Sgt. Floyd Pepper Replica


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Jun 26, 2012
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Well If you make your own version, your just expressing fandom. That's just my opinion. As for building your own, unless you want to someday work for one of their workshops or just for practice. That's like learning how to draw a cartoon character you like. Me personally, I don't get too much into all those ethics myself. But everyone has the right to their own opinion. :smile:

But yeah It's good that they don't sell the real thing unless you'll pay them lots so it would go to more production if it's one that's warn out. They'll be scrapped or binned anyway. But it's mostly security reasons.

But yeah, I'd love to own something close but I'm kind of two sided about it personally.
Yes I think you are right .... The drawing the character example you stated is
Very valid. I guess it all comes down to the monetary exchange thats where layers get involved, contact politicians and then laws are made to convince us that iligal = unethical :smile:
Good point. Having said that .... I am looking to buy a cookie monster pro puppet you know anybody selling one :smile: !