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Sketch involving David and Maria


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Mar 2, 2004
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that just reminds me rememebr theese other 2? 1st one i originally saw i think in the ealy 80s and i think it was repeated later in the decade were they were out 1 night, maybe were on their way to eat but Oscar had a dinning table set outside his can and they were dumb enough to sit down and have Oscar serve them dinner. well most evryting went well, food was good, however, little did those 2 know they was 2 shower fixtures above them. well i'll let you figure out what happened. >2nd 1 probably from the ealy 70s Maria was standing on David and Jerry Nelson was saying Maria is on David and at the end of his talk, maria says, david I thnk he's gone. david replies someing he driving me crazy. then Maris says i'll go order a pizza and David says don't worry i'll do it and goes leaving Maria suspended in mid air. >thpught i'd also add about the 2 of them, both Calloway and Manzano were born and grew up in N.Y. and read in the 1998 SSU book they both knew each other prior to SS having attended high school with each at the Brooklyn High School for the Performming Arts. both were born in 1950 and would of attended school at the same time and graduated the same year, 1968. of course that was a year before SS debuted but of courese they didn't join till 3 years later. but obviously the friendship started long before there time on SS.

There was another restaurant segment with them going back the the 70's where they're eating plain pasta. The whole theme was long and short.

Maria eats fast with the btape sped up, the announcer says short time.

David takes long to eat, annoucer says loooooong time.

Matter of fact theey brakes from the skit to show other things and he finsihes up. But the waiter who's played by Bob I think bring David another dish and of course he takes a long time again though they don't show him finished the 2nd serving.

Maria of course his disgusted.