with four Whatnot hippies, played by Richard, Jerry, Jim, and Frank. Loud applause at the end.)
Statler: OK, I’ll admit it. David Bowie is a good singer.
Waldorf: Well, so am I! Do you want to hear me?
Statler: Only if you sing Bach!
Waldorf: Bach?
Statler: Bach behind the exit doors! Doooh-hohohoho!!! (Waldorf frowns in disgust.)
Backstage Scene #3:

(As Fozzie enters and exits the backstage, Sam is adding the finishing touches to his next plan.)
Sam: There! This should definitely work! (Sam has installed a bucket right above the door to David Bowie’s dressing room. When Sam pulls on a string, the bucket tilts and is supposed to spill garbage on David.) Now this will work, or my name isn’t Sam the American Bald Eagle!
(Kermit and Floyd Pepper enter.)
Kermit: Hi, Sam. What’s going on?
Floyd: Yeah, what’s cooking, my fantastically feathered friend?
Sam: (pauses) None of your business.

Floyd: Hmmm. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Sam is up to something again.
(Kermit nods in agreement.)
Kermit: Hey, Sam, are you still trying to get David out of here?
Sam: Well, if you MUST know, I have placed this bucket above Mr. Bowie’s dressing room door. When I pull this string, the bucket will lower itself and empty its contents onto Mr. Bowie’s head. I am SURE that he is in his dressing room right now, so he will undoubtedly fall for my plan and get off this show.

Floyd: Well, whatcha got there in that bucket, man?
Sam: Oh, just the remains of today’s lunch. (laughter from audience)
Kermit: (grimaces) Sheesh. I feel the control slipping through my fingers already.
Sam: I will test this one last time to make sure… (pulls string and the bucket does not move an inch) WHAT??? (pulls again, but nothing happens) HOLD ON!!! Something is not right! (Sam yanks string repeatedly as hard as possible. On his last attempt, the bucket moves to the side, spilling orange rinds, apple cores, pieces of meat, mushed food, vegetable remains, and paper plates all over Sam, backfiring á la Wile E. Coyote. Uproarious laughter erupts from audience.)
Sam (in sheer disgust): Eeeyuck!!! Ugghhhh!!! AAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!! (falls on the floor, and the final bits of trash land on Sam)
Kermit: Well, back to the drawing board, Sam! (chuckles) Hey Floyd, you know that’s TWO for David now!
Floyd: Yep! And our avian amigo here has yet to get on the scoreboard! Haaaaah-hahahahaha!!!! (laughs hard and exits with Kermit)
Sam (rises, covered in garbage): I try so hard to improve this show and yet I still get treated like GARBAGE. (sighs and pulls an orange peel off his head)

Miscellaneous/Random Muppet Skit:
Zoot is sitting on a bench in a city park during the night. He’s dressed in a wool jacket, with his trademark yellow shirt still visible. He gets out his saxophone and begins to play a jazzy riff. The scene fades to a shot of the night sky (all black for the sake of the puppeteers). The Whatdoyousay Bird (Jerry Nelson) is flying along when he sees a nice tree to perch in. He lands and says, “What do you say?” He hears Zoot’s music and begins to sway in time, enjoying it thoroughly. Then the Forcryingoutloud Bird (Frank Oz) lands on the same branch. He sees WDYS and looks over to where Zoot is playing the sax. FCOL shakes his head, not digging the music, and says, “For crying out loud…” Next comes the Ohboy Bird (Jim Henson), who takes the same action as FCOL, saying “Oh boy…” with distaste. Finally, the Righton Bird (Richard Hunt) flies in, and begins bopping to the music with WDYS. They begin scatting with the music, and Zoot overhears WDYS and RO. He walks over to the tree and plays right to the birds. FCOL and OB are unhappy and fly away to another tree. Zoot plays his final note off-key and OB and FCOL shout out their respective lines. Zoot: “No wonder they say my music is for the birds.” The audience laughs and applauds.

Muppet News Flash:
Muppet Newsman: HERE IS A MUPPET NEWS FLASH!!! The famed store Frank’s Furniture World is going out of business! Reports say that owner R. Franklin Oznowicz has filed for category-five bankruptcy, and is planning to sell all his furniture in a week-long sale, starting with the couches. (A couch lands right on the Newsman’s desk, knocking the red phone and the microphone stand to the floor. A shaken Newsman covers his face in frustration and disgust.)

Backstage Scene #4:
(David Bowie is in his dressing room. Someone knocks on his door.)

David: Come in!
(Miss Piggy enters.)
Miss Piggy: Oh! David! David, my darling! How are you? (runs up to David & hugs him)
David: Oh, Miss Piggy! It’s wonderful to see you, dear! I’m doing well. You know, I’m quite excited for our number together!
Miss Piggy: Yes, David. Ah, I wonder what it is like to be a rock superstar, with your eensy-weensy, itty-bitty entourage…your tiny, little meals…and the long, grueling schedule of playing to no more than a dozen fans and press members in total…oh, David, your life must be so hard.

David: Oh, well…actually, Miss Piggy…that’s not quite right. (Miss Piggy pauses.)
Miss Piggy: Hubba-whah?
David: Well, you’re partly right. We both have long schedules and rehearsals…lots of long nights without sleep…but we get lots of flowers and fan mail, don’t we?

Miss Piggy: Well, yes. That’s true.
David: And we are always treated well…almost like royalty, aren’t we?
Miss Piggy: Yes, yes.
David: We’re constantly surrounded by the members of the press, and our legions of screaming fans…isn’t that right?
Miss Piggy: Yes. Yes, you’re right, dear.
David: Don’t you see, Miss Piggy? That’s what fame is all about! We can’t let it completely go to our heads, but above all, the rewards are wonderful! We’re both famous. Ah, let’s just sit here and think about it…fame…

Musical Number:
David cuddles Miss Piggy and the scene fades to the stage, where David is dressed in a fancy sequined suit and tails, white dress shirt, white gloves, and bowler hat. He escorts a lavishly dressed Miss Piggy to sing a duet of “Fame,” backed by the Electric Mayhem. Huge ovation at the end.

Curtain Call:
Kermit: Well, that just about does it for this week’s show, but before we go, let’s have a warm thank you to our guest star, the one and only Mr. David Bowie! Yaaaaaayyyy!!! (David enters in his sequined outfit.)
David: Thank you, Kermit, I had a lot of fun tonight. But I got all this garbage on my new shoes. (David takes off a shoe, revealing a bunch of gunk stuck to it, from Sam’s plan. Sam the Eagle enters once again with a string in his hand.)
Sam: Mr. Bowie! There you are! Don’t move! I shall pull this string and you will fall through that trapdoor!

Kermit: Sam! It’s too late! The show is over!
(Sam ignores him and pulls the string, but Kermit falls instead)
Sam: KERMIT!!! Oh no! I didn’t mean to…WHHHOOOOOAAAHHH!!! (he falls through the trapdoor as well)
David: We’ll see you next time on the Muppet Show! (As the theme music plays, David falls through, and Fozzie, Gonzo, Janice, the Shark, and two Whatnot hippies come to help Kermit, Sam, and David…but they all fall, too.)
Balcony Closing:

Waldorf: What do you think of those Muppets?
Statler: Eh, they’re all bird-brained! Heh heh heh! (The WDYS, FCOL, OB, & RO birds angrily begin pecking Statler, while Waldorf laughs.)
(Final notes…Da-da-da-da-da-DA! BWAAAAHHHH!!!)

The Muppets:
Frank Oz as Sam the Eagle, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Forcryingoutloud Bird, Animal, Vegetables, and Whatnots

Jerry Nelson as Floyd Pepper, Whatdoyousay Bird, Dr. Strangepork, the Announcer, Behemoth, Vegetables, and Whatnots
Richard Hunt as Scooter, Statler, Janice, Righton Bird, Koozebanian, and Whatnots
Dave Goelz as Gonzo, Zoot, Cat, Luncheon Counter Monster, Male Koozebanian, Vegetables, and Whatnots
Louise Gold as Vegetables and Whatnots
Jim Henson as Kermit, Rowlf, the Swedish Chef, Link Hogthrob, the Newsman, Waldorf, Dr. Teeth, Shark, Ohboy Bird, Vegetables, and Whatnots

thanks for reading!


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Jan 11, 2013
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I really liked it. The humor was spot on, david bowie fit right in, and the shenanigans were so muppety that I started seeing things in felt, fleece, and foam.


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Nov 13, 2012
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I really liked it. The humor was spot on, david bowie fit right in, and the shenanigans were so muppety that I started seeing things in felt, fleece, and foam.
Thank you Pianogirl! That means a lot to me. This was a lot of fun to write. I also have a Paul McCartney fanfic and a Stevie Nicks fanfic on this forum. A Billy Joel fanfic will be coming soon!
P.S. I love your avatar. Dr. Teeth is one of my favorite Muppets!


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Jan 11, 2013
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No way! I read the paul Mccartney one too, I just didn't see that you had written it! Yours are by far my fave. I love classic rock so seeing my heros on the show makes it all the better. Thank you so much! I plan on writing a fan fiction myself before to long and I hope mine is half as good as yours!