Sesame Street Special "When You Wish Upon a Pickle"


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Sep 7, 2002
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Amusing little running gag of Mr. Johnson never getting his spoon. . . .
Definitely a nice expansion on that old sketch
(Shame there wasn't any Grover/Mr. Johnson interaction in that one)

Sorry if I'm bumping this old thread, but I didn't see it on PBS until today.

Wish a little more was done with Cookie Monster accidentally wishing for 200 of himself, but I guess there's not much more they could have done with that.
Interesting that the pickle missed undoing that wish. So there are probably still those other 199 Cookie Monsters still running around "Sesame Street" somewhere. :smile:

I do believe that was Matt; the voice sounded an awful lot like The Crumb.
Or Constantine.

And after re-watching the special, I'm assuming that Cookie was still duplicated because Oscar's wish was that "everyone here would go back to normal" and Cookie wasn't present at that moment.
Ah, so that's what happened. Thanks, Oscarfan, now I can sleep tonight. :smile:

Couldn't Bert have made a wish (since he would want out)?
Well, :frown: wasn't near the pickle at the time, though everyone else could hear him. Something to think about. Who knows how magic pickles work?
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