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The Fraggle Rock movie is still in development


Oct 28, 2012
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I'd like to thank everyone for their compliments to my earlier post. I don't really want to "rock the boat" but I also have a certain fondness for Fraggle Rock and I thought that I would share my thoughts on the topic.

I keep trying to think of what more to add to what I have already written. Perhaps, most extensively, I would have some sort of data collection method for measuring online appreciation of the venture. This collection would be in the form, perhaps, of an exclusive forum while the initial YouTube clips were being displayed. There might also be a newsletter that people could sign up for that would give exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, preview photos of future skits and perhaps even a chance to incidentally influence the content of future skits ("What picture is Mokey painting in our next skit? You decide!").

The data collection would be used to, again, influence producers into displaying that the brand was viable for both adult fans and younger fans.

Cost is always a consideration; A dedicated website, run properly, is not without cost. Any venture would need a content pipeline that contains both invariable content (content that doesn't change regardless of the venture outcome) and variable content (content that changes as the venture gauges it's success, ex. "Everyone wants more Boober skits!" "Skits involving turnips aren't popular!")

Overall, I think that the strategy is still solid. I have my own thoughts on a soft reboot (really a continuation with minor retconning) but I don't want to upset anyone. The reboot would be soft enough that, should the hypothetical first season be successful, traditional elements would be reintroduced in the second season (with some minor retconning from the original series just to keep everything consistent).

Poke all the holes that you'd like; It's all just discussion for now.

Pig's Laundry

Well-Known Member
Aug 12, 2015
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You know, I was just thinking that in this day and age, Boober would probably be the fan favorite, because he's "too real" and "perfectly sums up the human condition" :stick_out_tongue:. Which, i'm not complaining, Boober deserves more love, but yeah.

I also think that some corners of the internet would be weirdly attracted to the fraggles?? But that's a different topic altogether.


Active Member
Jul 1, 2016
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Heres how I would do it

Keep the youtube sketches, but intersperses a handful of full episodes, songs, and other archival footage. It'll help new viewers get into the series, be easier and cheaper, and potentially boost dvd sales.

New merchandise, once the youtube stuff runs its course do dvd sets that feature a handful of episodes and clips from the channel and exclusive clips, this brings in kids, fans, and fraggle rock enthusiasts who may already have these episodes. Potential for plushes, and all sorts of other merchandise that could fund future projects.

Having interactive polls is a good idea on paper but adds extra expense and longer production times.

Uncle traveling matt segments are relatively cheap and integral to the show. And Doozers are important in that theres recognition with the amazon series and keep the show intresting. I hate to say it, but the gorgs gotta go. Gorgs are expensive and not all that important or interesting. On a series scale perhaps uncle matts postcards could be delegated to youtube to keep costs down and have fraggles pontientally interacting with real world invents, or being used to promoye movies and such.