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She'll Make Me Happy


Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2012
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was that the end of the story? Would love to read an update soon if there is one :smile:
Hey there! No, this definitely isn't the end, we still need to get through the rest of their weekend together. :wink: I was actually working on a lot of the update last night, so I hope I'll be able to get it up in the next few days, but we'll see. March is going to be an intense month for me. I'm turning 25 soon (scary!), and my parents will be in town in a few weeks. Also, while i have a clear outline and I know how I will end this story, I admit I'm a slight case of writer's block going on. So, if anyone out there has any suggestions of what they'd like to see or what you think should happen ( again, they have a whole weekend together), feel free to send me a private message and let me know your suggestion. Either way, a story will be written, but your thoughts are welcome.

Thanks for the support! Hope everyone's having a good weekend and i'll see y'all again in a couple days!


Well-Known Member
Oct 27, 2011
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Hey there! No, this definitely isn't the end, we still need to get through the rest of their weekend together. :wink: I was actually working on a lot of the update last night, so I hope I'll be able to get it up in the next few days, but we'll see. March is going to be an intense month for me. I'm turning 25 soon (scary!), and my parents will be in town in a few weeks. Also, while i have a clear outline and I know how I will end this story, I admit I'm a slight case of writer's block going on. So, if anyone out there has any suggestions of what they'd like to see or what you think should happen ( again, they have a whole weekend together), feel free to send me a private message and let me know your suggestion. Either way, a story will be written, but your thoughts are welcome.

Thanks for the support! Hope everyone's having a good weekend and i'll see y'all again in a couple days!
YAY! There might be an update soon! WOOT! Oh, and in case I miss your birthday, like I do with almost everyone on the forum, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!


Well-Known Member
Oct 24, 2003
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Um, I have it on good authority that birthdays are good times to make posts. Here's hoping we don't have to wait that long for an update here....


Well-Known Member
Oct 27, 2011
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Yes, what Muppetfan44 said! WE DEMAND MORE FROG/PIG SNUGGLING! :stick_out_tongue: Pwease? :smile:


Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2007
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placing this fic back to the top of the list...maybe we can get an Easter update??!

please update soon! :big_grin:


Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2012
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Hi everyone! I'm back!

Well, to start, I apologize for the late reply. As I said before, March was a very intense month for me. I was working and I also had two gigs going on. I tried to update the story before my parents arrived in town, and that clearly didn't happen. I also tried to get it done before my birthday trip to Vegas with my friends, and that clearly didn't happen either. But... I finally sat down and finished it in the last two days, and it will be posted a little later today! Just fine tuning it a bit first....

I admit, it turned out a lot longer than I intended it, so I hope that makes up for the long delay. Anyway, let me know what you think when I post it in a bit! Can't wait to hear your response!! :smile::mad:


Well-Known Member
Oct 27, 2011
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Later today, will be more ush-gush!
Hope you had a good birthday too. :smile:


Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2012
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Miss Piggy looked at herself carefully in the reflection of her vanity mirror. Her body was once again wrapped in her pink laced robe with white, fluffy trim, keeping her snug and warm. She sat comfortably on the vanity’s matching stool, and she gently combed a soft brush through her hair. With her free hand, she moved a few strands away from her face, wanting to look her best, even before bed.

A few minutes prior, Kermit had left the room to get ready for bed. She had tried to convince him not to leave, but he reassured her that he would be right back, so she had no choice but to let him go. After a few long minutes of waiting, she already missed him terribly, and she hoped she wouldn’t have to wait much longer.

Piggy stopped brushing her hair for a moment as she thought of everything that had happened that evening. She smiled and delicately touched her fingertips to her lips, remembering how sweetly Kermit had kissed and held her. More importantly, her heart began to flutter as she remembered the first time he told her he loved her. It hadn’t even been that long ago. Less than an hour, in fact. But it somehow felt like it had happened a long, long time ago. Perhaps that was because she herself had known it to be true all along, but he only chose now to admit it. Either that or it had just felt like a very long evening. She sighed happily, shrugging it off. Either way, she absolutely delighted in being right.

Piggy smoothed and brushed her hair a few more times before resting the brush on the vanity table. As soon as she did this, she heard the bedroom door open from behind her. She immediately looked up and made eye contact with the her petite grenouille in the mirror’s reflection. She turned around, meeting his eyes again and smiled, happy that he had finally returned.

Kermit, wrapped in his dark red robe again, closed the bedroom door behind him and made his way into the room. From where they were, the frog and pig made eye contact again and continued to look at each other for a brief, quiet moment. They each thought of saying something, but instead they stayed silent, absorbing the calm tension in the room.

In the silence, Piggy glanced at the bed, and decided that it never looked more inviting. She gracefully stood from the vanity and walked in it’s direction, looking back at Kermit and urging him to do the same. The frog saw this, and without hesitation, he followed.

The two now stood on either side of the bed, facing each other. After briefly making eye contact once more, Kermit reached to loosen and remove his robe, ready to finally retire for the night. Piggy watched, noticing that under that robe he had changed into his white flannel pajamas with the golden pattern on them. She carefully loosened the belt of her robe as well, reaching to remove it. Kermit looked and soundlessly gulped, wondering if she had bothered to change into anything else while he was gone.

As Piggy opened her robe, Kermit relaxed when he saw that she now wore a new negligee. This one was a red color, but not nearly as risqué as the first. While the other one was laced and even a little transparent, this one was made of silk, and it covered more skin than the original. It was more modest, and much more sleep appropriate. Still, it was not any less alluring, and Kermit wondered if he’d be able to hold himself back still.

Miss Piggy noticed that the frog was staring as she put her robe down. Kermit saw this and quickly made eye contact with her again. She let out a soft giggle, and he sheepishly smiled back, embarrassed. And then they both saw the same idea in each other’s eyes, and they silently made their way into bed and under the covers next to each other.

Kermit reached to turn the light out on his nightstand. As soon as the room was dark, he immediately felt a gentle arm wrap around him, pulling him close to the warm, inviting figure beside him.

“Kermie,” Piggy said contently into his shoulder. “Kermie, Kermie, Kermie...”

He turned to face her. “Mm?”

“All this time... I’ve missed you so...” She cuddled herself closer to him.

Kermit wrapped his arms around her as well. “Oh Piggy,” he said, holding her protectively. “I’ve missed you so much. You have no idea.”

Piggy giggled. “Mm... I think I have a pretty good idea.”

They both rested their heads on the pillows, lying on their sides and embracing under the warm comforter. They paused, looking into each other’s eyes in the dim light.

Unable to resist, Kermit moved forward to delicately touch his lips to her’s, and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Piggy returned this and kissed him back, holding her frog gently. The kiss was not forceful or overly passionate. Instead it was very sweet, tender, and perfect for this particular moment. They soon parted and sighed deeply, both feeling excited from the kiss alone.

“Piggy... that was...” Kermit couldn’t find the right word to describe everything that had happened in the last hour.

“Amazing?” She finished his sentence with a smile.

Kermit smiled back, and he placed his hand on her cheek. “Sure, I guess that’s a good way of putting it.”

He grazed her soft skin with his fingertips, admiring her gorgeous features. Piggy enjoyed this, and she turned her head to lovingly kiss the palm of his hand.

“Piggy, are you okay?” Kermit asked, rubbing her cheek.

“Of course,” Piggy replied, as though it were a silly question. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well... Are you sure we didn’t just make a mistake?”

“Shhh,” she cooed softly, and she hugged him close. “No. It felt right, Kermie.”

Kermit nuzzled his cheek against her’s. “I know it did. I just want to make sure that you’re-”

“Yes, I am,” Piggy reassured him, rubbing his back. “You’re sweet to worry, but I promise, this is what I wanted.” She moved her hand to his chest, rubbing it softly. “Besides, don’t you feel better now?”

Kermit nodded, and he moved to lie on his back, looking at the ceiling in the dark. He sighed deeply. “I definitely feel more relaxed.”

Piggy used her other hand to prop herself up. “You were nervous at first.”

Kermit smiled, looking at her. “Well, only for your sake, of course,” he replied with confidence.

“Awww,” Piggy murmured adoringly.

She moved so that now she was hovering over him, and she placed her lips on his again, cupping his chin in one hand, still supporting herself with the other. She also moved her legs to lightly entangle with his. Kermit returned this, hugging her close. He felt the cool, silk negligee that draped her body under his hands, and he gripped it longingly. Having her hold him, Kermit felt protected and safe, and he knew he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy this. But even in the passionate embrace, he also felt tired and exhausted.

“Piggy,” he said in between her kissing. “Shouldn’t we sleep? It’s late.”

Piggy ignored him and continued to kiss his cheek.

“Why should we bother?” she asked teasingly. “It’ll be morning soon.”

“My point exactly,” Kermit groaned.

“Mm...” Piggy kissed further down to his neck.

“Miss Piggy, you’re trying to seduce me,” Kermit whispered playfully.

The lady pig giggled in agreement, and she kissed him more fiercely.

“No, Piggy,” Kermit protested, realizing that his comment hadn’t helped. He gently tried to push her off him.

But this only made Piggy hold him tighter. She attempted to kiss down his neck even more, but was soon disappointed as his pajamas blocked her from going further.

“Piggy,” Kermit objected more sternly, knowing what she was trying to do.

Piggy whimpered in complaint, but finally she decided to listen and moved back to Kermit’s side. She cuddled herself close, all while nuzzling into his shoulder as best she could.

“You’re no fun,” she growled, wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

Kermit looked at her, amazed. “How on Earth do you have this much energy?”

Piggy giggled. “Who needs sleep when I can have fun with you, Kermie?”

Kermit suddenly became interested, and he smiled at her mischievously. “You mean, despite you not wanting me to take advantage of you? Or even despite the fact that you came here for everyone except me?”

Piggy moved to look into his eyes. “I didn’t come here for everyone except you, Kermit.”

“Are you sure? Because earlier you said-”

“I know what I said.”

Her tone was suddenly harsh. Kermit was pushing her buttons, and that’s just what he wanted.

Piggy shifted uncomfortably. “And I didn’t think you would try to take advantage of me. Not after what you said at the theater.”

“Which part? About needing you, or about you staying?”

She shrugged. “Both.”

“Oh really?” He moved in closer, still smiling. “Even after you made it perfectly clear that you didn’t want me to-”

“Kermit!” Piggy turned herself away. “I’m aware of what I said!”

“Piggy, Piggy, I’m teasing,” Kermit said, snuggling against her back.

The lady pig let out an irritated huff, folding her arms. He could really get under her skin when he wanted to. “You’re on thin ice, Frog!”

Kermit ignored her, and he proceeded to delicately kiss her neck from behind. Piggy was not pleased.

“Kermit, I’m warning you-”

“Shh...” he said, silencing her. “Did you know you’re really cute when you get defensive?”

Piggy stopped and frowned. Where was he going with this?

Kermit kissed her again. He whispered to her with a dreamy sigh. “But you, my dear, are not the vulnerable pig I knew all those years ago on The Muppet Show. Are you?”

“Hmph! I should think not,” Piggy said, rather proudly. “I’m also not the weak, easily persuaded pig you knew, either!”

“No,” Kermit said, agreeing. “This Piggy is more beautiful...” He kissed her neck again. “More marvelous...” And again. “More secure...” And again. “More gorgeous...”

Piggy let out a soft moan as he continued to kiss up her neck. The calm, warm feeling of his lips tickled her skin. She shifted, wishing he would stop. It was becoming harder and harder to resist.

“Piggy,” Kermit went on. “You know that being vulnerable does not make you weak.” He slid his hand down her arm. “You can be vulnerable with me. You know that.”

Piggy was still doing her best not to give in. “Yes,” she answered hesitantly.

“I don’t ever want you to suffer, or feel guilty, ” Kermit said. “I know you’re a performer, and you feel you need to be strong in front of everyone. And I would never want to change that, but it’s okay to let go with me...”

Piggy listened. He really had changed since the last time they were together.

“I’m right here, Piggy,” Kermit said as he kissed and rubbed her shoulder.

She sighed, deciding he deserved a break. She reluctantly turned back, looking to him with a pout. “I know that. I do not want my frog to suffer either, you know.”

“Is that why you came back,” Kermit said with a light chuckle, looking down at her. He was attempting to provoke her one last time.

“Yes,” Piggy finally admitted.

Kermit’s smile faded, and he looked at her with surprise. He was not expecting this.

“For everyone. For you. For the studio...” Piggy smiled back at him, allowing herself to open up. “I couldn’t stay in Paris not knowing if you’d be okay.” She closed her eyes, taking in the wonderful feeling of being close to her frog. “I have always been in love my Kermie. And I will always come back for him, if he needs me.”

Kermit looked at her from where he was and gently stroked her blonde hair. He was at a loss of words.

“And... I’ve always been in love with my Piggy.”

Piggy’s heart skipped a beat, and her eyes fluttered open when she heard him say this. She parted from Kermit and gradually sat up. She searched his expression, trying to figure out if she really heard what he just said. Kermit sat up with her.


She didn’t answer. Looking into his eyes, Piggy felt a burst of emotion hit her inside, and she couldn’t stop herself.

Kermit noticed the tears welling up in her eyes. “Piggy what’s wrong-?”

The pig quickly held him close, letting her vulnerable emotions poor out. “Kermit! All this time... What took you so long? Why did you not tell me sooner?!”

Kermit felt her shaking and held her as best he could. He could not think of a good answer for either of those questions.

“Piggy... I hate to admit it, but you were right. I do love you. I always have. I just didn’t realize it until this week.”

“I know,” Piggy replied. Her tone was sympathetic, not boastful. “I always knew... but why did you not say anything earlier this evening...?”

Kermit sighed, knowing he didn’t have a good excuse. “I wanted to tell you, Piggy,” he admitted. “I wanted to kiss you and hold so badly. But I didn’t want to ruin anything. I wanted to tell you when it was right. You seemed like you needed your space... I didn’t want you to think I was using you by jumping in bed together so fast...”

Piggy nodded her head, understanding. “I had a feeling... I didn’t want to scare you, either. Or make you think I was being forceful. I know that back at the theater I got a little carried away-”

“Shh, Piggy,” Kermit said, silencing her. He moved to meet her gaze. “I know. We’ve both been incredibly stubborn.”

Piggy smiled and nodded her head, agreeing with him.

“I guess that hasn’t changed much,” Kermit continued with a light chuckle. And then his smile fell. “But Piggy... I lost you once before... I’m not doing it again. I can’t... I won’t...”

Kermit swallowed and looked away. He couldn't bare the thought of it.

“Then you won’t,” Piggy replied, her voice breaking.

Kermit looked at her, seeing the new set of tears that had fallen on her cheeks.

“Oh Piggy... I’m right here.”

He wiped away those tears with a delicate hand, seeing the unconquerable devotion and love in her sparkling eyes. Looking into those eyes, Kermit knew now that he’d been a complete fool to think that she had had any doubts that evening. The only time she ever had a doubt in the world was when he did not accept her heart completely. But now that he had, she was all his. He leaned in and kissed her gently, reminding her that he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Piggy, I love you.”

Miss Piggy’s heart was racing at the sound of these words. “I love you too, Kermie.”

She brought him into another warm embrace, holding her frog tightly. She began to lovingly place several kisses on his cheek and lips. It was slow at first, but then she to began to kiss him more frantically. She couldn’t help it. She was so happy and overjoyed to hear him say those words, and she knew she could probably keep doing this until the next morning if she wanted.

“Piggy,” Kermit said, feeling a little smothered, “you’re tired.”

Piggy stopped her kissing frenzy and sighed into his shoulder. “Yes, perhaps you’re right.”

“We’ve been awake for almost twenty-four hours straight,” he continued. “We can talk about this later...”

Kermit felt her nod her head and finally part from him. She sniffed a few times, finding her control.

“Are you okay?” Kermit asked, stroking her arm.

Piggy wiped away the remaining tears and turned to him with a weak smile. “Yes, I will be.”

Kermit nodded. “Come on. Let’s get some sleep.”

Miss Piggy obeyed, and they lay down together, both resting their heads on a soft pillow. Kermit lay on his back, while Piggy cuddled herself close, resting on her side with her head nuzzled into his shoulder, and a hand placed over his chest. This was a very comfortable position for them both.

“I’m fine now,” Piggy reassured him.

Kermit couldn’t help but notice a hint of sadness in her voice. Was it possible there was something she wasn’t telling him? He wanted to know if everything was alright, but he also knew it would probably be best that they got some rest before discussing it. Both of their mind’s needed to be clear before they discussed anything right now.

“Piggy, you know I’m right here,” Kermit said softly, taking her hand in his. “If you need anything.”

Piggy smiled. “Yes, I know. As am I, Kermie.” She placed a final kiss on his cheek before closing her eyes. “Sweet dreams, Mon Capitan.”

Kermit nodded. “Good night, Piggy. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Piggy felt very happy at the thought of these words, too.

“Yes, you shall,” she said as she lightly squeezed his flippery hand.

Kermit heard her, and suddenly a wonderful feeling surged inside him. He realized now that he would get to see her everyday, if he wished. She would be here to stay with him. She would be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that...

Kermit was also very happy at this thought. He smiled contently and squeezed her hand back, reassuring her that he was here. If something was wrong, he was positive now that they would be able to work through it. As long as Piggy was here, he knew he could do just about anything.

Before long, Kermit heard the soothing sound of Piggy’s soft breathing, and he knew that she had fallen asleep. He carefully looked at the clock on the nightstand. 6:05 AM. He then looked to the window and saw behind the curtains that the day was almost here. He knew this because the sky had turned to a light grayish blue, signifying that the sun was just starting to come up. He sighed, knowing that they had been very bad for staying up all night. But when he looked at his girl and saw the aftermath, he knew it was worth it. It’s not like they had to be anywhere tomorrow anyway.

Kermit took a brief moment to admire the sleeping beauty next to him, letting it sink in that the night was over. He made himself comfortable at her side, and before long, a peaceful, long awaited sleep, finally took over.


He heard a loud ringing noise, and Kermit immediately woke with a start. It was silent now, and he frantically looked around, trying to figure out where the loud noise had come from. He saw that he was still in the master bedroom, lying under the warm sheets. Bright sunlight was coming from behind the curtains, and Piggy was still resting peacefully beside him. Although she had shifted slightly in her slumber, the noise had not disturbed her.

He heard the loud ringing again, and it only took Kermit a brief second to realize that it was coming from the phone on the nightstand next to him. Noticing that Piggy’s arm was draped over his chest, Kermit carefully removed it and moved her back to her pillow, careful not to disturb her. In sleep she didn’t seem to mind, as she hugged the pillow close and her eyes stayed shut.

The phone rang once more. He turned and saw that the intercom light was blinking, which meant that someone was calling from inside the house. He quickly picked up the phone, hoping the sound wouldn’t wake Piggy.

“Hello?” he said into the receiver. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. 10:15 AM.

“Mr. Kermit,” the ‘80s Robot announced from the other end, “there are some guests at the front door here to see you.”

“Guests? What guests, ‘80s Robot?”

It had better not be a group of fans. It was way too early in the day to deal with that.

“Mr. Gary, Mr. Walter, and Ms. Mary are waiting here for you, sir,” the robot confirmed.

Kermit suddenly became very alert at the news of his friends being downstairs. “Oh! Tell them I’ll be right down.”

He quickly hung up the phone and leaped out of bed, despite his tired state. He threw his robe on and headed for the bedroom door. But then he stopped and turned back, seeing Piggy sleeping soundly in their bed. He walked back to her, knowing that she could possibly wake up in a panic if he was not at her side.

He lightly pulled her hair away from her face. His heart began to beat at a faster pace, remembering the events of last night. The words they said. The confessions they made. The feelings of being so close. Looking back, it almost felt like it had all been a dream that was too good to possibly be true. But no, her being here was living proof that it had all been very real.

“I promise, I’ll be right back,” he assured the sleeping Piggy, kissing her cheek. He brought the covers up to her shoulder, making sure she was tucked in safely. He smiled as he looked at her, almost wishing he didn’t have to leave. As soon as he felt comfortable leaving her, Kermit exited the room, and closed the bedroom door behind him.